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Carrie Gives an Encore Ch. 03

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-09-13

you were ready to get fucked tonight, am I right?" Carrie asked as Cassadee slowly nodded her head. After spitting a large wad into Cassadee's cunt, she grabbed the toy and slowly slipped the head between her red hot lips. Cassadee screamed out as her hands gripped the sheets tighter than ever, her ass lifted off of the bed and she coated the Carrie's face in her feminine juices. "Better than Jed?" Cassadee asked as she let go of the toy for a second to slap Carrie's breast. "I love you too Cassadee," she responded as she pulled her friend's head up and planted a soft, sensual kiss on her quivering lips.

Gotham Girls Pt. 03

celebrities lordroxbury 2018-09-12

Before he could protest, and before she had time to second guess herself, Batgirl leaned into Tim and planted a soft kiss on his lips at the same time she took his free hand and raised it to her breast! At the moment though that was the very last thing on Batgirl's mind as Red Robin pressed them both under an old chimney - one with a large overhanging lip - and continued kissing her until she was certain that she was going to burn up. Batgirl's own hands had dipped down and she had one of them firmly gripping one of Tim's rock hard ass cheeks while the other was gently cupping and squeezing the swelling in the front of his own armored suit!

Tatiana's Hotel Room

celebrities Thira 2018-08-29

Maria grabbed Tatiana's arse again and began to rock to a rhythm causing the dildo to slip in and out of each of their soaking pussies. Tatiana knew Maria was close herself as the Russian, usually the silent type, began to cry out "Tati! Maria pretended to ignore her as she had seven inches in her and said throatily "Oh my god...I can see why they like it big Tati" she began fucking it at a monotonous slow pace and Tatiana could see it glistening each time it pistoned in and out of Maria. She hit her first orgasm and Maria immediately began to work the smaller dildo in her other hole causing Tatiana to cry out "Yes!

Mind Warp 03

celebrities Shadow50119 2018-07-18

I want to make a short film with us for the fans; you know one that the studios wouldn't let us make, because of the sensors." Lucy leaned close to her; "Is that why the camera man is here?" The short brunette nodded and looked down at the thing between her legs. Lucy placed one end in Renee's mouth and gently used this thing to push her so she would be lying on the bed; all the while slowly inserting and removing this dildo from her mouth, and increasingly rubbing and squeezing what she had in her left hand. The camera man came to the rider's rescue when Renee pulled on Lucy's blonde hair and he filled this opening driving his own eight inches deeply into Lucy's mouth.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 06

celebrities Generalgums 2018-07-17

While Maddie was off searching the walls of the room to use one her mom Lisa Ann, who lay blindfolded and tied to a bed like an X, Jason played with her pussy. Jason watched as the sexy naked teen placed the toys on the floor next to the bed and lean over her mom's thick thigh to place the head of the magic wand against Lisa's moist slit. Maddie quickly pulled the toy out, and seeing that it was covered with her mom's juices, pushed it back into her depths and began to fuck her with it. Lisa weakly stretched her arms and legs as they were all untied, then sat up as Jason slowly pulled the knobbed dildo out of her sopping hole.

Gotham Girls Pt. 02

celebrities lordroxbury 2018-06-22

uuuhhhnnn!" The last of whatever Harley was going to say dissolved into a long groan of released pleasure as that vine probed her opening, swelled to something the size of Ivy's wrist, and then slipped between the other woman's teased and swollen pussy lips! Harley groaned and bucked as one of Ivy's vines slipped into her cunt, swelled to stretch her to a point where it almost stopped feeling good, and then sank inside of her to the opening of her womb! "More?" Teased Ivy. The sound of her voice caused Harley to raise her head and as her eyes opened she found she was level with Ivy's parted legs and warm, welcoming, bush!

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 07

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-06-21

After about ten minutes on the road, Taylor reached into her glove box and pulled out a large joint that she had rolled at home and lit it. Taylor gave him a dirty smile before grabbing the flashlight and, without missing a beat, spit in her hand to coat it. She stood the long flashlight up on the pavement, reached up her black skirt and pulled her pink panties to the ground. While she was moaning from the flashlight, Officer Michaels shoved his thick cock into her mouth and launched it down her throat. Officer Michaels grabbed his six inch cock and shoved it deep into her. Once the officer left, she pulled away and headed home for some sleep after a long day.

Anna Kendrick's Wilde Night

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-06-12

Olivia took her time slowly pulling the tight jeans down Anna's slender legs, keeping her eyes locked on the pair of pink panties in front of her. "Your forehead is nice but I want to taste that cute little mouth of yours sweetie," she said before pressing her lips onto Anna's, slipping her tongue between them. "Twenty-seven years old and never played with a rubber cock...bad girl," Olivia said before lightly slapping Anna across the face with the toy. Before Anna could make contact with her friend, she felt Olivia's warm tongue slide between her pussy lips. Now with her hands free, Anna grasped onto Olivia's round ass cheeks and pulled her tongue off her pussy.


celebrities Corbin_A_Grace 2018-06-07

Sometimes, out in the wastelands for days at a time, it didn't help matters when—right from the outset—my one and only pair of panties were sopping wet from seeing my companion's sweet rack and firm, shapely ass. My first experience with hot wet snatch aside, Piper's lithe body was stirring some cunt muscle memory in me. I ran my nose and lips against Piper's panties, inhaling deeply while she told me to rub my face in her cunt. When she begged me to use my tongue, I pulled her panties to the side; her pussy lips butterflied out like those of a prewar centerfold.

A Deal with the Devil Ch. 01

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-05-27

Robin was so incredibly horny and her cock was aching and throbbing so hard that the precum just wouldn't stop dripping from her tip. With those large, heavy testicles filling her mouth, Robin moaned and pressed against Nami's frustrated cock, rubbing her forehead all over it. "Fuck, yes!" Nami gasped, "Suck that fucking cock, you whore!" Wet, sloppy sounds of throatfucking echoed inside the room, mixing pleasantly with Nami's slutty moans and Robin's quick, desperate gasps for air. But even as the final drops of semen slowly trickled out of their twitching cocks, Robin's tongues were still licking and rubbing all over Nami's sensitive length.

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 04

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-05-26

Alema Rar took a moment to gaze at both of them, especially Bahn's cock, and the sight of Jaina Solo naked and shackled to her bed. As Jaina helplessly watched Bahn slide his wonderful cock into Alema Rar's pussy, she felt the Twi'lek push her vibrator into her own. With in seconds Bahn was enthusiastically fucking Alema Rar while Jaina lay shackled spread-eagle next to them with a vibrator buzzing away in her pussy. Jaina watched in amazement—and envy as Bahn pushed his huge dick to the hilt into Alema Rar. Somehow, the Twi'lek kept one hand on the vibrator as Bahn pounded away on her. Alema Rar used the vibrator and her tongue on Jaina's pussy while Bahn stood at the foot of the bed and fucked her from behind.

Ghost in Her Shell

celebrities RV96 2018-05-25

Rinko became a fan-favorite after her performance in Pacific Rim and fans online had lobbied her to play the role of Motoko Kusanagi in a live action Ghost in the Shell. "Wow, I'm getting really nervous about Ghost." Scarlett said, which caused Rinko to groan. Scarlett then tossed Rinko on the bed and began to slowly kiss down her body, causing her to moan in ecstasy. "OHHHH MY!" Rinko moaned in Japanese as Scarlett brought her lips towards her and they pulled in for a deep kiss, their hips continue to go back and forth, shaking the bed in the process. "SO CLOSE SHIT!" Scarlett moaned as her normally pale face began to turn a pinkish red while Rinko's face was covered in sweat.

Gotham Girls Pt. 05

celebrities lordroxbury 2018-05-05

Waves of pleasure built up slowly, starting at whichever point between her spread legs that Renee was gently licking, kissing, or fingering, then creeping up into her brain and causing Helena to make the most unusual and guttural sounds. The added pressure of a finger in her ass, to match the one inside her pussy - and Renee continuing to eat her out - was fast taking those smaller waves of pleasure and causing them to build into the beginnings of her orgasm! She had been only vaguely aware as pleasure had continued building in her womb as Helena had continued tonguing and stroking her fingers through Renee's pussy.

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 03

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-05-04

Alema Rar took a moment to nibble on the Zeltron's ear, then said, "Bahn baby, this is my friend Jaina." Then she looked across the table. "Alema Rar, did you know that Bahn took me out on a date last week, and to lunch the other day?" Jaina told her. "Well, not really, and since you're a Jedi, he can't influence you to do anything that you really don't want to do, so I don't mind anyways," Alema Rar answered, as she leaned over and gave Bahn an open-mouthed kiss. "I'm sure she won't mind at all." Jaina had been thinking about sleeping with Bahn in her apartment without telling her, but when Bahn had asked, she had decided to let Alema Rar know.

Without Shepard Ch. 06

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-04-21

Shepard's eyes were fixed to a varren leash, and she knew exactly what Liara wanted. The first was a thick, black vibrator, nearly as sizable as Liara's blue cock wagging in front of Shepard's face. Then, with her eyes closed passionately tight, Shepard slid her lips upwards, arriving at Liara's heel. Shepard's eyes opened, green orbs growing in hunger as the heat of Liara's rigid member warmed her face from inches away. Two soft mounds of blue tit flesh, far bigger than most Asari of Liara's age, each nearly the size of Shepard's head. The only thing that took Shepard's mind off what awaited her lips was her own pleasure, legs shifting and liquids flowing down her inner thighs as the vibrator continued to work her wet.

Gotham Nights Ch. 08

celebrities Bozo12 2018-04-03

Barbara Gordon never expected to wear the Batgirl suit so soon after retiring and taking up the alias of Oracle, but here she was, standing out on the balcony of the apartment belonging to one Helena Bertinelli. Even more, the purple-dressed vigilante had mounted her knees on Barbara's shoulders, pinning them as the brunette took hold of her wrists, one at a time, cuffing them to a post of either side of the bed. "Does your boyfriend know you're here?" Helena teased, as she inched her face closer to the redhead's damp underwear. As Helena lowered herself closer, Barbara flicked her tongue along the woman's lower lips, getting a taste.

Gotham Girls Pt. 10

celebrities lordroxbury 2018-03-17

Somehow though, Barbara doubted very much that Bruce Wayne was going to jump at the chance to fuck someone that barely looked older than a twelve year old if he found her sprawled out across his bed and willing to give it up. Pressing the head against the puckered font of her, obviously, unused ass, Selina applied a little pressure and smiled as the younger woman opened up and took half of it before she even realized what was being done to her! Selina then went in for the finish and eased her own hand underneath of Barbara's shifting hips and pressed her long, graceful, fingers against the swollen bud that was her clitoris.


celebrities Starbug360 2018-03-09

Her tongue flicked over the end making her lover moan deeply, her hand pulling Rommie closer. The weight shifted off of Rommie's legs as her lover slid down to the floor between her knees, hands reaching out to grab at the waistband of her pants, pulling them down, revealing lacy black panties, nearly transparent with her pussy juices. Rommie felt her lover's head brush against her as teeth gently gripped the lace hem, pulling the damp garments down, and sending shivers as the cool air flows against her sensitive lips. Rommie bucked in the seat, her hands pushing the other woman's head against her sex, making her delve deeper and deeper, until she could take no more and climaxed, her vagina clamping down tight on her lovers tongue.

Star Wars: Fetish Shopping Trip Ch. 02

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-03-01

Eventually, with Bahn and Taorii's help, Jaina chose an eighteen centimeter long synthflesh vibrating dildo. Jaina knew that Alema Rar owned several gags, but she didn't want to ask her which one would work best for keeping someone quiet while they masturbated. Bahn tried to talk her into a locking harness gag, but Jaina told him that she couldn't afford it, even with the military discount. Since the ballgag was much cheaper than the restraints, dildo, and programming she had gotten the day before, Jaina hadn't planned on using her military discount; at least with Bahn. After Jaina basked in the afterglow of her second orgasm for a while, she unlocked the chain between her wristcuffs, cleaned up and put her gag and dildo away.

Leo Gets "Charmed" Times 3

celebrities LuciousBi-Writes4U 2018-02-27

From Leo's perspective it will turn out to be "all good" but when the spell is reversed what will Piper think of her sisters and her Husband? Leo breaks the corner to see Phoebe's head buried between the lily-white legs of her baby sister Paige. He watches his sister-in-law Phoebe's fingers dive deep with in Paige's warm awaiting love tunnel. As Phoebe's fast fingers cause Paige's head to rear back against the couch arm, she catches site of her sexy brother-in-law standing in the edge of the doorway, hand rubbing across the crotch of his jeans. She uses her hand to free his throbbing member and magically takes it all in, over and over again until Leo lets his magical white-lighter seed slide down the throat of his sexy sister-in-law.

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 03

celebrities Bozo12 2018-02-26

They were watching, as their close friend Donna Troy, the former Wonder Girl, worked her magical ropes on Barbara's willing body. Kori hummed in delight while she grinded her rear against her boyfriend's hardening cock, as the beautiful couple watched Donna manipulate the body of their newest lover. She glanced over at Kori, who was swiveling her hips around in Dick's lap, no doubt enjoying the sensation of his wonderful cock inside of her. Meanwhile, Donna was leaning over Barbara's bound body, lowering her head to give the redhead a loving kiss. Almost disappointingly, Donna pulled away from the writhing Barbara, and wandered over to Dick and Kori, who were recovering from their own pleasures.

Guarding Emma Watson Pt. 02

celebrities Clubsoda79 2018-02-15

I rarely use the burst setting as I almost always jump every time it bursts." Emma replied immediately, apparently happy to talk about it." As I walked into the hotel room carrying my non-descript black bag full of toys, I heard Emma and Luke arguing about something. "Miss Watson wants to have a personal appointment somewhere and she doesn't want me to know about it." As I turned I saw Luke throwing up his hands in disgust and standing as he walked towards me. "What do you have in mind Miss Watson?" I hadn't forgotten I had said earlier she wasn't allowed to cum until tonight, but shopping for the toys did leave me quite horny as well.

Happy Birthday, Anna

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-02-07

"I've wanted to see those things for years, get that fucking bra off," Aubrey said as she climbed on Anna and pulled the bra off of her body, exposing her breasts. While Anna gently sucked Gary's cock, Aubrey had kissed down her stomach until she reached her panties. Gary pulled out of Aubrey and pressed his sloppy cock into Anna's still-vibrating cunt, easily fitting all nine inches of slick meat into her waiting body. While Gary started to fuck Anna just as hard as he had to Aubrey, the older woman slid her soaking wet pussy against her friend's torso until it was at her head.

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 08

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-01-09

Taylor reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her pink lighter, placed the joint between her lips and took a deep hit. "Yeah, I really don't have anywhere else to stay." Taylor said, walking back to the living room, allowing Carly to dress. Taylor's eyes flung open and she stared at Carly while moaning from her orgasm. Carly pressed her hands against Taylor's small breasts while her body bucked hard with each movement of the singer's tongue. When Carly opened her eyes, she saw Taylor holding two large vibrators in her hands and a huge smile on her face. Taylor picked up the other vibrator, which looked to be more powerful than the first one, and started rubbing it against Carly's throbbing clit.