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Dirty old pervert 3

fetish megalanthropus 2018-12-04

To give the girls a good view, I climbed of the cunt mid-ejaculation and started pumping my cock in front of their cam, so that they could see the thick wads of jizz leap out my cock. I viewed them on my laptop, and saw them going through the usual motions of getting heated up, and sighing, and expressing disgust and lust in rapid succession, according to the actions I performed on the cam. For good measure, I fished my balls out of the side of my briefs as well, and without further ado, pushed my cock right into Pooja’s lovely young mouth, while I placed my hands in her lovely raven hair, and pushed her head towards it simultaneously.

Dirty Old Pervert 4

fetish megalanthropus 2018-11-14

It took me at least an hour to stop thinking horny thoughts about her dusky Indian face and her warm brown doe eyes, as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. She continued sucking Michael’s cock, and after another minute Michael gasped and said that he was going to come. It was slower process, since the heat of the first fuck was gone, but the three guys were young and prolific enough that they got hard when Judy went one to the other, sucking or pumping their cocks with her hand, as the occasion arose. Another ten minutes later Dashawn planted his mouth between her legs, while she sucked Michael’s cock, and gave Will a hand job.

Dirty old pervert 2

fetish megalanthropus 2018-11-05

So I took the day off from the wonderful activity and instead installed a small web cam outside their playroom window that would let me know when they were ready to watch me, and this time I made sure they couldn’t see my laptop screen, where I was going to be viewing the cam. “Our tutor is a piece of shit!” I heard Joy yell furiously, while Savannah had her eyes glued to the cam, and Pooja was already touching her own boobs. Joy was still furious, and continued to comment on what a creep and a dirty old pervert I was, while Pooja started playing with herself, and Savannah’s attention was riveted on the cam.

V_Squared Ch. 03

fetish Orbmansuper 2018-08-11

As she approached the sleeping dwarf, she looked on, in further awe, as Valia's left breast was pooling off the side of the bed while the right acted as a counterweight keeping the rest of her body on the bed. Delma, with a little hesitation, cupped the bottom of Valia's left breast and began to hoist it onto the bed. 'How in the hell is she going to look when she reaches full term?' Delma thought as she pictured Valia being able to use her breasts like a bridal trail and she having to haul them. Valia looked at Delma, smiling, her little-upturned nose smeared with sauce. "Um, wait, for what?" Delma looks to the little white-faced girl, slack-jawed.


fetish Girl Friend 2018-08-01

"O.k., but just a little bit of vodka and more orange juice." Layla said as Mr. Wilson once again went to get her drink. We could try some of the things in the movie and I am a mature older man who can teach you how to feel like a woman, Layla." Mr. Wilson said, surprising her. Now just sit back and watch the movie while I relax you." he said as he got down on his knees in front of Layla and placed his hand underneath her cheerleader skirt, pulled her white panties off and spread her thighs wide, exposing her pink swollen clit and making contact with his tongue, licking herr up and down.

The Landlord

fetish husband101 2018-07-23

They seemed happy together, but on a couple of occasions I'd walked into the building as Maya was leaving our landlord's apartment, much like Jess. "Come on, babe," she said, "why do you think I was gone so long when I went to 'talk' to Jethro about the rent check? They fuck me whenever they want, and they want it all the time, isn't that right little missy?" he said, and Jess nodded. "Fuck my pussy with that big cock of yours, Jethro, you own it now." And she came hard on him a second time, while he leered at me. "Maya says Tom loves sucking her pussy when it's full of Jethro's cum load, and I want you to give it a try, too."

Christmas Came Early

fetish Forfeel 2018-07-18

I went and sat in the living room and Alan headed off into the office only to return a few minutes later. Just get into bed with him pretending I had thought I was staying in that room. I started to spoon him and was running my hand down his chest until I got to his pants. His cock was hard so I leaned over him pulled his pants down a little exposing the tip, and started to suck on it. I moved his pants down a little more so i could suck more and grip his monster cock in my hand. With one hand he began feeling my sex the other he was stroking his cock.

Peachy Keen

fetish Fee_de_lune 2018-07-15

This time I'm ready to let him get his tongue inside me, this time I want to feel it slip wetly into me and he groans against me as he makes it inside. I wiggle my peachy arse against his hard cock and without another word, he lines it up against my slippery little hole, and begins to push. Each time he gently thrusts, I push out like he said, and slowly but surely he makes his way in until finally, his balls are resting against my pussy. He moves a hand down from my hip to slide a finger inside my cunt and the feeling of having two holes full of him is too much.

Filling Santa's Shoes

fetish Merlinslair 2018-06-22

After Eric was gone, I tried to be there to help like I said and one day Julie asked me, "Rand, can I get you to do me a BIG favor, PLEASE?" She looked at me with her big brown eyes and like always I started to melt, "Christmas is coming up and, well, Eric always used to play Santa for Suzie, would you, could you, do it this year. "So, if your done playing house with the little girls, how about slipping that sweet hard cock into my cunt, Santa?" she starts to stroke her clit and motions me closer. "Well then, you must want my cock inside your pussy pretty badly, huh?" Spreading her cheeks and teasing the puckered little hole, "But I want to fuck your ass, deep and hard.

Four Little Fetish Blips

fetish RedHairedandFriendly 2018-06-09

Mike dropped to his knees and buried his mouth against the silk covered pussy and breathed deep the scent of his "daughter." The girl was no relation to him, but she was the fuck he wanted and when she turned 18, admitted she wanted to be "Daddy's little girl," he was driving into her. "Ohhh fuck me Dad!" Melanie screamed as her ass lifted from the table and her fingers wrapped around her lover's head. Mike drank her up, pulled and twisted his fingers in and out of her until she was screaming again for her Daddy to fuck her with his massive cock. Melanie gasped when her pussy was stretched to accommodate his dick and as she was fucking her Daddy Mike was swatting his little girl's ass all afternoon.

V_Squared Ch. 02

fetish Orbmansuper 2018-04-29

I own a coffee shop so I keep a duplicate of the machine, at work, here for practice," Delma said, orange juice in hand, as she looked at her guest's confused face and sighed. The panties won't be an issue, though as far as bras go...let's just say I don't think I can help you," Delma went on to say, looking at the massive forms that hid beneath the large shirt. "Umm, what's with the outfit?" Valia asked, confused as to why Delma's rather large breasts were squeezed into plastic coconuts and her massive hips were barely covered by a skirt of fake grass. "So, how is the bra fitting ya?" Delma asked as she looked down at Valia, whose purple top bounced up and down with each step.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 07

fetish Drakon66 2018-04-29

Kelly and I had a quickie at lunch that wasn't so quick," Tina said with a laugh as she carried a stack of fresh towels and bed linens into the bedroom. These are very nice," Chloe said running her hands over Tina's firm pantyhose covered legs. Chloe circled the beautiful young woman like a panther about to pounce on its prey, running her hands over Tina's neck, shoulders and breasts. Those are very sexy tights," Tina said running her hand over Chloe's legs, "And they look sooo soft, but what's with the straps..." "It's my turn you little cock tease," Chloe growled, hooking her arms behind Tina's knees, laying the glistening dildo against her wet cleft. Chloe made short thrusts with her hips, sliding the cock along Tina's pussy lips and over her hard clit.

A Fetish Shared

fetish just_a_horny_guy 2018-04-29

"God Jim, if I'd know you were hiding this beauty in here I'd have had it a long time back!" One hand on my balls - the other on my cock she leans forward, sliding back the foreskin. The main thing running through my head at this moment was how little it was going to take to shoot my cream right down her throat, and I didn't want that just yet - so I pulled her to her feet, sliding out of the remainder of my clothes. Leaning back she aims the stream down to her clit as she spreads her legs on the floor of the shower and with a loud guttural moan cums, her whole body writhing in ecstasy as she explodes - her own piss erupting in a hot jet and hitting my own cock.

The Last Perverted Thing I Did

fetish oldtimeperv 2018-04-29

That Young tight pussy stretched wide, those hair covered lips raw and inflamed, and covered in man goo that leaked out each time my cock pulled back. Her girl juice shot out of her freshly fucked hole and soaked my dick, balls and belly, then dripped back down onto her cum soaked crotch, down the crack of her ass cheeks and soaked into my sheets. I couldn't even breath, my nose was wedged between those hairy wet cum covered lips and it rubbed her long protruding clit each time I dug my tongue back into her pussy to scoop out more of our mixed fuck juice.

Mr. Allen

fetish moterhead74 2018-01-29

She said "well, I was on my way home, when I saw your truck still in the parking lot, and I figured if you were still drinking, you wouldn't be in any shape to drive home, so I thought I'd stop by and offer you a ride." I told her she has to walk out first and I would make it look like I was calling a cab, even though this was totally innocent, people in town would have loved to start rumors about the teacher leaving with the young, former student. Hell, I even knew back in High school you looked at my legs, especially on days when I wore heels or boots."

BBW Xenia

fetish sarge13 2018-01-25

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Xenia peeking through the open shop door dressed to kill as usual. "Twenty years or so...even after my ex left me I couldn't bare to sell out." I said while I mentally told my cock not to stand up and salute her." I didn't feel like building another one." I was trying to be a gentleman and not stare. Xenia leaned back against the thickly padded edge of the counter and lifted her ass from the stool to pull her skirt up to her waist. Xenia giggled at that, and then pulled my face down to the sweet soft valley between her tits.

Daddy Calls Me Little Girl

fetish GregCoral 2018-01-03

I love how Daddy tremors whenever I press my tongue into that tiny hole trying to get every little drop of his precum, but I just have to feel his cock in my mouth. I know Daddy wants it too, because he is holding my head with both hands and slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I think he can read my mind, because he just says, "Tonight baby bitch, I want to cum in your perfect little ass." He couldn't have said anything sweeter to me. Daddy is going to want to feel my wet pussy on his hard cock.

The Arrangement

fetish LittleLady99 2017-12-09

It felt kind of romantic, and it made it seem, I don't know, like I didn't have to think for myself. I felt like a huge dork, and looked away without answering. A little roughly, he spread my legs wider and pulled my pussy lips open. It felt so good, I moaned again and started to press my legs closed. "I think I can forgive you, Amanda." And with that, I felt his finger slide back into me. Gently, pressing forward a little at a time, then withdrawing to rub more lubricant in, he started to slide his finger into my ass. It still felt weird, basically like I had to poop, but I wasn't going to say that, but it was numb enough that it didn't hurt at all anymore.

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 01

fetish bone251 2017-12-07

Rehearsal started and we just played like nothing else was said. When the zings of orgasm got hot for me I pulled out and licked her clit. That little ball busting stopped the almost cum from fucking her to a feeling of just being horny. She would get me right on the edge of cumming, then grab the balls with a choke hold and pull, giggle and squeeze. Every time I was stopped from cumming, Heather giggled. My cock would throb trying to cum and Heather was giggling and laughing. Heather said I gave her the best oral she ever had, and that she was going to keep me horny so I could be inspired to do more for her.

My Fetish for Old Men

fetish Forfeel 2017-12-07

I would click onto porn sites and get off watching a guy and a girl fuck. But as I started to watch it more and more the usual guy, girl type stuff didn't get me off no more. Just laying in the bath for a few minutes all sorts of thoughts began popping into my head. I thought about him watching me tease him getting turned on and his hard cock showing through his pants. I began playing with myself thinking about sucking the old guys hard cock on my sofa. It was all fantasy i didn't actually want anything to happen it just made me feel so dirty whenever I thought about it. Watching them stroke their cocks as I rubbed my pussy made me cum so hard.

Meet Your Destiny

fetish AngelusLamia 2017-11-30

"How else is a dirty whore to repent, except through pain?" He stalks to the armoire and retrieves a leather flogger, pulling his fingers through the knotted strands as he returns to her. "I let them put their cocks in my pussy Father." His hand gropes between her legs until he is twisting her cuntlips between his strong fingers, making her wince in pain. "Just look what you have done you filthy whore!" He holds his wet hand close to her face, grasping her hair to force her gaze upward. It's my duty to show you what a disgusting cum-dump you are." She turns her face away, but he just grabs a handful of strawberry-blonde and forces his cock between her lips.


fetish bjnightengale69 2017-11-22

"Darling you are so very responsive." He pushed her thong to the side and grazed her naked clit, pressing firmly he slapped her hard again on the ass. "Lovely darling, I know that you've been a very naughty young lady." She moaned in agreement and wriggled her ass, he slapped it forcefully. "You are so ready darling." She heard the crinkle of a wrapper and he slapped her again, and again, and again, the pain mounting, she moaned at the pleasure of the sting, he slapped her hard, lifted her hips and was inside her. "Oh bella, darling, I'd better finish you off." He pulled out quickly and flipped her over so that the belt bit even further into her wrists.

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 03

fetish ZotDragon 2017-11-10

"Want to celebrate my daughter's coming pregnancy?" she asked, then took my cock in her mouth without permission. It was more than passing strange watching Ivy fuck two different guys at the same time; the girl was insatiable. It wasn't long before both boys were on the bed with her, one was fucking her from behind, spooning her as they lay on the sides, the other received a rather delicate blowjob from Lilith's daughter. Besides, what eighteen year old boy wouldn't want to watch a couple of girls making love in front of him?" There was little left to say or do, though I desperately wanted to get in Ivy's cunt one more time, I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Amelia and the Tutor Ch. 01

fetish AllHeel 2017-10-29

She opened the attachment and laughed at the picture of a terrified looking middle aged man's face obscured by her friend's skirt, judging by the deep red of his forehead and the way his eyes were bulging out she judged he had been there for some time. She moaned and rocked on top of his face, he screamed "Princess" into her satin panties again and again and she yelled in pleasure, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling until his eyes watered. They walked downstairs, in the frosted glass of the front door they could see Amelia's' mother lifting bags from the car boot. Amelia's' mother called her into the kitchen, she pushed the satin panties into Mr. Daniels hand and he fumbled them into his satchel.