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Mature Bliss Ch. 02

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-26

She wore the same black woollen morning coat, but she let it hang open to reveal a long and fuzzy black sweater underneath, and her legs were covered in brushed mohair legwarmers from her high-heeled slippers to above her knee. She played a drawn-out teasing game, opening and closing her legs, stroking her thighs and all the time playing with her pussy covered by the black, furry panties. And as you do so, I want you to imagine all the kinds of weird sex acts this puffy, sloppy, wet and willing cunt has experienced over the years, the fingers that have explored it, the stiff dicks that have hammered it and the tongues that have worshipped it.

Mature Bliss Ch. 03

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-19

She expected him to worship her legs, and I could see him touching her soft legwarmers, letting his hands float gingerly over the soft fuzz and feel his way upwards towards her knees and thighs. She ordered him to worship pussy, and I could see his hands grabbing her thighs and from the motions of her hips it was evident that he was eating her out with great fervour, and that she was grinding her crotch all over his upturned face. One soft coat had come off its hanger and fallen into my lap, and I hugged it and used it to caress my cheeks and my neck, still with my eyes glued to the strange scenario before me: my uptight stepfather being drilled in the ass by a mature slut and loving it, begging for it.

The maid's striptease and pee show

fetish pomman 2018-11-13

I guess, "Well, maybe you have seen some girls peeing in the woods on the way home from school." No, but he says I am close. One night I cannot sleep, I think about the look on Spencer's face when he saw me sitting on the toilet. As I stand up one day I shall be working at the family Pipp-Thompson's house, I take courage and decide to ask Spencer if he wants me to pee for him — the way I want to do it. "Take your time, Josie," Spencer says as he looks at my breasts, which stick out between the sides of my dress.

Catholic Nun Strips Naked During Church Services

fetish 2018-08-06

My speech lasts about ten minutes then I address the audience and ask if there is a young man in the crowd that would like to come up on stage and help me demonstrate the sin of having sex before marriage. As I stroke the young man's cock back and forth, I look over at the congregation and say, "Praise the Lord for delivering this evil for us to witness!" I take about four or five inches of the young man's cock inside me and pause a moment for Jesus to forgive me, then begin rocking back and forth. The congregation gets to their feet and begins applauding as I walk naked back and forth across the stage with my arms extended upwards to show off every inch of my magnificently toned slender body.

Texas Traveler

fetish Shale 2018-08-06

When I got back with the beers he was leaning against the headboard, shirt open, long legs stretched out on the bed, and large white feet enjoying some needed air. The armpit smell wafted up on the warm air from his bare chest as I leaned my mouth toward his. I slid it back, releasing the smell of three days of accumulated smegma, but it blended into a symphony of personal odors that were now in the air or smeared on my mustache and face. While rolling one on my dripping cock, Brad said he always wondered how a girl felt having someone inside her. Putting the head of my cock on the circle, it parted slightly as I pushed forward but tightened inside.

Auntie Susan and the young hotel voyeur

fetish suebbwsue 2018-07-05

My 44dd’s bounced wildly out of my big bra and all the time my husband was groping and sucking them I pushed them right out for the young man. I faced the window where the young man was watching and put one leg on a chair and held my cunt lips open for my husbands wagging tongue. All that mattered to me was that my husband licked and sucked my cunt as hard and as fast as he could as I imagined the young man staring at the sight before him. As we were side on to the young man's view, I made sure I had dipped my back and my big arse was sticking right up in the air for the fuck action.

Cum Stained Nylons

fetish ualmech88 2018-06-27

"Well Jimmy," she cooed, "I have noticed you admiring my stockings and was wondering if you might like to feel them as a special thank you for being such a good boy." Jimmy obeyed and stood in front of the love seat while Veronica removed her three inch pumps and then reached out with a stockinged foot to caress the boys hard on through his shorts. Jimmy moaned, and placing his hands on each of her calves, he stroked the silky stockings while rocking his hips and thrusting his young cock between the cougars feet. Jimmy was trembling and almost lost his balance before sinking back into the love seat, his shorts still around his ankles, his ten inch cock finally softening, and a look of rapture on his eighteen year old face.

The Semen-ator Pt. 01

fetish mindingutter 2018-06-26

The stranger's hands and knees continued to grip and control Connor's body, moving quickly to counter any attempts the young man made to escape. A moment later a grunt echoed through the room and several long, thick ribbons of sperm splattered into out-of-breath Connor's eyes, all over his nose, cheeks and into his partially open mouth. Not out here!" the young man yelled in shock as he felt the cool night air on his cheeks, thighs and nuts, in disbelief that the guy was going to fuck him right there, nearly in public. "Another lucky night!" the stranger said just before lining up and forcing his dick into Connor's puckered, hairless brown hole, causing a long, loud outcry that echoed from beneath the Civic's dirty hood.

Loving the Tutor's Feet

fetish licksit 2018-06-01

Tommy tried to look at Edith's face but her swinging foot and shapely legs and thighs kept distracting him. Tommy stared at her naked feet, painted toes, and then up her sexy legs to her tiny bikini panties which barely covered her pussy lips. All he knew was that he wanted to take Monica's foot in his hands and kiss and lick and suck on it and then her pussy. She had anticipated spending time getting Tommy to reveal his compulsion and to get him where she wanted him, his head between her thighs, after a suitable period of foot and shoe worshiping, of course. Tommy would at the beginning of the\tutoring session recite his lesson for the day and then he would love her feet and pussy until the hour was over.

Taste Test

fetish Jamie_in_dresses 2018-05-29

Come on sweetie, one little taste wont kill you." She rested her fingers on my lips stroking them back and forth as she gripped my cock hard, staring me down until I gave in and parted my lips slightly. Lick them clean, taste all that sticky boy cum." She was fucking my mouth with her fingers and I was sucking them eagerly. Stroking my now very hard cock, she grinned her dirtiest grin and said, "I have the perfect tool for you, little boy." She fucked my face, one hand holding the back of my head, whilst I sucked greedily on her cock and reveled in the mixed tastes of her and I.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 06

fetish Paradiggler 2018-05-17

On a subsequent babysitting evening with Brian, Elaine had decided that it might be a nice idea to throw the young man a bone, so to speak, by leaving some of her soiled underwear in places that they could be readily located for someone who may be looking for such things. Knowing Elaine as I did, I knew there would have been some healthy stains for the young man to enjoy and at the very least, some nice strong vaginal odour still contained within the interiors of her soiled knickers.

Kinky Boss Pt. 02: Under the table

fetish freeman64 2018-05-05

The woman met him at the store and asked him to bring him stuff, a list for which she had ready, and gave him a girlie magazine and wanted a porn movie. The next day also she let him lick her for a long time and asked him whether he wanted to make love to her. She continued: "Would you like to sit under a table, unseen, and lick a woman as she went about talking on phone, signing files and people coming to see her." His heart chugged like a train and almost stopped when she opened her thighs displaying a clean shaven pussy which was bigger than that of his woman enticer.

C Is For Candymaker

fetish velvetpie 2018-02-26

Sam kept up a general conversation the entire time, skillfully avoiding details about my present and playing footsie with me. “I couldn’t help it.” She was clearly not going to tell me what my birthday present was and was obscenely happy with herself. I felt vulnerable, standing in a strange place, totally naked, but I kept reminding myself that I trusted Sam. She gave me a long, deep kiss, her fingers moving through my hair, leaving me breathless. I recognized him as Sam’s father, Wei. He smiled and bent to give me a kiss on my mouth, giving my breasts a gentle caress. “You wouldn’t tell me about my present.” I probed a little deeper, tasting her sweet cum.

Burgundy Lips Ch. 02

fetish qdata 2018-02-01

Her ample body was soon slick with suds and I found myself enjoying the feel of her slippery flesh as I carefully washed away the lipstick marks I had implanted on her earlier. "Fuck me doggy fashion, long and slow." She reached between her legs and parted her pussy lips so I guided my prick into the gaping gash and pushed until my belly was pressed against the generous cushion of her buttocks. Some time later I woke, feeling surrounded by soft flesh; I briefly wondered where I was as I became conscious of a heavy arm drooped across my body and playing with my totally quiescent tool, then my marathon session with Elizabeth.

Nurse Maid by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-01-13

"May we wander around a bit," Petra asked, "just so we can get the feel of the place?!?" "Of course," Angie said quietly, "if you have any questions, just pick up one of the phones and I'll come right back, but if you decide you want a girl, just select one in an unused cubicle and have a good time!!!" As the two of them strolled around the interior of the ball room, they could see both men and women nestling up to large heavy breasts and nursing like babies!!!

The Stepmother Checkup Ch. 01

fetish Tribad 2017-11-28

Dana moved Peter's penis left, right, and up, examining it from all angles with lust in her eyes. At the young man's surprise, she removed her hands altogether, and watched from over Peter's shoulder as he began ejaculating. The young man began to growl in frustration from the interrupted stimulation, and Dana quickly grabbed his wrists to hold him in place. Dana looked at the glass panel, covered with an increasing number of white lines diverging from Peter's sex. Her left hand still on his chest, Dana pressed the young man's body against hers, caressing his sex as the last waves of pleasure coursed through his extremities. Dana put the glass on the bed, beneath the young man's sex, and opened the bedside table's drawer.

New England Romance

fetish malescheherazade 2017-10-21

His recent heartbreaks put him more in his head and, if one observed the young man stroking himself, his figure would appear so caved inward, his spine completely curved over like a mountain peak, that the observer may think him crying or desperately studying his own penis. She turned away from the young man, eyeing the street, the trees, the ice in all directions—then slowly turned her head back toward him. The young scholar felt tempted to study this pattern in his mind, but for now only the sensory quality of it lived in his bones: they walked on the street and the branches snapped off the trees, following their footsteps.