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First Time With a Belgian on Vacation

first-time max1995 2018-12-04

Her ass was gorgeous, and the way she was dressed she was asking to get fucked. This would be a pleasure fucking such a beautiful girl with such an amazing ass. I kept thrusting into her ass faster and harder every time. I fucked her for two minutes before she reached her orgasm. This was no reason for me to stop, I just kept fucking her faster and faster until I came fifteen minutes later. Cum was dripping out of her ass and pussy. She was screaming like a real slut as she reached another orgasm. I stopped at the door to her room kissed her goodbye and left. She was walking like she had a pole shoved up her ass.

Gina Loses Her Virginity While Babysitting

first-time Mysteria27 2018-12-02

I’m going to make sure that I look really nice, if he happens to be home. Jack then pulled my panties to the side and started to play with my pussy. I was just wanting Jack to lick my pussy. Jack licked his fingers with all my sweet juices and continued to fuck my asshole. I felt so sexy being in his bed and having him lick my pussy and fuck my asshole. Jack then squeezed a little lube onto his palm and rubbed it all over my pussy and his cock. Jack then pushed himself hard into my pussy and I felt my hymen breaking. Jack pushed his cock into my mouth and let out a moan and came down my throat.

TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

first-time Buddybear 2018-12-02

Tia's belly muscles uncontrollably tightened, and she curled upward and held her breath.  She was looking straight down between her thighs, watching the most incredible sight of her life:  a huge brown man's cock penis appearing out of her most intimate bodily orifice and then disappearing back inside.  Again and again very fast!  She couldn't breathe as wave after wave of sweet celestial pleasure washed over her, blurring her vision.  She felt the walls of her pussy cavern clamp down tight around the thrusting tree trunk shaft.  She heard the boy grunting loudly, and the sound of his flesh slapping into her thighs.  She felt a new feeling, a very warm, full feeling, deep inside her, and guessed that it was the boy filling her up with his lobster sauce!  Oh, she hoped so!

The First Time Never Comes Twice

first-time xhardx13 2018-12-01

Then in a voice filled with guilt, I said, "Look Mr. Flynn, I don't watch porn, but my mom left it in the player and I was curious." The thing was, the girls at school said they didn't like their first time. Sometimes we met in our family room with my mom away like the first time or at his place when no one was home. He scooped it up with his fingers and had me lick it off. I gave him a wink and licked the last creamy drops from my lips as if to say, "Yummy." I was just pretending to be like the woman in my mom's video, but that's another story. Mr. Flynn smiled, then gave me a deep romantic kiss.

Good Boy Don't Do That

first-time SkarlitKarson 2018-11-30

Justin feels excited about having gotten away with this public sex act, but the tiny voice in the back of his head chides him; good boys don’t do this . “Your cock feels so fucking good, Justin!” Cindy whispers as she fucks him. The head of his cock feels like it’s going to explode and just as he’s about to cum, Cindy slides off of him and leans over his cock, grabbing it between her breasts. Justin thinks, then realizing what an absurd notion it is, he quickly banishes it from his mind as Cindy replaces one nipple, now peaked and red from his mouth and gives him the other one.

Older is Better

first-time writernot1 2018-11-30

She sees the pleasure in his eyes and sucks even harder and faster.Carl can feel her saliva sliding down his short shaft onto his balls and it turns him on even more but he knows he must stop her or she will get a mouth full of cum. Jill can feel Carl's cock growing slightly in her mouth as she sucks and licks on it. Trying something new Carl grabs Jill's hair and pulls on it slightly. Carl can feel Jill's pussy pulsating tightly around his cock from a powerful orgasm. She slowly rides his slippery cock for a few minutes until she feels Carl's hands grab her hips and hold her at the tip of his cock.

The Ritual

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-28

At almost the same time I hear a soft voice behind me say, " Hi, is that for me?" Startled, I cover my lap with my hands and look around to see that I had forgotten to lock my door, and Angel was standing in the doorway, bare as a newborn, still teasing the soft hairs between her legs. Her hands are still massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I slide my tongue along her tender lower lips. As she starts to cum I lift her hips and sit up so her legs are across my shoulders, never stopping the tonguing I am giving her clit. I pull her very close and tight as I push in hard and feel her flesh open and let me past.

Princess Diaries (03): Cindy

first-time timojen 2018-11-27

I pushed into the room and closed the door to find Matt kissing Jeff Garcia. I’d completely forgotten about getting another kiss from Matt until Jeff invited me over. Matt got the hang of it, though, so Jeff moved up to point his cock in my face. Matt got on his knees and showed me how Jeff likes it. Since Jeff rudely covered me in cum, Matt made him lick and kiss my face clean. I broke off a kiss with Jeff and begged Matt to fuck me. I relaxed into the kiss and Jeff pushed a finger up my ass, sending me off like a rocket. Matt and Jeff are…” said Jasmine.

The Best Day of my Life

first-time Marethyu53 2018-11-25

Mackenzie pressed her head against my chest as we both watched Ana waving off family with her boyfriend Max. I felt Mackenzie’s blond hair in my hands while she looked up and smiled at me. Mackenzie leaned back as my left hand found her breast while the right reached down into her jeans and felt a pussy for the very first time. "Dirty enough to do this," I answered, my mouth returning to her pussy while my right hand jabbed a finger into Mackenzie’s butt hole. Mackenzie gasped and I grabbed her hair, pulling on it a little, wrapping my hands through it while I began to pump my dick in and out this goddess’s ass.

The Geezer, Part 2-Teaching Rachel Suzy

first-time senorlongo 2018-11-23

It had all started Friday afternoon when Rachel seduced me in the school parking lot, and then the following day when her mom, Becky, invited me to dinner. “I think we need to kiss it and make it better, don’t you, Mom?” she said as she dropped to her knees and started to remove my pants. I got Saturday off from the ER but I’m going to have to work Friday night and Saturday night, the 4 to 12 shift.” She smiled, “I’m sure you won’t mind being here alone with Rachel both nights, will you? I’ll probably need some relief after the stress of the ER; God, the things that happen over the weekends!” I smiled, “Were you referring to the ER?” Rachel and I just laughed while Becky frowned at my lame joke.

Employee of the Month

first-time candytales 2018-11-20

Karen clearly wanted Ryan’s cock deep inside her but she enjoyed him teasing her a little by rubbing the tip over every part of her tender pussy flesh as she waited expectantly for the imminent stab of pleasure. Soon they were in perfect harmony and every time they thrust together Ryan’s pelvis collided with her sensitive clit as he buried his long thick cock deep inside the warm wet tunnel of her luscious vagina. I immediately started masturbating hard in the expectation that I would enjoy a simultaneous orgasm with Ryan when Karen said the magic words, "I want it in my mouth." I’m quite vocal when I cum and for the first time since it all started Ryan and Karen glanced in my direction as I enjoyed my self-induced ecstasy.

Becoming Josie Part 2

first-time TonyaL 2018-11-20

I abandoned my body to them while pulling on my restraints: yelling, moaning, "ahhh fuck, yes, oh god." 'This smart, sexy man wanted me, Josie.' I lifted up on my toes and held his hard cock at my entrance. I slowly slid down with my tight walls around him. Taking his fingers he spread my lips wide before pressing his cool tongue to my warm pussy. I saw flashes of light before my eyes and John leaned over me pressing his hard cock into my dripping cunt. He kept fucking me harder and harder until finally he grasped my tits and pushed balls deep in my sopping pussy before pulling out and directing his cock to my mouth to catch his cum as it spurted out.

Brandy In The Morning

first-time Green_Man 2018-11-18

When they reached at least eighteen years of age all of my friends' daughters had learned how nice Jack was if they were interested. So I fucked my little Brandy until she finally begged me to stop because she couldn't come anymore. "Now, my lovely Brandy you will learn one more way to fuck. I got a generous supply on my finger and began rubbing and pushing into her ass hole a little. I rubbed it around just as I had be doing with my tongue and finger but this time the cock head was pressing in farther and farther. I knew I was still Brandy's favorite old geezer and would be for years to come.


first-time Wibbly 2018-11-17

Then I feel hands on my arms massaging a warm thickish liquid, the scent wafts to my nose, smells like roses. I feel fingers as they open my private parts and feel  the warm liquid being poured ever so slowly onto my exposed mound, I can feel it dribbling down over my clit , down to the entrance of my vagina and then into the crack of my butt. While you mouth feasts on my pussy I feel you slowly slide your finger into my ass, you seem to go in a little way, then out again then in a little bit more. I open my mouth slightly and you push forward, enough for me to smell your scent and then taste the salty liquid that is warm and has beaded on the tip of your cock.

A fuck in close quarters... In school

first-time SexyBoy11 2018-11-17

I was so nervous and horny approaching the unisex toilets after school, but when I got there, I took a deep breath, and stepped in. Then, just as she started to deepthroat, feeling the warm, wet insides of her mouth, surrounding my shaft and squeezing my head, I blew my load right down her throat... Then to make it even more satisfying she started to lick the head as I felt her hard nipples rub against my manhood and the soft flesh of her tit around it. It was hard to get it in first as I was just too big, but when I did the pleasure was so amazing, inside her hot, wet, moving, soft, body, clutching unbelievable tight, and when I started to pump I could feel the rim of my bell-end rubbing into her.

Dull Video Games Can Be Dangerous

first-time spinneroftales 2018-11-16

Matt let Bert’s cock slip out of his mouth and Bert pulled his boxers and pants down to his ankles. Bert said, “Oh yeah, try your finger Matt. Bert flopped over on his back and Matt got between his legs and slurped Bert’s cock into his mouth, going down until his nose was nestled in Bert’s pubic patch. Bert resumed beating his cock, the taste of Matt’s cum making him hotter than he had ever been when jacking off alone in his bedroom. He said, “Let me taste mine,” and leaned forward and sucked his cum from Bert’s chin and nose. Matt moved down to Bert’s stomach and licked up the remaining cum and then back up to share it with Bert.

First Threesome

first-time atlguy10 2018-11-15

My girl came while kissing her...she was on top of Jess, making out and playing with each other's tits while I ate her pussy from behind. I pulled out and came on my girl's stomach and then flipped her over and fucked her from behind, rubbing and lightly fingering her ass while Jess kissed her and rubbed her tits some more. She pulled the front of her panties to the side and played with her clit and fingered her soaked pussy and occasionally slid her finger into her ass; the whole time she and I made eye contact, and watching her and looking at her big eyes had me about to explode.

The First Meeting

first-time DarkSide 2018-11-15

She is smiling all the time now, her head cocked to one side as she watches me walk towards her. Her hand slipped around my waist as she pulled me towards her and her mouth locked onto mine, her lips crashed against mine and her tongue forced its way inside. My free hand found her breast and I started to fondle it, I lowered my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth. “Yes, Oooo, finger fuck me,” she said, “fuckit, yeah, fuckit,” she gasped the words out as she thrust her pussy into my hand. Debbie got on all fours and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling as I placed my cock at her rear entrance.

The Nervous Game

first-time kkfunk37 2018-11-14

I put my hand on his lower thigh, asked, “Are you nervous?” and just like myself he let me get to his cock before I stopped. He did the same to me but, unlike myself who once I reached his bare cock I only had to ask one more time, “Are you nervous?”, in order to make sure I wasn’t out of line when I removed his boxers from his body. I said no and he went a little further up each time until his mouth was hovering over my hard, young cock as he asked, “Are you nervous?” one final time before lowering his mouth around my cock.

Reality Check

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-14

It was, it seemed, and with her hand around my cock, her lips around its head, her tongue lapping my precum, and my tongue working around and on her clit, my hands under her bottom, sliding into and out of her pussy, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before her body simply bucked and thrashed into violent convulsions of the most wonderful orgasm I had seen for a long while. "Oh yes," she said, "I am more than ready to be your 3 way woman," and lowered herself so that my cock, slippery and wet from her pussy juices, pressed against her tight rosebud.

A First Time for Everything

first-time biguy2play 2018-11-12

I thought nothing at all of sitting in this older man’s darkened bedroom, on his bed next to him in my underwear until Dick’s hand reached over and stroked the front of my white cotton briefs. “Does that feel good?” Dick softly asked, stroking my hidden cock gently but with purpose. I’d stroked my own cock enough times to know the answer and the two beers made it even easier to enjoy this. I watched Dick’s face fill with pleasure and lust, intent on the cock fucking my tight virgin ass and I felt my own lust build. With one hard push to get as deep into me as he could, Dick’s cock exploded cum inside me.

Strip Tennis

first-time rumrunner451 2018-11-11

Quietly making her way into the room she pulled out a lighter she carried and upon flicking it into light saw her boyfriend of two years and her totally nude sister entwined on the floor. The first 3 points quickly went to me and before you’d know it both her shoes and one of her socks were on the floor. I went on face fucking her like this for many minutes but as I started to get close to climax it pulled out of her mouth. A few hours later with dawn just around the bend I woke up, knowing that my parents should be spared the sight of a nude son and his also nude best friend on their living room floor.

First time for everything

first-time calum09 2018-11-10

No sooner had he resumed sucking than it let go a continuous spurt of cream which he gently held on to until my cock went soft. Jon went for a pee, dropping his lycra shorts to reveal an ample sized clean shaven cock, with his hand lingering on it longer than needed when he saw me watching. I went to have a quick shower and was soaping myself down when Jon came in to share the tiny space, and continued his massaging technique which was only going to end in one thing. We went back through to the couch as I said I wanted to feel his cock inside me.


first-time styxx 2018-11-09

In fact, the almost complete opposite had tremulously knocked the door, had timidly made her way to the meeting in my garden, had stood nervously clutching the strap of her purse between her wringing hands, head bowed. Un-adorned, unsullied and in a completely natural state, she stood with her hands clasped behind her head, eyes downcast, waiting for me to give her an order; a blank page. “Pull these down.” Gill took her hands from behind her head and grasped the waist band and eased the jogging bottom down over my hips, exposing my cock, then passed my knees that I had obligingly pulled up and together to help her.