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love for ass

fetish flash 2018-05-14

Aunt was in the kitchen preparing lunch,she noticed that my gf was wearing my boxers so she asked her.." so whats he wearing,your thong?" both of em laughEd and suddenly Betsy farted. "hope you dont do that while he is eating you or fucking you,coz guys hate it when we fart on thier face" ishita said. No aunt i never fart but this one was a shocker to me.Betsy said and walked away. I felt the ground under my feet move away hearing what my aunt just said and i noticed that my dick was up staight and was out of the gown. You know where to go kid,i dont live far away from you she said and grabbed my dick.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

fetish mceh501 2018-02-24

After what she had said I could feel my cock starting to erect itself, but I didn't want my Aunt to know, "Aunt Deborah? I didn't get a good look because the panties were pulled down as well in a split second to reveal my Aunt Deborah's chubby, cottage cheese ass-cheeks. "Don't feel bad little Timmy, not everyone can have a man sized penis like your older cousin Jon. Who knows, you're still young; maybe it'll get a little bigger." She put her left hand on my shoulder, and used just the fingertips of her right hand to slowly massage the sensitive head of my penis.

my f****y fucking taboo

fetish 2018-01-18

my aunt came home and i have always wanted to fuck her. i said i am bored and you interupted something when you came home *i pointed down* she said let me help you and started sucking me dick. when she left i started makeing out with my s*s bf and sucked his dick i told him to come with me to my aunts room. my s*s said that she has fucked our aunt and our mom. her bf said he has fucked our mom then i pulled off my s****rs pants and shirt and started eatting her out and her bfsuck his dick up my ass my s*s started eatting out myaunt. i started tit fucking my aunt.

Billy 18 - Aunt Diane 49

fetish Erocus 2018-01-06

Three, four, five and six inches down, and as Diane stared at the little tuft of curly brown hair just a couple of inches from her nose, she realized that by she would have been down to the root of her ex-husband's penis instead of looking at another couple of inches of thick shaft her mouth could not accommodate, but Billy didn't seem to mind, and was in fact ecstatic at the ability of his aunt to suck cock. "I see," Diane said, letting her robe fall off and climbing into bed with her nephew, her hands finding his swollen member and as she rubbed him she warned Billy, "Maybe I could just take care of this big fella with my hands and mouth.

My Poor Brother

fetish Teresa711 2017-12-17

I got a good laugh out of it at the time but I ended up having a scene with mother. It really pissed me off that he was getting a free ride.) By the time he decided to get up and take a shower, it was usually around noon or later. While we were standing there, Jeff came out in his towel and didn't seem put off by all these women standing around. Not long after that, he broke his right leg in a motorcycle accident and had to have surgery to fix it. There Jeff was, totally helpless, and this beastly-looking woman came in and began to shave him. Mother and Aunt Debbie paid a visit and I made sure they got an eyeful, too.

Sex with aunt PT 2 - Outdoor

fetish Johnb20 2017-11-15

So it was getting late and late about 11:40 everyone was leaving so my cousin asked me to stay for a little and play video games like old times. About an hour later someone is shaking me I look up it's my aunt she said get up hurry, so I got up she opened the back door and held my hand and walked me into the backyard shed. Shen then said let's do anal this was my first time ever and her's too so when I sticked my dick inside she started to squeal and moan my dick felt tight but we eventually got it to work e kept going for at least 2 hours then I cummed inside her ass.

My Aunt

fetish bigsoftie 2017-10-31

My face was being rubbed into her ample breast, I was breathing in the smell & fluff – I tensed & then let my load go deep inside of her, I could not stop, my cock just kept tensing & coming – then my Aunt came too – it was so good!!! I undid my trousers & dropped them to the floor; I took my shorts off & began to rub my already hard cock over her fluffy angora arse. I reached around her waist & began rubbing her clit with her fluffy jumper dress, this was turning me on & it was making her come. She began to buck & scream, I kept rubbing the soft jumper dress into her clit & I kept pushing my cock deep into her arse hole.

with my aunty 1

fetish bangrakee22 2017-10-23

So after my inter I was also helping my father till the college start and then my uncle came to pick me and my father apologized for his miss behavior and on the same day he ask me to come, as soon I reached there I greeted my uncles wife and she looked very upset then the same evening I could hear my uncle and jayanthi aunty were having heated arguments’ about my visit, according to her my father did drama there so that he knew that my uncle would take the responsibilities, by hearing that conversation I was really upset and could not sl**p for very long time, the next morning I got up again I said good morning to my uncle and aunt and she did not respond to my wish very well, my uncle took me to my college and done all the admission process, paid all the fee, and also as he was about to leave he told me that I will not be here for 2 week and please do not get pissed off with your aunty, and he gave me 500 rupee and left,

Standing on My Aunt

fetish Dangerous Feet 2017-10-13

I felt a little awkward about it, because standing on women is a real turn on for me, but I nodded and said, "You're crazy, Gloria!" I was already barefoot, so I stepped down on her thigh with my left foot and then quickly shot my right foot onto her right shoulder, putting my hands on her head for balance until I could get my feet onto both her shoulders. I heard her grunt just a little, then got her rounded shoulders under my the balls of my feet. I was getting way too turned on, so I moved my feet back on her shoulders a little and got ready to get down.

Aunt Agrees

fetish pantyboy22 2017-09-16

This shocked me but at the same time I was intrigued because I've always wanted to try on panties, thongs, and other female lingerie. As we continued my favorite lingerie that she had purchased for me was a pair of satin skin colored panties, when they were on I felt like I was in heaven. As I continued trying on other lingerie (after I had put the other set in my favorite pile) I found a lovely black teddiette that aunty had purchased for me. Again, my dick got very hard and my aunt came over and rubbed it, which only made it bigger, but I did feel good. I continued to try on the rest of the lingerie but decided I that I would wear the panties with the matching corset.

Liam's Story Ch. 08

fetish mikke20041 2017-08-24

When I turned the reading lamp off, I immediately noticed a light coming from under the door into Molly's bedroom. I started from the beginning, my initial thoughts: the girl in panties in the magazine, entering her room, going through her suitcase, seeing the headlights, looking at the girl's photos, placing her panties on my penis, accidently cumming in her panties and my plan to wash and dry them before returning them. A few moments later she returned with a pair of panties in her hand, going over to the side of the bed and sitting down next to me. Molly released my penis and put both hands on my flat stomach pushing them up my hairy chest and down my muscled arms, saying "Yes, I like the whole package."

MY BBW AUNT part 3

fetish jkjkram 2017-08-19

I got between her legs and fucked her pussy for a few minutes. My aunt got up to fix breakfast while grandma and I went to the living room. My grandmother got on the bed and spread her legs for her daughter to fuck her. My aunt fucked her mother as I sat on the bed jacking off to what I was watching. I put it on, climbed between my grandmother's legs, and stuck the fake dick into her pussy. I fucked her pussy with the fake dick and fingered her ass. I opened the restroom door a tiny bit and saw her sitting on the toilet fingering her pussy. We got to my aunt's house about a half an hour later and went inside.

Toilet Love

fetish Richard963 2017-08-06

Meanwhile Jeanette moved her hand to my penis and pulled the foreskin down and up; I quickly became hard. Jeanette held onto my head and with a cry she came and squirted her juice into my open mouth. She said how she rubbed his nose in them and then had a wicked thought and she pissed through them so that the urine ran over his face and into his mouth. I pulled her knickers and shoes off her legs in a frenzy, and I pushed my head so that I was between her white thighs above the stocking tops, with a blue suspender rubbing my cheek.

Mum and Aunt help me cum!!

fetish Cum_Shooter 2017-08-01

But she was of course my mom and I knew thinking and looking at her in that way was wrong so I tried to avert my eyes but I had trouble as she dressed slowly (almost as if she noticed me watching) and my tool began to grow. I went back to my room with the intention of finally cumming but I was only left in pain as I could not bring myself to orgasm even with the thought of my mom’s naked ass and my aunt’s beautiful wet cleavage to help me. I’m glad we’re on the same page” She whispered as she runs her hand quickly over my cock for the second time since she came and I think this time I heard the slightest moan come from her sweet lips.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 21

fetish Croozer 2017-07-22

She told me she felt guilty for ordering me not to give in, and said, "What can I do to make it up to you?" I heard Helen in the shower, and told my aunt, "I need you to make me cum Lorene." She smiled, kissed me full on the mouth and said, "Okay...go downstairs, get the small box out of my purse, and wait fifteen minutes before you come upstairs." I asked why, and she simply said, "I need to get ready." I threw my robe on, she went into her room, and I set out to do what she told me to do.

Aunt submits part 2

fetish sadie56 2017-07-17

Aunt Joan asked if her being with us cramped our style.as we seemed to be such free spirits.No Joan your fine if you can put up with us and our quirks we can live with any you might have,,but so far we have no complaints were happy you can stay with us until you can find sutiable housing and were in no rush so dont worry. About 11 I got home from work My wife was already in bed snoozing,Aunt Joan told me she talked with her and felt we all are happy with the way things are no judgements on her part and no gossip to anyone about anything she encounters while living with us or after she moves.She then hugged me tight and kissed me on the cheek said I love all of you and am blessed to have you.I will see you in the morning goodnite wink wink.....

Virgin Aunt's Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2017-07-05

Finally, upon reaching home after dinner, my aunt went to take a shower and dumped her whole pile of clothes into the laundry basket upstairs. I would have loved to dive into that basket rightaway, however my wife and parents kept loitering around upstairs and I didn't get a chance for at least an hour after the panties were off her cunt. My shorts dropped to the floor immediately and I started rubbing my rock hard cock while sniffing the crotch. I love shooting sperm into panty crotches and watching my sperm mix with pussy juices. I rejoined my family in the drinking session and snickered quietly to myself while watching my aunt as I ran over the memories of sniffing her panties in my mind.

Aunt made me a girl

fetish Ilikestroking 2017-07-03

Stepping into the water, I let it run over my head and washing my face and neck. I run a finger across my pussy and slip it in. Stepping out and drying off, I apply moisturizing lotion on my legs and arms. After slipping on a pair of sexy panties and a lace bra, I step into the cotton dress. I know she wants me to look my best so I lay out a matching white bra and panties, white grater belt and stockings. I can't help running my hand over my pussy and tickling my clit. Bunching up a nylon I slip it up my leg,smoothing it out and straightening out the seams.

nylon femdom

fetish 2017-06-30

The s****rs thought David's fetish was cute and many times they would tease him by slipping off one of their high heels and place their warm stockings clad toes right over David's face, letting him smell in deeply at that strong, well-worn nylon and leather scent and laughed as they watched his eyes roll back with pleasure. She knew that David grew up watching his mother walking around wearing just an open robe with her girdle, garters, nylon stockings and high heel slippers in full view of David as she got ready for work. Joan loved the act of teasing David and knowing the young man's specific weakness made it all the more easier and exciting, knowing in his fetish starved mind he wanted to drop to his knees and worship those nylon stockings she wore more than anything...

Two Islands: Day 1

fetish blu3rthanu 2017-06-29

My aunt's friend rented two islands for us to spend our vacation for the whole weekend. I was kinda excited for this trip coz I thought my best friend would join me diving and fishing; but he got sick and had to stay at home. Leaving the shower curtain open for me to watch the video as I jack off. "I heard the sound of your laptop and I thought you were chocking so I came to see." Her words made it official that she saw me right from the sex scene. Before I could stick my finger into her vagina, I saw her staring at my stiff and hard cock like a k** asking for a balloon from someone he just met.

Strict and Loving Aunt Hazel

fetish spankingjenny 2017-06-14

She stepped forward and reaching in between my legs stroked 2 fingers thru my pussy lips coating them in a thick creamy fluid, as she pulled them out and I shuddered a little she exclaimed Miss Jennifer you surprise me, you are a very naughty girl after all, I will have to punish you in a way that is more suitable, follow me. The air was cool as we entered the 3rd floor, I stood there mouth open in shock as I looked at all the benches and tables placed around the large room, all designed for one purpose and that was to securely hold a young lady in a position that would present her body for chastisement or what ever else my Aunt had in mind.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 15

fetish Croozer 2017-06-08

"Lore has told me much about you...she says she couldn't keep her business going without your help," she said, following with, "she really loves having you living with her." I mumbled something in reply, but was fixed on looking at her face and her breasts. I know the things which turn him on." Helen then said, "I wouldn't mind trying my luck at that, Lore." To my absolute shock, my aunt said, "just wear a sexy slip and heels for him...then see what happens." Helen said, "shit...I always wear them, but didn't bring one...never thought I would need it." My aunt replied, "I've got dozens, we are the same size, look through my drawers and take whatever you like." At this point, my erection was about to blow through my jeans.

cousins room

fetish bltsc1 2017-05-22

I started to lick his cock and worked my way down to his balls as he massaged my ass and watched me work on him. He was clean and fresh and there was nothing to stop me, so I just stuck my tongue right into him, making him clearly moan out my name and push up hard into me. As I got out of bed, I realized that the door to my aunt and uncles room had just opened. I heard my aunt ask my uncle "where have you been?" The door shut quickly and the hall was dark as I went out. I heard a muffled noise like my uncles voice and my aunt told him to not stop.

Mom & Aunt Dick Sucking

fetish SafeSexting 2017-05-22

Then she and Barbara sat down on the couch and mom said "Okay, your turn!" My cousin let out a nervous laugh while I just looked away. Without anything being said, Robert and I pried apart the waistbands and slid down our shorts, letting our young, hard teenage cocks bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down freed from their confinement. Me and my cousin were breathing heavily while we masturbated to the sight of our moms sitting there rubbing their clits; and they, too, were panting and moaning at the sight of their own sons fisting their young cocks. I was shocked at first and I thought Robert's eyes would bulge out of his head as he watched open-mouthed as my cock disappeared down mom's throat.