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Homeschooled Ch. 02

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

His hands caressing her bare breasts, rubbing against her nipples, made Becky feel like swooning, and she leaned back against the desk, head back as she panted with pleasure. Mr. Troy slid two fingers inside of her, twisting her nipple at the same time, and she gasped and shuddered at the alternating waves of pain and pleasure that collided and mingled in her body, thrusting her hips and breasts forward with her need. "There is manual manipulation for pleasure, when practiced on a female it is usually referred to as fingering," Mr. Troy's smooth voice seemed to coat the exposed parts of her body, as his fingers moved back and forth inside of her tightness, spreading her open while cooler air pressed against the heated folds of her vagina.


Lost Virginity

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-23

"Sure" she said, still sweetly smiling, "But it was no mistake." As she whispered that to me she gave my swollen manhood a good squeeze. Part of me wanted to tell her this was not such a good idea, but the head in my pants told me to go for it. Breaking the kiss, she asked gently, "You feel better now?" A look of total embarrassment covered my face. Spreading her lips with my right hand, I slid one finger inside watching as my digit got swallowed up by her tightness. Settling down, I watched as my seed leaked from her for a moment before stuffing two fingers inside and rubbing my tongue on her swollen clit.

A Young Girls First Orgasm

first-time Avery13 2018-11-19

Quickly, Kathleen fucked herself with her two fingers knowing this time that she wasn't going to stop, she wanted this, she wanted release from her body, she wanted to feel what she had heard about from all her friends. No moan elicited from her lips, her mouth was etched in an O as her fingers worked liked a blur across her pussy and all of a sudden into her pillow again, and one long scream came from Kathleen as she experienced her first orgasm. Her fingers quickly stopped their amazingly fast pace across her slit and instead rubbed her clit and her very moist pussy and kept on working on it making it feel continually better.

Black Women Still Love Black Men

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-02

I sometimes wonder why so many young white women think all the black men on the planet are into them. With so many sexy black, Asian and Hispanic women out there for a tall, good-looking and college-educated brother like myself to choose from, why bother with some silly white bitches? Lots of young black men are into white women. It sounds like a good thing but more than once, someone has told me that I only got into SMTU because they wanted to increase the number of minority males on campus. The funny thing is that most of the young black men on campus had white or Hispanic girlfriends. They turn their backs on the black community because they think white men and white women love them.

Homeschooled Ch. 03

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-10-31

Mr. Troy knew exactly how to stroke the sensitive folds of her pussy, how to tease her swollen clit so that she was whimpering and shivering with how much she wanted the explosive pleasure that he'd begun to teach her about. Pulling on her nipples, harder and harder, as Mr. Troy licked and teased her, Becky's hips were moving up and down, trying to rub her pussy against his face. Becky writhed, her legs kicking and heels digging into Mr. Troy's back as he sucked hard and long on her clit, forcing her to ride out wave after wave of intense climax. Mr Troy's tongue resumed the long licks up and down her pussy, making her shudder every time he returned to tease her swollen clit, as little aftershocks of orgasm trickled through her.

The Outing

first-time MyNameMayBeLucas 2018-10-05

Her parents had asked Matt, a seventeen year old that was friends with the family, to watch Maddie for the evening. Maddie had never had a crush before, but when Matt walked in the door that night her heart felt like it was going to burst through her chest. "Matt, what do you look for in a girl?" Maddie asked, wondering what she would have to become in order to one day get her crush. Maddie was fifteen when Matt left for college, and spent most nights after school hoping for a response when she would either text him or send him a message through social media. It was true that he had not been in a relationship for the past five years, but was he waiting for a girl like Maddie?

Eighteen Holes Ch. 03

first-time lusthammer 2018-10-04

Alex bit my lip in response and I could feel my cock starting to leak pre-cum all over my leg. "You like that, do ya?" said Alex, here eyes never leaving the head of my cock as her hand started to pump me. God it felt so good, like an electric current was running through my cock to her mouth and then out through the skin of her teenage ass into the palm of my hand. Alex smiled up at me and then turned her face back down to the impossibly hard cock in her hand. I let out a deep exhale and tilted my head back as I looked down at Alex's hair -- her face still hovering over my slick cock.


first-time sunsetsyouknow 2018-10-04

Inside, he was silently cursing -- he'd pictured fucking her in every way possible, her tight little cunt greedily swallowing his cock. He pulled away and leant down to kiss Jessica, her mouth dripping with her drool, panting for breath. He kissed her mouth hungrily, moving further down to kiss along her neck, her breasts, her stomach, and then there, that was it, her pulsing little virgin cunt was beneath his tongue and he was lapping expertly at her clit. After what seemed like only seconds she began to writhe against his mouth, her moans and gasps becoming louder and more frequent, and as he pushed a second finger inside he felt her clamp down and led her across the waves of her first ever orgasm.

Last Chance for First (completed)

first-time EagerlyAwaited 2018-10-01

The neighbours, Charles and Linda Williamson, had lived upstairs for more than fifteen years, and Tommy had long ago become good friends with their only daughter, Sally. She was a lovely girl, always smiling, lending a hand, excelling in school and so beautiful that Anne could feel if Richard had seen her that day. They always seemed to hang around each other, Tommy and Sally, studying, talking but never even holding hands. Okay listen carefully: You are to walk to the door and receive a little something, then give the messenger time to get down here before you go back to Sally. Anne put her end on speaker phone and listened to the voices upstairs with Richard. "Come back to bed, Tommy, I need you!" An obviously horny Sally begged.

Into The Woods

first-time starbelliedboy 2018-10-01

I moved my head further and kissed her navel, then she spread her legs and I inspected her vagina, caressing her pubic hair and exploring her cunt's tight circumference and her clitoris. I slowly moved my hips forward, forcing my penis into her tight pussy, enjoying the smooth lubrication of spittle and pussy juice. She kissed me as I moved my arms up around her back, and she began to push her hips backwards and forwards in the same rhythm, so the fantastic sensation continued on my dick. Going faster and faster, the friction between her vagina and my cock getting really hot, shouting and grunting, Julia screaming as we neared orgasm.

Tommy's Graduation Present

first-time Tender86 2018-09-29

I watched from the bedroom as Debbie taught Tommy the sexy way to kiss a girl, how to gently caress her bare breasts, legs and pussy. Debbie slowly turned to face him and Tommy's face was level with Debbie's pussy as he started rubbing the oil up the front of her legs. As her lips started to feel the pressure, she took her hand off his cock and Tommy's eyes bulged as the pink lips parted and his cock head slipped effortlessly inside. With that, Debbie gently pulled on Tommy's hips and he watched his cock shaft slip between the lips and disappear inside Debbie's pussy. Debbie could feel the rim of his cock head rubbing the inner walls of her pussy as his pumping was getting faster and with more intensity.

Hooking Chassidy

first-time studrelease 2018-09-28

"I DID tell you I didn't want to fuck, though," Chassidy says, but as she says it, she glances away, her voice growing quieter until I can barely hear the word "though." I think her cheeks grow a little warmer. "OH, Scott!" Chassidy exclaims, and she cums hard, rhythmically releasing her fluids onto my hand, her legs, and the ground. Maybe ten seconds pass, then she cums yet again, just as I'm pulling out to turn her back around: I wanted to blow my load inside her while we looked into each other's eyes. We grab our clothes that we left in my truck bed along the way, I dress while Chassidy gets some wipes from somewhere in her car and cleans the long trail of nut creeping down her leg.

Vicky Ch. 01

first-time TimRailing 2018-09-23

They write about achievements, funny situations, love, adventures gone wrong, sex gone wrong, and this all takes place in some city the author lived in while broke and desperate. If only my family knew how much time my mind spends in the gutter, thinking of boys, wondering about sex, reading trashy novels, occasionally even watching a porn, and always waking up with the help of my best friend the vibrator. I'm just being realistic, my mother is a freak of nature, most curvy, hourglass bodies eventually take on a beach ball shape that wouldn't even get a second look from a sixteen year old kid with no internet to satisfy his "curiosity".

A Little Naive

first-time Anekri 2018-09-21

I had lost track of time, I didn't know how long it had been since the kiss started, but when he moved his head away I was gasping for breath. My head bobbed up and down in unison with my hands, my tongue flicked the head of his throbbing dick and after a few minutes he exclaimed that he was ready to come and asked me if I wanted it in my mouth. "I want to taste it." His whole body convulsed and his dick twitched in my mouth, and then I felt it, stream after stream of white hot cum flowing into the back of my throat. I pushed him against the wall for a second time and pulled down his pants to reveal his cock.

Bianca's First Time

first-time Cutebritt 2018-09-21

As she was walking across the path she saw the swing set and quickly checked her watch to see the time, she had to get home before her mum came looking for her. "What are you doing Trent?" asked Bianca "something I have wanted to do for a long time" he said and with that took off her tight baby pink hello kitty shirt and then her matching little pink socks. She was so tight it felt like ecstasy but at the same time her was worried he was going to hurt her "go harder" she said taking away his fear and making him unleash his built up desire he had had for her since they met.

Taming Joanna

first-time deepemerald 2018-09-18

"Let's see," Principal Foster got her file out and read out loud. She waited for her principal to let her out of his office so that she could run away, but he was obviously expecting that and went on with his work as though she wasn't even there. When the car finally stopped, Joanna looked around in confusion. "Joanna," Principal Foster opened the door and went inside. "If you don't come inside this minute I'm going to lock the door and let you sleep outside tonight." "Joanna, baby," he caressed her tits and started massaging her clit. The next morning was awkward at first, until Mr Foster started kissing Joanna, awakening the feelings from the previous night.


first-time Kaishaku 2018-09-17

Harry kept his mouth on Jenny's as he opened his mouth just slightly letting his tongue taste her cherry flavored lip gloss. He waited for a moment, wondering if perhaps Jenny might stop this, might say, "No." Harry watched as her brow furled slightly, as she lightly bit her lips and then as she reached up and gloriously began unbuttoning her blouse. He slid his fingers out of Jenny's still convulsing pussy, kicked his shoes off, pulled his pants and underwear down and leaned onto her, his cock finding her soaking wet opening and plunging inside. Harry eased his cock out of Jenny's pussy and whispered to her, "You were incredible, so wonderful and so beautiful."

A Year Of First Times Ch. 03

first-time Theeeeee1 2018-09-16

We both knew why we were there so without saying a word, Torrie took her shoes off, moved over onto the console that separated the bucket seats, leaned her seat forward and slipped into the backseat. Apparently enjoying the feeling, Torrie started rubbing up and down the length of my dick with her pussy. The feeling was sensational as the swollen head of my dick moved between the smooth slick lips of her pussy. Instead of trying to fuck Torrie, I began slowly kissing my way down her body. Torie held my head close to her pussy as I began tongue fucking her. Not long after that Torrie pushed my mouth away from her pussy and slowly moved off of my face.

Soaring Chapter 1

first-time HarryT93 2018-09-10

Rather, the world's countries each supply a percentage of 18 year old girls and boys (even rich women need some pleasure) to attend a 3 year long course in a private island school on the arts of sexual pleasure and obedience. Ana slowly said her farewell to everyone, especially her mother as she was sad and scared of being away from her mom. Ana giggled like an elementary school girl as she noticed their cocks swinging around when they made the bow before flushing red when she realized what she had just seen and did. When she was distracted and her legs loosened a bit, Dr. Connor immediately tried to rub her clit but was pushed away by Ana. In resignation, Dr. Connor called Cathy the redheaded nurse in.

First Successful BJ and Much More

first-time Tina420 2018-09-09

She said to Mike, "Take your pants off." And right there in the living room with the curtains open and the TV on, he just stood up and slid his jeans down and kicked them into the corner. She turned to look at me and said, "watch and learn." She turned back to him and with her hands around his back side, on his nice buns, she leaned down and scooped up his still hanging penis in her mouth and seemingly swallowed it all up. For the next several months, I spent at least one weekend night at their house sucking on Mike's penis as Chris gave me more tips.

My First Gift

first-time tightie 2018-09-09

While in December it wasn't too badly cold, just right for he unzipped his jean pants to where he pulled his big, 8 inch throbbing penis, I knew it wouldn't take too much to make him cum. As we got ready to leave we were in somewhat of silence, I noticed him looking at me in a pleased way, he opened his lips and out came a ringing sound, I asked him to repeat, and he did it again, then disappointment came over me, I knew what it was time for me to wake up!!....I opened my eyes and realized that it was all a dream, my panties were soaked though and I apparently fingered myself until I came, so the night wasn't a total waste.

Losing My Virginity

first-time missmoaney 2018-09-08

In high school I was a little computer nerd and he was a jock, but when we had the same classes in college and he saw me for the first time. He got invited to a party to celebrate a winning streak that the college football players had and asked me to come with him. I knew he was pretty big into partying but when I saw him taking shots and prancing around like he was on top of the world, I felt a little weird. I was slightly confused why we were both in the backseat, but when he started making out with me and was touching me everywhere over my body, I soon figured out what was on his mind. He looked slightly relieved at what I said and started by gently fucking me.

The Young Red-Headed Girl Ch. 01

first-time critch74997 2018-09-08

She told us a story about how James (soooo hot!) had walked her home from school one day, which was so surprising since he's a Senior and she's about to be one, but they do live in the same area (so do I!), so it kinda made sense even though he drives but ANYWAY...I shouldn't be telling you this cause it's her secret but diary it made so fucking wet (I love the word fucking, I know you don't mind and it really fits here!) that I was creaming in my panties! She started moaning and rubbing him and grinding against him (It was our day to wear our cheerleading outfits so he was under her skirt real easily!) She said to us that she was almost cumming just from feeling his dick against her pussy even if their clothes were still in the way, especially when he slid his hands under her panties and squeezed her ass!

Baby Sister

first-time Dar_Jisbo 2018-09-07

When at the house spending time with Sandy, he'd come over when she was busy in some way [normally because she was talking on the phone] and smile at me. "Write to me," Harry told her, as he attended Sandy's going-away dinner at our house. Harry helped me find a part-time job in a local fabric store, for 2 hours after school on weekdays and all day Saturdays. "I have some thinking to do, Baby Sister," Harry murmured as we broke the kiss. "Baby Sister, as soon as I knew I wasn't going to be with Harry, I started encouraging him to court you." This time, I pressed my tongue against Harry's lips, and he allowed me to explore his mouth.