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Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

fetish MamaMinx 2018-11-14

All he got was a glimpse of her beautiful naked ass in the air, with me pounding away like a mad man as both hands raked polished nails down Mistresses' back! I looked out the side window to see that we were pulling into the long drive way to the mansion and I began fucking her like a stallion in heat, ramming her pussy so hard that it hurt me, but was determined to accomplish my goal before I came. I in turn could not hold off any longer and on its own my right hand slammed down on her beautiful ass cheek three times in a row as my seed jettisoned deep inside her glorious pussy.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 01

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-10-01

Surprisingly, he strongly agreed and had told her that it was imperative to have me there as a huge part of the turn on for him was taking a man's wife in front of her husband, having her experience incredible orgasms on a superior cock while her husband watched in utter humiliation and ultimate emasculation. In fact, Brian continued telling Jen that he had his IT guy look through my work computer and found that not only was I on various cuckold sites and posting things frequently about our desires, but also that we (Jen and I) were emailing back and forth about finding a naughty and devious Bull to enter our lives.

Piggy To Share

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-07-11

When the guy fingering my cunt got bored with that he grabbed me by my hair and threw me down on the bed yelling, "Get on your back and spread those fat pig whore legs bitch!". "You got it whore!" one of them said as he climbed up onto the bed and pulled my blindfold off saying he wants to see the pig as he uses her cunt. After using me like that for about fifteen minutes, Dave came up behind me and roughly pushed me down on Jim's chest, and slid his hard cock deep in my ass making me scream into Jim's chest. Jim came over to me and began fingering my cunt, while Dave took pictures.I just sat there, spreading my legs wide, enjoying what I was feeling.

Mistress: Love, Pain & Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish joncussac 2018-07-06

She said that its important that he knows that its makes their relationship stronger and she respects him and loves him but wants their sexual plays to be heightened. Jane says slave, you don't walk in front of your mistress. She takes a sip again, gargles, and pours it again and says, "Remember anything you eat or drink will come from my mouth." Ever since, she has made him lick her spit from the floor, from her feet, and has made it a ritual that whenever they go out, after he got dressed, she would ask him to spread his undie and she would spit on his cock, so that he felt that all the time when they were outside.

Nothing Else Matters

fetish GuiltlessMiss 2018-07-02

As I pull the tank top over my head, my kitten bell responds with a little jingle, jingle. As I bob my head against him, I hear my kitten bell jingle jingle and a little smile comes to my lips. He puts one hand to the back of my head and pets me gently as I continue stroking and sucking his cock. "Trust me, Kitten," he says again as he grabs both breasts and begins kneading them harder than ever while kissing and nipping my neck. Across both cheeks, I could feel the tears in my eyes as each time he spanks me, my kitten bell jingle jingles.

A Suitable Job For A Slut Ch. 02

fetish skyeslut 2018-03-03

Another way I earn my keep is I work three nights and a couple of lunchtimes at a small pub, I don't know what the people pay to use me because either the guys or the landlord make the arrangements without consulting me. Instead of handing me the coins they throw the change down for me, then stand there smoking and pissing on me while I scrabble around picking it up, my cunt dripping at the humiliation of it, sometimes by the end of a busy night I have a ton of pennies, my knees are bleeding and I'm soaked with piss and grubby with dirt and ash, I've swallowed so much cum and piss that my mouth and nose are still flooded with the taste and smell.

Dark City Romances: New Future

fetish Sleepybeast 2018-01-26

I recently graduated from high school with honours and a free pass to any college of my choosing, in the midst of deciding which school I would attend my father passed and in his will he stated that his entirety of his company and his financial assets were to be left to his only son. My older brother, who I will not waste too much energy thinking about, left our lives to pursue his music career after our father threatened to enroll him into the obedience program if he did not attend college. How are you?" I watched his eyes dart from my suit to my car to the satchel in my hand. "Well as it turns out my father was the founder of the Stone Obidiance Attire company." His eyes widened at my words.