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Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-06-26

Claire did not hesitate to take the younger woman in her arms for a warm hug and she ran her hands then down Karen's sides and cupped them below her bottom cheeks as she helped her up onto the commodious bed. Karen daringly ran her finger over Claire's large protruding labia right down through her legs and the hair there to dab at Claire's puckered little anal rosette. Being treated as a younger person appealed to the soft side of the highly assertive Claire, who giggled like a schoolgirl and said, "I will, yes, if you decide to let me, mommy." When Claire finished enjoying her cum, Karen again probed the dark puckered anal opening with her index finger and again felt the imminent need Claire was having to sit on the toilet soon.

My Panties (Part 1 of 3)

fetish tcg 2018-06-26

I watched as Eddie grabbed a pair of my black satin bikini panties, and started rubbing the crotch area between his finger tips. “Mark I better go before your s****r gets home and catches us.” Eddie said pulling his pants up, and tossing my now cum covered panties back into the laundry basket for me to wash, as did my b*****r Mark. As I walked passed him in the kitchen to get a drink I could feel Mark looking at me, so I purposely bent over, knowing my white satin thong panties were going to slip out the back of the low cut waistline of my comfy pants.

Sending My Friend Pictures of My Wife

fetish tcg 2018-06-26

Now that the jokes started I was having a good time and decided see what he thought of this next picture." I sent him another photo of Kacie sitting on the hot tub, with her feet in the water, legs apart, dressed only in her panties (a blue stain V-String), while she was topless. The shutter clicked a few more times, as I got Kacie to turn this way and that way, showing first her cleavage, then her panty-covered ass. Kacie looked at me with lust-filled eyes and asked if I was going to send this picture to Jason! When I said I plan to regardless if she didn’t want me to, biting her lower lip and hesitating, Kacie spread her legs wide, exposing her wet glistening pussy to the camera.

cuckold lifestyle 49

fetish woreout 2018-06-26

My left hand was still inside the house as I was leaning out useing it to hold my self , I flipped the light off and stepped back into the den just as she came to the door. She tossed her pocketbook on the couch and said if you want to eat a fresh fucked pussy get your ass in the bed room. I didn't want to tell her Keith is the only guy she fucks that smells like that. Well she was gone almost three hours , when she got home I said there aint no way you been fucking for three hours. She said lets just say I got fucked for two hours.

Jill's Summer Vacation

fetish tcg 2018-06-26

Terry got even braver, he set the camera up on the end table set the timer and lied next to his s****r proudly displaying his thong covered face, and his panty wrapped cock as she snuggled against Jill. After getting up to grab his camera, he looked back at Jill who was sl**ping just a few feet from him, Terry continued to rub his hard cock with Jill’s pink panties as he drooled into the thong covering his face, over the sight of his s****r. He pulled her towards the side of the sofa, her legs apart as he moved in between, he rubbed his hard cock up and down her wet slit again, this time exposing only the tip of his dick while his shaft was still snuggled by Jill’s pink panties.

A Young Stepmother Takes Charge

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-26

"Den, I plan to give her a chance to agree to my terms for living here, but when she resists, yes, I do intend to spank her if that proves to be what is needed to change her attitude," she said firmly, as his firm member again took her to new ecstatic heights, making further conversation somewhat difficult and not at all what Yvonne or Dennis wanted right then. Kathryn glanced at Lyle, furious at how much he clearly had enjoyed seeing her get spanked by her cool-looking young stepmother, and at Dennis, who clearly had abdicated his role as her father.

Mother Dear Pt. 01

fetish keptsissy 2018-06-25

A son that not only was a sissy boy that did very dirty and naughty things while he still lived in my house, dirty things for our next door neighbor, but a naughty little boy that liked to dress up in his mother's underpants too. Tell me you'd like mama to touch your little dick with her hand. I start to stammer, talk softly so that only she can hear, feel my face flush bright red. I masturbated thinking of things she has done, heard through her bedroom door when she was with a boyfriend, seen through the heating grate in the floor from my basement vantage point when I still lived at home with her. Let's go get my little boy naked and start his first naughty inspection in front of his mother, shall we?"

Wedding Day Masturbation

fetish tcg 2018-06-25

After about 15 minutes I heard the to the bar room open and turned to see my fiancé's girlfriend Jennifer walk in through the door. We started talking loudly and drinking as the limo pulled away from the hotel making its way to the church. I watched as Jens hands slowly started to slide up her thighs but they stopped when her fingertips got to the bottom of her dress. With that said her fingers slowly started to pull her dress up her thighs until the bottom of it rested on her stomach exposing her panties to me. She looked so sexy sitting in her chair with her dressed pulled up around her waist and her finger slowly rubbing her clit.


fetish DLizze 2018-06-25

Now that you’re back, I think it’s time we did something about that little tiny – it’s too small to call it a cock, don’t you agree? I guess just thinking about it makes your little dicklet stick out. I’m a little horny, and we both know you can’t help that, can you? Your pathetic little tongue isn’t any better than your dicklet. Like I said, two – maybe three fingers at most, because it’s so little. I think they’d like to see the little bunny tail peeking out beneath the ruffles. Until then, you can keep quiet, like a nice little sissy boy. You know I don’t mean to really hurt you, and sometimes, I get a little carried away.

The Note Home Wins A Spanking

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-25

Mrs. Bishop made the whole thing worse by ceremoniously writing the note and then folding it into an envelope and sealing it so that the pupil would not know exactly what the report said. I was talking in class and Mrs. Bishop sent a note home which I'll give you," she said as evenly as she could manage. Anne had not dared to open the neat little envelope addressed by her mother to Mrs. Bishop but she noticed that the young, prim and normally quite assertive teacher took a deep breath when she read the note. No sooner than Mary Wilson had taken off her coat but her eldest daughter told her what had happened when she gave the note back to Mrs. Bishop.

Caught with My 19 Year Old s****rs Panties in My H

fetish tcg 2018-06-25

Anyway, it was during one of these bathroom sessions that I found a pair of her sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties on the floor by a discarded towel. Suddenly I was rocketed by the hardest orgasm I ever had, as I blanketed my s****r’s sexy little purple satin bikini sting low-rise panties with my i****tuous seed. My hot-pink ones, my powder blue ones, my white ones?" she continued "Oh I know which ones you like best… my sexy little purple satin bikini sting ones." She giggled again. Just as I felt my cum rushing up my shaft my s****r… my mistress… shuffled forward onto the edge of the chair, pressing her now wet purple satin bikini string panties against the opening on my dick.

Sweet Smell of Sex-cess

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-25

It got so that to make things a little easier on everyone, I started having my boy friends spend time with me right in my own bedroom, which was conveniently separated from the rest of our house, over the garage. But the next day after practice, I took a look and saw that even though I had done my usual thorough wiping job after using the toilet in a major way after lunch, there was a thin brown streak in the panty crotch. I went away to college and got into relationships with girls and boys, few of whom seemed to be turned on by scents like my high school male admirers.

Little Robbie and his mom. Chapter 2.

fetish arbymore 2018-06-24

However, the memories of what he had just done didn't stop him feeling horny and soon he was rubbing both his aunty's and his mom's panties up and down his cock and it didn't take much for him to ejaculate into one of them. Robbie went to bed first and having undressed put on a pair of his mom's cum stained panties and soon got hard again. Robbie immediately pulled the covers over his and slid aunty's panties under the cover and said, 'Yes, mom.' He heard his dad in the shower and his door opened and his mom came in and handed him a pair of her panties and said, 'Here have these, I put them on when dad got home, I think you'll love the smell.

The Note Home Ch. 01

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-24

The worst thing about everything that was happening was that I was an 18-year-old high school girl but my English teacher still sent notes home to my mother. I had asked Miss Steele why she still insisted on doing that and she responded, "Allison, so long as you behave like a younger girl and act up in class, I will treat you as I would a middle-schooler and send behavior reports home." This led me to wonder incredibly hard what the English teacher had said that riled my mother so much when it came time for her to discipline me at home for what the note reported.

My Wifes Little s****r (PT1)

fetish tcg 2018-06-24

Mike had not stolen a pair of panties in over 7 years on the day he went to Marie and Annie's parent's house. Over the next 2 years, Mike wanted desperately to find an opportunity to go through Annie's current panty drawer. In the meantime, Mike was satisfied to try to find reasons to go upstairs at Marie's parents, quickly and quietly sneaking into Annie's room to admire her fine panties. Mike would have rather gone back home and watched the game, but seeing as how he was going to spend 20 minutes on the road there and back, he thought he'd just stay here for a bit, and hope the battery took enough charge soon to get started.

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-24

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school's principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, "Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that." Irene affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, "I'm quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions." Valerie merely smiled at the principal's somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

Upskirt Wife

fetish tcg 2018-06-23

During the time that we were using an underground paper for finding modeling opportunities for my wife I came across an ad for a female model that was willing to have up skirt pictures taken of her. We set a date and he said he wanted my wife to wear a skirt and button top with bra and panties or a dress with button up front. I had a good time at the Mall as she only put the dress on and her heals, gave Chuck her panties after she wiped her moisture with them and gave me her bra that I threw in the back seat of the car.

The Good s****r Who Caught Me

fetish tcg 2018-06-23

There were many times when she would sit on the sofa with her knees up to her chin and her feet apart, totally oblivious that she was giving me a great view of her little panties. My legs suddenly felt weak and I had to quickly grab the hand basin to stop myself from collapsing to the floor. "I always knew you liked looking at my panties but I didn't know you liked them that much." She giggled from the other side of the room. I was so humiliated that I tried to pull my eyes away from her crotch, but it was though I was hypnotized because all I could manage was a quick glance up to her smiling face.

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 2

fetish drenchme 2018-06-23

Later on I discovered through my mum that Grace would be away on the coming weekend and I had been volunteered to feed her cat. Not something I would normally be too delighted about but as I took Grace’s spare key from my mum so many naughty thoughts rushed through my head! I could already smell the gorgeous musky scent off all her combined dirty washing, but with these panties being close to the top I knew they were a fresher pair. I could barely believe that I was holding an item of clothing where my sexy neighbour’s excited wet pussy had been less than 24 hours previously.

Karen Brings Rod Further Along

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-23

Karen felt that admitting to her boyfriend Rod how badly she had been treated by her mother, Marian, at a time when Karen was coming of age at 19, was worth the embarrassment since it cemented her shared experience with Rod. Her boyfriend had suffered under similar maternal dominance, although Barbara's exercise of authority over her 19-year-old son had been less focused on humiliating him. Karen realized that this man truly loved her and that her hitherto cold attitude induced by Marian's wretched parental style had been slowly moved into a place where she was beginning to cherish Rod's affections, while all the while enjoying the ability to exercise her talents as a domme insofar as he was concerned.


fetish NoahBody 2018-06-21

Speaking of laps…her fingers continued stroking my cock while her other hand now maneuvered between my legs and began alternating between squeezing and rubbing my balls. Her thumb and fingers moved faster and for a brief second I actually thought she was going to let me cum. For a brief second my wife moved away from my wavering tongue, only to pull the crotch of her panties to the side, and now her bare pussy was right before me. She grabbed me just under the head of my cock again with just her thumb and forefinger began quickly moving her fingers up and down, pulling back on my foreskin, her fingernails slowly tickling my balls.

Red lace

fetish Venus72 2018-06-21

Playing with his balls and rubbing his hard cock through the red lace panties while watching himself was bringing him closer to orgasm. Scot liked the feeling, he wanted a rough hard cum. He moved the red lace and began to rub his cock with the panties– a little scratchy but the red lace moving up and down on his dick was erotic. His moist, shiny head, engorged and slightly blue; and the big, hard cock, appearing out of the red lace was crazy erotic. Scot removed the panties and just used his hands, wet with pre cum. The red lace was wet in his hand but seeing the sticky cum like a thick string from his head to the panties was sensual.

The Little Lady Earns Her Spurs

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-21

"We're going to let you start acting like a big girl and use the toilet, Linda," Karen said in a light-voiced way. Karen had indicated to Emily that she wanted to impose some added discipline and thought it might be best if Emily left the two of them alone in the bathroom, so Emily quietly absented herself while Linda managed to pull up the tight pair of little-girl panties. "Get your mouth on my shithole, sweetie," she said very sternly, "and be prepared to swallow whatever comes out now because I need to shit." Totally humiliated, Linda prepared to swallow whatever horrible-tasting poo Karen was about to excrete.

Her Petite Possession (Pt 1)

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-06-20

With Emma throwing doubt on the correct etiquette when caring for your one inch high boyfriend, Kate reached into her pocket and gently pulled Brad out and placed him back into his jar. Emma pulled open Kate’s black panties and, with a slight look of disgust on her face, tucked Brad inside, positioning him carefully against Kate’s clit. “You know I really wanted you,” Emma confided, looking down at Brad’s tiny head between her towering thighs, “why did you have to choose Kate?” She sighed, “I know you’re going to hate me forever because of this, but I just needed to feel you inside me, one way or the other.” Emma reached her hand up inside Kate’s skirt, squeezed Brad between her fingers and pulled, but the glue held fast.