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My First Time As A Boss

first-time Pubtales 2018-11-16

I smiled right back at her and pulled her close to me, looking deep into her eyes and could she how much she wanted me. Her lips were so soft as she returned the kiss and my hand moved down to her ass, she let out a little moan as I cupped her ass cheek and gave a little squeeze. This time, before we could start kissing again she explained to me that she found me really attractive and wanted me as her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't all that good. It didn't last forever, she gave me a lift home and, although we kissed when we got there, she explained that she didn't know what she wanted to do.

His First Piece Of Ass

first-time Kandikiss51 2018-11-11

She licked her lips and exclaimed, “Oh, fuck Ray, you know damn well the taste of the man’s cum in your mouth will make my cunt go into over drive.” Ray waited until he had drained Jonathan’s balls then moved over on the bed to LeeAnn. As he slid his hot, hard cock into her, he kissed her deep and hard, sharing the delicious nectar with her. Ray loved it, Jonathan’s cock and cum, plus LeeAnn hot, tight, cunt. Jonathan looked at Ray’s cock, licked his lips, and answered, “I’d love to it will be the first time I give a blow job.” As Ray got between LeeAnn’s legs, Jonathan moved so he could suck the cock.

Blondie Loses Her V-Card

first-time Jinxy 2018-11-07

He kisses me hard, sucking my tongue deep into his mouth. I can feel the twisting need deeper inside me, making me need him more. I know now why people love sex so much, yet I still haven't been fucked. I start to cum hard, my first climax with a man. I can feel the piercing pain, but like the bite on my neck it is a good pain. He moves in slowly, as if trying to know me from the inside out. My fingers are in his hair, our eyes locked on each other, with that, he starts moving inside me. I squeeze my legs tighter around him, making him fuck me a little faster. I feel the same way, staying right where he holds me close.

The Bar Pt. 01

first-time Storywriter05 2018-05-03

"Welcome to Logan's, what can I get started for you?" he asked as I caught a glimpse of his eyes, a piercing shade of blue that I couldn't look away from immediately. Catching the look on my face, my complete stare at the bartender, somewhat intoxicated by him, Mandy says, "Yes, actually. "Hope you have a good night, let one of us know if you need anything," indicating the other two bartenders around, one a taller male, completely bald, and the other a female, wearing a tight fitting shirt and shorter shorts then I'd ever war. "I'm about to head out, but my friend here is waiting for her boyfriend, and she wanted to get to know the other guy bartender here."

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 01

first-time JaneX 2018-02-15

Jennifer Brown loved sex. She began to linger over the last pages of the newspaper, where the sex ads were listed. She could draw the girl inside, touch her face, trace over the curve of her breasts, gently lift the hem of her skirt... If Jennifer Brown couldn't possibly go out seeking a sexual encounter, perhaps she could turn herself into someone else who could. Experimentally, she ran her hands over her breasts and settled them on the curve of her hips, but the bulky tweed jacket she wore obscured her shape. Not if she still felt like shy and cringing Jennifer Brown inside.

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 02

first-time JaneX 2018-02-08

He shrugged and picked up his drink, but in the absence of anything else interesting to look at he found his gaze drifting back to the woman at the bar. "Has it been a bad day?" He barely took his eyes from her as he placed an order with the bartender. revealing day." She met his gaze, again with that slightly secretive, inquiring look. Surely you'd rather hear why I'm hopeful that my day is going to end so well?" He looks like he'd have a lot of energy, don't you think?" They both looked at the bartender, who was probably in his early twenties, tall and lean, with dark floppy hair and fashionable stubble.

A Boy in a Bar

first-time Tio_Narratore 2017-12-17

And they do, first parting slightly to kiss his little hole and lap up the drop of fluid there, then wider, allowing her tongue to emerge and circle his head, tasting his sweet saltiness, and, finally, opening fully to slide sensuously over his glans as she draws it into her mouth. Straddling him now, she rubs her pussy over his abdomen, forcing his cock to slide up and down between her cheeks, and she smiles as she feels his fluids flood the valley of her ass and he again softly moans her name, drawing it out so it takes almost half a minute to finish sounding.