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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Her Drink Your Lemonade (1st in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-01

I think Han included a girl in her story, because she figure it might turned me on enough to overlook the betrayal and her friend could be used to diminish the level of her own participation. Han was looking for a chance at reconciliation, but I only went along because I knew that the friend she claimed to have fooled around with would be there and I wanted ask her in person about the story. "I promise that if I can't drink all your piss that I'll leave." Han pledged. Han slid over to me just like so many other times to take cock in her mouth. I handed Han the warm glass and we sat up together on the bed while she quietly finished the rest of my piss.

My Blind Masseur

fetish dior11 2018-11-26

Masu hopped off the table for a moment and poured a little more massage oil on the entire back of both legs, all the way to my feet. If only Masu had his eyesight, he would see my bared chest with two firm breasts, and my sheer panties showing my cunt, as well as my garter belt and dark nylon stockings. Now he switched to Swedish style again, pouring more massage oil on my stockings, then smoothly stroking my legs through the oil-covered sheer nylon material. Pouring a little more massage oil on my panties, he began to slowly slide his prick along my cunt through the sheer nylon material--up and down, up and down, pressing down more and more.

Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-11-26

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.

Nuru Massage 2: Masa's story

fetish dior11 2018-11-22

Hye-jin was a recent walk-in who was curious about nuru massage, something recommended by one her friends in Japan. She was a vision of beauty, a knock-out Korean woman adorned only in flimsy lingerie and dark RHT stockings—waiting to be caressed and stroked, lubricated by special nuru oil—today scented with yuzu, a popular citrus in Japan. I now viewed her beautiful front half with flowing black hair draped over her shoulders, perfectly shaped breasts, slim waist, and long slender legs adorned with dark nylon stockings. With her cunt generously lubed by nuru oil and her own juices, my stiffened dick slid into Hye-jin.

Onsen Onna (Hot Spring Lady)

fetish dior11 2018-11-14

Nikko, a couple of hours from Tokyo, seemed like a good prospect with lots of ryokan (traditional inns) with their own onsenburo--especially on a weekday when fewer people are traveling. What really caught my attention was that she was nicely dressed in a simple white skirt and blouse, coffee-toned hose, and 2" heels--like she was going to work in a big company in Tokyo. Erika had removed her ryokan slippers upon entering and was walking in her stocking feet. I replied, "I don't know about other men, but I can tell you that I can't get enough of seeing beautiful women wearing nice nylons all the time--even into bed or getting soaked."

Oriental Angel

fetish Shadow Dancer 2018-10-03

There I sat nursing the stale draft letting my eyes float over the other patrons, most of whom also sat at tables and the bar mulling over their stale beers and pointless lives. I froze like a deer in winter fog lights; neither my body nor my mind moved, even my lungs felt dead. Quick as light itself her body reached out and her tender appearing hand made contact with my face; left side, hard and stinging. A full summer's day of pungent sweat delicately blended with the sweet smell of raw leather; bringing to mind a memory of the moistness of a woman's passion. Dying inside with anticipation I lowered my head and tasted her strong primal scent, licking the tender flesh on the top of her foot, from toe to ankle.


My Sex Doll Came to Life

fetish AndyPanter001 2018-10-02

At the time I was working a pretty menial job and didn't have much of a social life, and so my nights were typically spent alone, watching tv, playing video games, eating junk food, and, of course, masturbating. I just hoped to god that it didn't come in some big box that said "Bill's Sex Doll Emporium" or something like that. The whole day just seemed like it was building up to that night when I would fuck my doll again. I felt like a beautiful girl was in my room wanting to cuddle up with me and go to sleep after a night of intercourse. I realized that I needed to take a long, hard look at myself and reevaluate my situation, and so, sadly, I broke the news to Samantha.

Easy in Japan Ch. 02

fetish Spiritogre 2018-09-30

"Hmmmm," 'this bimbo is such a hot bitch, I could fuck her for hours,' "I love your pussy, Tomoko, it feels really nice." The man, for the first time, had forgotten about business and finally started to enjoy the act himself. Starting a fast pounding rhythm the older woman fucked Junko's little twat with that dildo for a long time. Then I'll have enough money to start a new life in a good place, maybe get a decent job and hopefully a proper husband.' The really 27 years old hooker faded away dreaming of a better future not knowing that her bosses had very different plans with her and no intention to let their precious, money making possession wander off without getting everything possible out of her.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 02

fetish ScottWood 2018-09-28

Lionel and his girls sat on a lounge opposite Harvitz, one on either side of him, whilst Charlene went to the sink to make a cup of tea. "Yeah, two girls, wow," Harvitz said, fingering Skye a bit harder. Skye stood between his legs, turned around to face Lionel, her latex boots squeaking, then bent at the knees to bring her pussy down to Harvitz's cock. "Hey, Eug," Lionel called out over the slapping of Skye's ass and the slurping of his girls. Harvitz watched as Lionel pushed up her pink skirt over her olive ass and lurched forward, obviously shoving his little cock into her pussy. Harvitz looked down at his beautiful girl, her soft lips around the base of his cock, and smiled.

Cum in Boots

fetish cumboots 2018-09-25

He then squeezed the top of the boot shaft until it was nearly closed so it looked like a yielding vagina, brought the tip of his cock to the opening, and slowly pushed in. Another pull and the boot was on - his cum was squeezed all over my foot and slowly gaining on the ankle and lower leg. Sliding his hands up my boots and stockinged thighs he reached under the black leather skirt and took a hold of my panties. Simultaneously I felt his cum run down the inside of the boot and as I looked a rivulet escaped and slowly ran down my stockinged thigh.

My Pissing Asian Girlfriend Ch. 01

fetish westvme 2018-09-13

I told her I needed to pee and I wanted her to drink it, and Lan said No Way and that I made her wait so I would have to wait, she got off my cock and Surprised me by mounting my face again telling me I was a dirty bad boy and she needed me to clean her up, I had never eaten a cream pie but she must have understood just how dirty I was. I Started licking Lan's pussy tasting my own cream and she started to squirt again, and when she felt satisfied she stood up over my head and started pissing and trying to aim at my mouth, I drank as much as I could, when she was done she told me that was fun and she needed a shower, I got up and went over to the toilet, where she surprised me by holding my cock while I pissed.

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 08

fetish asianspankee 2018-09-12

So pretty soon Mei was "red-bottomed" over your lap bawling her eyes out like a naughty little girl. "Ok, since we're all confessing and stuff," Mei finally breaks her silence and chimes in the conversation, "I've been kinda wondering what happened to you in the bathroom after our spankings when the rest of us have to do corner time, with our red asses on display?" Then I feel a pair of delicate hands gingerly touching my bare nether skin as Jing begins to play with my well-spanked posterior. this lewd object inside you?" Jing asks as she spreads my asscrack wide open for a better look at the point of insertion, for everybody's benefit (except mine of course).

Panty: Hello Kitty!

fetish pantyrehab 2018-09-10

The rest of the night, they just drank and gambled while he would keep his cock hard thinking of Linda's panty and ass and checking out another friend who was pregnant with some nice bountiful breasts and revealing cleavage. Imagining her tight ass and pussy being covered by this panty made his cock hard instantly. He took the Hello Kitty panty and sniffed the crusty cum crotch and it smelled of her fresh wet pussy. Imagining the night before how her hot wet pussy was pressed against the Hello Kitty panty. Then she stepped out and he locked the bathroom door to shower and jerk off again thinking about her flashing everyone her Hello Kitty cum stained panties.

At the Mercy of Innocents Ch. 01

fetish Saoadora 2018-08-31

Mistress, knowing how much I loved feet, knew exactly what I was thinking. It was time for Mistress, Miss Tan and me to have another beer, and of course Miss Buu was thirsty. I had been worshipping Tan’s feet for quite some time when Mistress stopped me and ordered, “Slave, stand up and take off your clothes.” I grabbed Miss Tan’s foot and, holding it in my hands, I gave her toes one last long and worshipful toe- suck. “Slave,” Mistress said, “If you can tear yourself away from Buu’s little feet for a moment, we Ladies need a beer.” I started toward the kitchen.


fetish Jack_Love 2018-08-28

I crawled hastily onto her, meat in hand, and gingerly slid my hard dick into her drooling hot pink flower to the hilt, trying out my fuck-doll's pussy for the first time. "I wanna shoot the last bit up your pussy- get on the bed, Barbie!" I said quickly, my dick still cumming in my jerking hand. I slowly slid myself up her ass, fucked it for a few hard, deep and fast thrusts, and blasted a second huge load deep up her hot tight slut's rectum, Barbie moaning the whole time, turning me on like never before. I inserted my hard cock into my living gorgeous Asain fuck-doll and pounded her pussy standing up like that.

Asian Law Firm Intern

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-08-14

Only a bit later during our conversation did I have time to look below her head and found her wearing a tight shiny shirt that made her breasts and nipples very apparent (she certainly didn't like to wear bras), and a very short mini-skirt in flashing red that ended just a bit below her pussy. I was close to coming but wanted to explore her inside so I ripped a hole in her pantyhose right between her legs and stuck my cock in gently, ripping her open, a muted cry out of pain, then slowly moving back and forth, her pussy being so wet and smooth, I was ecstatic.

V_Squared Ch. 03

fetish Orbmansuper 2018-08-11

As she approached the sleeping dwarf, she looked on, in further awe, as Valia's left breast was pooling off the side of the bed while the right acted as a counterweight keeping the rest of her body on the bed. Delma, with a little hesitation, cupped the bottom of Valia's left breast and began to hoist it onto the bed. 'How in the hell is she going to look when she reaches full term?' Delma thought as she pictured Valia being able to use her breasts like a bridal trail and she having to haul them. Valia looked at Delma, smiling, her little-upturned nose smeared with sauce. "Um, wait, for what?" Delma looks to the little white-faced girl, slack-jawed.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 02

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-08-08

Jack followed Mei up to the examination table until he was standing between the woman's wide spread legs. Seeing that Jack was now fully inside the woman on the table Mei moved back a step to give him room. Jack was starting to enjoy this very much and looking down he could see how the woman's pussy clung to his cock. The woman's hand was moving faster now on her clit and that was making her pussy massage Jack's cock in a very delightful way. "When you reach orgasm be sure your penis is fully inside her vagina," Mei instructed. Suddenly Jack felt the woman's pussy tighten on his cock and her hands moved on her breast and clit in a frenzy.

Once in a Lifetime Offer

fetish hisigorness 2018-08-08

She took my softening cock in her mouth, started to bob on it and used her hands to pull on her very erect nipples and play with her pussy. I grabbed both sides of her head and made her mouth move faster on my cock while her continued drool ran off my balls. From that point on, she went to classes and would stop by my place 2-3 times a day on her breaks to suck on me. "I'd really like to watch you suck off my friends and then me be the last in line with cum dripping off your face." She kind of gasped and said she had seen stuff like that on line but never figured to be in this position to make it happen.

The Audition

fetish BrettJ 2018-08-05

By the time she entered high school, finally settling in Glendale, California, the gorgeous young Phoenix burned as brightly as her namesake. Over time, Phoenix would come to accept her sexuality and she already knew her parents would have no real issue with her bisexuality. Miss Veronique was a tall, imposing and stunningly beautiful Danish blonde with more presence than any woman Phoenix had ever met. Miss Veronique (she had been called that by her servants growing up and liked the sound of it) knew all too well what a treasure she had in the lovely black girl. Lilith was already smiling, so Phoenix knew that she only had to please the Asian woman and make them both orgasm.

A Date with Hitomi Tanaka

fetish Parmaklot 2018-07-31

Almost all day was spent contemplating cumming; I was afraid the second I saw the woman...or the tits, of my dreams, I would just instantly lose all control and ruin my pants. The ride wasn't long, and despite part of me knowing I needed to calm down, I couldn't stop myself from spending the whole time visualizing those humongous, heaving, goddess breasts suffocating my cock between them. My god, I was aching to explode for hours, but the prospect of Hitomi Tanaka actually acknowledging, of encouraging me to cum in my pants was too much.

Tutorial Ch. 02

fetish idiferin 2018-07-29

However, Bonnie clearly had other plans.At around the 45 minute mark of our hour long tutorial, she leaned over and whispered something to the TA about an e-mail she apparently already sent to him requesting permission to leave early, and then began gathering her things. I looked imploringly at Bonnie, but she had already gathered her things and was quickly making her way towards the door. Tiring of this, Bonnie worked her toe under the chastity device to my balls and poked them, starting off relatively gentlly but becoming rougher very quickly. As I walked I took stock of my situation: my penis was still locked, I had to believe that there was now video (or at least a picture) of the disgusting act I had been to perform, and Bonnie had made it clear that there was more to come.

Asian Amber Picks Ch. 02

fetish aguycelmar 2018-07-26

My parents and grandparents went to bed, just leaving me with Amber, my sister, her husband and great grandfather Robertson, for an old guy in a wheelchair, he still loved to drink. Great grandfather then looked to a corner of the room where his bedside table stood and pointed to the lamp sitting on it saying, "Aren't you type supposed to wear hats like that lamp shade and work the fields bare chested?" We threw the old guy on the bed and just as we were about to walk away, he gripped Amber's shirt with his wrinkled hands and old man strength, pulling it clean off and leaving her standing there shocked, and topless, still wearing the lamp shade hat.

A Polish Encounter Ch. 02

fetish jon47m 2018-07-23

Ali said that Lisa was thirsty as I took his cock to suck off my gooey arse slime. I don't know if it was wishful thinking or just my imagination, but her little fuck hole did taste really sweet and her arsehole didn't smell of poo, (I guess Lisa had already licked that away), but it had that awesome musky aroma that only an arse can provide. Atina let Mal's now flaccid cock slip from her mouth as Ali stepped off his sister, and replaced it with his. Feeling my tongue in her arse Lisa pushed to help me, she managed a short spurt of piss from her cunt which I quickly slurped up, but her well of cum had sadly run dry.