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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 2)

fetish braducles 2018-05-09

You wouldn't believe what happened, I can't tell you about it now, but I want you to come over tonight, I'm sure you'll love the reason why." I winked at Monique. "Oh God that feels good!" I let out a guttural roar, I've had my share of women, but I'd never buried my prick in a girl where it felt so good, I couldn't believe that little pussy could feel so amazing. "I love your pussy, you're so fucking tight I can't believe it!" I stared down into Monique's eyes, the tears ran down cheeks as she looked up at me.

How I Became A Filthy Tranny Slave Ch. 02

fetish beyondkink 2018-05-08

A look of panic filled my face as two of the men held me tight and the third began injecting the chemicals into me. My abductor then popped the ball gag out of my mouth and it hung loosely under my chin still attached to the straps that surrounded my face. "Open," he once again commanded and then began working the cum into the rest of my mouth with the brush. "Now that we've cleaned your filthy little face and mouth, its time to start your training," he told me as the two other men lifted me to my feet and started leading me to a strange contraption laying on the floor...

Collar Me

fetish puppyplay 2018-05-05

The moment the door closed behind her, Kim felt Marcus's hands shoot up her breasts from behind her. With every moan she took, Marcus removed another article of her clothing without her noticing or caring and before long she was completely nude and on the floor panting from how hard she had climaxed from her own fingers. Kim cocked her head to the side and suddenly Marcus slipped the collar around her neck and fastened it tight, looking it in place with a tiny padlock. Marcus clicked a button on the remote he held in his hands and a soft charge of electricity ran through the collar that Kim wore.

Thank You for Your Obedience

fetish With_Lust 2018-04-26

When my speech centers began working I said something clever like, "Hello Jillian." Well it sounds incredibly witty to a brain that just sent a pint of blood down below the beltline. "I'll just check on a few things and get ready." She moved to the door, "Doggies can't wear clothes if they want to be examined." Dr. Jillian was gone and my clothes hit the little bench on the wall. "Big doggies need their paws covered so they can't scratch." She put something like heavy mittens on my hands. "Good doggy but I can't let you bite me." She pulled out a muzzle and slipped it over my head. "Oh good doggy." She gave my cock what it wanted with a couple of long strokes.

Collar Me Ch. 03

fetish puppyplay 2018-04-20

Marcus moved his left hand to her hair and he gave it a good pull before lunging his lips and teeth for her neck. She pulled her pussy away from the tongue that probed it and pushed Marcus against the wall before getting on her hands and knees on the floor and lifting her ass up. As Marcus came up to her from behind with his cock ready Kim screamed, "fuck me like a dog! Kim continued to whimper until Marcus removed his cock and let the collection of their sweet nectars slide happily out of her. Marcus laid his head back against the wall and ran his hand over Kim's back as the water washed away the cum from her inner thighs.

My Offer to diana !

fetish Pacemen 2018-04-19

It has now been just on 9 months since diana accepted my offer to join in with alice & myself & take my training collar. I know what size ring diana is as she has tried on alice’s Ring that I gave her when I offered her a Collar of Consideration, so that was very easy to order. diana had a confused look on her face, but complied, then I said “diana you have been part of our life now for close to 9 months, I need you to know that I love you, I respect you, I want to own you & therefore I want to formally offer you a Collar of consideration”.

Collar Me Ch. 02

fetish puppyplay 2018-04-14

Kim shook her head and stretched out on the bed with the extra room that Marcus wasn't taking up anymore. Marcus stood up as his feet hit the floor and he let go of Kim's hand. "Got any idea of what you'd want your word to be, pup?" Marcus asked her and started to run his hand through her hair. He moved a little away from her on the bed and Kim continued to wag her butt as best she could to imitate a dog playing with her master. Marcus needed no further pleading as he removed his hand from his cock and used his arms to pull her pussy closer to the edge of the bed where he stood.

Elizabeth on a Leash

fetish tinasbuttfanfiction 2018-04-11

If you had your way, I'd be fucking you every hour of every day, you cock-hungry bitch." He leans forward and licks my lips, "I am going to tear your tight pussy up, whore...because you belong to me. His fat fingers probe my soaking wet cunt and his gravelly voice announces, "This bitch needs a dick in her." Before I can process his words, his hands are squeezing my tits and his prick slides into my slick pussy. Sarah pulls up my head and says loudly, "Jacob fuck her pussy while she eats my ass. Sarah holds my head down and begins bucking her hips forward, soon cumming onto my tongue.

Daily Pet Duties

fetish mdspet 2018-04-07

I know my Master is fully awake when he starts using his hands to press my head against his lap to drive his now fully erect cock deep Into my throat. I'm not trying to get him hard again at this point, just cleaning him up and making sure he knows how much I love his cock and servicing him. Master loves to feel my mouth around his cock while watching Stick move in and out of my ass. He left the vibrator running deep in my pussy then kissing me as he worked his way up my body, pausing to kiss and suckle at each nipple then laying his full body weight on my as he kissed my mouth and told me how much he loved me.

Dog Kennel Ch. 02

fetish Dylan987 2018-04-05

It didn't stay that way for long as we veered round a hedge and I saw what looked like a full on dog show, only with human dogs up on small tables and about 30 fully clothed people of all ages sitting in rows like an audience. Despite all the added humiliation, my cock was still throbbing hard and I was really getting off on this so I didn't even hesitate when commanded to sit up with my 'paws' in the air and my little dick fully exposed for all to see, and to start panting with my tongue out like a real dog; even the few laughs I heard just made me want to grab my cock with my 'paw' and try to rub myself rather than run away.

Dog Kennel Ch. 03

fetish Dylan987 2018-03-25

When I got home and started to get changed to go out with friends for drinks, I looked at myself in the mirror, still dressed in the pink bikini bottoms, no pubic hair at all, and my small cock barely making a bump behind the soft fabric and it really turned me on so that, as soon as I took them off, my cock swelled to its full 4 ½ inches. As I let them drop heavily to the floor the whole family burst out laughing because I was still wearing the pink ladies bikini bottoms Kevin had given me yesterday, only now my cock was trying to burst through the material.

Here Kitty Kitty

fetish sfcitydom 2018-02-25

Coming home from a long day, I find my kitty-cat curled up on the couch waiting for me. On my return downstairs, as I near the couch, kitty-cat pops her head up to see me. One of the reactions of cats I have always found interesting is how their hindquarters raise up as you stroke them from their head to their tail. I reach out and stroke her head and she pulls her body under my hand and stops as my touch reaches her tail and I give it a good petting. Forcing her face into the bed with one hand, I rub the base of her tail, which causes her to raise it even higher and she then turns her ass towards me.

Insides humiliation

fetish Spip 2018-02-24

The beautiful ebony lady was now bent over his knee getting her rear end seriously worked upon. He knew from talking to her that even if she denied it she really wanted to be humiliated. He had attached a leash to her collar and was dragging her to the adjacent room. He promptly passed the leash through the ring and pulled on it until her high heels almost left the floor. He left the room to come back with a tripod and a camera and placed it in front of her. He said nothing and just left the room switching on the camera as he passed it by. There was no pleading to be done, he was just filming her about to humiliate herself.

My Favourite Fantasy

fetish chrissiebee 2018-02-17

I pull it all the way down to the neck and work my jaw to make sure the mouth hole is in the right place, peering through the small eye holes into the mirror all I can see of my face are my made up eyes and glossy red lips through the shiny black rubber. It goes on for hours as I am led from one cock to the next, my body aching and sweating as I try hard to please them but there is always another cock waiting to enter me, another hand squeezing my breast or pinching my nipple or slapping my rubber covered bottom. Sometimes they flood my mouth or pussy with hot semen, other times pulling out and spraying my face or down the tight rubber over my breasts.

A Night to Remember pt 1

fetish 2018-02-12

It started off with the latex thong to hide all my bits nicely, you could barely tell I had a little sissy clit under there Mistress was so good. Next came the catsuit, it took an age to get on as it was so tight but I just loved every second of it, mostly the noise as the shiny latex squeaked as I was pulling it over my shaved body and my breast forms. I guessed right as Mistress then pulled me to my feet and paraded me through the house before she sat me on a chair and slid me round so that I faced a different way.


fetish kinkyraerae 2018-01-12

Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. "I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit." I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. After a while of teasing myself, I'm rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy.

Von Estate Stories... Amanda

fetish greasy963 2017-11-20

Miss Michelle Von Dutch had over seen the training of hundreds of slaves, including herself and Alexis, and the transformation of males to females or to she males. Michelle was in her normal long very formal black latex dress and Christina was in her cat suit and collar. The men said that they were looking for a missing 15 year old girl. Christina nodded as she help load the female that was dressed in a pink latex suit and mask, in ballet heels and a hood in to a car to be taken to her new home. Alexis and Christina quickly open the side door and got the five people out and started walking them to the first room will they would begin their training and brainwashing.

Photo Ch. 05

fetish WFEATHER 2017-11-17

While a lottery win would certainly have been nice, I had been eagerly awaiting these photos arriving from the mysterious Ayumi, hoping against hope each day that when I opened my mailbox, her latest photo would be awaiting me. I turned over the photo, and was graced with my sweet Asian goddess in a chair, presenting her unfettered beauty to my admiring gaze. From each D-ring dangled a smaller version of a ball and chain, and from the expression of discomfort upon Ayumi's sweet face, the balls were truly constructed of solid metal. Later that evening, after dinner, I decided to perform a Google Images search, but a search for "Ayumi" and "Milwaukee" did not reveal any clues as to who my mysterious goddess really was.

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 6

fetish satinlvr_mwf 2017-11-14

I’m gonna’ grab a shower.” And as I exited the room, wearing the first shoes I could reach, strappy stiletto heeled sandals, my caftan, and a smile, I heard the shower start. I shook my head, knowing I was going to agree to this, but getting angry with myself, and angrier with Juan. My caftan fell back into place, and he looked at the clock, his face falling in disappointment. “She looks like she’s got the body, I’ll give you that.” I was trying to dump my clothes from my handcuffs, so I could get some help, and wanted to speak up. I need help, first…” was all I got out, before the tall one had simply reached out and clipped the leash to my collar.

Dog Kennel Ch. 04

fetish Dylan987 2017-11-05

I also think you should have your chest, legs, arms and armpits shaved because a little girl dog like you should be completely hairless. "Come over here, Daisy, there's a good little girl, I'll shave you and make you look all pretty for your master, Kevin," she said laughing to herself. Once I was home and lying on my own bed thinking about what my life would be like now as Kevin's pet, I started to get hard again and couldn't help grabbing hold of my pathetic little cock and stroking it furiously for a few seconds until I came violently all over my smooth chest and face.

One Click, Two Clicks

fetish Richsap 2017-10-26

The only issue I have is that sometimes being sucked is perfect, and sometimes just having her open her cunt wide and taking my 10" cock down her throat is exactly what I want. Josh went back and forth for about ten minutes, alternating between getting sucked and fucking her cunt, and then handed me the clicker. She worked on my cock at my command for about five minutes before I handed the clicker back to Josh. She fucks my cock with her hot cunt for several minutes, and every time it slides out from her cunt lips coated in his cum I think I'm going to explode.

How Much Do You Think I Would Bring

fetish Wifetheif 2017-09-26

My own sweet wife watched for a while, obviously caught up in the fantasy, turned to look at me and said, I pictured Eileen upon a stage and knew that she would bring in more than I made in a year. Eileen then got a far away look on her face and said, I had just spent another fruitless day looking for a part time job to try and make up for the deficit when Eileen greeted me with a serious look, took my hand and led me to the living room. A leash was fastened to Eileen's collar and she was led out of the spotlight into the darkness of the rest of the stage and into the hands of her "owner."

Pet Seeking Owner

fetish Justwords 2017-09-14

A good pet owner makes sure their pet is healthy, examined regularly, fed nutritious foods, and receives plenty of love, play, exercise, and discipline. Some pet owners want their pets to remain completely naked and natural at all times, others prefer a latex suit, complete with restrained arms and legs and a full hood. What I wear is completely up to you, but you should consider the convenience of when your pet needs to do her "business" and the hygiene related to the same. Just remember that a good pet owner considers their pet's overall health and needs when making these selections. Should you decide to take your family on a vacation, you will need to hire a pet sitter to care for me.

Collared Servant

fetish Hoochie69 2017-09-02

Miss Di holds my leash tightly and I start licking her lips, spreading them so I can flick her clit with my tongue. Then Miss Di starts kissing the other dominatrix as I suck her sub off. Miss Di is keeping his cock and my ass wet with her lubricating tongue. Miss Kitty straddles my face and lowers her wet pussy on my tongue. Then just as quickly he took her, he pushes my lover aside and starts to fuck the hairy cunt of Miss Kitty. We savor the taste of Miss Kitty's pussy in our mouths, tasting and sucking each others tongues. To have this bull dominate my ass while my love is underneath us licking and sucking my cock.