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Chavs use ball gag and cuff me.

fetish Erocus 2018-11-25

Danny spread my legs apart and got in-between them and started to suck and lick my pussy and clit out while I was cuffed and gagged sat on the bed at the head leaning back on the headboard. He then pulled the gag back out and put his dick in my mouth fucking my mouth hard and fast while Danny was fingering and licking my now dripping wet slit. He put his huge cock up my tight pussy and fucked me hard and fast while Jake played with my tits feeling them up while Danny pumped my cunt. Jake then pulled the gag out and then put his dick in my mouth fucking my face hard and fast while Danny pumped my cunt.

My friends and I fuck my hammered wife!

fetish tcg 2018-10-30

I guess the combination of drinks and pot had the same effect on the guys, because Danny began to stare intently at my wife's curled up stocking clad legs and round ass. Danny, being the ass man, was between the wife's spread-eagled legs, pulled her thong panties aside and was gently licking and slurping away at her trimmed pussy. Danny took the initiative by positioning himself between my wife's spread-eagled legs and slowly plowed his cock past her black satin thong and into her hot wet cunt. I guess we were all pretty excited that night, because it only took about 1 minute of sliding in and out of her slippery cunt before Bobby tensed and shot load after load into my wife's well lubed pussy.

Vampires! Ch 1

fetish pornaholic63 2018-10-01

Sylvia slid down and dipped her beautiful face down into Danny's lap, taking his hard cock into her warm mouth, being very careful not to scratch him with her long, sharp fangs. The gorgeous vampire effortlessly sunk her mouth right down to the very base of Danny's hard cock, her lips stretched wide as her nose was pressed into the eighteen years old pubic hair. Sylvia gave a small moan as she lifted her mouth back up off Danny's cock and dipped her lips down towards his balls. The gorgeous dark haired vampire bobbed her head over Danny's cock, slurping noisily on his hard length. Danny gave a moan and reached down, getting a tight grip on Sylvia's head with both hands and taking control of her sucks.

altruistic sexual mothering

fetish Fridagirl 2018-08-21

Danny was a boy I was familiar with, he was a wanker who's sheets I had washed on his many stay-overs, and last night I had been singling him out for special treatment, teasing him, and now, he was inside me feeling my heart pound down on his cock head, gripping my breasts and tugging on my nipples, and no doubt looking down on my pink crinkled anus puckering to his exertions, there was nothing left to see of me, Danny was now experiencing the ultimate, and I was actually enjoying being fucked by jail bait. My son has a darling girlfriend, tall beautiful, and bi-sexual, and now I can see why men like us that age, my son's at collage now, as I turn in my bed and take hold of her, this is my first time with a girl, I hope she will remind of two people in my life, myself at her age, and of course Danny, my sex toy-boy.

Vampires! Ch 5

fetish pornaholic63 2018-08-21

Sharon pointed the torch back to Anita's bust as Danny reached up with both hands and cupped the vampire's big tits through her blouse. "Just be careful of her fangs," warned Sharon, reaching over to Anita with the hand that wasn't pumping on Danny's cock and grabbing a handful of the vampire's blonde locks. Danny gave a moan and a nod as Sharon moved Anita's head back and forth over Danny's cock a few times, gripping the unaware vampire by her blonde hair. Sharon was silent a moment, but still moving one hand on the lower part of Danny's cock and the other was pushing Anita's head down on his prick.

Misadventures of Mishi Ch. 03

fetish scatwoman 2018-08-10

Who would be turned on by such a sight, two bare assed boys' asses up and cheeks spread, faces down licking up horseshit from a red doggie dish. The huge black man wrapped one gigantic hand around the fucking boys ass and spread the shit-eating blonde's ass with his free hand, revealing his tight little pink butthole fr Danny. These boys had been taught that the first task of a cuntboy ass slut faggot teen is to clean up his mess, to lick every trace of ass slime off the nice fat dick that was kind enough to fuck his worthless twat. You're nice enough to fuck the shit out of their tight little asses, and then they don't even want to lick your prick clean for you.

Vampires! Final Chapter

fetish pornaholic63 2018-07-11

Danny couldn't help but remember the feel of the beautiful blonde vampire's body pressed against his back the night before while Sylvia was drinking his bl**d. Sylvia, Danny's gorgeous neighbor was bent over the other vampire's lap, Christian's hard cock in her soft hand and her mouth wrapped around the head of his hard shaft. Sylvia stroked Christian's cock in her soft hand and Danny got a decent look at it for the first time. Danny frowned as he spied on the vampires, watching Christian's hands slide up between them to squeeze Sylvia's ample breasts through her bra.


fetish FatWhiteGirl 2018-06-20

My husband was lying on the couch looking like he felt lethargic and nauseous. Danni sat up, cringing with is hand on his abdomen, "I suppose it can wait until mornin," he closed his eyes and inhaled sleepily. I smiled, my eyes going starry, "We'll have plenty of time for that when everything is humming along," I slid into bed next to him. '"Well, at least something's moving finally," I said with a kindhearted smile and chuckled. "Sweetheart, if you feel like you need to let something out, let it out," I kissed his cheek, "The goal here is for you to feel better, and if it means passing gas, then do so," "Ah think ah need the toilet now," Danni said sitting up a bit.

GFS Bestfriend pt.5: Phone call & Sucking

fetish 2018-05-20

He had to stifle a moan, smiling, tuning out his girlfriend's story as his entire cock slid into Liz's expert mouth. He said "ya?" into the phone, so his girlfriend would think he's paying attention, than he sucked Liz's gorgeous cunt lips into his mouth, tasting her. Liz half lay on the kitchen table before him, long, sexy legs spread wide, pink, swollen pussy lips swollen and partially open, needing his cock back in there. Pleasure surged throughout Liz's body as she felt his tongue on her pussy, and then her ass. A few thrusts later, Danny slid his entire cock into Liz's anus. Pussy and ass still buzzing, Liz put an arm and a leg around him, holding onto him as she rested, smiling.

Golden Lust Ch. 04

fetish HypnoticGold 2018-05-13

Cindy even joined in the situation that took place with my sister, and called me over after Samantha had finished, to put my face between her legs, and drink her hot liquid straight from her pussy lips as well. Cindy isn't even wearing any pants, just a slightly long gray t-shirt & some white panties of which I'm getting glances at, as her round butt swishes left in right mere inches from my face. God I just want to bury my face in her butt I can't help but think, suddenly Cindy stops causing my face to actually bump right into her bottom.

Please Don't Stop that Music

fetish lazy_liza 2018-05-08

As she flicks her hair this way and that, her hand slithering down her side, she slowly rocks her hips, cocking left and right in time with the syncopated throaty beat. He callously hooks his finger through the width of denim between her legs, the little scrap of cloth that makes her shorts 'shorts,' and not 'skirt.' She feels two strokes of his rough knuckle rubbing against her and she shudders as he pulls her toward him by that strip of denim, making her skid squeakily along the bench. He's singing about holding "her" and kissing "her" and undressing "her..." and Tam gets mad at the thought of every girl in the bar imagining themselves as this hypothetical "her." This is her song, goddammit!

MILF Fantasy Ch. 02

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-27

Kim's silky hose covered legs were draped over Danny's shoulders as the young man probed his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Mark exhaled as if he'd been holding his breath for a long time when Janet's now cum coated toes moved over his throbbing shaft. When Kim noticed life returning to Danny's cock she quickly got to her feet and took him by the hand urging him to stand. Kim's legs went around his waist as Danny began to make long slow deep strokes with his rock hard cock. It took several more minutes for Mark's cock to soften to the point that Janet felt she could stuff it inside her tight little pussy.

Cuckold: Two For One

fetish BaronS 2018-03-24

She took time and due care to pat herself dry, delivering the same loving attention equally to all of the flat and round parts of her lean body. For all men and any of them who made the mistake to 'wonder' at her rear too long, to set his eyes upon that sanctimonious area of the female anatomy where virtue ends and prurience begins, Michelle would offer up to them her tight cheeks as a showcase of the credentials of her authority. It had been two years since Michelle had discovered her husband's otherwise unknown sexual desires and an equal amount of time since their new relationship had evolved to where it was now.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 03 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-03-17

But, before Danny could muse further, about the hypothetical tragedy that might or might not have been visited upon the ravishing Marie -- and, a painful lump suddenly lodged in Danny's throat, just at the very thought of Marie sobbing her eyes out at Passport Control, while her family flew off on holiday to Corfu without her, and her dad sending her home in a taxi to clean the house from top to bottom, to do something to earn the vast amounts of pocket-money he gave her -- the airport bus pulled up at the bus stop. And Danny's already racing pulse accelerated madly, wildly, as he watched Marie slowly -- oh, so slowly, so teasingly -- let her bright-yellow, thin rubber-soled flip flops gradually slip from her shapely, suntanned feet; let them fall to the floor of the airport bus, under her seat.

MILF Fantasy Ch. 01

fetish Drakon66 2018-02-27

There was a long pause as both women looked into each others eyes then without warning, Janet leaned forward and kissed Kim on her lush full lips. "Wow...that's huge," Janet said looking down at her friends' stiff clit, "All the times I've seen you naked, I can't believe I've never noticed it before." He even said and I quote, 'I love how she's always in pantyhose and heels.' He must have a fetish for hose too," Kim punctuated her statement by running her fingers up Janet's nylon encased leg. 'My God Kim was right, he is huge!' Janet thought as she parted her legs and leaned forward giving the teen a view of her bare pussy and incredible tits.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 06 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-02-12

Danny then complied accordingly: lying down exactly as Chief Stewardess Julie Davies had instructed him, upon the poolside-recliner-like contraption -- Air Purification Technician Service Vehicle D. With an air of brisk, economy-of-movement efficiency, Chief Stewardess Julie Davies and her three colleagues set about their task: firmly securing Danny and his three former classmates aboard their service vehicles; restraining them with the five sturdy leather straps, by their wrists, ankles, and neck. With the leather sole of her right, uniform issue, two-inch heeled, dark-blue pump shod foot, the senior air hostess pushed Air Purification Technician Service Vehicle D, now bearing the securely strapped-down, taped-over-mouthed Danny, back on track -- back, onto the grooved rails that ran along the under-seat space of the Flying Pencil's fuselage.

Vampire's Slave pt 2

fetish engineerx1980 2018-01-16

Danny's only reply was a loud moan as Sylvia's mouth plunged down over his cock, her lips sliding down over his hard shaft, enveloping him in warmth and wetness. Danny quickly lent forwards, leaning against the edge of the pool with Sylvia's head trapped between him and side of the spa, his cock still buried in her sucking mouth. "Enjoying a soak." He rolled his hips a little, pushing his cock harder against Sylvia's still sucking mouth, knocking the back of her head against the fiberglass wall of the pool. Danny chuckled and reached down under the bubbling water, holding Sylvia's face against his crotch with both hands as he spun around to rest his back against the side of the spa and enjoy his underwater blowjob.

Store Dick

fetish Hubee 2018-01-08

Each cubicle has a well hidden camera and shoppers can be watched on screens in the upstairs office – something the store manager seems to spend way too much time doing. Outside the dressing rooms is the area I call 'Sad City', because it is where the husbands and boyfriends wait whilst their partners try on the clothes. I take up my usual position - beside the entrance to the stockroom - and try to look like a husband waiting for his wife - but watching the 'targets' at the same time. The camera is full of pictures of the woman in front of me flashing in the shopping precinct outside the store.

Help from IT pt4

fetish silklust 2017-12-24

The smile that crossed Danny's face made Charlie feel warm inside, and the hug that he got only turned up the heat, even though it only lasted a second. "No problem, crack away and maybe I will learn something" Charlie said as he rubbed Danny's shoulder, feeling the tension in his muscles "wow you really are tense, you need a massage or something while you work? Charlie stepped behind the chair and placed one hand on each of Danny's slim shoulders and began working the tight muscles in his hands. Danny's shirt was almost off at this point as Charlie ran his hands along his neck and shoulders squeezing out every bit of tension possible, right until he felt Danny tense up suddenly and let out a soft sweet groan.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 04 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-12-23

Absentmindedly, as they chatted away about who-knows-what to the Information Desk receptionist and other colleagues, these female Air Line staff -- most of them wearing hose, and low or medium-heeled uniform pumps -- as if footsore, would perhaps ease a tired and achy foot from their shoe and, slowly and gently, rub the entire length of the sensitive sole of their foot along the top of the heel of their shoe, back and forth, repeatedly. Danny saw that, at the Sunshine Holidays Information Desk, as well as his three former school pals, also standing there was an air hostess. I am Chief Stewardess Julie Davies -- 'Miss Julie', to you, Dawson -- of Sunshine Holidays," said the senior air hostess by way of an introduction.

Four-cock Foursome

fetish sexlover19 2017-11-30

He smiled back, probably guessing - rightly - that I was going to let him fuck me, then lay naked on top of Kev. I watched his butt clench as he thrust himself against my boy's super-fit arse, then got a surprise as Kev wriggled round and the pair went cock-to-cock, side by side on the rug, their mouths meeting in a deep kiss. I turned back to Kevin and Danny, stripping myself of the rest of my clothes as I watched them curl into one another, head to toe, tongues working on shafts and then eager mouths enclosing hard cocks.

Camilla Ch. 094

fetish MawrGorshin 2017-11-12

"We're having some technical difficulties." Camilla quickly turned her head to the left to look over at the DJ booth, and her right breast slapped against Danny's left cheek. Camilla turned back to look down at Danny, and her right breast slapped against his left cheek again. Indeed, a man sitting on the sofa behind Camilla turned around and got a good look at both of her holes, as did Vera, who was coming back with Camilla's and Danny's drinks. When Vera had come to give them their drinks, Camilla had her knees between his legs, pushed up against his hard cock, and her tits were in his face again.

GFS Bestfriend pt.5: Phone call & Sucking

fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-03

He had to stifle a moan, smiling, tuning out his girlfriend's story as his entire cock slid into Liz's expert mouth. He said "ya?" into the phone, so his girlfriend would think he's paying attention, than he sucked Liz's gorgeous cunt lips into his mouth, tasting her. Liz half lay on the kitchen table before him, long, sexy legs spread wide, pink, swollen pussy lips swollen and partially open, needing his cock back in there. Pleasure surged throughout Liz's body as she felt his tongue on her pussy, and then her ass. A few thrusts later, Danny slid his entire cock into Liz's anus. Pussy and ass still buzzing, Liz put an arm and a leg around him, holding onto him as she rested, smiling.

Emily and Danny Lawson

fetish Matt Moreau 2017-10-31

Then, how about that request for information about that big cuckold fest two weeks from now?" she said, nodding toward the still open page on the desktop. Sometimes they even come down with their lovers to watch their husbands do each other; it's a very large kick for the wives, believe me," he said. Your husband Danny here, is here because he wants to be cuckolded by his very beautiful wife. "Okay, honey?" said Emily looking at me with cow eyes. We said our goodbyes to Candace and David, the latter, who had seen us coming, had retrieved Emily's coat. "But, right now I need you to make love to me." She'd said it like she was scolding me.