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Game over

fetish styxx 2018-11-18

Driven by the temptation to go back a watch his wife and her lover, but he didn’t, knowing that he was most definitely excluded from the action of their bedroom, hearing the squeals of delight, the sighs and sounds of sex coming from the room only a few feet and a couple of doors away from him was pure torment. After a glass or two, Chris and Jacqui went to bed and made love slowly and intensely, more a reaffirmation of their bond than a need to mate, a kind of functional sex, if there is such a thing. Chris admitted that he had for a long time, harboured a fantasy of Jacqui getting shafted by a black guy, probably from the time he had watched her dance and then kiss the poor bewildered guy in the club all those months back.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish Rjt72088 2018-10-05

This time when she got home she told me to eat her pussy. When I asked why she did that she said "Brian thought it would be hot" that night I realized my wife was no longer mine. It has now been 6 months since our first encounter, my wife and Brian fuck a minimum of 3 times a week sometimes he leaves work early to fuck her and I have to stay and do his work. She put me in a chastity device after he suggested it and I have to ask permission to fuck my own wife and when he does allow me to fuck her I have to wear a condom.

Jimmy Cuck Ch. 02

fetish jimmycuck 2018-10-01

Jesse quickly took control and said "Jeff why don't you take Jimmy here to the bar and get us some drinks while us girls get comfortable," more of a command than a question. On the car ride home, we both agreed that we had a good time and maybe we should hang out with Jeff and Jesse again, Ashley even had a little buzz going which always has proven good for night of action. Nothing much happened for the next few days, it was the middle of the week and we were chit chatting about work and various other mundane subjects when Ashley said, "so I talked to Jesse today, she called me to see how I was an to invite us out next weekend."

AdDICKed Cuck

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-27

She fucked that dildo till she was pouring cum out of her gapped pussy. She than grabbed some vaseoline and started massaging by asshole as one by one her fingers disappeared into my horny ass. I reached down and got the dildo that was mounted to the harness, and started working it up my hungry asshole. I opened my eyes and my mother-in-law was standing there, looking at me fucking myself with a strap on dildo. I had the strap-on already up my asshole and I ask Linda if I could suck on her pussy a little. And she kept fucking her pussy till the cum had worked into a white lather.

My Girlfriend and Her Lover

fetish 87208765 2018-09-18

I kept thinking about these scenarios even at other times, and many a morning after she had left for work (an hour before I did) I turned around in bed and masturbated, picturing my lovely girlfriend having hot sex with my best friend. But Jacky pushed me away and said, somewhat sternly, that being fucked by me now would be a turn-off, but she would really like to me lick her pussy. I couldn't make out what was going on exactly, but I believe Eric fucked my girlfriend three or four times that night – once on the kitchen table and at least twice in the guest bed.

82% cuck

Photo Session with a Twist

fetish photog45 2018-09-03

The rough idea was to start with the man's black hands coming around playing with the breasts of the white woman. I had wanted to keep the morale high while we were together, but once Holly and I were alone, I confessed that there seemed little hope we'd be able to get a suitable model willing to have sex with a man that she had just met, especially for photography. Once she was standing, straddling him and this long thick cock, she looked at me, "I need another sip of wine real quick." I reached over and handed her the glass, which had a decent measure still left. Get a shot of his cum on my boobs!" She told me, after I finished getting the cum running down her hands as she squeezed the last little bit from his spent manhood.

Starting Small

fetish mythila 2018-08-31

All of a sudden he gasped, his feet pushing him up a little and moments later, his cock twitched, spurting out thick loads of cum into my hand each time. His little cock hung downwards a little, as I spread his knees with my hands and pushed his back down, his asshole now looking me in the eye. He let out a throaty moan and his cock twitched and spurted cum onto the bed, some of it on my hands. I wiped my hands on the bed sheets and sat back, looking at his softening cock, covered in a little cum. I pulled back to check the time on the wall clock, still holding Ravi's cock when I noticed Jithin standing in the doorway.

The Cop, The Doctor, & Me Ch. 01

fetish MissSeptember 2018-08-03

The cop left the Manhattan hotel room early. I also hadn't seen the doctor in a long time and didn't know whether seeing the cop was a mistake. What if fucking the cop was a bad idea and the doctor got so jealous, he went away? We made some small talk in the tiny hotel room, and then went into the bathroom to get ready. There was a frosted glass wall that sectioned off about one third of the hotel room into the bathroom. I wanted to make the doctor feel so badly for not taking care of me the way a man should. I wanted him to smell the cop on me and feel a heat inside his chest because someone else fucked me first.

AdDICKed Cuck Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-31

I'm jacking my cock when Linda tells me to get on my hands and knees next to my wife. She than has me hold the dildo in my ass and I get down under both of them, so I can suck on my wife's loose cunt while Linda fucks it. My wife started off by saying that if I was going to be her bitch that I needed to douche my ass-pussy. I couldn't believe I watched my mother-in-law fuck my wife. When the wife is on the rag, she calls it boys night, she likes to see us get in a 69 position with us sucking each other's cock.

The Mechanics Bill Ch. 02

fetish lets_experiment 2018-06-20

Peter got down on his knees behind her, and I watched as he slowly pushed his dick inside of her pussy. I watched as Robin lowered herself all the way onto Mikes cock and then leaned forward, pressing her body against his. Robin just lay there, bent completely forward resting her body on Mike as they two men worked themselves in and out of her openings. I saw his head lean back and heard him grown as he thrust forward, bottoming out inside her ass and then holding it in place. Peter pulled out of Robins ass with a plopping sound and rolled over to his right, laying there watching as his friend fucked the shit out of my wife.

Cuck's Wife

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-15

So one night we had fucked about three times and Kim wanted more. My brother got on the bed and Kim started sucking on his cock. Kim makes sure my cock, balls and ass is always shaved. I sat over in the corner and jacked off as my brother fucked Kim. She made him cum three times before she let him go. After he left, I got up and Kim remarked that I must have liked watching her fuck him. I started telling Kim how l loved the way she let my brother fuck her from behind. Now I am a full fledged cum hungry cuck that loves to see my wife have a good time.

Why Would I Touch That?

fetish lessman 2018-05-07

If we did end up in bed, I'd probably even have excused your performance and other shortcomings thinking that there's more to life than some fantasy about being with the "perfect man." I suppose it was inexperience or just trying to be "nice" that drove a lot of my attitudes and behavior in those days. Life was already pretty good – I loved hanging out with my girlfriends, money was great, I had lots of nice guys interested in me and I really didn't know any better than the perfectly acceptable lifestyle I was already living. Here's the picture: I'm lying on my beautiful bead, my head is thrown back, my mouth slightly open, legs spread, my sheer panties pushed aside, my stud above me, his thick shiny cock sliding in and out of my perfectly manicured pussy.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 02

fetish GreyMatterH 2018-05-05

"Well, now that I know about your penis situation I figured that sex for you is probably just going to be masturbation - not real sex - so I'm trying to help you out, give you something to think about when you whack it." My favourite times to masturbate were either when I listened to her fucking a guy in the room next to me, or the following day after when she'd tell me all about it. I'd really miss stroking to the sound of her getting fucked, but if it meant doing it in front of her and cumming like I just did it might be worth trying.

A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 01

fetish flash321 2018-04-23

The thought of having a new dominant player in his sex life made John strain against the cool biting steel of his chastity device, which forced his gaze away from the door of the coffee shop for a second to look at Danielle's ankle. He didn't have to use the single toilet, and he couldn't lock the door since Tom was going to enter next, but his instructions were quite clear, "Take off your pants and wait for me in just your wife's panties so I know you're taking this seriously." John carefully slid his pants off, startling as he heard someone walk by, hoping that person wasn't going to open the door on him.

First Time Cuckold Pt. 02

fetish trenor 2018-04-04

Then leaning back he instructs me to put my legs up on his shoulders, his cock never leaving my little pussy he pushes me down bending me in a way that I didn't know was even possible but as his cock explores even deeper inside me the pleasure more than takes away from any pain I should be feeling as he starts furiously fucking me now thrusting himself deep inside me. He told me it was my turn to do the work and I immediately obeyed his command somehow finding the strength to rock back and forwards on his cock but this only earns me a hard spank across my exposed bum making me scream and try harder to please him getting quicker and pushing myself harder back against his solid body.

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It) Ch. 03

fetish mywayyourway100 2018-04-03

I most certainly did NOT want my sweet little wife going anywhere with Sasha, at least my brain didn't, my swelling cock on the other hand disagreed. "Hmmmm fuck your wife's tight little pussy Stevie" Sasha demanded, Kimmy's tits are absolutely amazing so I wasn't surprised in the least when Avery reached out and began pawing them with his closest hand. "Ohhh ya squeeze those big fucking tits" Sasha instructed while still wildly riding Avery's cock. Sasha reached between my legs with one hand and teased my swollen balls as I fucked my wife. I watched in utter amazement as Sasha deeply tongue kissed my wife, letting cum trickle out of the corners of their soft mouths.

Becoming a Cuckold

fetish cuckhubby4 2018-03-15

I'd love to say the sex was amazing and that I was a stud that fucked her for hours, but let's be honest, my cock is only 4 inches and I came pretty quickly. I watched in disbelief as Drew rolled onto his back and Kristen started licking from underneath his balls all the way up his shaft to the massive head of his cock. This went on for a couple minutes before Kristen said "I need your cock in me." Drew jumped up and went over to his wallet. Kristen said "fuck you feel so good inside me." I couldn't believe my cute, innocent Kristen had just let this guy cum in her unprotected pussy and loved every second of it.

Tonight Is the Night!

fetish shadowheaven 2018-02-22

As dessert arrived and I was telling the waiter what I wanted he moved a finger inside my wet pussy. Taking his cock into my hand I started to stroke his shaft, giving light kisses on the tip. please fuck my ass and cum all over me again" He started to play with my ass first with a finger going in, then he gently put the tip of his cock into my little tight hole. "I want you to clean my pussy really well." Telling him firmly as I moved my hand along his shaft. I jerked my husband off onto my chest as he cleaned the left overs from my lovers cum. "Now I want you to clean up my chest my good loving husband.

When She Started to Cuck Me

fetish Cuckwanttobe 2018-02-17

She looks over her shoulder and says, "Gavin, bring my married cunt your amazing cock!" As he comes up behind her she tells me to "Grab his cock and guide him into my cunt, then start licking my clit." I do as I am told, hoping she will suck my cock while she gets fucked. As he picks up speed, my wife is yelling, "FUCK MY MARRIED PUSSY, STRETCH IT LIKE IT NEVER HAS BEFORE, MAKE ME YOUR CUM SLUT!" She still is not touching my cock, but I am ok with that. Mary screams, "FUCK ME HARDER AND CUM DEEP IN MY MARRIED CUNT, MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!" That is all that he can handle and slams his cock deep in her pussy.

100 Confessions of a "Straight" White Male

fetish Enterracial 2018-01-14

I like the fact that my penis doesn't feel so small when I slide into girls' lingerie because the front area where my little boy clitty hangs is way tighter than men's underwear. She made me tuck my penis back underneath my butt asking with pushing my testicles in-between my legs after shaving my pubes as smooth as a baby's ass and invited her older sister and hometown bestie to laugh at how I looked like a teenaged girl with my wide hips and fat ass. There's no better feeling than the thirty or forty-five seconds I'm pulling apart my ass cheeks, spreading my girly bubble butt as far as physically possible, and having a random big black guy I just met get a perfect view of my tight little helpless asshole.

Taylor, Gabi, Creampies, and Me!

fetish sharingissogood 2017-12-21

Taylor was asking me all sorts of questions about the things I would do, and Gabi was reading the emails, getting hotter and hotter thinking about all the things she might be trying for the first time. I was in a hotel room, naked from the waist down, still dripping wet from a shower, watching this man fuck his wife like a porn star. In a move that I figure they must have pre-planned (and maybe practiced!), Gabi swings her leg and waist over me in such a way that she is over my mouth before Taylor's cock has had a chance to slip out of her body. Taylor was laying on the bed, clearly enjoying the sight of another man eating the fluid he just pumped from his own balls, eating it from his wife's well fucked hole.

Becoming Melissa's Cuckold Pt. 01

fetish GreyMatterH 2017-12-13

As much as I felt accepted for the first time in my life, there was always a bit of a feeling that these were Melissa's friends - that I was who I was because of her. Knowing that I was a virgin, one of Melissa's first bits of advice was to try to control myself when I masturbated. During this time, Melissa was subtly warming Victoria up to the idea of going on a date with me. "I know that you're a virgin, but I thought when you set your sights on Victoria that it meant that you had at least a decent sized cock in your pants." Pointing at my dick, "That, that's not enough for a woman like her.

The Middle Man

fetish Anal Slave 2017-12-03

Kim had him right on the edge of cumming, when she told Bob that she wanted to see him fuck her husband. My cock got so big with him up my ass, Kim thought she was fucking someone else. Kim told Bob to fuck me harder,she wanted him to ride my ass hard. Kim lied down in front of me and told Bob to watch as I sucked my own cum out of her pussy. Straight men will suck cock, eat cum, fuck ass, and let you massage their prostate. Kim told me to crawl up and fuck her again, knowing the big cocked black man was going to fuck my ass.

Susan in Control Ch. 02

fetish Rabbithorny 2017-11-30

They had been sitting on a couch when she told Tom what was going to happen, and when she'd finished, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him very warmly. Susan told him it was time to go to her friend, Karen's house, and made sure that Tom remembered the address. Tom didn't remember what because all he could think about was that someone else was getting what he wanted, and Susan's friend would always know that he had agreed to let that happen. Tom knew that Susan did not especially like him to come in her mouth, and so when he was almost cumming he told her so.