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Shaming Carly's Mum

fetish hairysurfer 2018-12-03

"And then I'll want you to bend over and pull open your huge flabby buttocks so I can have a good close look at your rancid, hairy asshole. You can start by opening up the front of your dress if you like and letting me have a good sniff right in that big fat crotch of yours." He made some pig like sniffing noises for effect. He was immediately drawn to a spray of coarse wiry pubes which hung out from the right hand leg hole like some kind of ugly black lichen. As the waist band rolled down, Smith feasted his eyes on the sight of her huge black bush as sprang free of her pants, at the same time releasing a flurry of loose curly hairs which floated down to the floor.

chat with granny

fetish flash 2018-11-27

Can i just see your butt granny, if you dont mind becuase i want to know what happens if i put something in my anus said lovely. Mary laughed and said that's not required honey, but if you want to see i will and i will check yours too.just to know how much you will scream haha. Lovely has heard her granny fart many times in the toilet, bedroom and even while watching TV. Mary could not control herself and she let out a long hissing fart into lovely's mouth. I am single dear, and not every guy knows my age and women fall for my ass just like you did said mary. Lovely screamed in pain and she farted on marys finger.

Revealing Rhidi

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-21

With that final thought in her mind, she closed the door and flipped the lock, then turned around to face Mr Joshi - whose gazed had clearly been transfixed on her bottom and was now resting on her crotch. "Yes I know...Ok, just a little more then." She started to lift up her skirt once more and Joshi was immediately aware of the source of her embarrassment. As Joshi stood transfixed, eyes locked on the bulge of damp fabric trapped between the tops of her thighs, Rhidi shuffled her feet slightly and immediately the gusset of her panties fell free. "We won't be any trouble Sir. We just want to sit and watch, said Suraj smiling up at Rhidi - who was still standing bolt upright on the desk, smoothing down her skirt.

Simiran's Humiliating Confession

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-09

I watch beautiful women with sexy, round, perfect asses and tits and smooth butter like skin and then I stand in front of the mirror naked and compare my fat hairy body with the sex goddesses on my screen and imagine a man making me feel like shit for being fat and dirty. I remain dirty as long as I can until the people standing around me start getting the foul smell of dried shit, urine, pussy and anal juices and sweat. The last time I had a shower was a about a week back so right now the inner part of my hairy pussy lips will have dried-on juices and sweat collected over the past seven days - stuck in there with no fresh air or water.

The Hairy Holes of Lucy Wan

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-05

We all want to see what look like down there." Evelyn nodded her head towards Lucy's crotch. "Let's have a look shall we," said Evelyn."Now please pull your panties down for us Lucy. "Lucy, I want you to repeat after me: I will pull down my panties and show you all my pubic hairs Mrs Wilkins." "Perhaps you would like a little rest Lucy," said Evelyn How about you sit down in that seat over there." She gestured back towards Mark's recently vacated armchair. Mark lowered his head and started sniffing around the entire area of Lucy's open vagina, the course pubic hairs tickling his face. "That is what a Korean girl's bum hole look like you dirty filthy pervert!" shouted Lucy.

Elsie's letting go

fetish edgy 2018-10-29

She covers her eyes with her left hand, still trying to hide from him, in vain, the vast expanse of hair he had only glimpsed the edges of in the bathroom. Both hands slide from her ankles to the instep of her long feet where he squeezes gently, transfixed. The answer he prefers, never having attempted to confirm or deny it, is that, pubic hair is like, well, landing lights at an airport. Be that as it may, the feel of her feet in his hands overcomes his mind, though not his eyes. He wants to abuse her feet, to send a signal all the way through that long frame to the worried mind so he kneads and twists, pulls and jabs.


fetish Hairylover64 2018-10-01

When Friday rolled around, Sandra was wearing a pair of brown, wool-cashmere trousers, a striped, green button-down with a silk ascot, and a dark green, tweed jacket. Right on time, she strolled into the office, wearing her hair piece, a pair of wool, charcoal trousers, a plaid, silk, sport coat and a white shirt with a red and black stiped tie and a pair of tasseled loafers. Twenty minutes later, after an almost silent walk, studying Sandra's growing beard in the sunlight, we stepped up to and into the barbershop from the previous night. I wrapped my hands around her ankles and ran them all the way back up, making the long, dark hairs stand up.

Queen Catherine, The Lioness

fetish JHunt 2018-09-29

What the Tommasons did not realise was that if anything were to happen to their army and backing, Leroy would be left at the mercy of the sadistic and dangerous, Catherine. Even in her violence Catherine did realise that Leroy had an army and that, along with the fact that he would be her broken plaything, would really come in handy at times of conflict and struggles. A broken Leroy as her slave husband and his army and resources at her command, this was beautifully set up for Catherine, the new Queen of the realm! She offered her foot, "kiss it and show your queen how much you adore her." Leroy knew Catherine was going to be merciless, he had expected to be executed and was surprised that, he was instead forced to marry her.

Kinky Experiments 03

fetish bigothboy 2018-09-25

I could well understand her lust- I have an oral fixation a mile wide for kissing, sucking, licking and swallowing and if you've read my other stories you'll know that Darren's love for having girl's pussies and arses (clean or not) in his face is unsurpassed. At first Darren seemed to think this WAS a bit gross, and just lay back watching, but as soon as Katie's animal moans became louder he joined in- nothing gets him hotter than hearing a girl scream. I could not resist and within seconds I was pounding into her tightness, feeling Darren's cock rub up against mine and his luscious boyshit oozing down from Katie's wrecked hippycunt.

When Hairy Met Hairy

fetish theo_minor 2018-09-16

She began sensually running her fingers through my pubic hair, then cupped her hand on my balls before sliding it slowly up and down my shaft. Her pubic hair was an amazing, luxuriant bush -- dark and thick and curly, like lamb's wool, which covered a wide expanse of her lower belly, even a bit beyond the creases where her legs met her torso. And just as my own pubic hair had a 'spillover' onto my upper thighs, so did Anna's -- thus, the little 'legs' on her suit. I smiled at the sensual sight of my thick cock disappearing inside Anna's pussy, surrounded by the biggest, thickest pubic bush I had ever seen.

Nasty Fetish

fetish Mindflayer1978 2018-09-02

I discovered she liked anal sex and fucking while on her period. I ate her pussy out as usual but this time she let her pee flow. I discovered that she had a pee fetish like the first chick did I was so excited and couldn't wait to get back to drinking girl piss again. Over time we began to not see things eye to eye personally and decided to separate, but despite our differences on life issues we would always be sexually bonded and even if we weren't a couple we would still fuck each other from time to time. I don't know where this fetish will go, but I want to meet women in person that share similar likes.


fetish six10 2018-08-09

Me beeing a bit d***k felt I didnt have the boner necessary to enter her. And it was hairy, my friends. So towl under her ass, still lying in bed, shavingfoam and water applied, and then I started working my way threw the unatained wildgrown hedge she had going on. Looked at my "work" and was pleased. One, two, three fingers went in with ease. Looked up at her to see that she was ok with what I was doin. So I asked if I could go all the way and fist her: "Sure. Go ahead" she said sounding somewhat suprised that I asked. Maybe went on for 5 minutes when she came all over me. Pleased with my performance I felt more relaxed.

Roshni Ch. 06

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-08-05

Putting her bare salty arms around my neck, Roshni jumped up to wrap her thighs around my waist, and just for a moment she clung to me, the thick tangle of hair between her legs teasing my cock, until she slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on me. We fucked like animals, Roshni's small body hanging off me, her hot and wonderful pussy taking my full length, her ample mass of pubic hair crushed against me as I thrust and pushed into her, making her gasp and moan. I drove my tongue deep into her armpit, circling and swirling the hairs, exploring the little creases in the soft and sensitive skin, sucking her acidic sweat until it covered my face.

Hairy Holly: Varsity Cheerleader

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-08-03

I look up into her eyes and just as she kicks her right leg high providing me with her nearly exposed hairy vagina, she stares at me directly with a knowing smile on her face. I pull into my condo and lay in bed that night trying to force the sinful thoughts from my mind, but I instantly view Holly with her bouncy pony tail, doing her cheers, totally naked. Ever so slowly, Holly took her right leg and crossed it over her left and provided me with a clear view of her naked hairy crotch. Holly smiled and then lay on my desk with her hands supporting her head, providing me a clear view of her beautiful hairy armpits.

Pammy Submits Ch. 01

fetish lawn 2018-07-28

A woman I did not want to see opened the back door and stepped out gym bag in hand, as I watched from behind the blinds. Again, Pammy turned her eyes from me, this time looking down at the floor. I got to watch her legs lift one at a time, the way the movement pronounced her knee caps, the way it reshaped her thighs, allowed her breasts to hang loosely from her ribs, the quick peek of her panties. Shy like a little girl, Pammy placed her hands on the hem of the light green skirt. The room lights reflected us sitting and lying on the couch, her legs glowing in the glass, my dick in her mouth, her hand working my balls.


fetish hotwriter1 2018-07-27

A quick scan of the women's arms, legs, and faces revealed nothing of interest, but then the model for the session, who had been standing off in a corner in a blue terry bathrobe, mounted the platform bearing the bench on which she would sit as she posed for us in the nude. The thought of fucking a hairy lesbian was so exciting my cock felt like it was going to snap in my pants. When she came, she grabbed my hair, mashed my face into her hairy crotch, and began to hump in an extensive series of short quick thrusts. I ran my fingers through the lush curls on the backs of her thighs while I tongued out her hole, sucked that stupendous clit, and licked all the hair on and around her pussy.

Fertile Hairy Pussy Fucking

fetish poonanypoker 2018-07-13

Almost every woman I've been with has told me, when asked, that they aren't on birth control, whether that was true or not I don't know but when sliding my cock deep inside just the idea that their pussy was open and vulnerable made for some really hot sessions with them ending up with a pussy full of my cum. She told me she wanted to take the condom off because she liked the feeling of skin to skin even better, so do I, I pulled out just long enough for her to slip it off, it was full of pre-cum and she rubbed that all over her hairy bush and her swollen lips, man that was hot.

Surprise Guest, Surprise Breasts

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-07-07

Now the only Ellen I knew was the long-term girlfriend of a guy I'd gone to high school with, and I was sure they'd gone to college together in a completely different part of the country, so it could not possibly be her. Then there was a knock at my dorm door one quiet early evening while my roomie was at the library, and when I opened the door, there was this fine-looking gal in tight jeans and tee-shirt with a huge white smile who threw her arms around me with a big squeeze and identified herself as Ellen.

Forced To Eat Shit *A Fantasy*

fetish masterofpigcunt 2018-06-30

This got my cock really hard and I started to get really nasty on her grinding and rubbing my arse all over the ugly cunt's face and getting a bit aggressive with the verbal saying things like "yeah get your tounge up their cunt....smell it cunt, smell it, know it, you fucking arsedirty licker" all the while I was staring between her spread legs at her huge hairy cunt. I come so hard every time I think about this, that afterwards it even disturbs me a bit, I mean I don't hate my wife and I treat her well even paying for everything and in every other respect I am a loving husband, but all I want to do is shit in her face, sexually, that has to be wrong on so many levels right?

Cleaning Sally

fetish loyalsock 2018-06-09

'You need to eat me out' Sally said, 'you need to suck all your sperm out from inside of me to clean me properly, if you only wipe it will gradually dribble out this afternoon at work.' I looked at Sally incredulously as I realized what she wanted me to do. Slowly I moved over towards her hairy pussy and with just the tip of my tongue lapped at a small globule of sperm, which was trapped in the dark, matted pubic hair above her clit. I poked out my tongue and was f***ed to lick the whole length of her slippery pussy, at the same time taking in a mouthful of my salty come diluted with her love juices.

Roshni Ch. 01

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-06-08

She was a fantastic kisser, her dark lips parting to reveal a pink tongue: she tasted sweet, and we lay naked on her bed kissing for half an hour. When she felt my tongue teasing through the lush, feathery hair of her armpit, Roshni gave a groan of pleasure. Roshni's groan became more urgent, and suddenly, she turned over, her eyes dark with desire, and pulled my face into her tangled bush. I did it doggie-style, my cock disappearing into that dark thatch of hair, my hands caressing that hairy butt, my hands sliding under her cup-cake breasts, through the damp hair of her armpits, along her downy arms. She lay on the bed: her gorgeous body, dark skin against white sheets, naked, watching me as I got dressed.

Not Your Average Girl

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-05-29

Chantelle laughed, lustily and nastily, as she suddenly grabbed Becky's hair, pulling the pretty little tart into her armpit and smothering her with her sweaty flesh and hair. As the seconds went by Becky was only faintly worried by her lack of oxygen, more important to her was the sheer filthy bliss of her treatment; Chantelle's beautiful sweat was seeping into every pore in her face and at that moment she could have died absolutely contented. Yet, if Becky was moaning Chantelle was howling as she felt her arse and pussy begin to spasm as her orgasm crept up on her. Becky continued her ministrations and Chantelle began to cry out "harder, harder, bite me, make me cum" as she roughly forced the pretty brunette's head against her sweaty chest.

The Making of a Fetish Slave

fetish dirtyfish 2018-05-20

When I started to see how much hair see had on her body I told her I would do anything that she asked because I now found that she was indeed very sexy and I couldn't understand why men wouldn't like her hair. She told that she enjoyed have her hairy areas licked and sucked and that I could spend as much time as I wanted with her if I would make her feel good. I reveled in these smells and tastes and over the last 50 years have learned to enjoy each chance I have to be with a hairy stinky lady. When I had finished cleaning her ass, her pussy, her armpits, and her feet she told me that our time was up and that she would like to watch me get my self off.

Fat Sharon's Fun Alone Ch. 01

fetish JulesEngland 2018-05-15

It wasn't long before Sharon found herself crossing and un-crossing her legs and pressing her thighs together as she gorged herself with food: what had started off as breakfast had become something more, much more; but hey, today was her special day, she had lots of time and didn't feel the need to limit herself to just one or two portions of Toast, Cereal, Cake, Coffee or Chocolate. It wasn't long before the aroma of her ladycum joined the scent of her piss and Sharon fetched her favourite purple toy from a Drawer and pushed it firmly up her wet fanny; before switching it on and adjusting her big knickers and her leggings to hold it in place.