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Bound at the Art Show

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-22

When the vixen scurried out of his sight, her long, red dress setting off the hue of her fur with just the right note, he didn't think too much of it with the zebra fondling his horns. It didn't look like it should have shimmied up as far as it did, but it easily exposed her crotch to his muzzle and Goatie eagerly allowed himself to be drawn in, tongue flicking out to tease over her panties, already soaked with her own juices. She arched up to his muzzle as Goatie longed to roll his hips back onto the zebra's driving shaft, though he could not spare the time to be jealous as she ground her crotch on his nose and tongue, too keen for his attention to wait for him to use his tongue as he could.

Three Things You're Going To Do Ch. 02

fetish ticklechambers 2018-09-01

"No, I don't think so," he laughed knowingly, "It was not only a moment ago, if you remember that far back, that you declared how you hated me." He took hold of my hand and led me closer to the bed, I pulled back a little, testing his strength against my own, but it was of no use. "You see, once that balloon pops, I'll know for sure that you're turned on, and it'll be hilarious since you have had a balloon inside your little pussy the entire time." I was in silent thought for a moment then, until he finished, "and I know how badly you're clit wont be able to handle a vibrator."

Brier Rabbit

fetish DFrancis 2018-08-30

I'm like fucking BRIER RABBIT over here - you know the story? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT IN YOUR FUCKING ASS!" She yells "CLEAN THIS SHIT UP - FUCKING WHORE!!!" and goes and takes a shower. She's wearing one of my beaters and she's leaning WAY over the machine ...she's WAY up on her tippytoes and her ass is just suddenly WAY THE FUCK OUT THERE . She knows all she has to do to get fucked like an animal is to let me see her ass like that. She's got her little red rubber ponytail butt plug buried all the way in her ass. She's looking me right in the eye with that little smile.....

At My Pleasure

fetish Kevsta 2018-08-19

In dismay, you moan as your over-worked pussy forces the toy inside you out, bit by bit, your clit losing the nibbling vibrations of little rabbi ears first, you feel it travelling down the walls of your pussy, trying to clutch at it, till the tip slips out, brushing your tight bum as it drops to the bed. You feel the heel of my hand on your clit, teasing, as my fingers spread the lube through the fine hairs, round and down, over your bum cheeks, over your twitching little star, till there is no friction between my skin and your desire.


fetish Rain_Lover 2018-08-18

When you open your eyes and feel yourself stretched on the bed in soft bondage, I will be waiting for you. Finally I select a lilac clit tickler, a big thick flesh-pink dildo, and a red silk handkerchief. I wonder if you know the red lace crotch comes off with a few flick of the fingers, a few presses of the fasteners. I am up on the bed now, crouching over you, rubbing the red handkerchief between my legs, maddening you with my nearness, with the sight, the smell of me. Kicking off the red shoes, I swing forward until I am crouched over your face, seeking the mad urgency of your tongue.

The Colony Party Ch. 05

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-08-17

By the time the men finished giving Priya a high Asymmetrical-bob cut in which hair was cut above the nape at the back till ear level with a nape shave and the front covered the boobs, Priya was not concerned who was fucking her, she was completely engrossed in having an orgasm after another. Her fate got sealed as soon as she came across the 5 men, who wanted to punish her, the men slowly and gradually got permission to humiliate Priya, starting with cutting her hair till she begged them to fuck her the way they wanted.

Jemima is Your Oyster

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-08-15

Jemima had actually managed to fall into a fairly deep sleep inside the shell as she waited for her cue and so when the lid fully opened he was presented with the sight of a mermaid in slumber, curled into a foetal position with her tail hugged close to her body and her naked chest rising and falling with every breath. From there she released her muscles and allowed her body to relax, sliding around so that she ended on her side once more, but this time she propped her head up on her right hand and moved so that her tail beat in what would seem an unconscious motion.

Katy Masturbates in Public

fetish MichaelandKaty 2018-07-21

Believing I'd come up with a solution, before my next trip out of town I asked Katy to buy a pair of 100% cotton panties. Needless to say, Katy was less than enthused when I called from out of town asking if she was wearing her new cotton panties and if she was ready to masturbate in them for me. But as she is often prone to do, my wonderful wife surprised me one day upon returning from a trip to the mall, informing me she'd picked up a new pair of cotton panties from her favorite clothing store. She pulled on a mini dress over the leotard, turned the vibrator on, told me she loved me but was hoping she wouldn't hate me by the time she got home, and headed off to buy groceries.

Sweet Submission Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-05-24

I also like the giant double dong she makes me share that with a she-male, she has us lay down butt to butt and she works it up both of are assholes then she will take are cocks and put them together and suck both of them at the same time. She got carried away that night and made my ass bleed she was ramming my ass so hard then she reached up and grabbed my cock and jacked me off I shot my cum all over her cunt and she rubbed it into her pussy like it was lotion after she jerked the double dong out of my ass she made me suck on her clit till she cum twice then she rolled over and made me tongue her asshole out.

The Colony Party Ch. 03

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-04-29

Her naked-hairless body kept on stinging and later she started feeling the cold of the night, but before she could sneeze, her panties (which contained smell of her puke and still with her hair clippings on it) was forced back into her mouth. They took great care in drying her hair and Priya was just sitting like a puppet with no control yet over her body's motion but you could see the pleading yet the look of pleasure in her eyes. The men laughed at this and removed her panties and one of them said," Say that 'I am a masochist slave and masters please let me cum' we'll consider if you can have an orgasm or not." Priya had lost all her egoism, she just wanted to cum badly.

Bitch's World Ch. 04

fetish dominasolo 2018-04-26

Once they reached the doctor's clinic, Frank got Redhead off the truck and led her into the clinic. Frank walked in to find the doctor reading with his legs resting on a brunette whore's back. "Now now, Frank," said the doctor, inspecting Redhead's breasts, "I was just messing with you. Frank left the clinic feeling energetic, ready to go shopping after a long time. On looking closely, Frank saw wrist straps made of leather in the two front corners of the cage. The man walked the whore to the dysfunctional lamp post in the dark corner of the dingy lane, tied the leash to the post and drove away quickly, without another word.

Wife's Cum-Loving Husband Ch. 3

fetish Anal Slave 2018-02-04

All of a sudden she came into the room and told me to put the cock cage on she said she was going to have a sex toy party in a few days and she wanted to make sure I had plenty of cum. And then my wife made me get in front of all these ladies and jack my cock off for them, every time I was going to cum she would stop me. My wife said that if she bought a $100.00 dollars worth of sex toys that she could suck my cock. My wife shaves my balls and anal area before every party and the old women loved it, she said the last time she had a bald cock was in the seventh grade.

A Fantasy Continued

fetish Hubs_in_hose 2018-01-29

As more of the morning haze is cleared from my head, I feel the intensity and forcefulness of your stroking my cock increase. I watch you move that thick monster in and out of your sex, your pussy answering each of your thrusts with a squishy approval, and pleasure returning to your face. You push me back on the bed and start rubbing your toy against my still hard cock. Again you push that monster cock into me -- that dildo that just a few moments ago was buried deep into your pussy was now your cock fucking me, and I am liking it. My hands find their way to your nylon covered ass, pulling you closer to me, pushing the dong deeper into you and squeezing my cock tighter between us.

The Colony Party Ch. 04

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2017-12-28

Priyanka (Priya) was self-centred and egoistic had hair length below her knees until she across her classmates when she attended the New Year party being held at her colony. While the razor guys were cutting Priya's hair, other men were telling them, "Look you missed a strand of hair here" thus making the length shorter and shorter on her sides! At last the waxing guy finished and later the others applied shaving cream on the sides of Priya's head and shaved the stubbles and remaining hair off. FUCK ME you all God damn it!" The men were calm and composed while Priya was still blurting out the thinks that just came to her head. As soon as Priya signed the updated contract, the men burst with joy and got ready to fuck her.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 03

fetish jPhoenix 2017-12-13

Susan immediately set to washing my back and shoulders, working slowly and gently down each arm and taking extra time on my hands as our fingers entwined. Susan's scrubbing had slowed, and her tits were occasionally lifting off of the floor as she worked, and so I didn't need to wait for a reason to give her ample ass a firm slap. It was already late afternoon by the time that we finished, and not being able to immediately come up with anything else for Susan to clean and wanting to save my numerous ideas for torturing her further, I decided to indulge in my usual Saturday nap.

The Cult of Venus Ch. 02

fetish Iole 2017-12-12

Lila knew how the lounges were used because she had seen them demonstrated by some of the priestesses and their lovers in the Kama Sutra class, and she could guess at the purpose of the sex swing. Jody, a short, curvy brunette, who had won the last spin, lay on the ramp blindfolded with her head and shoulders downhill resting on the wedge and her legs hanging from the high end with her cunt perched on the edge ready to receive the cock of the next winner. When Lila stopped swimming a man approached her and placed a hand between her legs and bounced her up and down in the water.