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fetish MasterDnl 2018-03-16

"Mmmm delightful slave." You feel My hands caressing your asscheeks around the line of your thong. Suddenly My hand spanks your ass once, HARD, a squeal releases from you at the sudden lash. You cry and choke trying to pull your arms and legs in to cradle yourself when you feel My thick swollen cock slap against your cheek. One hand twisting in your hair, the other lashing the flogger across your welted breasts, as you choke down My cock. As you plead, you feel Me move between your legs...the head of My thick wet cock slapping at your clit as I tease you. Suddenly you feel the iron stiff cock yanked out, and rammed hard into your ass.

Sleeping at my Master's feet

fetish Herbivore 2018-03-14

Between the dogs, my coughing, and my Master's movements against my face in his sleep, I often awoke, to be greeted with such a glorious sight each time. The way He pushed his feet against my face, flexed His arches, and lightly kicked at me, making Himself comfortable, I only inched closer to Him. When He lifted his feet and placed one on my breast and one on my neck, I was certain He was awake and playing with me. If He was toying with me, then it would have been to see me do this for sure, and the fact that His head was turned the opposite way while I lightly rocked the bed pleasuring myself underneath Him assured me He was asleep.

Dogs Bark And Cats Meow

fetish jdylanh9 2017-10-14

Master reached down and tousled Pussycat's hair...as if he were actually petting a cat. I will be along shortly after I tend to this Bitchdog you brought home with you." Master said as he was affixing a collar onto me and hooking the leash to it. All new pets must have baths." Master said as he started into the house holding my leash. I didn't want to spend an entire weekend playing a Bitchdog...oh great, now he has me even thinking the word "Bitchdog." I was on my hands and knees in the bathtub when I spotted the shampoo Master was holding. "Sit down in the tub you fucking, Bitchdog!" Master shouted as yanked my leash. "Oh, my little Bitchdog likes when Master cleans her." He said.