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PopStars Ch. 1

celebrities Tha-Legend 2018-08-26

Kym walked into Nigel's office and sat down. We therefore are letting you go." Nigel grinned slightly at the look on Kym's face. "We just think you're not the right stuff for the band we want to make." Nigel smiled when he knew Kym couldn't see him. "Take off you top and Bra, and use your hands to feel your breasts." he said and unzipped his own fly. Kym took off her Bra to let two lovely breasts bounce into its right place, then she lay down again and they shrank into her a bit. "Good girl, put your clothes back on and I'll set you your next task." She replaced all her clothing, and sat the other side of the desk to Nigel.

Mary Jane: Super Whore Iss. 06

celebrities Deathstalker2099 2018-07-29

She wouldn't mind sharing Peter a bit, as long as she got to fool around with Serena some, too. Finally, Serena broke the kiss and looked into Mary Jane's eyes, a bit flustered. Mary Jane smiled, giving one of Serena's breasts a squeeze. Serena's left hand moved up to cup Mary Jane's other boob, squeezing and caressing gently. Her right hand started sliding up Mary Jane's inner thigh, moving towards her crotch. MJ writhed in pleasure on the bed, trying to keep her moans low so Peter and Ben wouldn't hear. Serena moved downwards from Mary Jane's tits, starting a path of kisses down her stomach. Mary Jane reached over for a pillow and smashed it over her face as she started to moan louder.

Identity Crisis

celebrities Kassiana 2017-10-16

Her smoky eyes looked over the room and flinched a little when they landed on me. "No. I always ask people questions I don't want the answers to, little X-freak." "You know you're asking a murderer to be alone with you, in a place where you can't count on Charlie's boys to come in and save you." I stood in the doorway. I let loose a little of my tension, stabbing into her futon with my left hand. Damned Logan got everything I ever wanted without even trying, friends, lovers … everything. I hated being fair to that damned goody-good, Logan, but it felt right. We meet on occasional weekends, we steal away at times and go places, but at the end of the night, she goes her way and I go mine.