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Homeschooled Ch. 02

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-06-26

His hands caressing her bare breasts, rubbing against her nipples, made Becky feel like swooning, and she leaned back against the desk, head back as she panted with pleasure. Mr. Troy slid two fingers inside of her, twisting her nipple at the same time, and she gasped and shuddered at the alternating waves of pain and pleasure that collided and mingled in her body, thrusting her hips and breasts forward with her need. "There is manual manipulation for pleasure, when practiced on a female it is usually referred to as fingering," Mr. Troy's smooth voice seemed to coat the exposed parts of her body, as his fingers moved back and forth inside of her tightness, spreading her open while cooler air pressed against the heated folds of her vagina.


Black Women Still Love Black Men

first-time Samuelx 2018-06-21

I sometimes wonder why so many young white women think all the black men on the planet are into them. With so many sexy black, Asian and Hispanic women out there for a tall, good-looking and college-educated brother like myself to choose from, why bother with some silly white bitches? Lots of young black men are into white women. It sounds like a good thing but more than once, someone has told me that I only got into SMTU because they wanted to increase the number of minority males on campus. The funny thing is that most of the young black men on campus had white or Hispanic girlfriends. They turn their backs on the black community because they think white men and white women love them.

Lost Virginity

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-06-09

"Sure" she said, still sweetly smiling, "But it was no mistake." As she whispered that to me she gave my swollen manhood a good squeeze. Part of me wanted to tell her this was not such a good idea, but the head in my pants told me to go for it. Breaking the kiss, she asked gently, "You feel better now?" A look of total embarrassment covered my face. Spreading her lips with my right hand, I slid one finger inside watching as my digit got swallowed up by her tightness. Settling down, I watched as my seed leaked from her for a moment before stuffing two fingers inside and rubbing my tongue on her swollen clit.

A Young Girls First Orgasm

first-time Avery13 2018-05-25

Quickly, Kathleen fucked herself with her two fingers knowing this time that she wasn't going to stop, she wanted this, she wanted release from her body, she wanted to feel what she had heard about from all her friends. No moan elicited from her lips, her mouth was etched in an O as her fingers worked liked a blur across her pussy and all of a sudden into her pillow again, and one long scream came from Kathleen as she experienced her first orgasm. Her fingers quickly stopped their amazingly fast pace across her slit and instead rubbed her clit and her very moist pussy and kept on working on it making it feel continually better.

Homeschooled Ch. 03

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-05-23

Mr. Troy knew exactly how to stroke the sensitive folds of her pussy, how to tease her swollen clit so that she was whimpering and shivering with how much she wanted the explosive pleasure that he'd begun to teach her about. Pulling on her nipples, harder and harder, as Mr. Troy licked and teased her, Becky's hips were moving up and down, trying to rub her pussy against his face. Becky writhed, her legs kicking and heels digging into Mr. Troy's back as he sucked hard and long on her clit, forcing her to ride out wave after wave of intense climax. Mr Troy's tongue resumed the long licks up and down her pussy, making her shudder every time he returned to tease her swollen clit, as little aftershocks of orgasm trickled through her.

Learning to Love Ch. 01

first-time bigk1w1 2018-05-19

She then ran her fingers around his arms and upper body slowly and seductively removing his shirt to reveal his bear chest, Anne continued to rub his shoulder and chest paying particular attention to his nipples -- the bulge in his trousers certainly showed that Mike was enjoying himself. She began to massage his feet and lower legs before removing his shoes and socks She then asked him to stand and she removed his shirt while encouraging him to massage her upper body in much the same way as Mike had done. Anne then moved to Steve and Mike asking them both to stand as she removed their trousers in similar fashion.

Why I'm Such A Bad Girl Ch. 01

first-time Happily Tied Up 2018-05-18

Finally he brought his mouth to mine, kissing me softly as his left hand moved up my thigh to rub my crotch though my jeans. He fell back against the car seat and ran his hands through his own hair, sighing as I licked the cum from his washboard stomach and sucked his balls into my mouth, lapping them clean as well. Sam put his hands on either side of my face and pulled me down to kiss him, his tongue exploring my mouth, tasting himself just as I had tasted myself earlier. He whispered, "I love the way you look, Erin." I smiled and reached up to run my hands over his sculpted chest, unable to believe that this perfect man could love anything about me.

The Move Day 01

first-time Chrisbike 2018-05-15

I went to work on my lathe where I had a bowel that I was putting the final touches on with fine sand paper and emery cloth, the discussion with Jennifer the furthest thing on my mind, why after all, would a girl as breath taking as her be interested in me? Turning around I saw Jennifer walking up the driveway her black hair dancing with the gleam of the spot light on her, like a runway model, my breath taken away as usual. Yes it was defiantly bed time, turning off all the lights we went into her room, she light a few candles by her queen size bed pulled down the covers and asked me which side I usually sleep on?

Ch. 01 Pop Quiz

first-time stormygirl 2018-05-15

Typical of a small-town boy (I use the term "Boy" literally, for as of this day I've yet to even hold hands with a girl.) I am finding the thought of leaving a bit rough. I sure knew what that was, and at that point decided he just might have been hurting that girl, because every time I had one of those all it did was make me ache miserably. I felt my eyes widen as I watched, the man moaning the same as the girl had been a little while earlier. The girl stopped with her mouth and began rubbing his penis with her hands. I blushed to myself as I thought about that girl being there in front of me, with her small hands rubbing my erect penis.


first-time Daveindenver 2018-05-10

God it was hot: watching Rachel finger herself, breathing in through her soaking wet panties, and stroking my cock. Rachel stood -- she could have easily just sat back down, this time right on my cock, and I would have been powerless to stop her -- and backed away just enough to bend over and plant a little kiss right on my cockhead. The first thought that popped into my mind was 'I'm going to fuck him someday.' I think my pussy was instantly soaked, and I could feel your eyes on me all the time. My hands were all over her body, squeezing her ass and feeling her back and waist and neck, holding her face in them and kissing her mouth and face.

The Place of Remembering

first-time adam applebiter 2018-05-04

His fingers instinctively cupped her breast but for the most part his mind was still elsewhere and his attention soon returned to his private world. Lying there in his bed enjoying their first post-coital fugue, she'd said "Thank you Michael." It was the first time Terese had used his given name – until then he'd always been Uncle Mike. Yes, Terese could recount every sexual experience but there was no need to – Michael had witnessed them all. "A good point." His fingers stopped circling, dipped into her now very moist vagina and started spreading her secretions around her ass. His hands cupped her bottom and his finger continued to tease her ass, slipping in a little further each time.

Lucky Me

first-time areece 2018-05-04

She started by licking her fingers, then put her hand through my flies and under my boxers and then proceeded to pull back my foreskin and rub her saliva into my enlarged head. Then she whispered the words every guy wants to hear "I want you to fuck me; I want to feel you're big cock deep in my pussy!" Well I wasn't going to refuse, was I, so I gave helped her put her top back on and me made a dash for my flat. This time though I slid a hand up her skirt and onto her panties and started rubbing her slightly wet pussy. After a couple of minutes rest I decided now was the time to fuck this stranger good and proper and lose my virginity.

Forbidden No More

first-time FlightyFaerie 2018-05-01

All of a sudden, his thumb was on my clit again, and the sensation of him brushing against my swollen sex along with his fingers on my g-spot and tongue on my nipples made me cum all over his hand. I don't know how long he fucked me with his tongue, but by the time he was done, all the nerves in my body were firing and I was pinching my own nipples to cum almost constantly. It felt so good, I couldn't help but rub it for all I was worth and was surprised to discover my left hand on my other nipple, abusing it just like Cam was my right.

Look at that Ass! Ch. 02

first-time regularguy13 2018-04-28

Christy looked me in the eye and said, Christy crossed her legs slowly making sure I got another peek of her snatch. Christly had the body of a woman and she kissed as passionately as any women I've had the pleasure of knowing. "I want what Mom had....make me a woman tonight." Christy's blue eyes shown hard with desire. Her fat, hard nipples begged to be kissed, sucked, and twisted and I made sure each got all the attention she could stand. Finally, Christy broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes and said, By the time I had sunk all 6" into her, Christy's face was ashen and her eyes were wide with fear. I kissed her gently on the forehead, cheek and mouth and said,

Hooking Chassidy

first-time studrelease 2018-04-28

"I DID tell you I didn't want to fuck, though," Chassidy says, but as she says it, she glances away, her voice growing quieter until I can barely hear the word "though." I think her cheeks grow a little warmer. "OH, Scott!" Chassidy exclaims, and she cums hard, rhythmically releasing her fluids onto my hand, her legs, and the ground. Maybe ten seconds pass, then she cums yet again, just as I'm pulling out to turn her back around: I wanted to blow my load inside her while we looked into each other's eyes. We grab our clothes that we left in my truck bed along the way, I dress while Chassidy gets some wipes from somewhere in her car and cleans the long trail of nut creeping down her leg.


first-time bassbelly 2018-04-27

She had squeezed it through his clothes, felt it poking her bottom when she sat on his lap and seen the bulge in his bathing suit when they went swimming. Larry sprinted to the telephone and informed his parents he wouldn't be home for a couple of days. Larry's hands rubbed her breasts and he bent his head to suck one of her succulent nipples into his mouth. "Oh, that feels so good," she moaned and squeezed his cock a little harder. It felt like someone had pinched her pussy hard. Larry began his dance of love deep in her pussy. A feeling she had never felt before suddenly assailed her senses and took over her body.

The Casting

first-time NicoleHeat 2018-04-26

'Now he's doing you in missionary position.' Jack takes me by the waist with both hands and starts rocking me back and forth. Jack is totally fucking me with his fingers as if I'm some porn actress. Jack has put me down on all fours and started licking my pussy before I even understand what is happening. His enormous rock-hard cock squeezes into my little hole spreading my pussy lips and starts sliding inside me so smoothly. The camera guy is filming my pussy oozing what feels like pints of cum! You have to fuck me some more till I cum!' I crawl around Jack on all fours, swaying my wet pussy as if I'm a horny cat or something.

Into The Woods

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-04-25

I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm.

Midnight Girl Scout

first-time HornyPup 2018-04-25

I started pumping her harder and harder, leaning over her back cradling her with my arms, hands squeezing her tits, fingers on her nipples, elbows against her hips holding her body, forcing my cock into her hoping not to damage her but wanting so bad to be deep in her. “She would probably think her poor little girl was being preyed on by a monster cock and that you had been captured and raped against your will” I said “But then you wanted that tonight didn’t you?” I said as my hips circled a little sending shivers into her pussy and a ripple of spasms through her body.

Something Borrowed

first-time IceBluePhoenix 2018-04-24

And I realized with a blush that if Jeff's dad looked in the mirror, he would see not only my softly bouncing tits but also his son finger-fucking me. When the moan came, through my lidded eyes I distinctly saw Jeff's dad look. We had been dancing for just a few minutes, making small talk, when he leaned down and murmured, "You have amazing tits." His hand was on my shoulder, and he dipped his thumb down unobtrusively to graze the exposed flesh inside the scoop-neck shirt I was wearing. I want to feel that tight little cunt clamping on my fingers." My breath came in ragged pants. What were you thinking last month when Jeff had his hands inside this sweet little cunt?

Young Love

first-time NoontimeGhost 2018-04-24

He was strong, and nearly a foot taller than Amy. Claire often thought he took everything too seriously, but he could be funny too, and he was the sort of person who would do anything he possibly could to help you. With Tom home from University, Amy would find herself uninterested in summer concerts and movies, and extremely interested in hanging out at Claire's house. Last summer it had almost drove Claire batty, when their favorite band had come into town and Amy insisted that she would rather stay at the Johnson's and watch a movie. "I think we're going out to a family dinner," Claire said, when Amy called. Then a bit later Claire heard Amy knocking on her brother's door.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 02

first-time Browniepoints 2018-04-23

Bye." Brody Anderson hung up the phone and looked at Nina, his ten year old daughter and then at Nolan, his eight year old son. Brody almost lost control of the car when he looked over and saw her small frame in his coat and how her necklace hung around her neck. Claudia smiled and quickly said, "Thank you and goodnight, Mr. Anderson," as he walked away. Brody gritted his teeth to keep quiet and felt his warm juices flowing across his hand and sighed in relief. After washing his hands, Brody looked into the mirror and said, "Goddamn, Brody, you've got to control yourself or this is going to be one bad summer." He sighed and went to bed.

Taking Her Virginity

first-time ravi979959 2018-04-23

Then I kissed her again on her lips and sat on the bed while she still lied and I pulled off my shirt and we started kissing again as she was sitting in my lap facing me and her tongue played mine and I was like in heaven and my hand's moving on her breasts and pressing them slightly and then I took off her t-shirt breaking the kiss for a movement and then she unhooked the bra as she could not wait for more and was pressing her own boobs very hard rubbing her tight and erect nipples vigorously and she wanted me to hold them.


first-time kinkeebaby 2018-04-23

And I wish you would not concern yourself where these private matters are concerned." I recognized this voice as Sir David's second son, Rian. Grace, I apologize for frightening you," Sir David said as he took my reddened hand. I stepped out of the bed, going to my things and took out a small vial of lightly flavored oil Sir David had given me. "No, Rian, look at me, I need to see your eyes." His heavy lids opened slowly, and his eyes took time focusing on mine. I moved my mouth over it and darted my tongue out to capture it at the exact same time I made a slight upwards motion with my embedded finger, gently touching the sensitive gland inside of him.