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love for ass

fetish flash 2018-06-24

Aunt was in the kitchen preparing lunch,she noticed that my gf was wearing my boxers so she asked her.." so whats he wearing,your thong?" both of em laughEd and suddenly Betsy farted. "hope you dont do that while he is eating you or fucking you,coz guys hate it when we fart on thier face" ishita said. No aunt i never fart but this one was a shocker to me.Betsy said and walked away. I felt the ground under my feet move away hearing what my aunt just said and i noticed that my dick was up staight and was out of the gown. You know where to go kid,i dont live far away from you she said and grabbed my dick.

Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-24

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

Morning Motions

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-04-01

"Well, if you don't mind, I think I'll continue on with what I was doing," you announce, shifting on the toilet once again, turning forward. Soon I hear the distinctive, familiar crackling sound which announces the beginning of an arduous expellation, but I do not dare move in for a closer look, and I resign myself to simply imagine the bounties coming forth. As the moist popping sounds continue to emit forth, I begin guessing at the turd's approximate length thus far, predicting it to be about 4 inches long. At last, the crackling ceases, indicating that it is probably hanging suspended from you, just before your anus releases and clenches, pinching it off, as it lands in the toilet with a hollow splash and finally settles with a bubbly fizz.

After a Rough Night Out

fetish d4david 2018-03-28

I had not noticed that his cock was protruding from his pants, I felt his stiff member searching for my anal opening sliding along the crease of my butt. The fourth guy just walked up to me and saying not a word spun me around reaching his hands around my waist and taking hold of my cock and testicles, he lifted me slightly off the ground. I decided to keep my shorts off as I walked the paths, every few steps I was enjoying the feel of good stiff cocks invading my neither regions. My butt hole felt like it was raw as Mitchel pressed his un lubed cock head against my puckering anus.

Rectal thermometer & suppository story

fetish k-dog 2018-03-23

‘i’m teryfide of needles’ ‘they already gave me a shot in the OC’ ‘i dont want that oke?’ ‘You dont leave much options’ i’ll told her ‘i tell the doctor your not a fan of shots’ ‘thanks’ she said (while i was staring at that shiny glass instrument up her butt, and she talking like it was not even there) ‘i’ll be right back, dont let it slip out, then i have to start all over’ i told her joking… ‘i wont’ she said and i went out the door, leaving Amber in her room, pants and panty’s pulled down, butt in the air with a thermometer sticking out of her ass… well, most part of it was inside her butt, but you got the picture.

One day at school

fetish virgin805 2018-03-18

Susan blushed and said, “It’s me, Miss Margaret. Maggie didn’t stop stroking me, and some times the tip of my cock slightly touched Miss Margaret’s lips. Miss Margaret ordered Susan to put herself down like a dog and Maggie to hit her like a bitch on her asshole. The sight of Susan’s butt caned and the touching of Miss Margaret’s most hidden secrets made me hard again. I went on fucking her when her clumsy movements let my cock slip out revealing a big gape. Susan had her bottom sticking upward with big black round gape so wet and so large. Miss Margaret cleaned my cock sucking greedily every trace of sperm and Susan’s own cum.

Butt Sniffing At Wal Mart

fetish panteeluvr 2018-03-09

Anyways, a couple years ago I happened to find another way to enjoy the smell of ass besides panties or a girl letting me sniff her bum. I didn't have to wait long as she bent over agian and put the book back and started going through some others, I took a quick look around and again leaned forward to sniff her ass! I knew I didn't have much time, and throwing caution into the wind, shoved my hand down my shorts and grabbed my dickie with my thumb and forefinger and started whacking it as fast and as hard as I could, and leaned over to sniff her sweaty ass crack!

Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

fetish bryanLL 2018-02-03

He was put on display and they called out that here was the Sandavan male and the son of the High Judge and he was sniffing Chaldain girls' butts and begging them to fart in his face and he was kissing their ass hole and professing devotion to the dancer and all of it to the glee and delight of the Chaldains. He knelt behind a dozen Chaldain females, beginning with the dancer, and he worshipped each of their butts and professed undieing love for each and he kissed each one of their ass holes -- his mouth, right where they shit-- while Sandavans shrieked in disbelief and then began leaving the area because they could not bear to watch any more.

What A Shock

fetish brick61 2018-01-21

I then took the hooks and put them deep inside my ass cheeks, didn’t feel a thing. Then I started hooking up my transformer taking the 110 side and stripping the wires so I could place them on the leads on my hooks, by then my ass had thawed out and I could feel the hooks {ouch}. I then stripped the wires on the twelve volt side and tied them to the battery and wow my ass was shacking along with my legs, I couldn’t control my movement it hurt so much. I quickly removed the battery along with the wires on my ass but by then my butt was really sore, now I had to think of how I was going to get the hooks out {hmm} I didn’t think about that before hand.


fetish mondotoken 2018-01-20

Etta hadn’t noticed and she was busy rubbing what looked like lotion all over her thighs and juicy ass. But I was committed at this point and the rest of my hand, fingers outstretched has found its way onto Etta’s juicy left ass cheek. I pulled my cock back away from her ass and found even more pleasure as my rock hard member slowly and surely was pulled free from Etta’s snug juicy thighs. My raging dick had long since broken free of my sweat pants and stood at attention in the air while I bounced Etta’s buns together creating a wave like motion or ripples on the surface of her dark ass.

Confessions of a Buttsniffer

fetish bryanLL 2018-01-01

Jo Jo was a cool girl, easy to get along with, a mutual friendship, she was pretty, and she had that amazing rear-end—and—I felt the great pride in knowing that while other guys much cooler than me might think she was cute, I had something that made me special, more special than them: Even though I wasn’t as cool as them, my advantage was that I knew what it was like to have Jo Jo sit on my face! Getting on top of Brenna and acting like I was humping her held little interest for me because I was so much into the butt-face thing, but doing ANYTHING with Brenna would be a lifelong memory and I didn’t feel as if I had any choice in the matter because Brenna—that hot hot girl that all the guys thought was so gorgeous—was looking at me with those cool, confident eyes.

Butt Sniffing Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2017-12-22

Now I never rush things, and Cass lived with me for a better part of a month before I finally started sneaking into her room and grabbing her worn panties to sniff as I rubbed my little dicklette. I went back to find Cass in the same position I'd left her and sat back down beside and opened my robe and again buried my nose in her teen butt crack as I jerked on my little dicklette! I did get to sniff her bum a few more times during the year, before she moved out, and once I even got to lick her teen butt crack as she had worn her skirt, no pantyhose and I just pulled her thongs aside and rimmed her while she slept!

Pointy Patty

fetish wandwiz12 2017-12-04

I was feeling pretty good about myself as I walked out of the campaign office when I bumped into a voluptuous woman in a business suit. As I reached up to put the box on the shelf I felt a warm body pressed against my back. I thought for a moment how could someone so cold have a warm inviting set breast like those. As I stacked the last box I felt Patricia's body against mine. I don't know if it was my heart I felt beating or hers, but it became intensely warm in the already stuffy closet. Patty threw her head and let out a deep sexy moan. I never thought I would get the fuck of my life from the cold, dry campaign manager.

Reduced Jail Time Prison Bitch Gay

fetish 425olds 2017-11-21

His entire cell block lined the corridor as Brent was marched naked (as his new womanly costume allowed him to be) then Officer Sanchez brought him to the van with the box. Officer Barrett was driving the van and Officer Sanchez rode in back with Brent who was shackled arms out and a bar separator attached to his ankles was driven to the bachelor party. As things were building to an explosion, Officer Sanchez slid open the back door and invited the men to butt fuck the bitch. When everyone was done and unloaded their spunk into the good prison bitch, Officer Sanchez placed a butt plug up Bent's ass to prevent the seed from dripping out and then closed up both slots and collected the box.

Held Captive

fetish intheface 2017-11-05

"Come on, Dani." Amy said, and she left the room, Danielle following her, before turning around and grinning. About ten minutes later, I heard hysterical laughter draw closer to the bedroom, until the door opened and Amy, who was now wearing a grey pair of skin tight jeans, and Danielle were back again. I grabbed the open cuffs off the floor, pulled the chain round the bedpost and as quick as I could, bound Danielle to the bedpost, just as Amy dived onto me, the nappy crinkling erratically as she moved. Fuck's sake, get off me!" I told her to shut up, and thrust my crotch into her arse, the nappy crinkling loudly, and I carried her across the room, the floor strewn with soiled clothing, including her thongs.

After a long...hard...day.

fetish PrincessUpYours 2017-10-01

I looked into full length mirror in our bedroom, my 52DD breasts barely contained in my leather bikini top, I run my hands down my hips, lifting the black fishnet miniskirt just a bit higher. Slowly I took all 9 inches into my mouth, his hands buried in my long red hair. I feel like I can barely keep myself up when his hand glides down to my center, he starts rubbing and pinching my clit and I scream out his name, with one final deep thrust he shoots a 3rd load into my bottom. "I know love," he whispers as he leans over to give me a long passionate kiss, his hand moving to my tush and pressing to keep the come in me.

Mom`s Toilet

fetish klammer 2017-09-28

I could still smell the potent aroma of mom's farts on my body, especially my face; I don't know what happened while I was out and I probably didn't want to know. I shook and trashed my body but my head was stuck forward and straight in my mother's ass; the fart air blowing f***efully against my nose as it fills the nostrils with a putrid dairy smell. Mom's turd barreled near me quickly, quicker than I could respond so it mashed slightly on my nose and lip before I licked the putrid log and moved it to my mouth like shit spaghetti; though thicker by at least twenty times.

Caught in pantyhose and sucked a cock

fetish 2017-09-02

'Let's see how these new pants fit on these gorgeous legs and fine butt of yours.' He kneeled down and said 'place your hand on my shoulder and left your right foot.' I did as I was told. It was a gorgeous shade of black, and as I rubbed his cock and balls he pulled me closer and placed his hands on each of my nyloned butt checks and began to sqeeze them. I left the store without any new slacks, only the feeling of satisfaction and I look forward to returning in 2 weeks, wearing sheer to waist pantyhose, Lipstick, and taking a pair of highheels to give Terrance my full gurly attention.

father exam step daughter

fetish 2017-08-25

"Hi" she answered, "Do I have time to take a shower before we get started?" she asked as she took a cold drink from the refrigerator. I could see her body begin to tense up a little, and the smile on her face began to grow. "You made it through that just fine, now I need you to remove your panties so I can do your pelvic exam." This time there was no bashful look. I assured her, "You are only going to feel a slight poke, absolutely no pain." I began penetrating her with my fingers. Before she could say anything I looked down and said, "I hope you enjoyed your exam as much as I did."

My Japanese FemDom Goddess

fetish bmckzi 2017-07-18

I licked and sucked it until it disaolved o my tongue- she smiled and asked if I liked that- I told her I loved it- she got up and went to the kitchen and came back with some "sweet and sour " sauce from the chinese food we ordered- she opened the packet and poured it on the larger turd and told me to lick it off-

Miss Valerie

fetish footslut2u 2017-06-23

She rubbed her foot on the purplish mushroom head of my penis, smearing the pre-cum the length of her long sole and making it snap back to attention so that it slapped my belly and splashed some liquid all over my face. Then without warning, her mother jerked my leash back while Miss Valerie whipped my penis with the small whip until it stung so bad there were tears in my eyes. Slipping them to the side she sat on my face as I knelt on the floor and I obediently tongued her butt hole, bathing in the aroma of her sweet musky scent. "Mother, I would like to have him service us ladies on the yacht, since he has such a cute butt and just look at those big nipples!

Wife gets Even Butt I still Win Assplay

fetish 425olds 2017-06-14

She told me how it looked like it might be time to goose the gander and slid her wet finger into my butt-hole. Not only was I coming too soon, I was doing it while trying to stab her tightly clamped beaver The few days when I was actually the master of my cock I could lay pipe and screw her deeply for extended periods of time. She emphasized the importance of lube while thrusting strongly into my ass in an imitation of how clumsy I was trying to violate her all those times. At the moment our hot sexy neighbor was getting an earful of nasty butt sex talk.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 04

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2017-05-30

Tracy fucked me in her pussy a little bit, then she stood up, pushing the clothes out of the way. First she kissed my nipples, then I felt her soft little tongue sliding up and down my dick while one of her hands massaged my balls. The other hands wrapped around my waist and I felt her fingers dig in to the small of my back as she took my dick in to her mouth. So I luxuriated for a few more minutes in the warm, soft bed, in the afterglow of orgasm, then I followed Tracy's example and started getting ready for work.