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Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-24

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

My Offer to diana !

fetish Pacemen 2018-04-19

It has now been just on 9 months since diana accepted my offer to join in with alice & myself & take my training collar. I know what size ring diana is as she has tried on alice’s Ring that I gave her when I offered her a Collar of Consideration, so that was very easy to order. diana had a confused look on her face, but complied, then I said “diana you have been part of our life now for close to 9 months, I need you to know that I love you, I respect you, I want to own you & therefore I want to formally offer you a Collar of consideration”.

The White Hoe part.1

fetish 2018-03-29

Alan's truck had been in the shop and, late that night, Alice had been waiting in the diner across the street from his office, idly wondering what it would be like to be down on her knees with the cute guy behind the counter fucking her face with his hard cock, instead of sitting there spoon feeding Becky some really gross pureed peas and carrots. This was the first time since she had quit dancing that Alice was giving a second indiscriminate blowjob on the same day and the guy's long, thick joint she was taking all the way down her throat, so his cum-laden ball were bouncing obscenely against her chin, was an addicted cocksucking whore's dream come true.

The White Hoe part.2

fetish 2018-03-13

Alice took the first three hard jet's of the black guy's cum straight down her throat, then placing her hands against his hips, she shoved him back; not back so far that his cock would come completely out of her mouth, only far enough that the bulbous head would be still be captured by her pursed lips, so that he could finish emptying his big black balls on her tongue. It took a good ten minutes of deep tongue-fucking Artemus' asshole and jerking on his big cock to get him fully hard, and required nearly another twenty minutes of the same before Alice felt his sweaty balls begin to twitch suggestively against her chin.

My Offer to diana Part 2

fetish Pacemen 2018-02-13

Once they were dressed, we went down to the car & headed off to Scarborough Park for a walk, well that is what I told diana & alice. About 10 minutes into the walk, we came to a bushy area right next to the creek, a quick look around I couldn’t see anyone, so I told diana to remove her dress & lay down on the ground & spread her legs, which she did with a frown on her face, I then removed my dick & told her that I was going to mark her as my property by covering her with my pee. It wasn’t long until alice was covered in diana’s pee, while this was happening she drank a good mouth full which I know she likes.


fetish wastedaway 2018-02-04

You take another sip of beer, and lean towards me and push one strap down over my shoulder and then pull the top edge of my dress down below my left breast. You touch my still exposed breasts, and say with a smile at me "I think you would enjoy yourself more without any underwear on, why don't you take them off?" I pull up my top, and get up to go to the ladies room, and you put a hand on my arm and say "no, Alice, take them off here. My eyes flicker close, but I immediately open them, afraid of what looks are crossing my face, and trying to hide the sensations I am feeling from the pen, from you touches, from having you inside of me.

Dinner for 3 & 2 Unexpected Guests.

fetish Pacemen 2018-01-29

It was here that alice grinned and turned to them and said “If you would like to know why diana and I wear the collars & why we are sitting with our nude butts on the seat, meet us in the Pub after you finish here ! Some 15 minutes went by then the couple walked up to us, they both looked a little rattled but said they would like to know about the collars and why both women were sitting on the seats the way they were.


fetish isuktoes 2018-01-11

Today the rest of the class had undergone their regular checkup, but two girls with severe symptoms had been kept behind.The girls, Alice and Pasha, wore white shirts, grey pleated skirts, blue ties, white socks and black shoes. The student doctor moved over to one side, and Miss Anita was asked to help Alice pull down her panties. Miss Anita, obeying the doctor and nurse blindly, pulled the panties down to Alice's knees. Everybody in the room, Dr. Rajan, Ashok, Pasha and Miss Anita all stared at her small white firm breasts as Alice quivered and tears rolled down her cheeks. Dr. Rajan watched Miss Anita lasciviously as she bent the girl over the bed and raised up her skirt.

My first steady girlfriend

fetish jaimie49 2017-12-10

Alice and I grew up in the same neighborhood.We were in the same classes in school but we traveled with different crowds.I was 16 at the time when I heard that Alice was a whore.She would let 4 to 5 guys take turns fucking her at her house. When it was my turn I went upstairs and Alice was laying naked on her parents bed.As I entered the room she said "Jaimie Hi.You finally got to me.I have always wondered why I never saw you here." Let me put the rubber on." She slipped it on driving me crazy then laid on her back spreading her legs.I slid my cock in slowly like Lois taught me.Alice's mouth and eyes went wide open as I entered her young tight pussy.When I was all the way in she said "oh........my.........god.......that is amazing oooooooh."

Tripletit 04 Panty Raid

fetish oggbashan 2017-11-21

Coralie is a woman from Tripletit, that far-away planet inhabited by giant three-breasted women. I was the meat in a Coralie sandwich, totally wrapped with one breast gagging me, one pressing the side of my face and the third pushing at the back of my head. I had a future, and I wanted to share that future with Alice even if Coralie returned to Tripletit. We sucked as Coralie’s body gradually closed around us, easing us away from her breasts and pushing us tightly together. When Coralie invited us to her flat for ‘coffee’ that often ended with Alice and I latched on to Coralie’s outer tits. She didn’t know, we didn’t know, but if an Earth woman sucks at a Tripletit woman’s breast often enough, it will change her own body.

Albert Meet's His New Mistress

fetish 425olds 2017-10-20

If Alice wants to come, she'll have to earn it like every little girl should." The woman in black pulled a pillow out of a compartment in the wall and placed it on the floor in front of the chair. He tried to stay high, to stay where his lips wanted to stay, but commanding hands in black velvet pushed him down, and so he kissed down her belly, licked the sides of her chest and hips before finally pausing in front of the large cut cock between her legs. He took the whole cock inside his mouth, sucking it into him, his hand still bound behind his back wanting to grasp the hips, to clutch tight into the ass of the thing thrusting into his mouth.

Alice's Wonderland - a Sci-Fi fantasy

fetish oggbashan 2017-09-05

I had been told that most Entertainers weren't great company off stage, but surely they might be better company than my Accountants' Club where people spent too much time talking shop. Alice's muscles matched my rhythm as I slid deeper, pushed by her hands on my lower legs. Alice's hands turned me over so my back was against her tummy and my head was between her breasts. Over the next few weeks Alice repaid me with mind-blowing sex for each time I let her use her Wonderland. My friends, particularly Brian, Zoe and Helen were worried that Alice and I were retreating from reality too often, but we two knew there would be an end.

Older men are such fun when Hard

fetish Fridagirl 2017-09-04

Alice smiled in his direction, which he acknowledged in return, noting his eyes traverse her body from her bare feet, along her long legs, to her beautiful face, a picture of innocence, tinged with dark sexual thoughts behind her inviting eyes, he could not see this, but her body told a different story, as the train shunted out of the station, Alice removed her top sweater, her nipples were hard like rubber pebbles, and she caught him staring at them, as her head came free from the sweater. he reddened and smiled at that singular and very pointed confession, and Alice noted his gaze drop down to her thighs, as her skirt was mid thigh, another ploy in her feminine charm, so easily executed, she simply left it riding high, and crossed and uncrossed her legs, wriggling her long toe digits, resting on the seat along from where he sat staring.