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Eileen's First Facial

fetish oceanrunner 2018-11-25

Or if his particular fantasy was watching a guy take on an entire sorority house, I would have thought, “Well, gee, if Mike likes to think about an orgy with fifteen college sophomores he’s definitely going to need porn, because I can’t make that one happen for him.” I found that I was wet, surprisingly so, and I slid a finger into my pussy at the kitchen table, looking at the cum-covered faces of the women my husband masturbated to. Or you could just, you know, look at them for fun.” I gazed at my husband, feeling closer to him than ever, my eyes shining with happiness, and my face with his cum.

Dirty Martini

fetish oceanrunner 2018-11-06

Once our panic had faded, Pam smirked at me as she schmoozed, raising the glass to her lips, drinking my cum at a black-tie party. She started to hold out her hand for the drink, directing a knowing smile at me, before she thought better of it and answered Pam with, “No, my dear. “Well, usually when you say that something tastes like piss, it’s not a good thing,” I said mildly from the shower, making sure that the water washed away the last traces of my urine from the bottom of the tub. “You like how it tastes?” I’d asked after she’d lapped up the last drop of semen from my chest.

A True Slut Ch. 04

fetish ArminiusMerivale 2018-10-01

"You're going to be fucked by anyone who walks inside of this room." Still afraid, Tori felt the man thrusting in her asshole, his cock feeling lubed up. It felt as she was being raped, but then Tori imagined what her master did yesterday, and soon, her juices began to flow down her thighs more as she was moaning through the hollow gag. The thrusts were becoming more rough and even faster for several minutes before she felt his cock grow thick, and thinking he was going to creampie her asshole, he pulled out and covered her ass in his semen, two little shots.

Quality Control

fetish Pinocchio 2018-09-29

Felicia Johnson was thrilled when the recruiter from Japan Automotive hired her right out of her San Francisco art school to work at the company's advertising department, in Tokyo. The Japanese social stratification being what it was, she and Mr. Sakura could not exactly be friends, but she enjoyed his and Mariko's company, in a process of group camaraderie known in Japan as "social lubrication." They would frequently all go out together for dinner, after work. Felicia had a seemingly endless number of cocks in her hands, rubbing slippery pre-cum on her face, shooting sperm into her mouth, on her tits, into her hair, her cunt. Mariko then slipped the vibrator into Felicia's cunt, and began sucking and stroking the men herself.

Midtown Memoirs Ch. 03

fetish Willie_Nailer 2018-09-08

Chrystal breaks from her conversation with Jim to quickly tell us both that "Tawny" is a well-known dancer visiting from California and is a "super hot blonde with a special talent" to which Jim replies, "blondes are more his type, while as for me, I like the exotic brunettes" and he begins to rub Chrystal's round ass. After you get cleaned up, Tawny would like to see you in private." Finally coming back to the world of the living, I begin to hear the entire bar cheering and the DJ saying, "Whoaaaa! As I remove my finger from her clit, I quickly begin to lick her pussy in earnest, grabbing her from under her ass and lifting her lower body up with her legs still spread wide.

My Unusual Experience...

fetish rosay 2018-09-05

The female interpreter helps her clean up with a towel and she gets dressed, looking not too impressed, and leaves...so strange that I found this exciting but after masturbating to it three times in a row and then giving it some serious thought, I decided I wanted to try something similar. He seemed a little nervous at first, especially when Kristen had already got the video camera out and started filming. I stayed as still as possible, like the girl in the video did, making sure Kristen got every last sexy detail of it on camera for me later. Kristen and I spent the night making out, drinking wine and getting really wound up watching that video over and over.


fetish gimmie_your_load 2018-08-21

I drink it all in lustfully, and rejuvenated, I begin to push my head forward in time with his ragged thrusts, trying to force him deeper into my throat, moaning with joy as my cum-encrusted eyelids flutter while I attempt to look up into his eyes. "Woman Wanted: To provide stress relief to lumber industry workers in northern Quebec." Although I at first passed over the ad without a second thought, that night in my sleep I had an intense dream about a multitude of big, hairy, powerful men, all using my as their personal cum dumpster. Today, as I find myself, bruises, sore throat, and aching jaw, on the filthy floor of the bar where I worked, it is my last night at the camps.

... And You Wonder ...

fetish theWIFEWatcher 2018-08-05

I watched the thin man lean forward from the bench, and the black guy turned toward him stroking that huge cock. I couldn't look away, even when the black man turned his attention to me as the thin man started to bob all over that monster cock. The thin man must have thought I was going to move in on the big black cock he was sucking on, then pushed the black guy back against the stone wall getting now on his knees in front of him. Holy shit I thought to myself I have been here five minutes only and I watching some dude suck off the biggest black cock I had ever seen right in front of me.

Face Off

fetish Scaramouche123 2018-07-27

I'd released seven years of pent up desire, getting exactly what I imagined I'd get from oral sex and what I thought it would be like the days after my mom had explained the "rest of the facts of life" to me back then. In this case, I needed to ride Paul's bearded face like a Pony Express delivery man moving mail cross county. The snow still fell outside, but the little daylight that made it through the window, illuminated Paul's magnificent face and matted beard. As for Paul, he could rough fuck any part of me he wanted anytime he wanted as long as I got that face of his under me a good many more times before we had to go back to our "real" lives.

A Touch of Fantasy

fetish Mary0258 2018-07-25

It took some getting used to, but after years of him splashing my cute little face with his sperm I have really grown to like the feeling of his hot seed spurting from the swollen head of his penis and across my nose, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. "The four of you are naked as well, each of you with your hard cocks in your hands, getting yourselves closer to painting my face with your gooey semen." Josh starts rocking his hips, thrusting his turgid dick harder into my soft fist. "You are pumping your fist up and down on your hard cock, as are the others, quickly approaching the point of no return." I could feel his dick squirming in my hand and his heavy balls jumping up and down as he started getting close.

Mary's Revenge

fetish Mary0258 2018-07-23

So I told him, with a dead serious look in my eye, "Tonight, you are going to give a facial like never before, you big dicked fucker. I looked him in the eye while I stroked his thick member and said, "Tonight you are going to dump the biggest, thickest load of cum in your life. "Okay Josh," I said in my very sweetest, most innocent voice, "Are you ready for your facial?" I looked at him from my knees with my wide, blue eyes and rubbed the pre-cum from the tip of his member across my upper lip. And now I'm going to give you the messiest facial of your life." Josh looked up at my face and the throbbing dick that was about to dump its contents all over him.

Awakened Through The Gun

fetish lefthandfantasy 2018-07-10

All she knew was that Ted Jackson was the kind of man she was sheltered from all her life, and she needed to see why. "I'm looking for a gun I can carry, like a handgun, but so far I don't see anything powerful enough." She was making this up, and she hoped she didn't sound stupid. Ashley closed her eyes as the weapon began moving, sending more tears down her cheeks. His cock had been hardening as soon as she removed her clothes, but after watching her begin to masturbate with a gun in her mouth, he was as hard as he had ever been. He placed his left hand on the back of her head, grabbed her hair, and pushed slowly until his cock was deep in her throat.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry

fetish skyeslut 2018-07-07

He unbuckled and I dropped to my knees , sucking his heavy balls, he slapped my face hard with his cock, shoving into my mouth, all the way down into my throat, he used my hair to keep me jammed up against him releasing me a little as I gagged, then forcing back down to make me gag some more... I felt whoever it was at my mouth and the familiar feel of him in my ass as I sucked greedily on the unknown cock - the two of them worked me so hard that I passed out - when I came round it was us again and I knew I'd probably found the guy I wanted to marry.

Preggie in Need

fetish age_matters 2018-07-06

"You need more huh?" I said, while moving into a position ready to plunge my hard cock into her pussy. After letting her control her sucking while I relaxed and enjoyed for about 3 minutes, I rested my left palm on her forehead and right hand on her left cheek and began to take control, pumping my 7 inches in and out of her mouth, rubbing it against her tongue and lips. I carried on sliding my cock in and out of her pussy smoothly and slowly while she recovered from her orgasm, with my stomach touching her bulging tummy with each strokes. I like the way she let me took control of her ass without moving her hip, while gasping for breath each time I fucked her butt.

Tara's First Squirt

fetish ctarrantella 2018-06-29

Eventually, Tara came to the realization I didn't want to have sex with her. Previously, I figured, if I went down on her it was less time I would have to look at her pregnant belly and think of all the reasons why I didn't want to have sex with her. I licked her pussy like never before, I felt the moisture build up with every passing second. After another cry of pleasure, I heard what sounded like a low volume pop and hiss for a split second, followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. With one hard final thrust the head of my cock erupted like a volcano inside my wife's pussy.

An Edible Journey Ch. 01

fetish NigelOW 2018-06-24

But a little kink is one thing, how'd it come to pass that my lovely wife, a pillar of suburban living, is underneath it all a ravenous cum-slut, who gets off watching filthy, German porn - with its massive dicks spurting copious amounts of "sperma" all over normal looking women who don't look like they're faking enjoyment – who gets turned on by making our own sloppy porn videos and photos, even though she doesn't care to watch them afterwards (I certainly do!), and who loves nothing better than the feel, taste, and sight of creamy cum sprayed across her face, tits, and snatch!

Self-Inflicted Facial

fetish nftystories 2018-06-20

I couldn't believe that I was soon going to make myself cum like this with my girlfriend watching me. In that moment, I felt a tinge of humiliation, like my manhood being stripped from me as I lay there, pathetically trying with all my might to suck my own cock. Knowing that Erin was laying right next to me, watching me try to blow myself was a turn on unlike any I have ever encountered. "Oh yeah, baby...I want you to cum on your face. "Oh yeah, baby...I want you to cum on your face. Suddenly Erin was running her finger over my face, scooping up all the spunk and directing it towards my greedy mouth.

When Desire Boils Over! "SWALLOW"

fetish 7yearsitched 2018-06-16

In the two Ashlyn vids she gave her usual stellar performances and ultimately, not only took in both of these vids those monstrous ropes of cum from Peters cock all over her face but did it pridefully with an open mouth and continued to hungrily suck it after and enjoyed it. And to add a new dimension that truly made it seem possible for me to accomplish was in one of the Fran Le/P North vids, he pulled straight out of her ass (which was one of the most amazingly ass fucking scenes I have ever seen) and she took again with an extended tongue, one if his monster facials and finished him off my sucking him dry.

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 03

fetish jamiestory 2018-05-18

He started talking to me" 'Don't know if your innocence can handle watching people suck and fuck. He came behind me and started talking about how sexy she looked. I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I made sure we left soon for lunch. He wanted me to experience sucking some different cocks than his. As soon as we got there, I noticed he went right back to the couch. I could hear her cumming on the TV, when he started to blindfold me again. I heard him unzip his fly, and soon I could feel a cock hitting my face. He, have some more of mine." Next thing I know, he's pushed his cock past my lips, and I'm sucking him off again.

Public Service: Dear Diary

fetish LizisReady 2018-05-18

Usually you would expect that they would all be over a sweet little piece of ass like that but the rest of them seemed more interested in tugging each others hairy old cocks. At least he was considerate enough to put some lube on them and I am a big enough man to admit that the feeling of having my cock buried in a moaning twinks ass whilst someone else tickles my rosebud... With big boy's cock nearly breaking my fucking ass and twinkies guts clamping down on me like a fucking velvet vice. Meanwhile big boy is doing his best to get my asshole pregnant with a fucking monster load of cum injected straight up my ass.

Sexcapades with Cindy Ch. 01

fetish Patrick2380 2018-05-11

After spending a good 5-10 minutes switching between nipples, Cindy moved my mouth away from her breasts and she moved up my body until she was straddling my face instead of my waist. I pulled out of her wet vagina and placed the tip of my cock at her tightest of openings and prepared to fuck a woman's ass for the first time ever. Cindy loved feeling like she was being "forced." Then I put my left hand on her thigh and pushed forward a bit so she couldn't push herself forward to stop my dick from going in more. I fucked her good and deep for a few minutes longer when Cindy asked if I was going to cum soon. "You like being fucked in the ass, too?" Cindy asked.

Golden Shower Threesome

fetish wetguy42 2018-05-11

But, having my little sex pot getting eaten out by her husband while I fucked his ass, was perhaps one of the sexiest things I had ever seen in my life. He told me that he wanted me to pull out my cock and shove the head into the front of his boxers. At that moment, his wife walked in the door and started to lick the cum off my face. I knew it was a lost cause and then I slammed a few more times and then started cumming deep inside her. He was still eating her pussy like a good little slut and she was getting close to cumming again.

Supermarket Fantasy

fetish ATX_Deviant 2018-05-07

I pretend I'm still shopping as I randomly drop items into my own cart, all the while dreaming of how I'd love to bend you over on your stomach, pull down your pants, and slide down your panties with your ass in my face... You slowly rub up and down your pussy through your shorts, then you pull your hand out from between your thighs to give your ass a hard slap. I swirl my tongue around your clit again, and when I trail it upwards along your slit, this time I bring it all the way up in between your ass cheeks stopping short of your tight pink asshole.

An Edible Journey Ch. 03.5

fetish NigelOW 2018-04-24

My fantasy of watching Trina getting fucked by another cock was more than fulfilled, Trina had more orgasms than she could count, Ray obviously had a good time filling my wife's beautiful cunt to overflowing with his spunk, and he really got off on the spectacle of me eating her out immediately afterwards. The night before Ray had gone to the guest room to crash after coming twice, I'd also come twice -- once from Trina jerking me off while Ray fucked her and the second time blowing me right after Ray collapsed next to us on the bed after his second cum, while Trina's orgasm tally had left us in the dust, like I said, quite an evening.