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Wet Weekend Ch. 04

fetish Naxos 2018-12-01

"I hope you can hold your breath a long time," Sue grinned, "You're going underwater for my personnel pleasure many times tonight! As looking up I could see that Sue's eyes were closed, her lips were clamped together, and her hand (that wasn't hanging onto the pool ladder) was bunched tightly into a clenched fist. The third time Sue burst to the surface greatly in need of air I allowed her to fill her lungs completely before sending her rapidly under again. I waited another 10 seconds till I felt her thrashing beneath me then removed my hands from her head and watched as Sue shot to the surface!

Wet Weekend

fetish Naxos 2018-12-01

Martin's twenty two year old sister had a friend staying over and I heard them giggling away in her bedroom as I went out. Martin's sister laughing as her friend grabbed the sides of the bath and tried to pull herself to the surface. Martin's sister began to wriggle and bubble frantically so her friend let her face just come to the surface then ducked her again. Suddenly I actually saw water spurt up from the surface of the bath and heard a high pitched gurgle as the girl's legs went stiff. Martin's sister's friend took a deep breath and ducked underwater again with the sister's hand on the back of her head to keep her down.

Mermaid Ranch Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-30

This incredible vision went on and on and a small timer in the corner of the screen showed that the girl was underwater for over 2 minutes and showing no signs of needing air! Not that she could stay underwater forever, as the timer moved into the 3 minute range and approached 4; she started choking on the water and appeared to be drowning! As he was on the surface a naked woman swam down and gave her air before she started to drown for the second time. This time the man and the woman started fondling each other leaving the girl trapped underwater begging for air with her eyes.

Wet Weekend Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-29

(!) Looking down into the deep water I could see that the steel pool ladder went all the way to the bottom. This was the signal for everyone else to jump or dive into the pool and I was glad that I could swim fairly well as it soon became apparent that all the family were great swimmers. Soon we were all laughing and splashing each other and occasionally climbing out of the pool to jump or dive back into the deep water. Even the views of seeing Martin repeatedly climbing spread legged naked up on the diving board above me soon lost its shock factor.

Sisters in My Bath

fetish Naxos 2018-11-28

Down I went again - this time getting a lesson in underwater oral sex from Traci as Sue spread her legs and took in my rigid cock. She dragged me to the surface spitting water and her cum as Sue came to her second orgasm on top of me but this time with my cock. At first Traci was content to kneel and watch the underwater action but soon she tired of this and decided to wickedly join in, placing both hands on the side of her sister's head ensuring that she was held firmly on the bottom of the bath. Looking behind me with my face underwater I could see that Sue was kneeling and holding one of Traci's legs on either side of her body.

Mermaid Ranch Ch. 02

fetish Naxos 2018-11-26

I filled in these blanks; UHJ / 60 seconds submerged sex / Swimsuit (black silk one-piece) / swimming pool shared / one assistant / Comment: This is my first time -- go easy on me. The hostess said softly, "Let's see what you have here, starting off with an underwater hand job, that's nice, followed by a girl that will fuck you underwater for 1 minute without coming to the surface to breathe." At five seconds before the conclusion of the two-minute time limit, a huge eruption of bubbles broke the surface and the assistant that was swimming around in the pool over them dove down to tell the girl that she was done.

Mermaid Ranch Ch. 03

fetish Naxos 2018-11-25

Still staying underwater she reached up and untied the cord on the front of my suit. She mounted me like an underwater rodeo-rider and the water churned as we thrust in and out a few times! The girl remained underwater clamped on my dick and milking it for all it was worth. The girl gently pulled away and sank to the bottom leaving a trail of semen in the water between us. Waving, she rolled on her belly and calmly swam underwater to the far end of the pool and climbed out. At the end of long day of diving and swimming in the ocean in the hot sun, I was ready for some new sexual relaxation.

A Witches Story Ch. 05

fetish Naxos 2018-11-24

She looked a little shocked at the 'depth' (no pun intended) of the question and she said enthusiastically, 'Oh yes!' She paused for a few seconds remembering that she could go into detail so she continued, 'first I am part of a very old and loving community of women who know how to get what they want AND take care of themselves. I asked, 'Judging from what you knew of me before tonight and what you have seen tonight, do YOU think that I would make a good addition to your coven of witches?' She looked at me for a long time – so long in fact that I was getting a little nervous under her gaze.

Tantric Underwater Sex Class

fetish Naxos 2018-11-22

"Oh my god", she squealed, "You will love it!" She gave me the brochure and directed me to walk up the main concourse past the ship and follow the line drawing of a "couple making love underwater" to Room 7. Wasting no time he asked me to cross the threshold into Kayla and when she was ready - shelter her underwater for as long as we both felt comfortable ... We sat together and the Master told us that we had been in our inner minds melding together underwater for almost 6 and a half minutes! Kayla looked shyly at me and I realized that I would like to know the real woman and not just the vagina that she had shared with me in our underwater nest.

Sexily Submerged Sally Ch. 02

fetish Naxos 2018-11-22

We would take turns submerging in the tub and recording our time underwater. I started stroking his hard penis and I was surprised that he came up the surface to breathe after only 1 minute and thirty seconds! As the clock passed 2 minutes and 40 seconds, he let his air gush to the surface and I had to pull him up to keep him from drowning! I agreed that he could hold my naked body underwater with a little more force this next time. I held my breath counting the seconds and when I got to a hundred (that I estimated to be around a minute and a half) I was still in good shape.

Wet Weekend Ch. 05

fetish Naxos 2018-11-20

Once Sue had got her breath back we swam side by side to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out to kiss passionately on the side naked and unashamed. "Sneaky little bitch!" Sue called after her, "I'm going to drown you tomorrow -- I really will this time!" Turning back to me she said, "Sorry about that, I didn't see her creep in. Traci was almost to the shallow end but she was not able to keep one last sexual insult contained, "Sue", she called, "When Mike's hard cock was in your big mouth, were you able to suck ANY air through it?" Sue climbed on top of Traci to hold her under in the warm pool water.

Wet Weekend Ch. 03

fetish Naxos 2018-11-19

I was watching Traci gulping much-needed breaths to try to refill her tortured lungs so I didn't see Sue heading in my direction. To my surprise (after a short time) it was not too hard to hold my breath in the arm of Sue. She looked up to the surface to guarantee that the rest of the family were wrestling and dunking each other in the far end. Both of us hung onto the side of the pool and breathing hard as we looked into each other's eyes. I spent the rest of the evening wondering if Sue had actually meant what she had said in the pool earlier though I made sure my Speedos were on hand.

Aqua Fun Bath Gel for Three Ch. 2

fetish Naxos 2018-11-18

Maria stood and told Kara that it was "time to teach this man the lesson of the Underwater Amazon Women!" I tried to get to the surface but a flurry of hands and feet drove me to the bottom of the tub. I lost track of time for a bit but it was probably less than half a minute before I started thinking that they really were going to drown me in this underwater-fucking-love-wet-orgy-bath. Maria climbed off of my face and slithered out of the tub – this allowed Kara to splash back onto my hips into the woman-on-top missionary position and I felt her take a deep breath as she joined me underwater.

Our "Little" Paris Bath

fetish Naxos 2018-11-11

As she floated, I put my hand on her delicate little quim and let my finger find its way to her opening. The entire transit from the surface to the bottom took over thirty seconds but once on the bottom she lay stretched full out with water filling her nose, sinuses, and open mouth. Just as I got her into the shallows as was getting a grasp on her to pull her to the surface she opened her mouth and let out a bubbling scream. I held her underwater for a few more seconds until she was struggling hard and her orgasm was probably dying down and only then did I pull her out of the tub to the surface.

Skin Snorkel

fetish Naxos 2018-11-05

Finally breaking the surface, she gasped for air as I helped her keep her head above water. I unhooked her, and looked into her face, as she was straining to hold her breath, cheeks puffed and eyes wide. I paused my thrusting and held my cock deeply in her cunt as I let go of her hips and wrapped my arms around her and held us tightly together, pressing against her hard nipples, and was able to watch each others faces. I pulled my spent cock from her still clinching womanhood, leaving her hooked to the bottom; I noticed the look of terror in her eyes as I swam upwards to air.

Sunken Ship Sex

fetish Naxos 2018-11-05

With the Julie Wilson Breath Holding Course you will join a growing group of men and women that enjoy freedom from one of the more basic human Achilles' heel; the need to breathe frequently." The announcer was a deep voiced personality who was easily recognized as a minor celebrity in underwater exportation. The announcer continued, "This young couple is celebrating their honeymoon here in Aruba just two weeks after Mike completed the 10 day 'Julie Wilson Breath Holding Course'. The young man took the girl by the hand and swam side-by-side with her out of the ships cabin and the length of the stern deck. "Anybody who enters the water (even a bathtub) should consider this underwater breath holding course", explained the announcer.

Wet Weekend Ch. 02

fetish Naxos 2018-11-03

Martin released her at this point and Traci shot to the surface gasping - although with a grin on her face as she turned to grab at her brother. After they released him and he kicked back to the surface, Martin's frenzied gasp for air echoed round the pool area. Towards the end of Martin's second long dunking, I felt hands clamp on my shoulders and only had time for a quick breath before I too was plunged underwater. At nearly a minute and thirty seconds the surface foamed with bubbles as Traci was obviously at her utmost limit and was losing her lungful of air in an enormous column of bubbles.

Aqua Fun Bath Gel for Three Ch. 1

fetish Naxos 2018-11-01

Then something caught my ear; Maria said that she had been watching the Aqua Channel late at night and she was turned on by a commercial on a product that you poured in the bath to make the water slippery and sensuous to the skin. "Ohhhhh", she said, "This is great, and it feels like silk on my skin!" Kara (that's my girl) had shaved her pussy and her labia's were very sexy! After a brief time (I estimate fewer than 45 seconds of bubbling), Maria reached into the water and took Kara by the head and pulled her to the surface.

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-01

Dana wanted to do this because on one occasion when we were playing around in the tub, I had gone underwater to nibble at her pussy and ended up with my face under her beaver looking upward with my tongue fully extended into her slot. She liked place her hands on my chest to hold me down and let her long hair dangle into the water in my face to tease me as I looked into her pretty blue eyes. I noticed that the days that we went swimming in the public (or private) pool almost guaranteed that she would put her head underwater and keep it there longer when we fucked in the bathtub that same night.

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 03

fetish Naxos 2018-10-31

She asked Sue if she wanted to see me 'eat her out' underwater but I fought to draw the line -- I don't know what got into her except that bathrooms are intimate places and she and her friend spent a lot of time there together. For instance, I did not tell the story about when Dana and I were fucking underwater in a spa at a little coastal hotel and two guests walked in and were watched us for quite a long time. She said she was shocked when I came up to the surface for air and a short time later her darling sisters face just broke the surface -- breathed like a seal and sank underwater again.

Underwater Sex with Dana Ch. 02

fetish Naxos 2018-10-31

That's how I got that part about changing the swimsuits underwater -- all true -- but not on the first time instructing her like in the history. Finally I told her that I was going to guide her to the bottom and when she was ready to remove her fingers from her nose and let the water in. She passed the time naked and vulnerable on the bottom of the tub while I shinnied out of my swim trunks and put them at her feet floating in the water. It is true that one time I came into the bathroom to join her in the tub and she was lying on the bottom with the water almost still looking up as me smiling.

Sexily Submerged Sally Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-10-31

(The helmet that he was wearing kind of ruled out the mouth, I guess, unless he wanted to open the front portal and let the water flood in and drown him. As we sank down, the water pressure pressed on my chest and I calmed the natural instinct to fight my way back up to the surface to get to the fresh clean lovely air. I was REALLY starting to need air now and if I took his cock in my mouth I was pretty sure that he would lose track of time and drown me. I swam to the surface with one of my hands clutching my naked pussy and air leaking out of my nose and mouth!