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On the Rim of a Fantasy

fetish RayneDor 2018-11-29

Time now seemed to slow to a crawl for both of them as he gazed at the inviting crevice beneath him and then finally, after what seemed an eternity, he bent down and kissed each cheek lightly in turn, repeating it twice more before moving down and nuzzling the crease of her right buttock. She knew he was sensitive now, but she wanted to play the moment out for as long as was possible and, when his hips rose from the bed in incipient orgasm, she took her hand away completely, allowing him to hold back. She moaned, opening for him like a little flower bud, and, as his tongue slipped easily into her, she began to pump his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking in sync with the urgent probing of her inner depths.

She Made Me Do It

fetish Orallee69 2018-11-21

Her hand grazed my leg and slid teasingly up the inside of my thigh. Her tits swelled above the rim of the bra cups and they rolled together to form such sexy cleavage that I wanted to slide my cock between them for a long time. It startled me, but I slid off the bed to my hands and knees and crawled quickly into the bathroom. She touched the side of my face and turned me into her and my mouth grazed the crotch of her panties. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as I drove my cock into her, harder and harder, trying to get deeper inside her.

Temporary Release

fetish Teezer 2018-11-15

“Mmm, you know it.” Robert looked at her long legs, her black shoe dangling from her toes as she bobbed her foot up and down, and realised with some alarm that he had quite an erection. Alyssa stared at it — it was almost right in front of her face, anyway — then looked up at Robert. Alyssa flicked her tongue rapidly across the tip of his penis and then took the head in her mouth, giving it a good suck, before popping it out and repeating the process. Alyssa stood up and lifted her leg onto the trolley, giving Robert a new angle to play with. Alyssa pulled Robert to her and they rested their faces against each other, breathing heavily.

Finding Rachel’s Switch

fetish timojen 2018-11-11

“Christ, there goes date night.” I said, not wanting to end it like this. She didn’t answer, instead Rachel started shaking, like she was laughing silently. I got hard instantly but Rachel didn’t roll over and pull me on her. Two times she managed to get me hard again with some enthusiastic oral sex, meaning she sat on my face and did her best to jam my cock down her throat, something she excelled at and loved to do anyway. “It didn’t work,” she said, as I came back to the bar conveniently late on night. There would likely be several single women in the bar area, which meant my philandering Aussie would need time.

Pony Girl

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-10

Mindy stepped aside as Vern shoveled the urine soaked straw that covered the floor of her stall, and scooped up her manure, and dumped it into a steel drum outside. After about an hour in the morning dawn, Vern was about ready to give up and head back home for some microwave grub when he saw the dastardly fish jump up just a few feet from his float, sending ripples through the water. About a half-hour later, Ol' Flounder was flapping and gasping for breath on a tree stump set back from the water's edge. Vern dropped the fish into a small plastic garbage bag along with some pond water.

Eager to Learn (ch.1)

fetish ecesis 2018-11-09

I look him straight in the eye and respond, "I was thinking of you, sir." "Well then, sir, I'd best persuade you otherwise." As I say this, I lean over his desk and give him an eyeful of my breasts, encased in a lacy pink bra that matches my underwear. Let’s see if you can continue to listen, shall we?” I don’t know whether he’s teasing me or not when I feel his hands on my thighs, sending shivers through my skin. A few moments later, I feel the sticky liquid being wiped off of me, and I am then yanked upwards, my legs quaking, the underwear falling from my mouth.

Sal's lover

fetish styxx 2018-11-07

It hadn’t really mattered very much until he had met Sal, but now he wanted to be like any other man with a normal relationship and a life. Until you, there has been nobody I wanted to watch grow old and grieve for when they die.” He sat bonelessly in a settee opposite her like a condemned man, waiting for the Priest to offer prayers for his soul as he made his way to the gallows. I found myself wondering what you were doing and I must have dialled your number a hundred times, but I didn’t know what you would say when I told you, Oh, by the way Sal, I grow four legs and a full coat of fur during the full moon and eat live food, but don’t let it worry you.

A Conservative Lady, or A Latex Fuck Bunny?

fetish Lustyrose4u 2018-11-06

On one of our early-on dates, she wore a very tasteful black leather pencil skirt that fit to her ankles, a white silk blouse buttoned to the neck and black patent pumps with at least 5 inch heels and wide ankle straps… with tiny brass padlocks on them, holding her feet captive in her shoes. I chose my ultra tight fitting black leather Cod-Piece jeans, a black latex pull on Tee shirt top, my Marlon Brando style Harley Motorcycle jacket with studded shoulders and back, and custom made knee high lace up riding boots that have a 4 inch heel and a 1 inch platform. She leaned over to my side of the car, and with her mouth wide open, began to suck and lick my cock like a cherry lollipop.

A Ticklish Encounter

fetish Phallacy 2018-04-07

After the man decides to stop that little pattern, you feel his hands slide down to your breasts, where your nipples are erect from the playing that has been occurring. After what seems like a lifetime, he slides his hands down to your sides, and begins making a path from your armpit to your hips, his fingers moving even quicker and more lightly. At the same time, the man slides his hands down your legs to your feet, and begins to tickle them rapidly. A moment later, the man begins to rub your g-spot, and the woman slides her hands to your breasts and plays with your nipples.

Paddle Party

fetish drsalt 2018-03-30

"I know you've wanted it a long time." I was a little disappointed that this was a "women only" party. Maybe you can ask them if they want you to bring a good paddle hand next time. When it got over, Carla told Vicky to drop her pants." I wasn't too surprised to feel my cock reviving already. Still, I got into it and Beth had a screaming orgasm by the time I was done." She looked at my face and hesitated. But when I told her how good you are at spanking she seemed like maybe she was interested." She got that sheepish look again when she added, "Maybe we can just invite her over some night and we can see what happens with just the three of us."

Bursting Club Pub Crawl Ch. 02

fetish LizInTrouble 2018-03-05

But they had barely managed to get out a drunken "Waaayyheeeeyyy!" when they got to watch open-mouthed as Kate groaned in relief and humiliation as golden liquid cascaded from between her tightly clenched legs, gushing from the crotch of her little black panties, rivulets forming on her stockings and flowing down her slim, black-stockinged legs, saturating her ankles and shoes. And so, while Kate sipped at her cooling glass of Dave's piss, Sam got to awkwardly kneel down in her pencil skirt in a dirty alley, still wearing her smart business suit and crisp white work blouse, her piss-soaked nylon-clad knees resting in who knew what, to unzip Clive's jeans and pull his fattening cock out.


fetish Ping 2018-02-15

Stunned by their first kiss, Billy watched Melissa remove the Rosy T’s terrarium and place the shallow container on the desk next to his bed. Unsure what she was doing with the spider, Billy kicked off his jeans and boxers and then lay on the bed the same way Melissa had before, with legs spread and feet on the floor. Billy now watched the spider stare back at him, as it did with Melissa, while it nestled itself between his pecks, amongst what little chest hair he had. Billy held his arm in the fridge, pacifying the angry wasp with the cold air, while he watched Melissa’s nipple swell from the sting.

Giddy Up

fetish Idyut 2017-12-14

Blackberries had grown through and around the metal structure, blocking off the openings at each end, where Matt was working to clear the massive overgrowth. Matt was whacking away with a black machete, to clear the brush when I walked up behind him. Later after clearing a swath through the bush, I pulled on an aluminum bar and wiggled it as Matt tried to free the intertwined branches off it. Some even looked a bit like the one Matt had found, all kinds of colors but all as simple and straightforward. A few images has women riding a sulky in a race with a long riding crop with a multi colored uniform and matching helmet. The women had black hard leather riding boots, corsets, and long crops.

Two-way Golden Enema

fetish RayneDor 2017-11-22

He then set down the device for a moment and motioned for Lana to turn around, When she did so, he slipped the tube between the pretty cheeks of her bottom, pressing the neck against her waiting anus and squeezed. Lana took the condom attachment for the clear plastic tube and held it up as Todd reached for the pitcher. Lana watched in the mirror as the bright amber fluid snaked down the tube, filling both nozzles, and then she gasped as the hot liquid began flooding her waiting asshole. She gripped tightly with her anal muscles, holding the nozzle in its grip, and began to move back and forth, fucking Todd with the wide plastic nozzle at his end, forcing the tip back and forth over his swollen prostate.