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How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-10-31

Jaina rolled her eyes even as the orc let go of her hair and allowed her head to drop off the side of his throne. A dick that big was never meant to fit inside a little hole like that!" Garrosh just snorted and stuck one large thumb into her puckered asshole. Jaina was panting heavily and her eyes were half-lidded by the time Garrosh slowed his jarring thrusts. Jaina awoke with a shriek as the roots of her hair were pulled, but was silenced as her hair was dropped and she was once again slapped in the face with the Warchief's softening cock. Grinning, Garrosh wrapped one large hand around his shaft and pumped until a flash of white cum shot out of the head and landed on her face.

Faith vs The Charmed Ones Ch. 02

celebrities MTL17 2018-09-25

She's less pale than her sister but no less pretty, her hair long and brown, same as her eyes, and best of all she's curvy in all the right places, maybe even more than Paige, which she was rocking in a simple jeans and shirt which I'm guessing she just threw on, barely acknowledging how it hugged her assets in a way which would make men and the likes of me drool. "No. No, not at all." Phoebe said, the second 'no' sounding much more believable as the middle sister clearly got over her shock, a wicked smile crossing her face as she added, "So Paige, aren't you going to introduce me to your...

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 03

celebrities Pyrofanity 2018-09-14

As he continued to roughly fuck Kari's immaculate pussy, Jeff reached forward and grabbed one of her pigtails in each hand and forcefully pulled until Kari's back was arched as she moaned in pleasure. Without warning, Jeff pulled his well lubed cock from Kari's pussy and pressed it firmly against her ass. He then walked around the couch with the intention of picking Kari up, but at the least minute he pulled her face towards his cock and forced her to taste her own ass. Jeff just watched in amazement as Sara continued to lick Kari's body with her round ass sticking in the air, her tight dress riding up and exposing her to him.

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 10

celebrities MTL17 2018-09-07

Anyway, unlike the wand you carry to the ring, this one is actually magical, see?" Candice let out a little gasp of surprise as Mickie turned on the large vibrator, "Sure it needs batteries, but believe me, when you feel this on your pussy you'll swear to God that it's magical." "That's it, stick that ass in the air for me." Mickie said as she retrieved a whip from her bag before returning to Candice's side and began sliding the whip over the smooth flesh of the playboy cover girl's exposed backside, "Now, I'm going to spank you, and I want you to count and thank me for every blow.

The A-Team Ch. 05

celebrities LL72 2018-09-03

"If I do this, and I'm not saying I will, I won't be giving you a few light slaps on your bottom it would be a proper punishment, whipping you so hard you'll be sobbing." Ella spoke quietly her eyes on Spencer's face as if she was expecting the teen's expression to tell her something the young Hasting's words wouldn't. She was just about to do so when she felt Mrs Montgomery's hand on her butt again; except this time it wasn't a hard slap, but a slow, gentle caress of the teen's cheeks, moving over the round mound like she was stroking a favourite cat sitting in her knee.

Maria's Rule Ch. 07

celebrities MTL17 2018-09-02

She realised a long time ago Natasha Romanoff had a submissive side, but she had never believed the mighty Black Widow would allow herself to fully embrace it like this, always believed that at the end of the day the stubborn redhead would cling to her dominant side because it was what was expected of her. I'd love to see the looks on the rest of The Avengers' faces if I ever gave you permission to admit what a twisted little bottom The Black Widow turned out to be, maybe have you show them your ass after I've spanked it red or gaped it open.

Open Windows Ch. 01

celebrities xStrawberryWinex 2018-08-08

"This, Elise is how you should have written it." Before I knew what was happening he kissed me hard on my lips, I froze for a moment, his hand on my cheek as he pulled me closer, kissing me deeper, his tongue urging inside my mouth. He sat back on the sofa, pulling me roughly across his lap, my face hit against the soft leather, my hands grabbed at the edge to prise myself up and away but he held me firmly with one hand at the top of my legs to stop me kicking out, the other pressing between my shoulders.

When Amazons Submit

celebrities DavidNord 2018-07-31

She let the head of Kal-El's hard cock pop out of her mouth and licked the full length of him before saying, "I'm sorry master. She let him guide her up and down on his cock a few times and then pull her away from him, his head making a wet "slurp" sound as it left her mouth. The kiss brought her around just then, hands came to life caressing and stroking the face of her master, then undoing the clasps for the top of her uniform pulling it off her; leaving her naked save for her boots and tiara. She looked down and then took one of her large tits in her hand and awkwardly brought both it up and her mouth down to suck on the hard nipple.

Practice Ch. 03

celebrities MTL17 2018-07-26

"You're welcome, my little pet." Sarah said, squeezing Ellie's ass affectionately, "And now I'm going to give you the chance to further prove what a perfect little bitch you make by counting each of the strikes your Mistress chooses to give your beautiful little butt. That, along with the feeling of her thigh getting soaked by Ellie's dripping cunt, soon had Sarah spanking her submissive little bitch as hard as she possibly could. Although she was a little worried by Sarah's tone Ellie didn't hesitate to do as her mistress said, quickly pushing herself off of the blonde's lap and kneeling down in front of the other woman.

Mass Effect 3: Meeting Miranda

celebrities AdultFiction 2018-07-21

After what felt like ten minutes she slumped against Shepard and he let his cock sit inside her, Miranda's pussy was still milking his erection. Commander Shepard took the base of his cock in one hand and rubbed it around inside Miranda. Miranda called up her biotics again, utilizing her multitasking abilities to use mass effect fields to simultaneously massage Shepard's balls, spread her ass open just enough for Shepard to get his head inside her, pinch her little nipples, and begin to push a cock shaped mass effect field inside her horny pussy. It felt like days before she came down, she could feel Shepard's cum dripping out her ass and dribbling over her pussy mingling with her own juices.

Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 02

celebrities MTL17 2018-07-18

Once Ali's ass cheeks were nice and red and Beyonce decides she has made her point the black pop singer stops the spanking and starts to gently massage the soft flesh she has just beaten red, her white bitch cooing happily as the pain was slowly caressed away. Besides, Beyonce doesn't need to beat a butt black and blue for her to enjoy spanking it, in fact the medium pace meant it took longer for the spanking to really take effect, Beyonce getting to spend plenty of time gently groping Kristen's ass cheeks in between every other firm strike, that sweet white flesh slowly turning pink under her loving attention but never quite managing the angry red of Ali's butt cheeks.

Who Owns You Pt. 01

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-07-07

Zendaya closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, she signed deeply and her hand slid down her nude body and stopped at her pussy, she moaned slightly with a cock in her mouth as she began to stroke her pussy. Zendaya kept jacking him off, feeling his cock pulse in her hand she gave it a couple more quick licks and sucks then aimed it at her face shutting her eyes tight. Zendaya looked up at him and opened her mouth, closing her lips around his cock and forced herself through the sour taste of her own ass and bobbed her head up and down on the dick that has just been up her ass.

Khali's Christmas Surprise

celebrities wwekiller 2018-07-06

"NO Khali stay away from me I'm topless and everyone can see me please no stop this," Mickie screams as she starts sliding backwards still with one hand trying to cover her exposed boobs. "People can see me this is on PPV oh god everyone is watching please Khali stop it I'll do anything just leave me alone please," Mickie pleads desperately trapped in the ring with a sex mad giant live in front of millions of WWE fans. Khali rubs his hard penis inside his pants while looking down at the topless Diva before he leans a hand out grabbing Mickie by the back of her cute shorts.

Teasing Lindsay

celebrities Edge23 2018-07-03

"So I can tell," Lindsay said with a grin, pulling her hand free of Sarah's wetness and putting a fingertip to her lips, swirling her tongue around the end of her finger. Lindsay put her left hand behind Sarah's head to protect it from the stair as she lowered her mouth to Sarah's neck, kissing and biting there while she finger fucked her lover. Sarah moaned again and twisted her hand in Lindsay's red hair as Lindsay moved her mouth from Sarah's neck to her breasts, licking and sucking on the delicious globes that were still being held in by the purple bra Lindsay had seen in the pictures.

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 11

celebrities MTL17 2018-06-14

"Now it's time for me to have some fun with your boobs," Mickie said, stroking Torrie's boobs with her whip, "And remember to continue to count and thank me properly bitch." Once Mickie had her fellow diva moaning for her she slid a finger into Torrie's love box and began to gently caressed the inside of her inner walls, smiling with delight as her actions only made her latest victim moan louder. Torrie cried into Mickie's mouth as she felt her inner walls expand to finally except the brunette's entire fist inside her, Mickie doing a good job of soothing her and helping her relax with some gentle caresses and of course with the kiss which quickly became more heated once Mickie's fist was buried inside the blonde.

Bound to Experiment

celebrities Cynooo 2018-06-09

Where other spells fail to incapacitate a wizard for longer periods of time, I have finally succeeded!" Hermione straightened her back and stretched her arms, then eagerly read on: "Others have been going at it all wrong, but now my encyclopedic knowledge of mundane bindings is finally paying off. In one of the passes Hermione was able to see that what had originally seemed like a single ball of light was actually a cloud of no small amount of small rings. The binds around her waist moved her forward an inch as the rings around her thighs pulled her legs backward a little. There was no chance of physically escaping, the bindings were all still there, but for the first time since the spell started its sadistic routine there was also no strain on her body.

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 08

celebrities MTL17 2018-06-03

In between brief pause in the spanking Elliot whimpered, Carla and Jordan probably thinking it was because of the way the Latina nurse was pinching her butt cheeks but the real reason was Elliot was becoming momentarily overwhelmed by just what a difficult decision this was going to be, so much so she almost forgot to count and thank Ms Espinosa for the next strike. Another thing which was making this clear was the way Elliot's butt was turning a nice little shade of red under Jordan's relentless assault, turning darker and more bruised looking with every slap, Elliot simply counting and thanking her mistress like the good little slave she was no matter how hard or frequently she was spanked.

Anal Invasion Ch. 02

celebrities MTL17 2018-05-28

This made Stacy want to forget all about spanking and just bury her strap on dildo balls deep inside Lita's ass so she could butt fuck the hell out of her bitch again, but two things stopped her, one, it wasn't her turn to get a piece of this slut's ass, and two, a bitch like Lita needed a firm hand and plenty of disciplining to remind her of her place, and that had to start at the beginning or otherwise her plans for owning Lita would fail.

The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 03

celebrities The_Author3 2018-05-26

"If she's alive that means that the energy most of reached her, I need to hurry." The Doctor quickly stirred the TARDIS through the time vortex towards his daughter. "C'mon Daddy, I know you want to, I can tell, you're just as horny as me right now," Jenny said as she rubbed her crotch on his thigh. The Doctor's cold eyes glared at Jenny, "Don't move." He pushed his tongue into her moist snatch, licking her insides wildly. Jenny threw her head back and let out a deafening scream, her orgasm hitting her like a freight train. Jenny turned to say something but The Doctor interrupted, "Let me guess, You want to travel with me.

Ashlynn Brooke Cosplay

celebrities 123z 2018-05-19

Sitting patiently in Mr. Reynolds office as the 30 year old, brown haired man studied his laptop Ashlynn stared at him with big brown eyes. Ashlynn crossed her legs and Reynolds eye was led to her supple thighs and he blinked hard at the sight. Standing up, slightly wobbly Ash gripped his trouser leg and felt his big bulge in her slim hand. Reynolds quickly lost his shirt and tie and rubbed his aching cock as Ashlynn sat back in the armchair where he had spanked her and let him lift her legs up and wide so her slit was presented to him invitingly.

Kaley's Other Erotic Dream

celebrities 123z 2018-05-11

Now in her semi transparent nightie her large firm breasts barely covered by the lacy material and her rounded plump butt cheeks were plain to see for all as the hem of the nightwear came tantalisingly short at the top of her milky white thighs. Kaley felt both her arms gripped and held to her sides by two of the young girls and steered to one of the beds. Kaley spread her legs wider and felt her heart pound and furiously rubbed her erect clitoris before she gave a great sigh and her pussy spasmed and she fell across the desk spent. The young woman gave a perfectly white smile as Kaley slowly woke from her dream state and looked over her blanket that covered her.

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 06

celebrities MTL17 2018-05-09

Your Mistress is a bitch who is way too hard on her slaves and has a tendency to throw them away like broken toys once she's done playing with them, or passing them around to anyone with a dollar in their pocket." Carla said, sounding annoyed, before her voice softened again, "That's why I always make sure I'm the first one she pimps her slaves out too, so I can remind them, in case she's beaten it out of them, that they can still say no and they don't have too do anything they don't want to do. "Good girl." Carla said, before pulling down Elliot's blue Scrubs and underwear to reveal her bare little butt, the Latina nurse smiling at the lack of objection from the blonde doctor, "Now, let's begin.

Modern Family Legacy Pt. 01 Ch. 01

celebrities RoryOmore 2018-05-08

The legislators put all kinds of political hippie shit on it, and Work Horse Corporation won the bid on the strength of their commitment to using local business and workers, and their record of empowering women, you know, that kind of bullshit. In the end she said, "It is a tenet at Work Horse that we partner with people, rather than companies. I like you Claire, you are just the kind of person we want to work with on this project." After three weeks he stopped saying positive things all the time and started to look very pale and haggard, he even missed a couple of days work which I found out later was because he had a small heart attack that he didn't tell anyone about.

The Diadem of Kovir Pt. 01

celebrities fantasy_lover5678 2018-05-04

The two of them were putting together a transportation spell, something powerful enough to send hundreds of refugees across the length of the Northern Realms; and, though it was likely to be a lost cause, Yennefer insisted on looking over the Elven section of the academy's archive of ancient manuscripts. They looked each other in the eyes for a few seconds before Yennefer reached out and gently pulled Triss on top of her, guiding Triss's mouth to one of her breasts. She felt Yennefer's hands cup her own breasts and the pleasure of having then kneaded together went through her body like a jolt of electricity. Groaning with pleasure, Yennefer put her hand on the back of Triss's head and pushed her harder onto her cunt.