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Somali Femdom Rules!

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-04

Mogadishu-born and Ontario-based dominatrix Mistress Fatuma Suleiman sat naked ( save for the hijab on her head ) on her slave Mohammed Mokhtar's face, squashing his visage with her big round ass. After acquiring a dutiful slave in the person of Mohammed Mokhtar, Fatuma Suleiman began exploring what it truly meant to be a dominant Black woman from a majority Muslim country like Somalia while living in the Canadian capital. Mistress Fatuma Suleiman finally decided that she'd had enough of her slave Mohammed Mokhtar's tongue in her pussy and asshole. After fucking the Somali stud's ass until he went from a proud, angry and sexist Muslim male to a drooling, weeping idiot, Mistress Fatuma Suleiman made him made him sniff the dildo that went up his ass.

Somali Femdom with Strapons

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-25

Mohammed Mokhtar grimaced as Fatuma Suleiman pushed the strap-on dildo into his asshole. Fatuma Suleiman smirked as she pushed the strap-on dildo up Mohammed Mokhtar's asshole. She thought he liked to watch movies featuring Black guys with big dicks banging the hell out of White women. Black men the world over consumed interracial porn movies like their lives depended on it and Somali men were definitely no exception. When Fatuma confronted Mohammed about his porn addiction, the tall Somali dude got mad but she wasn't afraid to get in his face and tell him that his shit did stink. Finally, a Black Muslim woman from Somalia stood up to a Somali guy and showed him that women weren't the weaker sex.