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Lazy Sunday

fetish Mona_Fionn 2018-04-20

You responded instantly, arching against me and gasping as I slowly worked over your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, and thighs with my tongue and mouth playing over you with gentle kisses and suction and well placed hard, deep bites that were slow and sustaining. I couldn't hold it as long as I wanted, as always, and shortly after feeling the beginnings of my gag reflex refusing suppression I rapidly pulled you out of my mouth and then just as quickly sucked you back into my mouth and ran my tongue in a circle until you were too deep in my mouth to maneuver that way.


fetish MasterDnl 2018-03-16

"Mmmm delightful slave." You feel My hands caressing your asscheeks around the line of your thong. Suddenly My hand spanks your ass once, HARD, a squeal releases from you at the sudden lash. You cry and choke trying to pull your arms and legs in to cradle yourself when you feel My thick swollen cock slap against your cheek. One hand twisting in your hair, the other lashing the flogger across your welted breasts, as you choke down My cock. As you plead, you feel Me move between your legs...the head of My thick wet cock slapping at your clit as I tease you. Suddenly you feel the iron stiff cock yanked out, and rammed hard into your ass.

The Harem Slave Ch. 02

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-10-27

She felt like she needed to take an urgent shit, a sensation she quickly attributed to the plug she remembered was still lodged in her ass, stimulating her anus. Sophie couldn't imagine what the old woman meant, but she followed her anxiously out of the room, eager for answers. Sophie reached up with one hand and began groping her fleshy tits, stroking her nipples. Sophie rolled over and got on her hands and knees, her still-plugged ass thrust high in the air. This felt so good that Sophie's pussy juices began to dribble down onto the blankets between her thighs. "There's a good girl," the Master murmured, stroking her hair.