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Cherries and Cream

fetish Darla_Darling 2018-08-19

There are only so many times I could sweep the floors and scrub the milkshake machine before I began to feel like my actions were kind of redundant. A peculiar thing I remember about that shop was that there was a big glass mirror on the wall behind the counter, which I guess the owner had installed because she thought that it gave the illusion of more space. Even the cupboards behind the counter going down to the floor were covered in mirror glass, so that if you leaned forward too far when you were scooping up ice cream customers could look up your skirt. I guess it was a good thing, huh?" He was slightly turned away from me, I believe in the vain hope that I hadn't noticed his (rather impressive) swelling.

Faceless Fuck Toy

fetish juliafaire 2018-08-12

The workshop room is huge; larger than life posters of gorgeous people hang down from all sides in various erotic poses, leather or latex adorning some, others only in sexy shoes or bondage gear. Tears well up as I realize I can easily look deeply into other people's eyes, and transmit emotion, acceptance, caring, passion, love... Being spread, bound, vulnerable and stimulated before a room full of strangers while naked and hooded is an incredible, new sensation. I am unbound and led back to the back of the Stockroom, hood removed, rewarded with a hug and a kiss from my beloved Sir. I get dressed and walk out to the room I'd been publicly fucked in, now nearly empty of people.

Katy Masturbates in Public

fetish MichaelandKaty 2018-07-21

Believing I'd come up with a solution, before my next trip out of town I asked Katy to buy a pair of 100% cotton panties. Needless to say, Katy was less than enthused when I called from out of town asking if she was wearing her new cotton panties and if she was ready to masturbate in them for me. But as she is often prone to do, my wonderful wife surprised me one day upon returning from a trip to the mall, informing me she'd picked up a new pair of cotton panties from her favorite clothing store. She pulled on a mini dress over the leotard, turned the vibrator on, told me she loved me but was hoping she wouldn't hate me by the time she got home, and headed off to buy groceries.

Flying Blonde

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-02-15

They finally let us board the plane, so I quickly found my seat and pulled out my book. Surprised I hadn't noticed the beautiful shiny hair before, I rested my head next to the window, peeking between her seat and the hull of the plane, trying to see as much of her hair as I could. I was almost certain the woman with the beautiful hair was asleep, so I reached out a hand and let my fingers gently touch one of the curls. Trying to calm my breathing some so I didn't wake her, I grabbed the base of my cock and kind of twirled it, letting the hair wrap around it.

When You Gotta Go!

fetish Otazel 2017-10-06

Pushing her body against the slope reminded Heidi of her full bladder, but the combined sensations of grass and breeze were so good that she remained prone for the moment, just spreading her legs a little and gyrating her hips gently so as to give her pussy the maximum exposure to the air. But now she could reach her pussy properly, and so with her right hand between her legs and her left thrust under her top to massage her ample breasts, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the grass, succumbing entirely to her pleasure.