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Gas in the house

fetish flash 2018-08-29

My mother in law, her mom and my wife's whole family had arrived to celebrate Christmas at our. Eventhough they were really cool about it, normal people like me who came from families where you have never heard a woman fart could never take it. My wife was extra horny with the fart backgroud her aunts were providing and even i gave a couple of loud stinkers right on her face while she was busy between my legs. My mother in law came out of the toilet wishing me merry xmas. The toilet was filled with my mom in law's fart smell so i had to jump out. I laughed and went to the toilet admist the smell of all those farts.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 04

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-06-24

He had seen his beautiful sister's nakedness in the past few weeks in their torturous games of cat and mouse, and while he regularly admired Anne's shapely form (particularly her soft round ass) as she went about her business in her tight fitting yoga pants or flattering pencil skirts, there was only one other time Luke could remember where he came anywhere close to seeing his mother this naked. Luke's cock sprang straight up as his mind processed the sounds on the other side of the door, and his imagination conjured up scenes of a his own mother's asshole opening wide to release a long, hard turd from the valley between her giant, perfect ass cheeks.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 02

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-06-23

As Anne walked shakily back to sit at her table to watch the continuing flow of secretive medical and security agents coming and going from the scene, she saw her beautiful daughter Margaret enter the room, a very professional looking 50-something man at her side in a dark suit, blue tie, and carrying a briefcase at his side. Margaret nuzzled her face into the softness of her mother's neck, seeking comfort in Anne's fragrant auburn hair, as the two Riesin women studied the naked and helpless 4-inch young man before them, trying to imagine where their lives together might take them next.

Karen Brings Rod Further Along

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-23

Karen felt that admitting to her boyfriend Rod how badly she had been treated by her mother, Marian, at a time when Karen was coming of age at 19, was worth the embarrassment since it cemented her shared experience with Rod. Her boyfriend had suffered under similar maternal dominance, although Barbara's exercise of authority over her 19-year-old son had been less focused on humiliating him. Karen realized that this man truly loved her and that her hitherto cold attitude induced by Marian's wretched parental style had been slowly moved into a place where she was beginning to cherish Rod's affections, while all the while enjoying the ability to exercise her talents as a domme insofar as he was concerned.

Marthas Gas

fetish flash 2018-06-19

I was walking down the hall to get some coffee when i heard a huge moaning sound from marthas room. I did not have a fart fetish anyway but the width of her ass had got me..i wanted to fuck martha in her butt and make her fart so i told her "but i l sniff yours on one condition.. "do u have any left, you just got fresh and i heard you farting in the loo too,i said" you do your job kid, get your nose between those cheeks and wait. What ever you swallowed had just come out of her butt dear i said and sat down more hard on her while she kept eating my farts.

chat with granny

fetish flash 2018-06-13

Can i just see your butt granny, if you dont mind becuase i want to know what happens if i put something in my anus said lovely. Mary laughed and said that's not required honey, but if you want to see i will and i will check yours too.just to know how much you will scream haha. Lovely has heard her granny fart many times in the toilet, bedroom and even while watching TV. Mary could not control herself and she let out a long hissing fart into lovely's mouth. I am single dear, and not every guy knows my age and women fall for my ass just like you did said mary. Lovely screamed in pain and she farted on marys finger.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 01

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-06-08

Anne giggled to herself as she recalled earlier that morning when she spotted Luke struggling to conceal an unexpected and embarrassing erection in his boxer shorts - Margaret had unceremoniously bounced into the kitchen for breakfast wearing nothing but white cotton panties and a pale pink tanktop, her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. She had walked up beside Luke and leaned across the table directly in front of him to grab a piece of toast, and Anne laughed when she recalled poor Luke's eyes widening and his mouth opening as his sisters barely clothed and glorious buttocks appeared unexpectedly directly in front of his nose.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 04

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-06

Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls' waste. Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air.

Emi's Fart Slave

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-05

"Keep going, your almost finished," she said, when I started to hesitate, then ruffled my hair a little bit and called me a "good boy" when I continued working. I began to flail around as I felt it was starting again, and she shouted "lick my asshole if you ever want me to get off of you!" "Now are you going to behave this time?" she said while briefly lifting up her butt, but she didn't wait for a reply and simply plopped back down and ground her ass on my face. "Good boy, now here's the rest of my homework, I want that done by tomorrow." She then took the money out of my wallet and told me to leave.

Mrs Andrews Disposes Ch. 01

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-04

"You'd better check her bottom to make sure she doesn't need to go right away," Kay advised Andrea as Karen's face grew red, now with fear that her sister's finger would feel the contents of a bowel movement that Karen was sure was close to becoming critical. "Well," Kay said with a grin that froze Karen's senses, "we'd better get her on the toilet now before she has an accident on your lap, Andrea." With that, Kay took Karen by the ear and escorted the older girl to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet like she was a small child.

At Sophia's Feet

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-03

As I started to walk away, I realized she must've tracked dirt through the house with her boots, while she was walking over to the couch. I dutifully started licking the rest of her boots clean. I was still kneeling with my face right next to her feet, so I didn't have to move much as I slowly pulled each boot off. I got down on my knees once again and started licking her right after she pulled her shorts down. I started licking, since I realized that's what she meant by clean. Once I got home, I realized how much my life had changed in the past few hours, and was glad that I was given the chance to worship Sophia.

Slave to My Little Sister Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-02

She kicked me lightly and scraped the bottom of her foot across my face then commanded me "now bitch, he didn't use a condom so I want you to suck all of his cum out of my vag and ass and swallow it; do a thorough job of it too, we can't have me getting pregnant" She then started laughing and said "It's funny that you're always so hard like that cuz your penis is mine, and I'm never gonna let you cum since you're a bitch not a real man" I gagged on it managing to choke it down little by little, but right as I was started to clear out some of the poop that covered my face, I felt myself drifting away as I had breathed in nearly three minutes.

Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-24

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

Helen's Compulsion Ch. 01

fetish Ubiquitous101 2018-05-11

She was so angry that when Helen went to sleep, Christina (having eaten too fast at dinner) decided to fart on her mother's face just to show how much she hated her. The rage-filled, impulsive daughter crept up onto her mother's bed, and positioned her ass right next to Helen's face. In spite of herself, Christina couldn't help but feel aroused as well watching her mother's visible arousal as she breathed in her own daughter's gas. Helen's hand came down harder than before, again knocking more gas right out of Christina's vibrating butt. Helen obliged, and (partly because she actually wanted to breathe in just a little more butt-gas) struck her daughter's ass harder than ever.

Brownmailed Ch. 02

fetish Rimcrim 2018-05-10

As you will be giving her all of your possessions, we have figured out a way for you to pay her what she deserves over a long period of time," Gloria stated, licking her finger and turning to the next page. Gloria pulled her tight khaki's down, exposing her thick, wide, light brown rear end, protruding in James' face and taking up all of his field of vision. "We want only rave review from our clients, sweetie," Juanita said as James felt the huge turd widen his mouth. Juanita pet James' head as he ate, whispering to him about what she and Gloria ate for lunch, stuffing themselves with bean and cheese burritos for breakfast.

Squealing Pig

fetish Mmmbabysex 2018-05-09

Next to me, a female and male pig were fucking, and I couldn't help but watch as the male pig humped her behind, and I wished it was me that was getting plowed in the pussy by a big pig cock. "Uh, you want someone to fuck you hard, don't you, girl?" He smirked and rubbed my snout softly. The male, Tony, got onto his knees and rubbed his thick, long cock against me. I squealed in excitement as I realised that not only had I gotten Tony hard, but I had also gotten my owner hard too. My eyes rolled back into my head as my owner got onto his hands and knees and began rubbing my very swollen clit.

The Bridge

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-01

Opportunities to indulge that pleasure since had been taken when available, although they'd been limited by what was for all practical purposes an 'arranged' marriage to Brian - a man who whilst kind didn't understand and regarded farting or worse, messed panties, as just plain dirty. As she drove along the A17 towards Sutton Bridge, Anne recalled the conversation she'd had earlier that morning whilst packing for the homeward journey, when a couple of isolated farts had escaped from her posterior. Always lucky here herself in the past, she'd heard anecdotal stories that this bridge wasn't a good place to get stuck if one needed a pee, but no one she knew had ever recounted any tales of needing to poo whilst waiting to cross it.

Jess the Giantess

fetish Afetishlova 2018-04-19

A few days later Jess wasn't feeling any better so her parents took her to the doctor. "Jess honey," her mother looked her up and down, "What happened?" It didn't help that most of Jess's favorite foods were gas inducing, but there sweet daughter asked for so little and lived a tough life so when the chance rose to indulge her Jess's parents always did. Once dessert was through Jess's parents tipped the waiter and manager well and told him to give an extra $50 to whoever had to clean the bathroom. Aside from the slight embarrassment and the smell Jess always felt good after a big dump: relieved, relaxed, lighter. "Oh my God, Jess!" she said looking up at her little girl.

A Perfect Day for Chili

fetish modestlytoxic 2018-04-12

Do you like my farts?" she says, laughing. That chili makes me so gassy, I don't even know why I was holding it in while you were sitting here," she says, smiling. I don't think you want to waste any," she says and grabs my hair, pulling me off the couch onto the floor. She traps me under and I smell immediately, the warm stale sour stink coming from her pussy and some lingering farts. I think I have to take a shit," she says as she gets off my face. I think I should quit my job and sit on your face more," she says, laughing about that idea. tell me," she says, looking at me like she wants an answer. I think she laughs or giggles every time she farts.

Victoria's Surprise for Sylvia

fetish writerbyheart 2018-04-10

I had not touched myself at all this whole time and just wondering whether I was going to be brutishly spanked or get a rough fucking from a strap-on, or both, had caused my pussy to ache with delight until finally Victoria opened my front door and spoke with the tone of a highly-experienced mistress. Victoria got on the bed as well, I was completely unaware of her intentions until she sat on my face, the cotton fabric of her panties was the only thing I could feel, and the still-lingering odor of the shit I just had finished licking off was the only thing I could smell, until she eased up just enough so I could hear her.

POF Chronicles part I. My first catch

fetish Snips420 2018-04-09

So a couple weeks ago I started a POF account looking for women DTF or interested in being with me and my girlfriend. However, before that date was reached she said she needed something for more money and she needed the money soon. She met me where we said she would and agreed on a down payment of 40 dollars now and the rest later. Her hairy pussy and pink asshole were inches from my face. "Its fine" I said "I dont mind, just keep going" "So you still owe me the rest of that money...but how about the next one is on the house?" she smiled "A couple of my friends asking if I want to go out later" I said

A Pig's Life

fetish Haxcall 2018-03-28

Feeding time!" The woman yelled, ignoring Lilly as she poured the buckets of slop into the trough. Her only hope was that the hooded woman would stop refilling the trough so she could at least go in a corner, but no, the feeding continued and Lilly continued stuffing her face with slop. The thought of being plowed by a hogs disgusted Lilly, but the pig part of her had been wondering the same question ever since mating season began. Lilly, on the other hand, was squealing and bucking about like the wild pig she had become, thrusting her body in tune with his and letting out farts that she was too excited to notice.

Jess the Giantess Pt. 02

fetish Afetishlova 2018-03-24

"It's alright Jess...We know you can't help it." her father said gagging as he accidentally chocked down some of his beautiful daughter's bitter tasting pee. "Oh thank goodness" her mother was filled with relief but suppressed the urge to huge her husband, "It's alright Jess." she called then turned back to him. The monster fart that signaled the completion of Jess's morning dump blew a few large drops of shit into her mother's face. Her father swirled the damp towel around Jess's glistening clit as her mother pushed deeper inside her daughter. As Jess started to pant her mother began to push in and out faster and faster into her precious daughter's sopping wet cunt.

Mike & Irene

fetish ClosetFetishist 2018-03-23

A bubble pops in Mike's face; Irene giggles softly as the scent slowly invades his nostrils; eyes watering from the cabbagy smell but, happily he inhales it for his loving wife. The noxious odor fills the small space housing Mike's face as Irene grips the leash tighter as she feels Mike pulling away just slightly. Irene slowly pulls away from Mike, looking back to watch his desirous, smiling face as he comes out of her butt. She pushes Mike down softly; he hits the floor with a light thud, Irene cringes for a second before standing over his head. A ripper blasts from Irene's ass to Mike's face; she moans softly as the smell hits him.