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Mature Bliss Ch. 02

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-26

She wore the same black woollen morning coat, but she let it hang open to reveal a long and fuzzy black sweater underneath, and her legs were covered in brushed mohair legwarmers from her high-heeled slippers to above her knee. She played a drawn-out teasing game, opening and closing her legs, stroking her thighs and all the time playing with her pussy covered by the black, furry panties. And as you do so, I want you to imagine all the kinds of weird sex acts this puffy, sloppy, wet and willing cunt has experienced over the years, the fingers that have explored it, the stiff dicks that have hammered it and the tongues that have worshipped it.

Mature Bliss Ch. 03

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-19

She expected him to worship her legs, and I could see him touching her soft legwarmers, letting his hands float gingerly over the soft fuzz and feel his way upwards towards her knees and thighs. She ordered him to worship pussy, and I could see his hands grabbing her thighs and from the motions of her hips it was evident that he was eating her out with great fervour, and that she was grinding her crotch all over his upturned face. One soft coat had come off its hanger and fallen into my lap, and I hugged it and used it to caress my cheeks and my neck, still with my eyes glued to the strange scenario before me: my uptight stepfather being drilled in the ass by a mature slut and loving it, begging for it.

Fuzzy Flight

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-16

I was half asleep, waiting for my flight to start boarding, when she entered the waiting area; a vivacious blonde in a fantastic fuzzy blue turtleneck sweater and high-heeled knee-long musketeer boots. I had some fantasy images of my cock being buried in the soft wool of her sweater and her hands slowly stroking it. The sleeves of her sweater felt so nice stroking my naked skin, but now something equally soft was caressing my straining member. Her hand now stroked my dick hard and quick, and as I heard her panting softly and felt her pussy muscles pulsate and clamp around my exploring fingers, my dam burst and I shot load after load of semen into the woollen sleeve and all over my trousers.

Opening Night: Act 03

fetish Smother 2018-09-27

When she moved her head down and in towards my crotch the immense collar rubbed the insides of my thighs, and as her warm tongue slithered up my tense cock it settled in behind my balls and lifted them ever so tenderly into the opening of the poncho. The feeling of the mohair, so fluffy, so bulky caressing my bare skin and her sucking me off was incredible and left me so weak that I felt like a small piece of flesh being rolled around in her hands and her mouth. My hands fumbled over the softness of the jacket as I pictured my girlfriend standing naked in front of the dense feather chubby, a plump arm between her legs, the feathers dancing in time to the thumb that was filling her sex.

My New Neighbour Wearing Angora

fetish airoralover 2018-08-06

I suffered asthma as a child and after an attack one day I remember my much older cousin's girlfriend, who must have been in her early twenties, wearing a black mohair sweater and kneeling next to my bed and gently stroking my chest to help relieve the tightness in my chest. At the first social event that we went to with our new neighbours, the wife was wearing a short pink, cream and beige tartan skirt, cream fishnet holdups and a tight white blouse, unbuttoned to show her lacy bra. Had she read my mind the last time she had worn the outfit when she had seen me looking at her or did she have a passion for wearing tight angora sweaters and love dressing like she did that night?

Opening Night: Act 05

fetish Smother 2018-07-30

Michelle and I didn't venture too far from the seats where Erin had left us for a good portion of the evening. "We are okay skipping the introductions if you are." "Sorry," he said. "Okay. Right, sorry. "They had some mittens made out of this stuff and I swear I could hear one of the guys crying underneath the table as I was jerking him off. "Sorry, I forgot about that part. "Sorry," the girl stepped in. "We forgot to mention that part, too. "It was sable. "Have you ever had anyone jerk you off using sable?

Thul Pa Ch. 05

fetish Smother 2018-04-14

The deep pile scooped around his naked body, and the pelt wilted over his shoulders like two massive fluffy hands, their furry fingers reaching down his chest and surrounding his neck and resting behind his ears. His yanking milked more pre-cum to the tip of his sulcus and soon his hand was skimming easily up and down his shaft, and as he leaned into the sheepskin, feeling it scoop around his head like a fur-lined hoodie, he could hear the sticky slapping of his fingers as they bobbed over his foreskin. He raised his penis with his left hand and brought the furry disk up the length of his shaft and swept the black pelt over his dripping sulcus, all the while the moaning coming from the second floor increased.

My Angel in Angora

fetish airoralover 2018-03-26

I bet you weren't expecting me to be the package were you?" With that she walked past me into the apartment and looking at my glass of wine said, "Well aren't you going to pour me a glass of wine?" I was dumbstruck but I closed the door behind her and watched her walk up to the table, just staring at her cute ass covered in the oh so fluffy mohair. When I met Simon and started dating him, I was convinced that he loved me wearing my angora sweaters but whilst he said that I looked sexy in them he never seemed to have the passion for them.

Opening Night: Act 06

fetish Smother 2018-02-22

I love the way your fingers push into the chinchilla as you draw your hands back – it kinda makes me think that you are trying to pull me over top of you, almost like you want to shoot your cum inside me." Having a penis that didn't tire or wither gave Erin the upper hand, and as she continued to ravage the woman, her and Michelle's moans and screams filled the room while the rest of the party guests enjoyed the evening, unaware of what was happening behind the closed door of the little suite in the back corner or the hall.

Fully Brushed, Inside and Out

fetish Smother 2018-01-05

But I was also dreading walking up a stranger's path, ringing the doorbell, and saying in what I was absolutely positive was going to be a shaky and cracking voice: "Hi, I'm here to pick up a monster of a mohair catsuit to add to my collection of fetishwear." Well, maybe not those exact words but that was what I would be thinking as my throat tightened while I waited in the doorway. You don't even have to do anything." She had turned sideways on the couch to face me, and as she spoke I could see the mohair part around her mouth and then close again like fluffy eyelids, the long wool swishing easily around her breath.

My Aunt

fetish bigsoftie 2017-12-01

My face was being rubbed into her ample breast, I was breathing in the smell & fluff – I tensed & then let my load go deep inside of her, I could not stop, my cock just kept tensing & coming – then my Aunt came too – it was so good!!! I undid my trousers & dropped them to the floor; I took my shorts off & began to rub my already hard cock over her fluffy angora arse. I reached around her waist & began rubbing her clit with her fluffy jumper dress, this was turning me on & it was making her come. She began to buck & scream, I kept rubbing the soft jumper dress into her clit & I kept pushing my cock deep into her arse hole.