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Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-14

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 06

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-03-05

Deirdre took the little soft whip and quietly positioned in down beneath Laura's split and without warning, snapped it with some authority right into the open cleft that Laura had made as she held her own labia apart. "You know, Laura, that naughty girls are not permitted breaks for that purpose once the discipline has begun, so you will have to hold it, I'm afraid," Deirdre said in her firmest tone, anxiously hoping that her niece would lose control and that the colleagues would witness her releasing her pee stream down on the floor. "I think that is enough," Deirdre said calmingly, as she first wiped Laura as one would a small child who has lost urinary control out of fear, and then bade Laura to stand, retrieve her knickers and let her skirt down.

My Shared Wife

fetish tcg 2018-03-05

I quickly sent him one final text message stating that I wanted him to enjoy my wife’s panties for the reminder of the night; he may smell them, lick them, and stroke his cock with them as often as he liked, but he was not allowed to cum in them or keep them. At one point I left the area to wash the dishes while they spoke; then I sent him a text message containing her naked picture saying I bet your panty wrapped cock wants to fuck her now… maybe I should just stay upstairs… and ended it with “LOL”.

Sibling Spanking Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-03-04

So attached, Maureen slowly pulled the tight control panties up and Lynn let out a little scream when she felt the prongs penetrating her inside channels. Lynn reddened in the face but sat on the toilet, pulled down the panties and took a breath without the prongs in her, and let her pee fly. It was about 8:00 A.M. on Saturday morning and Donna got out of bed and put her robe on, coming to the door with an annoyed look on her face, even though she really was thrilled with getting to watch Lynn on the toilet. Lynn did not wait for further instruction and lowered her tight control panties, allowing the prongs to slip out of her over-stimulated orifices, and with only her pajama tops on, got into Donna's bed and took her dominant niece in her arms.

Red lace

fetish Venus72 2018-03-04

Playing with his balls and rubbing his hard cock through the red lace panties while watching himself was bringing him closer to orgasm. Scot liked the feeling, he wanted a rough hard cum. He moved the red lace and began to rub his cock with the panties– a little scratchy but the red lace moving up and down on his dick was erotic. His moist, shiny head, engorged and slightly blue; and the big, hard cock, appearing out of the red lace was crazy erotic. Scot removed the panties and just used his hands, wet with pre cum. The red lace was wet in his hand but seeing the sticky cum like a thick string from his head to the panties was sensual.

The Feared '57' Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-03-04

Irene Crawford, Oakhurst's principal, immediately started having second thoughts about Janet Sanders' rather impetuous request to award the "feared 57" punishment to senior Marcie Williams. Miss Crawford, as was her wont, had left the door to her inner office open, and Marcie saw her standing behind Janet Sanders, who was bent over a chair...with her skirt folded up over her waist and her full-sized white panties down at her knees. Marcie knew there would be hell to pay if she were seen sneaking a peek at the teacher's getting what she figured would be Miss Crawford's cane across her bottom, so she quickly walked around the corner to the front door and left school for the day, amazed that she was able to have a smile on her face after what she had endured only a short time earlier.

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 04

fetish lesliejones 2018-03-04

Linda Crawford noticed that student behavior in her classes—both the majority, which were all boys, and the one all-girls class—seemed much improved of late with all pupils very careful to avoid being seen chatting with one another during class nor doing anything else to elicit the strict punishment from their teacher for which Hamilton Hall, a prep school for university, was famous. "Oh, I knew they'd have trouble holding it for too long so I let them stand after about three minutes," Joan answered, "but then I had them kneeling on chairs with the backsides facing the class and I inserted cute little tails in their tushees!"

Rob's stay with Auntie Serena

fetish arbymore 2018-03-03

I was going to take the panties off but decided I’d have time to wash them so carried on with the vibrator and soon my cock was gushing with cum all over auntie’s panties. I want you to watch me auntie, look at the way I rub my cock for you, I’m going to shoot my cum all over your red lipstick coated lips, you do want to watch me don’t do you auntie?” It was as if he could see me watching him but I knew he couldn’t as he kept saying, “Watch me wanking over you auntie, look at me smelling your cunt juices auntie, you do want me to cum on your lips, don’t you auntie?”

Training Karen Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-03-03

Karen, a lithe 42-year-old blonde, exercised authority in the household over her 25-year-old stepdaughter after marrying Malinda's father, Dennis, who was 20 years older than his new wife and cared only about the hot sex he was having in bed with her whenever he felt the urge. Then Malinda was surprised when Karen took her into her bedroom, told her to take off her panties and presented her with what looked like a tight pair of Spanx control underpants. "I find that these help you feel in control during your period," Karen told her, "so I want you to wear them." Malinda stated to protest but stopped herself: she knew by now that it was dangerous to argue with her stepmother.

Sisters panties

fetish uselessslave1888 2018-03-03

She began rubbing her long legs up and down with both of her hands, literally begging me to look at her firm thighs, knees and calves. I couldn't swear to it at the time, but it even looked like she had placed one finger inside her panties next to her thigh. She said she wanted me to cum inside her now, and I happily, for the second time within an hour, spurted my man sperm into her pussy. Lisa sais she hadn't counted on me wearing her panties, but did think at the least she would get to jerk me off and maybe get me to lick her pussy.

The Little Lady Finds Herself

fetish lesliejones 2018-03-02

Karen couldn't believe that she began to feel sorry for Em's older sister, Leslie, when she saw her between Emily's lovely spread legs licking her friend's oozing quim. Emily was apparently affected by this attitude and took her sister in her arms and began to make love to her, playing with Leslie's ample breasts and then softly teasing her now rising clit. Emily said she needed a break so Leslie took little Karen in her arms and began stimulating the girl's smaller breasts but softly massaging her thin-lipped quim. Emily got up and answered the intercom, returning to tell the girls to get dressed because it was her oldest sister, Linda, who was several years older than Leslie.

A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-03-01

Dianne and Jason, both in their 20s, had low-paying jobs so they had been subjected by their mother to being ruled at home by the 35-year-old Grace. "However," she went on quickly, "your mother has told me about something she just experienced that will result in her being disciplined." With that sentence unleashing a torrent of anticipation in Dianne and Jason, and now well-justified fear on the part of Samantha, Grace turned to her employer. "You apparently were unable to hold your pee until you reached the toilet," Grace lectured Samantha as all could now see the large yellow stain in the gusset of the white panties.

Joan Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-03-01

For the three—Emily, 28, Ken, 30, and Jill, 32—the humiliation of reporting to their youngest sister, who was only 24, for punishment had started to fade as they faced living their lives. Andrea kept herself in place although she now feared for how long this punishment might proceed, and worried that she either would jump up at a stroke or possibly lose control of her sphincter and humiliatingly pee herself all over Joan's tweed skirt and hose. "Jill," she said with a grin, "it was bad enough when your mother spanked you but now, your youngest sister exercises that kind of authority?" When Clarice complied, Jill reached into her handbag and retrieved a small rod much like the one that Joan had applied earlier to Andrea's bared bottom.

Wedding Day Masturbation

fetish tcg 2018-03-01

After about 15 minutes I heard the to the bar room open and turned to see my fiancé's girlfriend Jennifer walk in through the door. We started talking loudly and drinking as the limo pulled away from the hotel making its way to the church. I watched as Jens hands slowly started to slide up her thighs but they stopped when her fingertips got to the bottom of her dress. With that said her fingers slowly started to pull her dress up her thighs until the bottom of it rested on her stomach exposing her panties to me. She looked so sexy sitting in her chair with her dressed pulled up around her waist and her finger slowly rubbing her clit.

I gave my friend a pair of my wife`s panties

fetish tcg 2018-03-01

I listen interested in what happened next as Sharon proceeds to tell me Jeff joked around making some comment about all her bra`s and panties. That night when the timing was right I handed her the washed panties saying Jeff wondered if he could get another pair to enjoy? I had her strip as practice pretending Jeff would be watching as my wife got down to her bra and panties. Jeff was naked as well standing at the end of the bed holding her panties stroking his very large swollen cock. For the next year or so when my wife was in a extra naughty mood she would hand me a pair of her panties and ask me if I would give them to Jeff.

Teen Diaries 16 - Wet Panties

fetish TeenDiaries 2018-03-01

He took the pair he was holding in his hand and stuck the crotch part in his mouth and started sucking on it, making a pleasurable face. Jack stopped kissing me as he lifted up the bottom portion of my bra and reached his index finger up to hook the loop of my panties. As I started to cum hard, Jack pulled my panties back over to cover my pussy and pressed his mouth against me as I came in them. His face turned bright red as he started to yell, thrusting his dick deep inside my pussy and holding it there. I sucked it off my fingers, wishing my boyfriend's cum was more like Jack's.

My Panties

fetish rsvlbimwm 2018-02-28

Last week I was having a particularly bad day and needed to get out of the office.  I wanted to do something for me, to make me feel good.  So I went to Walmart and bought some ladies undies.  I got a five-pack of the boyshort style in a spandex type material.  Then I drove to my favorite park and changed into a pair in the restroom.  And I almost came in my new panties as soon as I put them on!  What a thrill! 

Emmy's Games (Chapter 2)

fetish hummmph 2018-02-28

I step on gingerly, being careful not to expose my stockings and suspender belt or let my cum filled condom slip off my cock, butt plug still vibrating away in my ass. As I see them part the light comes on in the house and I can see Emmy standing on the other side of the window, wearing very little, her legs spread apart slightly in a Wonder Woman-like pose, hands on her hips. The doors slide open slowly in front of my face and Emmy takes up position beside me, her fingers reaching down my ass crack giving my cummy asshole a little rub. I can feel the hands holding the panties release my ass and the cock slowly pull out of my asshole.

Wife explains the cum in her panties

fetish woreout 2018-02-27

One night when we had all retired to our own motel rooms as my wife was getting ready for bed she let it slip that Jon made her pussy wet. This gave me an instant hard on and soon I was pumping my little guy in and out of my wife's shaved pussy. She crawled out of the bed butt naked and as she headed toward the shower she looked over her shoulder and said he will get my pussy but I don't know when. Well the morning we where all leaving as we loaded up the guy that rode with Jon said he would like to ride some of the way home in my 33 Chevrolet.

Mother Dear Pt. 01

fetish keptsissy 2018-02-26

A son that not only was a sissy boy that did very dirty and naughty things while he still lived in my house, dirty things for our next door neighbor, but a naughty little boy that liked to dress up in his mother's underpants too. Tell me you'd like mama to touch your little dick with her hand. I start to stammer, talk softly so that only she can hear, feel my face flush bright red. I masturbated thinking of things she has done, heard through her bedroom door when she was with a boyfriend, seen through the heating grate in the floor from my basement vantage point when I still lived at home with her. Let's go get my little boy naked and start his first naughty inspection in front of his mother, shall we?"


fetish DLizze 2018-02-26

Now that you’re back, I think it’s time we did something about that little tiny – it’s too small to call it a cock, don’t you agree? I guess just thinking about it makes your little dicklet stick out. I’m a little horny, and we both know you can’t help that, can you? Your pathetic little tongue isn’t any better than your dicklet. Like I said, two – maybe three fingers at most, because it’s so little. I think they’d like to see the little bunny tail peeking out beneath the ruffles. Until then, you can keep quiet, like a nice little sissy boy. You know I don’t mean to really hurt you, and sometimes, I get a little carried away.

Husband gives the neighbor his wifes panties

fetish tcg 2018-02-26

For example, Jim knows I've always had some exhibitionist tendencies, and every now and then, we do something insanely wild like going to the mall with no panties on, and he'll watch while I shop for shoes, teasing some poor salesman with little peeks between my legs, or, sit across from some man in the food court and innocently let my knees fall open. That night, when I played my little game and pretended to go out with my old boyfriend, he wasted no time in pulling my skirt up, my panties down, and putting his face right into my pussy and licking and sucking me.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 08

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-02-25

They proceeded to their own bedroom where, after checking to see that Kathy, Jamie's sister, was asleep in the guest room, they more or less fell into their bed, totally wiped out by the evening at Claire's. "You will be spanked whenever any of us feels you need it," Karen said rather offhandedly, and she reached down to unbutton the dropseat in Kathy's pajamas that would expose her bare bottom. "Yes, Miss Karen, I couldn't...couldn't keep my doody from coming out," Kathy confessed, shamed to her core and her face now as red as her spanked bottom.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-02-25

"Well," Karen responded, "perhaps he also figured that if he got a job and managed to make it work, he'd get away from being disciplined by me and humiliated, you know, like when you had me supervise him in the bathroom." She still blushed when she described how she had learned to exercise her feminine dominance over the handsome Jamie. Jamie noticed very quickly that Karen was being quite nice to him and he started looking at her for the first time as someone other than his embarrassing supervisor, heck, babysitter to put it bluntly, and now saw an attractive woman he could see himself spending time with. Jamie moved between Karen's legs and began kissing her calves then thighs, making her yearn to feel that massaging tongue right on her cunt.