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fetish MaxwellSpanx2015 2018-12-02

“I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam.” Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. It felt magical when I welcomed Linda home like the wife I wanted her to be. The natural musty perfume of her feet filtered into my nose, stirring my senses and making my cock rigid as I brought the shoe free from Linda’s foot. But like I said, after an hour I felt a huge burden had lifted.” Linda leaned back onto couch. I leaned forward and began worshipping Linda with my lips, kissing her outer ankle, before tasting the soft brown skin of her upper foot.


fetish Footwriter 2018-11-30

When Jerry came home from work that evening he was surprised to find his wife, Loren, seated, cross legged on the couch, shoes off, in her stocking feet. Come over here, Jerry, and help me put my stockings back on." Loren lifted her other leg, thrusting it forward. Jerry looked down and barely got another "um" out, as Loren said, "Come on, let's go. In the street, he couldn't help notice some of what he felt were stares of passers-by at Loren's short skirt, naked legs and stockingless feet bursting out of the new shoes. Suddenly uncomfortably aware of his erection, Jerry was only somewhat minimally relieved by the theater’s darkness… although the odd bulge in his trousers was becoming obvious as the man slid and adjusted Loren's flat shoe over her foot, holding it just a little too long.

Winter Break

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-30

Sometimes Jenna will make me sit on the floor while we watch movies or she'll rest her feet on me and ask if it's alright even though she knows damn well that I love every second of it. I got on my knees next to her bed, which wasn't even weird since she knew I liked being on the floor, and I was there to rub her feet after all. When I took off her lightly worn converse, Jenna told me that she was too tired to shower so she was sorry that her feet smelled. When we hugged goodbye, Jenna handed me her sweaty socks told me, "I know you'll enjoy these more than me."

Fancy Free

fetish Footwriter 2018-11-29

“Oh, oh,” he said, “I think I’m in for it now.” He stroked his chin as his eyes followed Loren, then muttered to Jerry, “Actually, I do like the shoes. Let’s see how I look.” Loren bent over, removed her flip-flops and started across the room in her stocking feet. Charlie said, “I don’t think you need to encourage Loren, Lily. Someone put music on and as Charlie looked up he noticed several of the women had apparently followed the lead of Lily and Loren and had removed their shoes. During the coffee and pastry service, Jerry bent down for another surreptitious peek beneath the table and this time spied Lily with her hand under Loren's skirt somewhere above Loren’s upper thigh.

Trip To The Store - Part 3

fetish mikedatech2 2018-11-29

Marisa then shocked me again; she put her feet into the pair, sat down on the counter, and then quickly wrapped her legs around my arms and torso. "I’m fond of small crunchy dill pickles, particularly the deli variety." Marisa shrieked, grabbed me by the ears and plunged my head back down between her legs. I raised up the jar and said, "Which ones would you like?" Marisa said in a little girly-girl voice, "Oh, I’ll take one thick one and two small ones." I paid close attention as she took the thickest one she could find, hiked up her skirt, pulled aside her underwear and slid it up inside herself.

Taking Care Of Business Chapter 1

fetish Cherism 2018-11-26

Mr. Gibson plopped her onto his desk and continued to run his hands over her legs. She felt his hot, moist mouth through the hose as his tongue worked her toes just as if they were her clit. He wanted Marcy to get under his desk and give him a blow job during the meeting. Mr. Gibson stood and shook his hand, taking care to hide his throbbing cock pressing against his pants. She swallowed the full length of him, pulling back slowly, leaving just the tip of his cock in her mouth, running her tongue around the width. The two men were done with their meeting and out of instinct, Mr. Gibson rose to shake hands with Mr. Lewis.

Working At The Shoe Store

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-25

“You’re so fucking gorgeous.  You have the greatest feet I’ve ever seen.  I got so excited and needed to pleasure myself.  I have a foot fetish.  Please don’t tell my manager.  I’ll give you any pair of shoes you want in the store.  Just don’t say anything.” “Any pair of shoes I want?  How nice of you.  Don’t sweat it!  Everybody has something kinky in their lives.  You got excited because of me?  Fuck, that’s so sexy.  I could suck your cock if you want?  I have a strange obsession for cum myself.  I love to suck dicks.  You’re so scrumptious looking yourself.  I bet you have a really big cock?”

Sensual Scenes: Patent Pumps

fetish CumGirl 2018-11-18

I tiptoe across the shop; calves taught, thighs extended, a tap of metal, a swish of nylon clad leg, the soft gentle pressure of my thighs caressing my swollen labia with every step as I allow my hips to find the rhythm of my feet and my bottom to wiggle beneath the second skin of my dress. I reach the end of the walkway; wobble uncertain of how to turn, my legs jelly, my body flushed with excitement, the pressure spreading ever upwards through my delicate shaking legs to vibrate in the glowing furnace of my pussy. I stand there a moment panting as my body shakes beneath me before slowly opening my eyes and allowing myself to return to the here and now.

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet?

fetish Footscribe 2018-11-10

Seem a bit quiet," she said nonchalantly as she unknowingly slipped the nyloned toes of her let foot under the cuff of the right leg of my shorts. "Think I'll help myself to another Breezer," she said as she swung around to grab a bottle from the back seat, finally planting the arch of her sweaty little nyloned foot squarely on my trapped dick. It gets me so horny knowing you've spent the last year and a half lusting after me, dreaming of the day when I'd grind my panty-clad ass cheeks against your face, chest, and hard dick before my beautiful feet would stroke your hard cock and make it cum harder."

My Friend's Mom's High Heels

fetish footobsession 2018-11-02

Watching this intensely authoritative milf with amazing feet yell at us got me hard every time. One day after she finished yelling at us for God knows what (it is far too long ago to remember those specifics) Jon was super pissed off and decided to go take a shower. Despite my fear, the fact that I had just came in Donna’s heels, my best friend’s bitchy businesswoman milf of a mother turned me on immensely. Shortly afterward, Jon got out of the shower and he and I went up to his room to smoke and game and what not. My cock was growing rock hard as I watched Donna leave for work wearing that very pair of heels that were now soaked in my cum.

Erin and the Shoe Store

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-10-30

Erin wrapped her cum-covered bare feet around Samantha's enormous cock and began thrusting the huge dick in between her soft wrinkle and gooey soles. All the midgets' cocks grew huge inside their tight pants, as Erin's bare feet and toes came into view. The two midgets that sucked on her milk-filled balloons for a long time, finally unleashed their huge dicks and began slapping them against Erin's breasts. Erin's nipples started spurting out breast milk onto the thrusting midgets, as her enormous jugs bounced and wobbled up and down their cock wildly. The midget at Erin's feet, pounded away between her arches and his large hairy balls slapped against her soft soles.

Elsie's letting go

fetish edgy 2018-10-29

She covers her eyes with her left hand, still trying to hide from him, in vain, the vast expanse of hair he had only glimpsed the edges of in the bathroom. Both hands slide from her ankles to the instep of her long feet where he squeezes gently, transfixed. The answer he prefers, never having attempted to confirm or deny it, is that, pubic hair is like, well, landing lights at an airport. Be that as it may, the feel of her feet in his hands overcomes his mind, though not his eyes. He wants to abuse her feet, to send a signal all the way through that long frame to the worried mind so he kneads and twists, pulls and jabs.

Revenge Pt. 02 Day 01: His View

fetish JacobRain 2018-09-24

She looked me in the eyes and said "I want you to ask me to be your mistress for a full twenty four hours. Without moving her feet she bent her knees and placed my tie under the toes of her shoes pulling it tight so that I felt a little pressure on the back of my neck. If you would like I can flip around so that you may admire my feet in the black silken mist while I do so?" I remembered telling her last month how much I would enjoy that, but at this moment I just needed to be inside her. She smiled at me in a way that said she liked my answer then lifted herself up and slowly slid me inside her.

Taylar's Awakening Ch. 02

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-09-16

"Wait here Taylar, I'll only be back in a few minutes." Stephie took the guy and went back. Like I've said, Stephie's feet are a little bit larger then the rest of her body, making her trip over them if she wasn't paying attention. The counter guy took her feet up to her face and started licking them. It felt even better when he took my toes in his mouth, sucking on them longer and harder than I really wanted him to, but I was determined to get those shoes. "Thank you...honestly, the thought of him licking my feet wasn't very attractive." I gave her a smile and walked up to the counter.

Lydia: A Prologue

fetish MissKaneda 2018-09-12

The instant he felt her warm toes touch the side of his face, the salesman took a sharp, indignant breath and jerked his head back to reflexively glare at the woman, but she was too occupied with pulling her phone from her bag and checking something on it while she waited for him to remove her other boot. Lydia softly breathed as she watched the boy guide the immaculate shoe onto her eagerly awaiting toes, even letting a soft sigh of contentment leave her as her heel settled into the back of the pump and she experienced the rich, virgin leather yielding to the curves of her foot for the first time. His rather forced conversation lost its way very quickly as Lydia lifted her foot and let the platform sole of her shoe settle on the man's shoulder.

Lavender Salts and Apricot Kernels

fetish noisymother 2018-09-07

She stretches her feet out, I love the way she can spread out the toes on her left foot, but not on the right. I move the bowl closer and she slides her feet into the cloudy scented water, letting out a soft and sensual sigh, her entire body relaxing as the gentle heat penetrates her feet. I dry her heels, raising her feet to my lips to kiss the scar tissue there from ill fitting shoes worn as a vain teenager. At the same time, my fingertips massage the balls of her feet to her heels, strong, deep, yet gentle rubbing away the stress of her day.

My grandmothers s****rs sneakers and boots

fetish 2018-09-05

I looked down at her feet and her Freestyle was totaly soaked in water, I could hear the water around her toes and under her foot when she walked. I couldn´t beleve my ears when she said that, I was so horny and couldn´t look at annything else than her sexy, wet Freestyles! I pulled my pants down and quickly putted my cock down into her right shoe. I went into the kitchen and she gave me a beer, we sat there and just talked. I went out in the hall and on the way I saw a really hot pair of boots with the brans "TP", Ten Point. My cock immediately started to grow again by the feeling of having her hot shoes on me.

The Singer

fetish silverstud66 2018-08-28

"Bring me my boots," she said as I walked past them, "and come and stand next to me," – I handed them to her and stood next to the drawers, "you may kiss my neck," she said, and she looked intimate as I pecked it in a circle, occasionally peaking through my otherwise closed eyes – I could feel the tough outside of the boots rubbing against my naked thighs until she began placing one around my cock, rubbing the soft lining up and down my ridge, my dick flinching at the feeling as I fought harder and harder to control myself until I let out a 'ahhh'.

If the Shoe Fits

fetish pedicur8her 2018-08-27

"I see you really like my shoes now", she said teasingly, rubbing the pre-come over the head of my throbbing cock. I could feel her tongue flicking and caressing the head of my cock as her lips nibbled and sucked the shaft protruding from the toe of her shoe. She looked up at me and said, matter-of-factly, "Well, you're going to have to come in my mouth then," and wrapped her lips over the head again as her eyes flashed, daring me. She reached up, unbuckled her shoe, and kissed up the last drops of come from the head of my soft cock.


fetish Rain_Lover 2018-08-18

When you open your eyes and feel yourself stretched on the bed in soft bondage, I will be waiting for you. Finally I select a lilac clit tickler, a big thick flesh-pink dildo, and a red silk handkerchief. I wonder if you know the red lace crotch comes off with a few flick of the fingers, a few presses of the fasteners. I am up on the bed now, crouching over you, rubbing the red handkerchief between my legs, maddening you with my nearness, with the sight, the smell of me. Kicking off the red shoes, I swing forward until I am crouched over your face, seeking the mad urgency of your tongue.

Dinner Table Tease

fetish pedicur8her 2018-08-18

I knew there must be a growing wet spot showing through my pants over the head of my cock from my pre-come the arousal her teasing toes were creating. I squirmed as I realized it was my pre-come on her finger and gasped softly as she, after a quick glance at our table companions, stuck her fingertip between her lips and sucked on it like a small cock. The feeling was incredibly erotic and I grabbed her foot and shoe in my hands and started stroking my cock in and out between them. With a final moan, and a final thrust, my over stimulated cock surged, spurting come onto her foot, her shoe, her leg, some drops even landed on her pussy.

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym

fetish SluttyMallory 2018-08-17

John's heart leapt in his chest as he approached the mat, noticing that Jenny had left her shoes out with her sweaty socks still inside when she went to lay down. Four streams of cum spurted from John's head and began soaking into the sole of the sweaty, stinky gym shoe. John turned slightly pale as he realized Jenny had left her socks inside her shoes earlier, and breathed a sigh of relief as she picked them up and began pulling them over her long toes. John's swollen penis gently pressed against Jenny's leg during the embrace leaving him with a smile on his face as he walked to his room fantasizing about Jenny's reaction to all the "sweat" she'd find when she took off her gym shoe.

Sweet Feet

fetish TonyDowse 2018-08-11

I led her to a seat and sat on the fitting-stool in front of her and, as she removed one shoe and then lifted her foot into my waiting hand, flicked my eyes up and gave her a small, nervous smile, noticing that her face seemed almost as tense as I was feeling. We must have spent at least twenty to thirty minutes at what by then I felt sure was a mutually stimulating activity, she giving me the pleasure of handling her stockinged feet with growing intimacy between each pair of shoes she tried on.

"Are they Nice?"

fetish FootnoteFetish 2018-08-08

We were out shopping, browsing for interesting vegetables that were also on special offer, and had decided to pop up for a quick look upstairs: on the floor with lingerie, underthings, and shoes. "Mm?" She glanced at my face, at my eyes, and then followed my gaze to pair of strappy black heels, sitting on the top of a display of shoes. "Yes. They are Nice Shoes." "Could you help me with the zip?" She looked up at me as she asked, watching my expression, her face a picture of girlish innocence. I sank down to one knee, set down my shopping basket, and cupped the heel of her foot in one hand, carefully sliding the shoe on with the other- her very own perverted Prince Charming.