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Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-11-26

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.

1,200 pound orgy

fetish adrenaline61938 2018-07-16

I started to get impatient when I looked at my phone and realized it was after midnight, so I asked to speak to Fat Bitch outside. Fat Bitch pushed me up against the car grabbing my dick with her giant hand. I definitely didn't want the fat bitch to know where I lived. Fat Bitch "No condom baby, I want to feel you explode inside of me." Fat Bitch met me at the door while her friends blind folded the birthday girl. She got off the chair flopping onto the floor with her fat legs spread open like an invitation for my white meat stick. Soon my dick started to go completely limp so I moved on to my true love, Fat Bitch.

The Stripper

fetish mrtinymeat 2018-05-18

The boo's subsided as she raised her hands, and she spoke to the crowd: "Alreet ladies, we paid too fuckin' fifteh to see this shur, and ah fer won arnt ganning yem withoot seen this blurks cock!" The ladies all cheered again, and the fat Geordie bint wrenched down my thong. I was dragged to my feet and thrust onto a chair, my wrists and ankles were tied to the legs and I found myself spread-eagled and helpless: "What're we gonna do wiv 'im first?" asked a fat woman with bleached blonde hair and a Tweety Pie tattoo on her huge left boob. My ears rang with the shouts of the assembled women as Jane tightened her grip on my balls and leant in to whisper in my ear: "Open your mouth, or I'll rip your fucking cock off".

Higher Education

fetish mrtinymeat 2018-05-14

Emily asked what was going on and we told her about Simon and his fake dildo dick, and she laughed hardest of all. One night in October I was in my room getting changed ready to go out to the Union and as I was about to pull off my t-shirt I heard what sounded like heavy breathing coming from Simon's bedroom, which was next to mine. I asked the other girls and Emily said she was missing a pair of knickers and a bra I wasn't aware she needed one, having tits like fried eggs). I use them all the time, look they're covered in my jizz!" Emily looked like she was going to crack and start kicking his arse, but Simon kept on talking:

Cleaning the Maid.

fetish tikulmi 2018-03-29

Jacky calmed down and sat still with her face pressed against Maria's panty clad pussy. First she got her kiss and then she felt Jacqueline's little narrow tongue dart in to her sopping wet cunt. Maria sat back down and started playing with Jacky's little titties, lightly pulling on her nips. Jacky started licked up and down the crack and, without much urging, she started trying to get her tongue into Maria's butthole. Maria watched in fascination as Jacky's fingers played her clit like a violin without missing a beat as her tongue pistoned in and out of Maria's asshole. Maria came and squirted what felt like a pint of pussy juice down Jacky's chin and neck and chest.

Miss McMillan's Milkshake Parlour

fetish JeremyBeach 2018-01-16

Walking past a row of shops one afternoon on his way home from work, Trent noticed a sign above one of them that read "Miss McMillan's Milkshake Parlour". (He probably wouldn't have wanted to go through a door anyway, since it might have led deeper into the trap.) The only way he could think of getting behind the counter would be to leap over it, which would be difficult considering the state of his bladder and the fact that Miss McMillan would almost certainly not cooperate. At that point, Miss McMillan, presumably noticing that Trent's pants weren't getting any wetter, clapped her hands three or four times and said, in an impressed tone of voice, "Nice."