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Her Sweet Spot

celebrities AmethystMare 2018-04-23

Murmuring softly to his favourite client, the Lucario stroked her thighs as he tickled her pussy, grinning widely as her plump lips gleamed with moisture. "Relax, Susanna, I'll get you there," he crooned, one paw on her large stomach as he tickled her pussy. Leaning far over her to tickle her hind paws with his fingers and her pussy with the feathers, rapidly moistening with her arousal, Lance stretched out his body and managed to give her clit one, quick lick. The Pangoro lay her head down with a thump and Lance eased her back, running the tickling tips of the feather duster and the stiffer feathers in the centre of the bundle of delight over her delicate pussy lips over and over again.

Star Trek, The Literotica Episode

celebrities TxRad 2017-12-27

"Aye Captain, I'm giving her every inch I have right now," Mr. Scott yelled back as the view screen on the bridge switched to the engine room. "Ass-istance is my specialty," he said as he rammed his hips forward to impale Uhura on his boner. Uhura's eyes got as big as saucers as his big dick nailed her right up the ass. "Lt. Uhura, please pay attention and not talk with your mouth full," Spock said as he pushed her head down and jammed his long shalong back down her throat. "I seen it first, Captain" Chekov yelled as he rammed his dick up Sulu's ass. As the smoke cleared, Kirk stood there with a wide-eyed expression on his face and a baseball bat sized dick sticking out the front of his ripped uniform.

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 05

celebrities DMaster_14 2017-11-08

"I know, Jamie, but I need to gather my thoughts for a minute." Carol replied, closing her eyes. Jamie started again and this time she slowly took the nipple into her mouth, her tongue licking and circling the hardening flesh as she sucked on it slowly. Jamie let the nipple pop out of her mouth and started to lick the underside of Carol's breast. Jamie was as close as she could get without touching Carol and she took a deep breath and licked her tongue out to taste the head of Carol's clit. Now, what about you, you must need some relief." Carol said, reaching down and feeling Jamie's clit through her gaff and finding it completely soft and wet.