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Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-05-14

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 08

fetish Doctork053 2018-03-05

As we finished cumming together, I climbed off to give my pussy a turn fucking that giant cock. The cabbie entered me from behind as Kaitlyn layed on the bed offering me access to her pussy. We continued our fuck fest until I saw Kaitlyn's face disappear under a new pussy. I couldn't respond as I shot into another orgasm as my pussy began filling with cum. Phoenix climbed from Kaitlyn's mouth revealing her pussy juice covered smile. "Well do I get a ride, Cabbie?" Phoenix said grabbing his quickly recovering cock. I led Kaitlyn to the bed bringing her face to my cum filled pussy. "She's fucking with me right?" Kaitlyn said looking right at me.

Angela Gets Gangbanged– (Part 18 of the Angela series)

fetish adele 2018-02-28

After getting the call from the officer in the morning and seeing what had happened to Angela, Carly knew two things. At least Angela made a few sales, but every time she walked anywhere near the office, she saw her Master watching her and scowling. Bill stood up, walked over to his clothes and got dressed, removed the collar, said thank you master then left the office. After a minute Bambi stood up over Angela and told her to tilt her head back and open her mouth. Bambi came out of the bathroom right about then and Angela grabbed her things, went in and got herself together as quickly as she could.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-02-25

"Plus if you want some real fun check out the video booths in back." She said with a big grin. The clerk said "They had booths with video screens, you put money in the machine and there are a hundred and fifty movies to choose from." I headed outside grabbed a cig and pulled the smoke in while pondering the situation. The moans coming from behind the wall increased and I got a load of cum in my mouth and even a couple shots in the face. I handed her a hundred dollar bill and asked "Would you grab me a big Jack Daniels, some pineapple rum, and whatever you want?"

In the Water

fetish AlexBird22029 2018-02-19

There were a lot of rumours about black guys and the size of their dicks and, as I sat pressed against Leo, feeling his gentlest touch sending shivers through my entire body, I wondered whether they were true. I felt like his cock would be pushing out of the front of my stomach but when I looked my flat stomach gave nothing away, but the disappearance of the black shape in the water underneath me spoke volumes. Leo tensed underneath me, pushing his cock as deep as it would go into my pussy and I felt it pulsing as he shot wave after wave of hot cum right into my tight, fertile, unprotected pussy.

Dirty Old Pervert 4

fetish megalanthropus 2018-02-12

It took me at least an hour to stop thinking horny thoughts about her dusky Indian face and her warm brown doe eyes, as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. She continued sucking Michael’s cock, and after another minute Michael gasped and said that he was going to come. It was slower process, since the heat of the first fuck was gone, but the three guys were young and prolific enough that they got hard when Judy went one to the other, sucking or pumping their cocks with her hand, as the occasion arose. Another ten minutes later Dashawn planted his mouth between her legs, while she sucked Michael’s cock, and gave Will a hand job.

Lebanese Experience

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-02-11

Tony and his master approach Jamie and stop right in-front of him, using the lead, the girl tugs again at his cock. The girl controlling Tony, now pulls his cock upward and starts to tease Jamie's lips with it. I want his breath smelling of cum." The fourth girl now starts to suck Jamie's cock with the ice cube in her mouth. The girls comply and as soon as Jamie is upright again, Rima walks over, and places her leg on his lap. Two other girls stand each side of Jamie and start to lick his face mask. Tony is still finishing Rima off and so the four girls make Jamie, lick and suck their boots and shoes.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 02

fetish Doctork053 2018-02-10

Without a word I dropped to my knees, getting my first look at nine inches of thick hard black cock. "Please Fuck my white married pussy with that big black cock!" I kept repeating, orgasms racing through my body. I finally regained the strength to get to the desk and take a shot of "Jack." I walked out to the deck after putting my robe on and noticing the puddle of cum and pussy juice on the bed. I laid in bed next to him moving his hand back to my pussy and stroking his softening dick. I smoked one last Marlboro before heading to bed hoping deep down my phone would ring again and if it didn't a new add would go up in the morning.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 06

fetish Doctork053 2018-02-10

"Coke and pussy my two favorite things." She said before pulling off my panties and burying her tongue in me. "That's it suck my cock, suck it like the whore you are." He said his ecstasy taking over his reason. "That's it Art, use this fucking whore." I said taking a big drag and exhaling on his large penis head. "You want to fuck this whore, you want to fill my fucking pussy full of cum." I said with true excitement. After an amazing orgasm I got on my knees as Art drove the large head through my pussy lips. "God Anna you're a great whore." He said smacking my ass one last time.

Black Stallion

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-02-07

He lapped at my clit slowly, dragging his hot tongue across my little button to let me feel every moment of pleasure, then began to speed up. To give my horse-hung date a special treat, I let some jizz dribble from my mouth, pooling in my lower lip, and finally cascading water-fall like into the expanse of my cleavage. Smiling wickedly I licked my lips, and lifted the vast expanses of titflesh to my face, cleaning his cum from my own tits, until both were shining from my efforts. And then I made those nuts my own, bouncing them from my palm to my mouth, kissing, slurping, sucking, licking, and letting them know they'd better be prepared to produce a huge load of cum for my lusty lips.


fetish MaxwellSpanx2015 2018-02-07

“I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam.” Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. It felt magical when I welcomed Linda home like the wife I wanted her to be. The natural musty perfume of her feet filtered into my nose, stirring my senses and making my cock rigid as I brought the shoe free from Linda’s foot. But like I said, after an hour I felt a huge burden had lifted.” Linda leaned back onto couch. I leaned forward and began worshipping Linda with my lips, kissing her outer ankle, before tasting the soft brown skin of her upper foot.

Dirty Old Pervert 5

fetish megalanthropus 2018-02-07

I had a grade A, harder than steel, boner, and it poked her when I stopped sucking her nipple and pulled her in to kiss her on the lips. I caught her lovely silken black hair and pulled her forward more than she intended, so that my cock was in her mouth to the hilt. “Do you like mouthing balls, Savannah?” I said. I wanted to stick to plan though, and winked at her, and turned my attention back to my lovely Carmella Bing lookalike who still was trying to pretend that my balls were not crushing her.  She sucked in some gasps of air, playing with my cock, and pulling my foreskin onto and off the head of my penis. 

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 05

fetish Doctork053 2018-02-05

After quickly relaying the details I returned my attention to Phoenix, who was smoking as she prepared more coke. As I finished my turn and handed off the dick Phoenix deepthroated him exposing a condom as her lips slid off. I was again layed on the bed as Phoenix offered her pussy to the stranger. Phoenix would walk with me to work as, I was way to fucked up to drive, we would grab a carton of smokes on the way, and then meet at my house at two. "Sorry Tim I took some Sudafed so I thought it was safer to walk to work today." Said the angelic coke whore who just did lines in the bath room.

Angela Gets Her First Golden Shower– (Part 17 of the Angela series)

fetish adele 2018-02-03

There were several groups of teens that walked by and looked in the window a few times, but when one group of boys stopped right in front of the unit and began watching, he called in a patrol car to do a drive through. He laughed and said again just how much it looked like the tattoo , then he leaned down and started licking her clit, his drool dripping down over his hand and into her ass crack. During that time, even though Angela was still lying on the table with her legs tied down, she began playing with herself, working one hand into her pussy as far as she could get it.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 04

fetish Doctork053 2018-02-02

"Here you look like you need this." She said handing me the bottle as she inhaled more smoke into her lungs. Phoenix snorted a line of coke tilting her head back and inhaling deeply. Phoenix introduced him as "Blade." An obvious reference to Wesley Snipes as he looked just like the actor or at least I hoped that was the reason. Again I moved to accept Blades cock missionary style with Phoinex straddling my face and urging him to fill my pussy full of black cum. Blade tossed Phoenix a baggie as she lit a cigarette and handed it to me before lighting herself one.


fetish Cinner 2018-01-29

She cried but he didn't care, he held them like a vise and squeezed them until they were both painfully empty and she was breathing raggedly, begging him to stop; alternatively between declaring her innocence and desire only to take advantage of the unusually good weather and promising that she had learned her lesson. All the time he did this he held her naked form still, pressed up against his own fully clothed body, by massaging her firm round ass, squeezing it, kneading it like dough, slapping it, slipping his fingers between the cheeks to tease the hole to her anus and dig insistently into her tunnel.

Introspection Ch. 02

fetish edibles123 2018-01-25

Maddy quickly lifted my cocktail dress and pulled down my girlie black panties, Jill held my outstretched arms and clamped down hard, Tess towered above me with a devious smile and handed Maddy a heavy wooden spoon. Every time in last two months I told you I was going to the gym, I have been getting fucked silly by hot black cock." Tonight will be your first initiation and you are going to take their huge cocks and cum in both your voluptuous hot mouth and your tight toned little ass. "It's important for little sluts to plead with their eyes for big hot dick," Maddy instructed.


fetish juderboy 2018-01-20

So while this new man of mine and I dated and got closer, my black obsession kept my poor little pussy very well fucked. What I saw made me wonder if this is what my son felt like all those years ago (when he caught me)? He asked me if I'd like it better if my son were being used by a black man better. He looked me right in the eye as hubby shoved his cock up my son's ass. As hubby emptied another load of cum, this time in my son's ass, I wondered how long he would make this punishment last. I said "if you don't make momma happy maybe I'll bring my lover over here and let him use you ass like you did my son.

Offering up The Wife

fetish StoneKidman 2018-01-14

Karen saw The Crusher get down on all fours, she wondered if she was going to have to eat this black woman's hairy gash, but instead saw her husband's still erect cock barely inches from her face, as the black woman pulled aside the crotch of her swimsuit and told Jerry, "Go to town, stud, show this white bitch how her saggy pussy isn't good enough." A good titty twist had Karen yelping, allowing Jerry to stuff his shitty cock in his wife's mouth as she hungrily slurped it clean while The Crusher made the blonde's head bob up and down with a handful of hair.

Colour Blind

fetish sarahsmith1989 2018-01-10

Our entire town had only a handful of black families which gave me pretty slim-pickens when it came to finding a man. I had seen these videos on the internet where guys would get sucked off anonymously through holes in the wall. He looked to be in charge, so I decided he was the one to ask about these mythical booths from the videos. The action on screen had got me feeling very warm, so I reached down my jeans and started to rub. My sounds identified me to the booth next door, soon a great white cock entered my room through the hole connecting the two stalls. I couldn't decide who enjoyed this more, but I knew he felt great inside of me.

Jamaican Desert

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-01-10

The Jamaican woman pressed her warm, fat body against Theresa's back and reached under her arms, cupping the married woman's pale breasts with her soft ebony hands. Theresa moaned long and low as the other woman's thick black fingers parted her swollen labia and rubbed her hard, needy clit. Theresa's wide hips wiggled from side to side, enticing the black woman's fingers into her dripping wet hole and she eased the man's big cock into her hungry mouth. He stopped moving and let his cock deflate inside her as Theresa lapped hungrily at the black woman's pussy. Jeremy pushed his tongue deep inside his pretty wife and sucked a big glob of cum into his mouth.

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 02

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-01-07

Let's just say that our first meeting, between Steven and I, didn't go quite as expected. Almost as soon as the words left his lips, Steven knew he had fucked up. He was well aware of my opinion about the word slave and he looked like a deer caught in headlights fearing for his life. I continued, "It's almost unthinkable to imagine that I would even be capable of shackling you to other young boys, making you drag their weakened and dying bodies hundreds of miles, only to be branded like a piece of cattle, kept in a dungeon for months on end, fed food infested with maggots and other vermin, and not even given any sunlight or clean water, let alone medical care.

Ginger at Play

fetish WatchesGinger 2018-01-07

Her eyes opened, she smiled as she looked over at me, then watched me watch as she guided his hand beneath her shirt to engulf her breast. She moaned in to his mouth as he deftly pushed her zipper down, then pressed his hand between her legs. She let an open-mouthed groan out as his middle finger pressed inside her, simultaneously releasing his cock from it's confines. After several more, she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulled me close, and whispered breathlessly "That's it...yes baby...fuck me...fuck me like you know how..." "Like this." she said, then took it, squeezed it between her fore and middle finger, getting a few more drops from it.

Rosina's Dark Delta

fetish chrislick 2018-01-01

Again she stood with her back to me and I went up close, kissed her neck again and then unzipped her dress. 'You might want to...' she said and passed me her daughter's panties. I ran them gently between her buttocks and held them to my nose: beautiful aroma - not shit, but arse, the most exciting smell in the world. 'Beautiful.' She leaned further forwards and said breathlessly, 'Tell me what you're going to do.' 'Rosina, I'm going to lick your arse.' 'You're going to lick my asshole?' she said with utter contentment. I licked her firmly up the inside of each buttock and I turned my head sideways so the thin tip of my tongue got right into her crack.