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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ted and I enjoy Lilly's soft body in the pool

fetish chrisjuhh 2018-08-12

See She has just lost a lot of weight and let me tell you she looks great ,but just not the body that I enjoy .I like curvy, thick, chubby , girls and so does Ted that’s why he enjoys Lilly so much. I then take his place behind my wife While Ted sits on the ladder and offers her his cock to suck while I’m fucking her bald loose pussy from behind. Ted and I sat up on the edge of the pool side by side while Lilly worked our cocks with her mouth. We then said our good byes and Ted and Deb left and Lilly and I went to bed.

Fucking a Stranger

fetish DonnaMayer 2018-08-12

One day I was tied blindfold and spread-eagled to his bed, sucking on his cock while he worked a dildo into me and told me how good it would be to see another guy fuck me, and as usual I was really getting into it. The stranger upped the tempo, fucking my asshole harder and faster, making me grunt in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as he reached round and mauled my tits, pinching my nipples hard. As I finished cumming, I felt the familiar throb of a cock on the verge of orgasm, but just as I was bracing myself in anticipation of receiving his load, he pulled out and got off the bed.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 21

fetish Many Feathers 2018-08-12

Already wet...which as I understood it, she was for much of the time now, according to dad, I slid easily inside her as she sat astride my cock and began to slowly work herself up and down my shaft while I in turn entertained myself, playing with her tits, and pulling on those rock hard nipples of hers. After my morning fuck-fest with Doreen, I was quite naturally hungry, heading downstairs for something to eat, surprised to actually run into Bella just as she was finishing up with her own breakfast. Totally up to you...but you need to decide now before I get all worked up," I said grabbing my own cock, shaking it back and forth a bit, letting it actually grow a little as I stood there doing that.

Panty Fetish

fetish satish89 2018-08-12

The sight of a girl leaning forward and exposing the waistband of her panties give me hard on. I remember one time a girl in my class wore a blue shirt and jeans, she leaned forward and i could get a perfect view of her brand of panties on the waistband. A few other times throught out my live Ive seen girl with her panties exposed when they lean forward it is such a turn on when they wear cotton panties. And this girl was leaning forward checking out the poker table and could see she ws wearing hanes her way panites. But i because of the distance I couldnt get a good close up of the waistband.

Hockey buddy and his wife - 3

fetish MassMan669 2018-08-12

When he was done Pete got on his knees and he and Katie licked and sucked my dick until all his cum was cleaned off. Lick it up!” I reached under and rubbed her clit quickly back and fourth and Pete focused on her rose bud as Katie had yet another orgasm. Then I said, “Get it good and wet for me.” She looked up at me with her twinkling blue eyes and said, “Yes, fuck my ass with this big dick.” She gave me a wet suck and I went around the couch and eased my cock into her rectum. I fucked her ass for a few minuets then Pete said, “Spread your legs.” He wiggled backwards between my legs and started licking Katie's clit while I fucked her ass.

Faceless Fuck Toy

fetish juliafaire 2018-08-12

The workshop room is huge; larger than life posters of gorgeous people hang down from all sides in various erotic poses, leather or latex adorning some, others only in sexy shoes or bondage gear. Tears well up as I realize I can easily look deeply into other people's eyes, and transmit emotion, acceptance, caring, passion, love... Being spread, bound, vulnerable and stimulated before a room full of strangers while naked and hooded is an incredible, new sensation. I am unbound and led back to the back of the Stockroom, hood removed, rewarded with a hug and a kiss from my beloved Sir. I get dressed and walk out to the room I'd been publicly fucked in, now nearly empty of people.

Birthday Cake

fetish RisiaSkye 2018-08-12

Honestly, I hadn't really given it much thought, other than to realize that I was in no way pleased about the prospect of this birthday; maybe for the first time in my life, it held little or no excitement. And, given that I was turning thirty-four, not twenty-four, the idea of hosting a big free-for-all, the kind of party you have when your friends have mostly moved away and you need to meet new people, just sounded sad and made me feel even older, not better. Then again, maybe it was the struggle for air, as I heard him saying these things with his cock buried down my throat, his hand wrapped up in my ponytail, guiding me up and down on him as he knelt by my head.

Well Booted...

fetish Lion24655 2018-08-12

There was something about leather boots that made Simon look at Miss Bloxham in a different way. Miss Bloxham took 10 minutes to make the coffee, giving Simon time to look around the room. Simon found it a bit embarrassing to be looking so overtly at a woman, particularly as severe as Miss Bloxham, but couldn't help looking at the boots. Suddenly Simon felt a pain on his thigh, a stinging pain, as Miss Bloxham had scraped his thigh with her boot. As Simon's cock shrank and slipped out of Miss Bloxham's pussy, he felt the stinging on his thighs and ass hurting more and more. After Simon had rolled off Miss Bloxham he looked down and saw where her boots had rubbed him, and where he had been kicked.

Smoking for Money Pt. 04

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-08-12

I managed a weak smile, then took another long drag, blowing a tight column of white smoke in his direction. To calm myself, I took an extremely long drag, and focused on blowing tiny tight smoke rings. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that as each smoke ring left my open lips, the fucking machine rammed the dildo into Brent's ass...balls deep. I began taking even deeper drags, holding them a long time, then blowing smoke rings. I took a double drag off my almost finished 120, letting the smoke partially escape my mouth, suck it back in, and blowing another narrow column of smoke, this time straight up at the ceiling. Before I arrived, a text came from Anna, giving me another set of possible times for my next modeling session with Brent.


fetish dgthomas 2018-08-12

His hand travels south and finds the hair on my cunt and pulls it again harder and I moan as he continues to kiss me. But patiently I wait as his hands roam my body rubbing the oil into my legs, my stomach, he spent some time fondling my breasts, paying close attention to my nipples watching me as he does this. "I wouldn't have had you shave if I wasn't going to fuck your cunt – maybe next time we'll fuck that ass of yours sore." He takes his cock in hand and smacks my pussy with it a few times and then directs me to hold my legs at the knees.


fetish phresh4hose 2018-08-12

"Finish your shower, hornball," I said as I shut the door and walked back to the room with my pantyhose in hand, smiling because he just couldn't handle it. I had no idea why my boyfriend was jacking off with my roommate's pantyhose, but the thought of Anne's hose in my hands and her wetness so close to my face sent me into a mental fit. "What the fuck?" I said to Jeremy and I turned, threw open the door, and stomped to Anne's door. From the corner of my eye, I watched Anne motion for Jeremy to come over behind me and soon I felt his hard, thick cock buried deep in my wet pussy.


fetish lucas123 2018-08-12

I was enjoying it so much I let out a quiet moan and as I did, I felt her toes wrap around my nose and her pushing her feet into my face harder. She took her feet from my face, sat up on the bed and said she wanted a bottle of water. She knows this is something I can NOT resist Cumming with, when she’s on top, I don’t last long at all, never mind having been made to inhale her feet and sneaker now for close to an hour!

What She Always Wanted

fetish Diderot 2018-08-12

So he gave her three more with the ruler, slightly overlapping, right on the fullest part of her very sexy ass, before he went to work with the slipper. She thought maybe if she was alone, not kneeling on the end of the bed in this humiliating position, she might even like it, a vibrator in her ass when she was home alone some night, masturbating before falling asleep. Here she was, a grown woman, a company executive, over 100 miles from home, kneeling on a bed in the hotel room of an almost complete stranger, a vibrator lodged firmly in her rectum, begging him to give her an enema.

Ex-girlfriend, Sarah the slut

fetish KevinGraves2 2018-08-12

I closed my eyes, loving having my breasts felt by two such good looking men. I put my hand on the arm of one of the men who were fondling my breasts for balance and lifted one leg up so my favourite man could pull them of my foot. He ran his hands up the inside of my thighs, right up to that place between my legs that so many men have wanted to go, and actually, quite a few have got there. My favourite man let my orgasm subside, then he did what I was desperate for, he half got on top of me, pushing his body up with his hands on the bed and his penis entered me.

Mom's Panties

fetish PmelCalTech 2018-08-12

Taking her mouth off my hardon she stood up, straddled me, pulled the panties away, then with one smooth stroke she lowered her body on me until my hardon was completely buried inside her. Soon we were both moaning and both our bodies tensed up, her began to shake again and with a mouth full of my moms breast I came deep inside her. Naked, she got up, kissed my limp noodle, tucked it in her panties then left for her room. As soon as dad left, mom told my s****r and I to strip to our panties, while she took off her robe, the only garment she had on.

d***k sex made him cum twice

fetish sexychick4303 2018-08-12

I said "mind if I have a beer and watch the game with yiu?" He said sure but pretty much ignored me. He said "I'm going to cum all over your tits". I said "my tits are covered in cum, we are going to make a mess!" He said he didn't care and began thrusting into me. I rode up and down on his rock hard cock and with each bounce some of the cum was dripping off my tits onto his chest. As I was about to wipe the cum of my face and tits he said I should leave it on because it turned him on. I felt pretty gross covered in his dry cum but I never seen a bigger smile on his face in my whole life!

Repent Ch. 03

fetish evol 1 2018-08-12

Then, letting his dick pop free, I looked up at him and said, “Enough fucking around Monsignor, Follow me so we can put that dick to use!” Damien bent forward a started kissing me deeply while I kept pounding Monsignor. Damien circled behind me pushed me flat against Monsignor and lifted my habit. As I was starting to get used to the dual invasion Monsignors dick began to swell again, stretching me as it did. I was moaning, writhing and pushing back to meet Damien’s assault when Monsignor started pumping me at an alternate pace. While fucking me Monsignor reached down and found the edge of my habit, with a few tugs it was completely removed from me and thrown to the floor.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 08

fetish sissymissyct 2018-08-12

"I want to suck cock for you Miss Maddy." I begged. After thinking about it for a bit Miss Maddy spoke up "Brenda, tonight I want you to ask, no, I want you to beg Miss Olga do permanent makeup for you when you are at her salon next time baby. I'm can't seem to remember how to do it right all the time and need to look pretty for Miss Maddy and Annie. Miss Maddy then dragged her hubby over and told him to suck Batman's cock. That gets saved for sissy Brenda." The Dr. got him right to the edge and as he was ready to shoot his load he turned and sprayed it all over and in the bound bimbos mouth and face.

Sugar & Spice

fetish Clemstra 2018-08-12

"Hey everyone" he yelled "I got a wish right" he looked to the genie? "Hey dude" he said to the genie, can you make her like sweet, you know like sugar and spice and everything nice" and he laughed drunkenly? "I have arranged to make her sweet, sugar and spice and everything nice just as you wished" said the genie. "Like dude, you can't think we are going to eat a friend" Bill was drunk but not totally out of it, I had a faint bit of hope. The chef started to pour warm chocolate all over me, then decorated me with icing rosettes on my breasts and stomach. "I was just singing, "I wish I was an Oscar Myer wiener." Like I remember from childhood, when I found this lamp" he says.

Adventures of a Hair Lover Ch. 03

fetish jazm49 2018-08-12

"I love to feel a man's cock get hard in my mouth," she said, lifting her head for just a moment. "For what it's worth," Heather said, "Cassie likes you too and I really don't think she wants to hurt anyone or take Mark away from you. Annie said that she and Heather hadn't gotten in until after three a.m. After we'd been talking for awhile Cassie woke up and joined us. "And yet you respond to me more fully than any man has for a long time." Once more I sensed the pain within her moving close to the surface and put my arms around her, feeling her large breasts press against me.

Open Marriage 01

fetish mumbai_cuckold 2018-08-12

But someday if I said, I want to cuckold you with some other man, would you seriously like it?" She rubbed her lovely breasts against my chest and hugged me closely. I am sure you will have lot of fun watching him fuck me like a rabbit." She laughed heartily and then got off the bed and dressed. "So what do you want to talk about?" She was wearing a sleeveless Punjabi dress and her lovely plump arms looked sexy. But if Zahid wants to give me some company, only socially, you won't mind, will you?" She played with my hair. Priyanka walked away to kitchen, but I couldn't help notice Zahid's eyes following her lovely ass swaying.

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 01

fetish footslave85 2018-08-12

To anyone watching her friendly "Welcome aboard babe" and direction for me to sit just a couple of rows back in the aisle was nothing out of the ordinary, but the mischievous grin on her face, the wink and the way she held on to my boarding pass just a little too long so I couldn't immediately walk off confirmed my embarrassment. I immediately dropped my gaze but then I was drawn to the floor at her feet and when I saw those sexy high heels covering her pretty little feet I was reminded of what happened and got embarrassed all over again.

My Girlfriend's son Pt. 4

fetish asatluvr 2018-08-12

Lily was awesome, I already loved her to death..her humor, her outright sexuality, that compact little body, her constant wet panties..the fact that she accepts me exactly as I am…then there is Tommie..the most beautiful sweetest, sexiest little girl in the world..except she’s a boy and I fucked that boy last night..and I loved it..It was something I had never felt before..sexual excitement so hot…my feelings once again started to overwhelm me…my cock once again raging..I stood under the hot water and stroked myself softly, then squeezing hard making it throb and pulse.

A Coming of Age

fetish soleful 2018-08-12

With my head now nearly level with the pedals, I watched in amazement as Sally's powerful booted foot stepped on her control box. Immediately she smiled warmly and said, “Entering Nanny mode, child on board!” The robot’s gloved hand proceeded to readjust the control that originally put me in the fetal position. Sally reached over with her free-gloved hand and turned the volume control on all the way so his pajamas forced him into a fetal position again, then she grasped Robert firmly around the chin and turned his head toward her. Sally decided to take another approach, letting go of his chin and readjusting the volume control letting Robert out of his fetal position, yet still bonding his hands.