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Disciplining Mom Ch. 09

fetish lesliejones 2018-05-30

She did not accommodate herself well to the changed circumstances of her life, so Karen took advantage of meeting a new friend, Deb, a lithe blonde domme who lived with her own sub, Marge. "Marge," Marian said, in what sounded like an almost girlish voice, "I just know now that I won't be able to hold it in for long because I needed to go when she took me in there and made me take her pee and lick her dry and serve you." "Yes, Marge," Marian responded in a little voice, because she felt she was now about three years old, messing her own diaper. "Oh, it looks like this little girl has made a big one in her diaper, doesn't it, Marge?" Deb went on in her humiliating tone.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 06

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-05-21

Mark was very pleased and let her finish, "does baby need a change?" he asked. "Good girl, now I will diaper you, put you in a timeout then it will be tummy time before we go to dinner." He diapered her and then Mark took Claire's hand and walked her over to the timeout corner. Lay on your tummy for 15 minutes then I will dress you." Claire lay down on the bed as Mark began to get himself ready for dinner. "You can lay down and let me do this, or I will make you lean against the car, check you and then spank you, your choice." Claire laid back down as Mark raised her skirt, sticking a finger in her diaper.

Wet Discipline

fetish knowsjack 2018-05-18

By the time I fell in bed I couldn't have had sex with her if I'd wanted to (she later admitted that she'd put a mixture of a diuretic and sleeping pill in my beer). You wet the bed like a little baby," she said. 2 or 3 times throughout the day she'd say things like "how's may baby doing," or "aren't wet again are you." It was always said with a big smile so I just took it all as a joke. I remember what happened last night and I will NOT have you getting my bed wet again just because you party too late." "Look, I don't know what happened last night, but I don't want a wet bed again tomorrow morning.


fetish WetMyself 2018-05-15

But Julia started to really need to pee, and asked again to use the bathroom once the ride had finished. As soon as Chris said 'a few hours,' a bright yellow spot began to grow at Julia's crotch. "Did you wet your diaper, dirty little girl?" he asked in a loud voice, earning a crowd of staring faces locked on Julia. Chris began to notice little trails of pee skating down Julia's legs around the end of the day. Chris informed a rather elated Julia on the trip home that she "will stay diapered until I tell you that you can be a big girl again, and wear big girl undies again..

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 02

fetish mamamilklover 2018-05-15

I shut the door, opened the half-door entering the nursery, and sat down in the rocking chair next to her as we continued our conversation. I quickly agreed and got out of my chair to shut off the lights and lock the nursery door. This was my favorite view in the world - lying in Erica's lap, my head resting, underneath her big breasts, looking into her eyes, waiting to see her uncover her massive breasts. "You've got to finish eating now, baby," she said leading me back to the nursing room. As Erica and I entered the room, she unzipped her dress all the way, and let it fall to the floor.

Night at the Monuments

fetish WetMyself 2018-05-03

"Mark, I'm done," I said as I handed him my empty water bottle. "See, baby, don't you feel better drinking water with a diaper on?" Mark asked as he patted my bottom. Mark diapered me again, and we headed back to a bar for a drink before going home. My pint, plus all the water I'd drank that night caused me to wet my diaper in the car on the ride home. Once back in the hotel, I was changed once again, put into an overnight diaper, and was given a bottle to suck on and my hands were loosely secured before I fell asleep for the night watching Star Wars.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 08

fetish NancyPan 2018-05-01

Nurse Pyre took her phone from her pocket and began to record a video of me, "Crawl around in circles in front of your cage, wittle Tommy, I want Kelli to be able to see this. For one thing it is not good for your body and you will not be released from this punishment until you have filled your diaper sufficient times to please Ms. Panington," she took some baby wipes and cleaned the dried baby food off of my cheeks and chin, "And Tommy," she said gently, "A word of advice if I may, just relax and let it go." Then she kissed me on the cheek, closed and locked the cage door, turned out the light, and left the room.

Monica's New Hobby

fetish bubblebuttdiapers 2018-04-24

After the fifteen minute drive, Monica had thought of some wicked things to do once she purchased her diapers. She had caught Mr. Gray staring into her window on more than one occasion from his house, and since that time, she would leave the window wide open anytime she and Tim were having sex or when she was pleasuring herself. She slowly came back up, opened the trunk, threw the diapers in, and waved goodbye to Mr. Gray as she got into the car. Monica drove out of the parking lot, and looking in her rear view mirror she saw Mr. Gray watching her drive off. Letting all anal control go, Monica pushed the bananas out of her ass, and the filled the back of her diaper.

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 04

fetish mamamilklover 2018-04-14

In addition to the normal things a babysitter does (cuddling, diaper changes, naptimes), Mary breastfeeds her baby boys that she watches. Her youngest daughter Hannah assists her every day with diaper changes, rocking, and any other things so Mary can focus on nursing her babies. All of Nana's baby boys are fed exclusively by her breast milk until they turn 1. Then, I thought about how much I loved nursing my kids, so I decided to start pumping and giving my milk to babies who needed it. "Nana usually leaves her bra on, but after wearing it ALL day, it needs to come off." "Now Nana needs you to nurse from the other breast" she says as she fastens the diaper.

Senior Week Day 01

fetish Good Burger 2018-04-13

"Now, you let me know when you're finished, then I'll change your diaper and we'll be on our way." No sooner than he said that did I feel the pee start to shoot out of my vagina. He patted a bit of baby powder on me, slid another diaper under my butt and wrapped it up. Here, have your bottle and take a nap." Eric handed me a baby bottle with juice in it, and I began sucking the juice through the bottle's nipple. Eric grabbed the diaper bag, picked me up, and carried me into the cabin. He gently fucked me in the ass for a few minutes before I jumped up and said "Baby needs diaper!" He quickly followed me out of the tub and put a fresh diaper on me.

Victoria's Surprise for Sylvia

fetish writerbyheart 2018-04-10

I had not touched myself at all this whole time and just wondering whether I was going to be brutishly spanked or get a rough fucking from a strap-on, or both, had caused my pussy to ache with delight until finally Victoria opened my front door and spoke with the tone of a highly-experienced mistress. Victoria got on the bed as well, I was completely unaware of her intentions until she sat on my face, the cotton fabric of her panties was the only thing I could feel, and the still-lingering odor of the shit I just had finished licking off was the only thing I could smell, until she eased up just enough so I could hear her.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 02

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-04-09

"I need you to go to timeout now, we are going to have a talk about your behavior, but first lets get a diaper on you so you don't go potty without it on you," he said. "Yes," he said congenially "it is too cold to be wearing that outside, you can wear jeans if you would like." Claire got up to walk to their bedroom and he stopped her, "you cannot dress yourself," he reminded her. "Now you disobeyed me and you said a bad word, come stand here I am going to take off your pants and you're getting spanked." Claire looked defeated as she moseyed over towards Mark.

A Holy, Wet Sunday

fetish bubblebuttdiapers 2018-04-03

As Tim was in the shower, Monica stared at herself in the bathroom mirror as she began to undress and prepare for her turn to get cleaned up. Tim and Monica were a recently married couple, and hadn't yet been comfortable with going to the bathroom in front of one another. Looking closely in the mirror, Monica could identify her diaper lines, in the front and back, but she didn't think it would be that noticeable to anyone else. Almost at the exact same time as he commanded eyes closed, Monica opened the flood gates and warm, yellow pee began to shoot from her pussy. Monica lowered herself back down on the pew slowly, and felt the soaking wet diaper hug her ass cheeks.

Senior Week Day 02

fetish Good Burger 2018-04-01

When it's hard it barely reaches five inches, and at that moment it was completely soft and probably looked just like a baby's penis, especially since I had shaved off all of my pubic hair. Soon, she had me on the floor, tickling me until I laughed so hard and felt myself wet my diaper. I knew what Amanda just did, and I could feel my little dick getting hard inside my diaper. Suck my titties...mmmm...I want you to cum in your diaper baby, cum for me." She continued to stroke my cock harder and faster as I suckled on her tits. As I felt myself nearing orgasm, I began humping her hand and finally felt myself explode, gushing a load of cum into the diaper.

My Sister's Maid

fetish Compliant1 2018-04-01

The problem was that I had unintentionally backed Brandi into a corner and my sister is not one to back down, so I was doing my best to change her mind about throwing Kevin out of the house. "Won't you at least let me drive him somewhere where he might find a job and a place to stay?" She stopped folding clothes and looked at me. Any thoughts that Brandi would change her mind were dashed with one look at the triumphant smile on her face. So, while the tenants, the girlfriends and I looked on, Brandi used her bare hand to administer a sound spanking on his upturned bottom.

Breastfeeding Me

fetish mamamilklover 2018-03-25

After I graduated from college, my wife and I moved back to where we grew up close our family, and, of course, close to Erica and Jim. After a year or so of renting a house, we finally purchased a home in October about 5 minutes from them. "OK," she said, "you can bring him to me now." I gave her the baby, and she laid him in her lap, put his head under the blanket, and began to nurse him. "Well, I have always fantasized about a woman breastfeeding me and treating me like a baby, and when you said you were nursing her that day, I could not get the thought of you out of my head. "Mmm, mama likes baby breastfeeding" she said as she rubbed my face with her hand.

Desperate Relief

fetish JohnDo 2018-03-06

She was mentally hitting her on the head for drinking half a gallon of soda an hour before the meeting started and now she had to pee so badly, she feared her bladder might explode. She stood outside the door of the store, hands between her legs, looking around in panic for a way of relief. As she was unfolding the second diaper and getting ready to put it on, she tried to gently release the hold on her bladder, but every time she relaxed her muscles, the pee started squirting out like a waterfall. She kicked the skirt aside and looked at herself wearing nothing but her bra, her pee soaked panties underneat two pee filled diapers and her long black boots.

Learning to Pee Ch. 01

fetish diapergrrl 2018-03-04

Standing naked in front of the full length mirror, I pulled the white diaper up around my hips. In a state of near orgasm, I crouched down in the aisle and felt the hot diaper press against my pussy. It was impossible to put enough pressure on my clit to come in the car, but I tried anyway, as more piss flowed into the diaper. The liquid already in the diaper spread towards the front and the back and the new hot piss took its place against my crotch. Soon, the diaper had enough and dark piss spots started spreading across my jeans.

How I Became My Neighbor's Diaperboy Ch. 02

fetish dl2424 2018-03-01

Tina Moore was another neighbor and she was standing at Miss Hunt's backdoor. I tried to stay right behind her so Miss Moore couldn't see me but it wasn't gonna do alot of good. "Let's get inside diaperboy," Miss Hunt ordered. I knew that I couldn't take the diaper off and somewhere in my mind I was hoping that if I was good I'd get to see Miss Hunt and Miss Moore gettin it on so I had to rub myself through the diaper. Miss Hunt was sure to find out what I had done if she were to change my diaper. I sat on the bed in a very wet diaper and waited for Miss Hunt's return never realizing how much she had really set me up.


fetish SafeSexting 2018-03-01

Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. Christine thought this game would never end, but it finally ended when Brian jumped up, jerking her head up by the neck yelling, "Whoohoo!" She dropped to her knees when he entered, and he strapped her head back into the harness, returning his cock to its rightful place inside her mouth. Christine caught her breath as Brian crawled back up her body, poking her pussy with his cock once again.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 03

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-02-26

Use your diaper right now or I will take you to the car for your spanking and your bottom will be bare for everyone to see." Claire wanted to cry, but the waitress came back and asked if they were ready to order. I want you to sit in timeout facing the corner." Mark went to his car to retrieve more bags, the contents included a rectal thermometer with some lube, more diapers, some pull-ups, a trainer toilet, a wooden spoon that says "For Claire's bare bottom" on the handle, more baby clothes, a step stool and a few other things he was going to need.

Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

fetish josecuervo99 2018-02-23

One of the girls let the man's cock drop from her mouth and laid flat on her back, while the other proceeded to straddle her face in a 69 position while still sucking on the throbbing cock in front of her; her body tensed briefly and then relaxed allowing her golden flood to fill her diaper which began to sag. She was grinding her soaking wet diaper covered pussy into the face of the girl below her who then pulled her diaper aside. As he pulled out cum began to ooze out of her gaping hole which trickled down over her puckered ass and finally reached the soaked diaper where it mixed with her piss and cum.

Diapered Gals

fetish LadyDaisy 2018-02-11

I was going to look back when I noticed the car on the left was attempting to get into my lane. The nurse still wasn't in, so I asked Jenny to change me, though I pretty much knew what the answer would be. As a nurse was changing me the next morning, Jenny walked into the room. She kept a pretty nice house, I thought as I went into her room. Her other hand quickly went on her own as she felt me filling the diaper up. No inch was left untouched, and yes, some juices went in the diaper as well! My whole hand went into her diaper as I repaid the favor.

Girl fixed men 14 day on Bed

fetish 2018-01-17

I went to bed and noticed that had wet the Thilo themselves. I was so mad and I thought, well if he wants to climb out the window and can not walk independently on the toilet, I will probably now have to come to tougher sanctions, and then went into the kitchen and took care of sl**ping pills, which I myself once by a doctor had been prescribed. So I put him on the side of the bed, where it was attached Segufix Him took off all clothes until he was completely naked and Thilo fixed on the head, shoulders, arms, step, thighs and feet. I immediately noticed that his diaper was wet and said, oh Thilo you could not keep still.