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Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-11-30

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

Bukkake Diaries 2: Depraved Mercy

fetish NomDeClavier 2018-06-05

Throughout the week I tried on different outfits that Elise had bought me: elegantly professional but revealing skirt ensembles; a couple of slutty school girl options; designer jeans and tops for clubbing; over-the-top stripper heels with fence-net thigh highs and impractically strappy bras and thongs; and even a sexy ultra short lab-coat style dress. I waited anxiously until the door cracked open and through it stepped the red-haired shop girl, but it took me a moment to recognize her. Mercy snapped my thong back down on the butt plug and then I listened to the sound of her heels striking the floor as she walked away without another word.

No Mercy!

fetish hobrigef 2018-04-22

He drank it all in, those lovely bare legs so gloriously crossed and flaunted in the tantalizing skirt, those firm and bountiful breasts jutting out proudly against her gossamer light blouse, the hint of cleavage artfully displayed by a couple of undone buttons, her stunning face framed by cascades of luxuriant black hair, the full generous mouth and perfectly applied lipstick, colour matching her nails, the cute little nose, the dark flashing eyes, at once confident and commanding and mischievous. The reason that David was foregoing coffee was that he didn't trust his hand to remain steady in the presence of the gorgeous Mercy Melendez. David looked up from where he'd been staring, Mercy's thighs, and made eye contact with her.