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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy Pt. 01

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-12-04

Teresa, a platinum blond, and Eva, a sexy Hispanic Eva Longoria-type babe, told Racquel these old fellas liked to hang out after closing, hoping to talk one of the tipsy strippers into partying in their pleasure van. Racquel nervously declined, telling Teresa and Eva Derrick would be around and was most likely right outside the door. At that moment she knew she was going to let this old guy fuck her, just the way he had done to Teresa and Eva. That is why she was there. Occasionally she looked over and watched Teresa suck off Terry's very long cock as Eva tongue-lashed his balls Eva watched in astonishment as pretty Racquel spread Reggie's ass-cheeks with her long nails and ran her tongue all over his hairy ass.

FFFF Ch. 24

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-04

Popping open the button she unzipped the shorts and as Lauren attacked Heather's other large nipple, Megyn wiggled the tight shorts off of Lauren and her hand sawed back and forth between the shapely thighs and finding her wet pussy dipped two fingers into her cunt. Lauren briefly pulled her mouth off of Heather's tit to let out a moan and encourage Megyn to finger fuck her deeper; "Oh yessss Megyn, just like that, deeper, deeper, oh fuck you found my g-spot, don't stop!" She dropped her mouth back down onto Heather's tit and her entire upper body was covered in blonde and auburn hair.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

celebrities Samuelx 2018-12-04

Sheree Whitfield, the tall, sexy African-American woman with the long black hair and golden brown complexion. Kim Zolchiak the ditzy blonde had her tongue down Sheree's throat and the strong black woman appeared to like it. Ever since she met the wealthy black women who formed the core of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim had lusted after Sheree Whitfield. Especially blonde-haired and blue-eyed white women like Kim. Sheree had a submissive streak deep inside herself. After Sheree got done licking Kim's pussy, the tall white woman bent the sturdy black woman over her knee for a good spanking. The blonde-haired white woman squealed in pain and pleasure as she experience the ass fucking of the century.

Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 06-07

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-04

They ended up in the living room Leonard was dressed as Frodo; Howard was Robin Hood, but looked more like Peter Pan. Raj came in dressed as Thor and just then Sheldon walked in dressed as the Doppler Effect. Betty sat up and sliding to the floor, she took his deflated cock into her mouth and sucked the last couple of drops from his cock; "Mmmmm that was a nice start, time to go back to the party and try out for round two, thanks Howard, bye" She slipped into her uniform and snapped it up. Sheldon scoffed at Leonard as Kurt tucked a stray hair behind Penny's ear; "Or maybe she wants to be friends and he wants something more."

Seventh Heaven Birthday Party

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-04

Annie let out a groan when Carlos' tongue penetrated her cunt lips and drove deep into her dripping pussy. Ruthie let out a gasp when she saw Kevin pull his thick stiff cock out of her mother's mouth and shoot his jism all over her face. Martin looked over Ruthie's shoulder and his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched Annie riding Kevin's cock. Martin turned Ruthie's face to his and looking deep into her gorgeous dark eyes lowered his mouth to hers. Ruthie sucked harder and she felt Martin's cock expand and all of a sudden he drove his tongue deep into her pussy, his finger up her ass and his cock deeper into her mouth.

Fox and Guests Pt. 04F

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-04

An hour later Jessica came into Harvey's office and took a seat; "I had Donna buzz Louis and told him to get in here, I want to give you the low-down of my meeting with Peter Burke. Jessica contacted Burke and filled him in on the progress with his wife's case and he told him the progress Caffrey made with the files set to be placed in Sheila's New York office. Jessica was confident, everything was right on schedule as long as Caffrey planted the files and Louis could persuade Sheila to join him for the New Year's Eve party at their offices.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 16

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-12-03

Coleman begins to moan with his mouth full of nipples as Brittany strokes his big black cock now out in the open. Coleman holds the back of Brittany's head while thrusting his big hard cock in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper until the massive mushroom touches the back of her throat. Coleman looks like a small child standing in front of Brittany's huge tits. Coleman pulls his sweaty cock from between Brittany's huge tits and slides it back into her mouth. The crotch of his pants was filled up with hard cock spotting Brittany being fucked hard by Gary Coleman on the van floor. "How that pussy feel Gary?" Danny asks while thrusting his cock in and out of Brittany's mouth.

Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.11-12

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door, Leonard went to answer it and called back to Sheldon, "You understand why people don't wanna play with you?" Leonard went to open his door and Penny came out of her apartment with a load of laundry and Zack spotted her, "Hey, babe!" "We're going to a costume party at the comic-book store on New Year's Eve." He pulled the package out of the bag and held it up, "And you get to be Wonder Woman." She threw up her hand, "Well forget it; I'm not spending my New Year's Eve at a comic-book store wearing a Wonder Woman costume."

Scooby Sex Ch. 02

celebrities Up34 2018-12-03

Freddy had just finished cumming like a fucking fireh hose all over Daphne as Shaggy and Velma gawked in disbelief at what they had just seen. Freddy's eight inch soft dick and huge balls swung over Daphne's enormous 32DDDs. Everyone quietly got cleaned up and went to sleep. I was hoping you could come up with some solution or something that will make my dick and your tits bigger for the next time we do something like last night." "Fuck Shaggy!" said Velma. "Okay Velma," said Shaggy, "time to make your tits bigger than Daphne's." "I'll tell you, but they'll be enormous," said Shaggy, watching as her tits grew bigger, rounder, and perkier. "None as big as you, though." Velma slowly lowered herself onto Shaggy's huge member, inch by inch.


celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

A solid groan erupted from Chris as Melanie lathered it up with her tongue, her hands helping spread the saliva around. At full hardness, his cock stood 9 inches from his body, the plum sized head turning red from her ministrations. Mel would get the head good and wet, and Chris all worked up before pulling back slightly. A grunt and a long thrust from Chris sent his cock forward. The entire 9 inch length of Chris fit into Melanie's cunt like a hand in tight gloves. Chris was no longer pushing uphill as it were, and his thrusts were becoming more forceful as his entire body shifted into giving his partner the pleasure she deserved.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 21

celebrities Samuelx 2018-12-03

Alicia Keys knelt before Pam Grier and looked at the sexy older woman adoringly. Alicia Keys began licking Pam Grier's pussy like her life depended on it. She actually intended to dominate Pam Grier in the bedroom but the sexy older Black woman turned the tables on her. Pam Grier smacked Alicia Keys sexy ass and smiled as the sexy young woman yelped. Alicia Keys groaned as Pam Grier began fucking her with her very own strap-on dildo. Pam Grier then dipped her strap-on dildo in lubricant and then pressed it against Alicia Keys asshole. Slowly, Pam Grier began working the well-lubricated dildo into Alicia Keys asshole. Pam sank the dildo even deeper inside Alicia Keys asshole, and the younger woman screamed.

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 19

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Howard slowly stood up and turned to see Bernie covered in cum and tapping Kathy on the shoulder chuckled; "You may want to go over there and help clean-up your daughter." He stood over Mike and Bernadette, his cock still dripping with a few drops of cum oozing out; "You three have fun, I'm going to my office and put the finishing touches on my fantasy TV shows." I have the plots finished. Howard continues; "Okay here are the people in the first show, we have Amy, Sheldon, Leslie Winkle, Bernadette, Mary Cooper and Leonard in it.

Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 01

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Leonard closes the door to their apartment and starts to laugh; "You know Sheldon, if we met Penny before we went to the sperm bank, there is no way I would have left there without leaving a donation." Penny rolled her head around on her neck and peered over her shoulder; "You know Leonard, if you ever decide you don't want to be a physicist any longer, I suggest you become a masseur, your hands are like veal, but the way you work them is amazing." She outstretched her arms and placed them on the tiled wall.

Big Bang Theory Season 04 Ep.01-03

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Penny shook her head and reached under her seat and pulled out a large thermos, "No Need Amy, I have a pitcher of Long Island Ice tea here. Sheldon got up and was a little wobbly, "Hey now Amy, Penny is my friend and if she wants to notch number twenty three, it will be with me, you can watch if you like." He pulled Penny into a tight embrace and shocked the shit out of Penny when he grabbed her ass and pulled her against his stiffening cock. Sheldon let out a gasp when he felt Amy yank down his shorts and his huge cock sprang free, He looked over at Penny and gave her a tiny wink.

Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 08

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Rick's cock began to stiffen when he saw Alexis' mouth open a little, and Jane kept whispering to her mischievously. Rick tore his eyes from what his daughter and Frank were doing, he looked down and watched as Jane squeezed his cock and stroked it upward, drawing more pre-cum from it. Frank's cock was larger than Rick's and it stretched Alexis' lips wide, she knew she could handle it, she had before, but with her father and Jane Rizzoli watching, she wanted to put on a show. Jane looked back to Rick and when she saw Alexis lower her head and wrap her lips around Rick's tight nut sack, she gripped Frank's sloppy, saliva covered cock.

3rd Chromosome: Summer Heat

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

"Far long." Kiera wrapped her hands around Natalie's soft member; gently teasing it to life. Kiera began to pump Natalie's cock; both hands rubbing the thick tool. If Natalie could see how her cock bulged out Kiera's throat she would've cum immediately. How big could she be?" Natalie was a little indignant, she had never bothered to really look at Avril; her music was not her style. Natalie moved to sit down in the seat nearest the door; Watching carefully as the British brunette placed the tape measure at base of the cock then ran it down to its tip. "Let me take over." Kiera pushed aside Avril's hands and started massaging the blonde's member.

Ainsley Wants a Baby Ch. 01

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Peter turned towards her and took her tiny, soft hand in his; "Ainsley, Clayton and I were talking while you were doing that interview and aw well, we were going to offer our services." Janice went into her report and on the curvy couch Ainsley just looked out into space, thinking about the offer made to her by Peter and Clayton. Clayton drew the exhausted Ainsley into his arms in a consoling hug and planted a gentle kiss on the top of her head; "You know we were only trying to solve your problem Ainsley!" He pulled away and let out a chuckle; "We wouldn't have mind getting into your pants either!"

FNN Fuck News Network 11 AM.

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

He had unbuttoned her dress to the waist and with Megyn wearing crotchless pantyhose her light blonde bush was peaking out at Bill and he was running his tongue up and down her dripping cunt. She stared at the gaping hole Bill had caused, cum flowed freely from Megyn's cunt and Janice moved upward and sucked the juices from Megyn's pussy. Pulling her head away from Janice's tit she smiled up at her; "Come on Janice, slide out of those panties and climb up here and let me suck your pussy while Bill fucks me." Megyn came one last time when Janice licked her face and kissed her hard, her hands fingered her cunt and caressed her thighs.

JAG Revisited Pt. 14

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Harm wanted to cum, but also loved looking up at her, he was resigned to see her as Mattie and as he thought that, he felt his cock expand, he lost it and began shooting his hot cum deep into her pussy. He chuckled; "If you're going to be sucking my cock Cathy, you better call me Harm and yes, I'd love to feel those lips of yours on my cock!" He let out a moan when he saw her open her mouth and her tiny tongue flicked out and rolled around the thick shaft. Megan was close to cumming and when she saw Harm pull back, his face covered in Cathy's cream she came.

3rd Chromosome: Miley's Life

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

Miley and her lover Rachel had watched the latest one just last night. Now the visions of the 3C, futa and non futa, lovers filled Miley's brain, giving her much needed smut to coax her cock onward. "That's why I got on blu ray." Rachel watched as Miley piled her plate high with food. "Just leave the house okay?" Rachel got up and kissed Miley on the cheek. Miley was surprised but as she scanned the faces, she noted that Iggy Azalea perked up immensely and studied the Speaker carefully. "Okay." Miley felt a little better with Taylor having a plan. "Tell Rachel I said hi." Taylor stated as she walked out of the room.

Calendar Shoot March MILF

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Gerri's lily white hands roamed Uma's dark skin and slid up to cup Uma's face as their tongues dueled with one another. Gerri now bent her blonde head down and captured one of Uma's large nipples between her lips and I saw the lust in their eyes as Gerri sucked hard on the nipple. Rolling over onto my side I watched as Gerri let go of my cock and shared my cum with Uma. I started getting hard again as they swapped my cum from one mouth to the other. I knew I was nearing the end also and it all came too quickly as Gerri got behind me and started licking my ass and Uma's pussy.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 20

celebrities Samuelx 2018-12-03

The Sisterhood arranged for its Queen, the lovely Alicia Keys to 'interview' Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour at a mansion located near the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon seeing sexy Alicia Keys sitting on a throne-like chair, Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour smiled. Gently spreading Alicia's ass, Donna slid one finger inside the sexy young woman's asshole. Eagerly Donna Brazile and Christiane Amanpour began sucking on Alicia Keys strap-on dildo. Alicia Keys looked down at Christiane Amanpour and Donna Brazile as they eagerly sucked her strap-on dildo. Grinning, Alicia Keys began fingering Donna Brazile's asshole, giving the sexy Black woman a taste of her own medicine. While thrusting her strap-on dildo into Donna Brazile's ass, Alicia Keys also slammed the other dildo way up Christiane Amanpour's booty hole.

3rd Chromosome: Reconnection

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

"Thanks, I'll just be a few." Demi watched as nonchalantly as possible as Selena started to work her way out of her outfit. Selena landed on the couch and bounced before Demi was on top of her, lavishing her body with kisses. Demi opened her mouth and took in Selena's member. Just ease in...ooh like that..." Selena gripped the edge of the couch as Demi sucked on her cock. "Oh god." Selena shouted as Demi's member pressed inside of her. More!" Demi screamed, her body frantically pumping away on Selena's cock. Selena took the time to admire her body; paying particular attention to those large breasts and the fat dick between her legs.

Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 15

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-03

Robert wanted what Leroy was getting and pulling his cock from her mouth, he grabbed hold of Linda's arm. Linda didn't like being called a bitch, but she thought, "If I allow two black men to eat me and fuck me on a Sunday morning, instead of being in church, I guess the shoe fits." She gripped the edge of the table and held on as Robert pumped his hips back and forth; he was fully imbedded in her now. She looked up and watched as Rick stroked his cock and at the same time, Kate threw back her head and shook, clutching at the rail as she was filled with her father-in-law's cum.