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My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

fetish mceh501 2018-11-29

After what she had said I could feel my cock starting to erect itself, but I didn't want my Aunt to know, "Aunt Deborah? I didn't get a good look because the panties were pulled down as well in a split second to reveal my Aunt Deborah's chubby, cottage cheese ass-cheeks. "Don't feel bad little Timmy, not everyone can have a man sized penis like your older cousin Jon. Who knows, you're still young; maybe it'll get a little bigger." She put her left hand on my shoulder, and used just the fingertips of her right hand to slowly massage the sensitive head of my penis.

love for ass

fetish flash 2018-11-25

Aunt was in the kitchen preparing lunch,she noticed that my gf was wearing my boxers so she asked her.." so whats he wearing,your thong?" both of em laughEd and suddenly Betsy farted. "hope you dont do that while he is eating you or fucking you,coz guys hate it when we fart on thier face" ishita said. No aunt i never fart but this one was a shocker to me.Betsy said and walked away. I felt the ground under my feet move away hearing what my aunt just said and i noticed that my dick was up staight and was out of the gown. You know where to go kid,i dont live far away from you she said and grabbed my dick.

you dont know unless you try

fetish 2018-10-05

so i gently started to rub her back she looked at me and just smiled the feeling you get just before you do the unthinkable is something i think every person male or female should try in there life not just think it but really do it words cannot describe the feeling i lowered my hand un till i had her buttocks firmly in my hands pulling her towards me thinking i was gonna get a slap she just turned and kissed me to say i was gobsmacked was a total understatment she grabbed my hand told my uncle and f****y we were gonna walk home diddent get 50 yards up the road found a quiet corner and had the best sex i ever had all i imagined sex to be as i put my cock inside her i told her ive wanted to fuck her for years she said she knew that

MY BBW AUNT part 3

fetish jkjkram 2018-10-05

I got between her legs and fucked her pussy for a few minutes. My aunt got up to fix breakfast while grandma and I went to the living room. My grandmother got on the bed and spread her legs for her daughter to fuck her. My aunt fucked her mother as I sat on the bed jacking off to what I was watching. I put it on, climbed between my grandmother's legs, and stuck the fake dick into her pussy. I fucked her pussy with the fake dick and fingered her ass. I opened the restroom door a tiny bit and saw her sitting on the toilet fingering her pussy. We got to my aunt's house about a half an hour later and went inside.

Two Islands: Day 1

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-10-04

My aunt's friend rented two islands for us to spend our vacation for the whole weekend. I was kinda excited for this trip coz I thought my best friend would join me diving and fishing; but he got sick and had to stay at home. Leaving the shower curtain open for me to watch the video as I jack off. "I heard the sound of your laptop and I thought you were chocking so I came to see." Her words made it official that she saw me right from the sex scene. Before I could stick my finger into her vagina, I saw her staring at my stiff and hard cock like a k** asking for a balloon from someone he just met.

Billy 18 - Aunt Diane 49

fetish Erocus 2018-10-01

Three, four, five and six inches down, and as Diane stared at the little tuft of curly brown hair just a couple of inches from her nose, she realized that by she would have been down to the root of her ex-husband's penis instead of looking at another couple of inches of thick shaft her mouth could not accommodate, but Billy didn't seem to mind, and was in fact ecstatic at the ability of his aunt to suck cock. "I see," Diane said, letting her robe fall off and climbing into bed with her nephew, her hands finding his swollen member and as she rubbed him she warned Billy, "Maybe I could just take care of this big fella with my hands and mouth.

Miss Jacks.. PART 3

fetish twilight22 2018-09-29

A little brass plate at the side saying Miss Jacks Head Receptionist. I then handed her a package that I had prepared for her similar to the one left in Miss Jacks room. In the letter I said that I had liked looking at her legs and tight green skirt especially when getting wanked by her, but that I had been in control all the time. You said you again broke into Miss Jacks room at the hotel and left a similar package to this. Yes a lot I said usually five or more time till I fall asl**p.. Yes I said sometimes it gets harder after a few times almost painful.

Nylon sissy femdom fantasy - Part 2

fetish hosierian 2018-09-09

Satisfied they had positioned me onto the bed my aunt looked down at me with a mischievous yet stern expression and then took my left arm and using a stocking she deftly produced from her skirt pocket she tied my wrist to the bar of the bedhead. Once my aunt had rechecked the stocking was tied tight she looked over to Melissa and said "pick out something soft and prissy for our sissy girl from the drawer". Holding up a lovely pair of soft nylon panties Melissa exclaimed that "to be a fully fledged sissy then you are to wear nylon as if it was your own skin.

Aunt Natalie and Her Daughters

fetish Fred1177 2018-09-05

That's when Sarah said, "Let's see what he's got." She took the scissors and cut off my shorts while I was howling in protest. Sarah and Rachel took turns with the razor while the other one held my penis and scrotum out of the way. Sarah asked me, "Which nut got hurt?" I told her the left one and so she took her finger and flicked it really hard. Once breakfast was over, Aunt Natalie told me we needed to talk and the giggling started again. I started to howl about that, but Aunt Natalie pointed out that Rachel is going to school to be a nurse and we should have a chaperone, anyway.

Aunt made me a girl

fetish Ilikestroking 2018-08-25

Stepping into the water, I let it run over my head and washing my face and neck. I run a finger across my pussy and slip it in. Stepping out and drying off, I apply moisturizing lotion on my legs and arms. After slipping on a pair of sexy panties and a lace bra, I step into the cotton dress. I know she wants me to look my best so I lay out a matching white bra and panties, white grater belt and stockings. I can't help running my hand over my pussy and tickling my clit. Bunching up a nylon I slip it up my leg,smoothing it out and straightening out the seams.

Mary Louise Ch. 01

fetish mlyn 2018-08-06

Before Mary Louise could think, the shears zoomed around cutting those strands to the length of an ear-tip bobbed style, but it didn’t feel straight or neat. Since her aunt had drawn a line three inches above her ear and pulled the hair above into a clip, Mary Louise realized that the clippers were quickly eating away everything below that line. As her aunt and mother both applied several bottles of solution, Mary Louise fought against mental images of herself with a “poodle perm.” God! Mary Louise felt her mother touching it lightly, but to her it mostly felt like her mother’s hand, held flat, was bouncing off the super coiled curls.

A f****y Friend Indeed...Part 15

fetish Croozer 2018-07-23

"Lore has told me much about you...she says she couldn't keep her business going without your help," she said, following with, "she really loves having you living with her." I mumbled something in reply, but was fixed on looking at her face and her breasts. I know the things which turn him on." Helen then said, "I wouldn't mind trying my luck at that, Lore." To my absolute shock, my aunt said, "just wear a sexy slip and heels for him...then see what happens." Helen said, "shit...I always wear them, but didn't bring one...never thought I would need it." My aunt replied, "I've got dozens, we are the same size, look through my drawers and take whatever you like." At this point, my erection was about to blow through my jeans.

Lovely Aunty Agreed For Sex

fetish coolguy2020 2018-06-26

I was sitting in my room and reading a novel when my aunt came and told me that she is going to sl**p and she went after about half an hour I went out and saw that my bed was kept attached to her’s and again her pallu had slid down I went and slept next to her and was just gazing at her mounts and I thought of trying again so I checked and she was fast asl**p and I started touching her and I noticed something unusual she was not wearing her bra today.

cousins room

fetish bltsc1 2018-06-23

I started to lick his cock and worked my way down to his balls as he massaged my ass and watched me work on him. He was clean and fresh and there was nothing to stop me, so I just stuck my tongue right into him, making him clearly moan out my name and push up hard into me. As I got out of bed, I realized that the door to my aunt and uncles room had just opened. I heard my aunt ask my uncle "where have you been?" The door shut quickly and the hall was dark as I went out. I heard a muffled noise like my uncles voice and my aunt told him to not stop.

sissy for mum and friends p3

fetish karenhcd 2018-06-20

I had been told to leave the bathroom door open so that I couldn’t "interfere with myself" and left on the side I noticed a pair of my mums white silk panties with a lace trim and a little bow at the top. "Well now you are my little girl I can’t call you Kevin now can I?" said my Mum “Now come and sit down Karen, lets get started". "Right its time for you to go princess" said my Mum "and if you are going to be slutty with the boys at the party don’t get cum on your new dress" added my Aunty and they both laughed.

The Shearing of Alicia

fetish Dreadlocks 2018-06-07

When I turned 18 my mother sat me down for "the talk" which was really a day late and a dollar short, I may have been a virgin but I wasn't completely ignorant. Warren helped me down from the tree and escorted me back to house, the gentleman that he was, asking about ten times if I was OK along the way. My mother pretty much tossed me into the barber chair and held me there while Billy ran his clippers down the middle of my head. As I stood naked in front of the mirror, my eyes didn't go to the staples in my throat, or the numerous other sutured cuts on my face, breasts or arms, but rather went right to my head.

100% True me and my aunt.. working to fuck her.

fetish twitch_ed 2018-05-30

I thought to myself what the fuck she’s sending me a text message randomly. “Oh whoops, then just your house then?” I replied hoping she’d get the hint that I am actually wanting to fuck her. I’m thinking awesome I am so getting there; I hope this actually works out. I said to her “I’m sound about it I was more worried about you, a 24 year old asking you for no strings attached fooling around is a bit much” I was hoping she would read the no strings attached and think awesome I can get laid with no worries of a relationship, that’s what I think about it.

I owe it all to my aunt

fetish lottiecd 2018-05-28

So 3 drawers explored and I had started subconsciously playing with my cock, I pulled my trousers and pants down and was rubbing it with my right hand as my left touched her lace underwear. I was now looking harder at her to get a glimpse of her undies under the slips she wore, I was staring to see her pantie line and the suspenders, she must have known.....and as time went on I realised that she did know and she started to tease me and eventually she paraded unashamedly in her underwear whenever I was there, but I will write about that later.....

Smoke Dreams

fetish GeorgeTyerbyter 2018-05-26

Yes. Every time I've experience the sight, sounds and smells of women partaking, i.e. women lighting up, the sight and sound of the pop inhale as they take deep lung-expanding drags, and especially the beautifully arousing sight of said women exhaling their smoke in a pleasure-laced-but-totally-natural fashion—whether it was happening on TV, in movies, or in the flesh—my tent has pitched, and has always pitched big! In my heated thoughts, different men, totally aroused men desperately wanting release, would be popping stiff boners inside their trousers while watching these hot women dragging innocently on there cigarettes and then exhaling their smoke through provocatively pursed lips. Had I imagined my aunts or cousins being taken abruptly; these once in-control, smoking women would suddenly find themselves being forced to jack off the nondescript fellow's stiff dick (or my own) as a result of their incessant teasing.

In the Beginning

fetish joeguitarjoe 2018-05-11

Sometimes when she was at work I would go inside of her bedroom and open her drawers taking out her bra and panties and putting them to my nose, inhaling in her scent and wondering what it would be like to be laying beside her on her bed? I sometimes put on a wig she had in the room and with the bra and panties on got a pair of her hose and garter belt and put them on exposing myself to the mirror and thinking how good I looked as a young woman. Under the bed I could see her bare feet facing away from me when I realized I had left out a pair of panties and a bra which were now on the floor right by my Aunts feet.

Liam's Story Ch. 08

fetish mikke20041 2018-05-06

When I turned the reading lamp off, I immediately noticed a light coming from under the door into Molly's bedroom. I started from the beginning, my initial thoughts: the girl in panties in the magazine, entering her room, going through her suitcase, seeing the headlights, looking at the girl's photos, placing her panties on my penis, accidently cumming in her panties and my plan to wash and dry them before returning them. A few moments later she returned with a pair of panties in her hand, going over to the side of the bed and sitting down next to me. Molly released my penis and put both hands on my flat stomach pushing them up my hairy chest and down my muscled arms, saying "Yes, I like the whole package."

I posted this on fictionmania a few years ago - it

fetish bonnykate 2018-04-21

although it didn't much look like it, from around the time when settlers "Glasses?" She looked into my face, so close I could feel her breath. something like this?" she said, putting a hand on her hip and pushing her "Do I look like a dude?" she asked, pushing down the lacey top of her bra "Look, that wasn't Andre doing that, it was Josie. "Josie?" I wanted to ask if it was Andre, but that would be weird if it favor." That voice, those lips, her eyes looking like she was already in She held my head between her hands and looked me in the eye. "No, Aunt Josie, you look beautiful." And it was true, even with her

Cum World

fetish cumfountain 2018-04-07

At around 12 midnight the famous and beautiful actress Carmen came to my room suddenly asking to suck my cock and wanted badly two loads of cum. So I let her suck my cock for the next 15 minutes by which time I came for two times for dear Smita who was so happy to receive two mouthfuls of the delicious lusty cum and without wasting she gobbled up the loads. Satisfied with the view, my sweet aunt Mary bent down her face, opened her mouth and started to suck my pee out of my cock. As soon as my spurts stopped, the cup was closed and both the aunties came forward and keeping my cock facing upwards started licking the dripping cum with their drooling tongues.

Mum and Aunt help me cum!!

fetish Cum_Shooter 2018-04-02

But she was of course my mom and I knew thinking and looking at her in that way was wrong so I tried to avert my eyes but I had trouble as she dressed slowly (almost as if she noticed me watching) and my tool began to grow. I went back to my room with the intention of finally cumming but I was only left in pain as I could not bring myself to orgasm even with the thought of my mom’s naked ass and my aunt’s beautiful wet cleavage to help me. I’m glad we’re on the same page” She whispered as she runs her hand quickly over my cock for the second time since she came and I think this time I heard the slightest moan come from her sweet lips.