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PopStars Ch. 1

celebrities Tha-Legend 2018-08-26

Kym walked into Nigel's office and sat down. We therefore are letting you go." Nigel grinned slightly at the look on Kym's face. "We just think you're not the right stuff for the band we want to make." Nigel smiled when he knew Kym couldn't see him. "Take off you top and Bra, and use your hands to feel your breasts." he said and unzipped his own fly. Kym took off her Bra to let two lovely breasts bounce into its right place, then she lay down again and they shrank into her a bit. "Good girl, put your clothes back on and I'll set you your next task." She replaced all her clothing, and sat the other side of the desk to Nigel.


celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-08-12

I won't be at the station long, then we can have a beer together when I get back and chat," said John as he finished up with the sandwich, handing the plate over to Todd. "Okay, have fun eating your sandwich," John said as the two guys walked back into the livingroom together and Todd plopped himself back down on the couch. I think we should talk about this..." Todd said as he tried to get Marty to tell him more about this mystery guy she was hung up on. "Marty, I think it would help if you told me about these fantasies, get it all off your chest so to speak," said Todd, once again almost forgetting to disguise his voice, considering he was feeling surging desire at the thought of Marty's kinky little fantasies.

Special Agent Jessica Rabbit

celebrities ZTVFemdomtales 2018-07-21

The wholly computer generated people in Digital Dominion (referred to as NPCs) can transfer (or as they called it download) their files into a human brain. "The girls are allowed to keep young men as pets," Agent Rabbit answered, "my partner will be my pet until the end of the op." The next day, as planned, he met Jessica one block away from the club. Once a month Garza chose his three favorite girls giving them and their slaves a day at the spa. After all I was getting to run my hands all over Jessica's naked body. Eventually I accepted my fate becoming Special Agent Jessica Rabbit. Suddenly Garza grabbed Jessica around the waist and pulled her close.

XXX-Women Ch. 04

celebrities scatwoman 2018-06-30

Felina would attack them in their bedrooms, force them into lesbian sex, make them cum with her catlike tongue, then urinate all over their face and mouth when she came while forcing them to eat her out. The girls would be too embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone of the encounter, but they invariably stopped talking badly about Felina in school. Eventually, she met a young teenage girl who idolized her and would dress up like a cat at Halloween. Seeing the hero-worship in Kitty's eyes, she took her on as a "sidekick" (she's really her sex slave) and gave her some basic acrobatic and fighting training, not really enough to be effective, just enough to make the girl believe she was really a sidekick (she still "fights like a girl").

Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 02

celebrities bluro 2018-05-03

Leaping up, I ran towards the source of the sound and found a Cyndaquil lying beneath Fennekin, a Chimchar near her tail, a Charmander near her head, and it sure looked like they were... "When two trainer's eyes meet, it's a battle!" the rainbow-haired girl in front of me exclaimed. "Maybe we should nickname our Ralts," I pointed out and the rainbow-haired girl nodded. Spectrum used Confusion, and while it put a stumble on Seiren's feet, it wasn't enough to stop her from trapping him in a tight embrace and kissing him, draining health in an influx of pink energy. I grinned as Rainbow-haired Girl bit her lip before disrobing slowly and entrancingly.