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Catching my friend

first-time kraftykid 2018-12-03

Haley came over with her parents (she was looking so fucking sexy; very short jean shorts and a bright pink tank top), we said goodbye and they left. Her hand is buried deep between her thighs and she is letting out soft moans each time she tweaks her nipple or runs her finger over her clit, just like the girl in the video. I look back just in time to see Haley lift her ass off the bed, pull her thong off, and throw it to the floor only inches from where I’m standing. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, ohh yessssssss fuck Troy I’m cummmmmingggg.” Was all she could get out before another orgasm took over and shook her whole body causing all her juices to seep out her pussy onto the bed.

Stealing her virginity

first-time Cum4meBaby4227 2018-11-27

I quickly looked away, praying that she hadn't caught me staring. One of the previews was another song, and she once again began to dance. Sammi stopped dancing and looked at it. You don't know what a BONER looks like?" She blushed. THAT..." She pointed at my boner, "Mean that you like my dancing?" She stared in awe of my eight and a half inch long, two inch wide cock, almost fully hard. Slowly, she began to lick it, and eventually she took the head into her mouth. She began to slowly pull the bottoms to her bikini off. Slowly but surely, I put my cock inside her. She slowly stood up walked over to me, and kissed me.

Another Night at the Office

first-time zibster 2018-11-24

"Come on, you know I'm right." He muttered as he got near my face, only to pull out a bottle of vodka from behind his back, smirking a little bit. And quickly the feelings turned from pain to pleasure, making me moan out again, gripping his chest, digging my nails in a little bit as I started to ride him, up and down, my breasts bouncing as he reached a hand back to free them from my bra, and toss it to the ground. "Keep going." I cried out as he reached a hand down to rub my clit again, as I rode him, feeling his balls smack against my ass, working my hips up and down and my eyes shut tight.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 1

first-time KennethPierce 2018-11-24

You’ve got a cute face and, like, really amazing eyes, but girls want a guy who takes care of himself. Despite being beautiful enough to merit a statue in the Parthenon, Elizabeth’s quiet, good-girl nature caused her to often be overlooked by guys more interested in outgoing easy types like Talia or Amy. This lack of attention gave Elizabeth the ridiculous notion that she was “the ugly one” in the group, something that drove me insane. When one of the girls actually liked a guy, I’d always get out of their way, but my unilateral refusal to aid and abet utter douche bags didn’t make me any friends.

My First Time

first-time am1992 2018-11-20

She began to massage my balls and I latched onto her head with my hands and gently guided her along my cock. Just as I was about to break into the 'Promised Land' for the first time, Emily took a deep breath and said, “I’ve been waiting a couple years for this. I ran my cock up and down her pussy lips, not penetrating until she looked at me over her shoulder and said, “Will you stop fooling around and just fuck me already?” Before long my cock was pumping into her from the tip to the base.  Emily breathlessly begged me to fuck her faster.

I have a crush on my best friend

first-time Mysteria27 2018-11-19

Tina was kissing me deep and passionately and her hands were cupping and massaging my breasts. “Oh God. Your hands feel so good on my breasts. Tina then spread my thighs and worked her tongue all over my pussy lips. She looked so amazing with my fingers up her cunt and her hands all over her beautiful breasts. I didn’t want to not do a great job and look foolish in front of Tina. Tina was playing with her breasts and rubbing her clitoris, while she rode the pizza guy. I really wanted to know how it felt to have a cock up my vagina, but wanted my first time to be with somebody other than the pizza delivery guy.

Derek and Jenny

first-time Deathwolf707 2018-11-18

The waves were calm that night as Derek and Jenny walked along the beach. Derek wanted to be more than friends ,but was afraid to tell jenny how he felt. “Looks like you finally snapped, what took you so long, I started to think you would never make a move on me” Jenny sighed. Derek broke the kiss and started sucking on her nipples. Jenny started bucking her hips as Derek fingered her. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. Jenny removed her hand from his shaft and began deep throating him.                   Jenny got on all four and wiggled her ass at Derek.

Best Friends' New Pleasure

first-time writer242 2018-11-18

Mark started to ram his fingers inside of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy even faster now and shoving them all the way in. Slowly, he pushed his hard dick into her pussy, inside of his best friend. The table shook as Mark continued, listening to her moans every time he thrust his dick back in her, pushing every inch of his hard cock inside his best friend’s pussy. Rachel tried grabbing onto the table to give her some kind of support as Mark continued ramming his dick deep inside of her. Time went by as Rachel’s moans grew loader, her pussy soaking wet and tightening over her best friend’s dick.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 2

first-time KennethPierce 2018-11-17

Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn’t like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips. Amy looked back over her shoulder, watching along with the rest of us as Corrine and Talia tasted each other’s lips for the first time. I had come a few hours ago, sure, but between a full day of staring at the girls in their suits, Steph and Elizabeth’s sexy bra swap, Corrine and Amy’s vivid sex stories, and the fresh memory of Corrine’s glorious breasts, I was still in desperate need of relief.

Taking Thomas

first-time cukeshaman 2018-11-11

Despite my efforts, Thomas seemed to sense my feelings and quickly removed his hands and retreated to his bed. I hoped that removing my shirt had given Thomas the hint that I wanted to get naked, but his hands remained firmly on my waist. “Oh yeaaaahhh” he breathed and leaned up to kiss me, moving his fingers up and down my slit. I fondled it for a moment, letting Thomas get used to being touched intimately and then, when I could restrain myself no longer, I moved my hands up and onto his shaft. I slowly began moving my hand up and down the shaft, reveling in the feel of velvet coated steel.

Afterschool Special

first-time skux475 2018-11-08

Her nipples began to harden as the thought of sex rushed through her head. Ty noticed and instantly grew a hard on.  "It's okay", Isabelle said as she sat right on top of his hard throbbing shaft covered by his trousers. Slowly, Isabelle clasped her hands on Ty's shaft and began to come closer with her mouth as she slowly took in that amazingly hard, long shaft. Slowly she began to feel his shaft tearing her apart, "Oohh" A loud moan came out of her. Soon they moved from the couch to the floor, where Ty lay Isabelle on her back and fucked her deep in the pussy. His throbbing cock began feeling that rush he felt before, so he quickly pulled out.

The Yes Man part 2

first-time Titchbrad 2018-11-04

Bev came into the room and said right let's get changed Sally and Dave will be here in 10 minutes. Once we got into the kitchen, Sally came up close to me, and said, "Let’s take our time, and see if Bev can work on Dave for later on." Bev told me that Sally had phoned her and said that when they got home on Friday night, the sex was fantastic. Well the rest of the week went quite quickly and soon it was Friday lunch time and left work, picked up Bev and drove her down to her mothers, luckily I did not have to stay long, as I wanted to get home, before the holiday traffic built up for the weekend.

Loving Zach

first-time romancefox 2018-11-04

He gasped, and then, I drove the full length of his cock into my mouth, and sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, when- “Kels, I’m going to cum!” Zach said breathlessly. “I’m on the pill, and I want to feel the ropes of your cum warming the inside of my pussy.” His cock wasn’t entirely hard still, and he looked at me expectantly. The hot, steamy water was unbelievably refreshing, and it wasn’t long before Zach powerfully shoved me up against the wall and began to fuck me so hard our orgasms were explosive. However, before the throbbing could subside, Zach swooped in and pushed the showerhead back into its place, murmuring, “Baby, I want you to come.” Not long after, my sweet juices puddled on the chair, and I convulsed in powerful orgasm.

Perfect Plan for perfect night

first-time mp888 2018-11-02

So without giving him time to say another word, I lay him on the bed, removed my dress and straddled his long legs and start to kiss him, my tongue slowly reached in and parted his lips, and we began biting and sucking. Max tongue flicked across my nipple then blew gently on it before he sucked it into his warm mouth, causing a soft moan to escape my lips and I unconsciously pushed my chest towards his face. Once I had a handle on my actions, I pulled Max up my body and into another ardent kiss, letting my tongue dance around with his in his mouth.

Close Call With A Close Friend Part 2

first-time MountainWatch 2018-11-01

Suddenly, as my father was talking about his daily afternoon walk, I felt Sarah’s soft hand slowly moving up my thigh under the table. Pushing her gently off my lap and laying her on the bed beside me, I started kissing all over her body. Reaching her breasts again I sucked each nipple into my mouth again, eliciting a moan from Sarah, before moving further down. “Basically knowing that, you just need to improvise a bit.” She said, looking me in the eye, almost literally buzzing from excitement. I pumped as hard as I could into her willing pussy, my mouth was like a vacuum on her clit as I squeezed her nipple mercilessly.

A Moment Like This

first-time MadamoiselleC 2018-10-29

Charlie had always been the dominant type, so she pushed Nathan back onto her queen sized bed and jumped on top of him, kissing him fiercely, as if making up for all the times she had wanted to in the two years they had known each other. Charlie rocked her hips back and forth, pushing Nathan's head deeper into her breasts as he sucked, licked, and kissed every bare inch of skin on the two jiggly masses that hung off her chest. She could tell Nathan was near his climax, and as her courtesy tapped so that she could get her mouth out of the way, Charlie simply gave him a wink, tickled his balls a bit, and sucked down fast and hard on his throbbing dick, her boobs bouncing so fast that the slapping of them on her chest was audible.

More Than a Movie

first-time EscapeButton 2018-09-09

We watch a movie cuddling, like we do all the time, and afterward you hug me like usual, but this time after you pull back you hold on to my hips, then slide your hands up under my shirt to the smallest part of my waist, pull me closer again and kiss me softly on the lips. Breathing a little easier now, I cock my head and say "Well that's not very fair, is it?" And before you can stop me, I grab your shirt and pull it off over your head. I relinquish my grip on your arms as I go back to work on your cock with my mouth and one hand, using the other to keep playing with your balls.

Best Friends Discover... Each Other

first-time d4c4c8 2018-09-03

"Perfect, this is just like Kent's mom's car." Then she turned to him, reached her hand behind his head to caress his hair and leaned in. "You've seen this in videos before, I thought you needed a little something special, as frustrated as you are." Without waiting for a response, he lowered his head again and slowly laved her, his tongue first caressing below her opening then caressing over her lips up to her nerve center circling it lightly, causing a new whimper. Each time she lowered herself onto him she could feel him stiffen, each caress of her tongue over his shaft or head caused a moan of pleasure.

A Brief Exchange

first-time NobodyWorthKnowing 2018-07-29

Jonathan's mind whirled, spellbound by her promising embrace, he filled with desire for his friend turned lover. Nadjia clenched her jaw; head thrown back, nails digging into Jonathan's back, scratching painless welts across his body. Her gentle smiles that rode the soft waves of bliss now turned to intense expressions of boundless ecstasy, and she felt her body arching and quivering, building a feeling that she suspected could not be matched even by paradise. Nadjia arched her back out, pushing her body as close to Jonathan as she could, her head back, jaw out, mouth open as her mind slipped into the beautiful oblivion of its own inferno.

Krista and Lia

first-time CanisMajor 2018-07-22

On her back laying on her bed, her arms covered her small, pert breasts while Lia's hands had grasped onto the waistband of her panties, the only article of clothing on her body before she'd be completely naked. Lia moved in closer again and gently lay her hand against Krista's pussy. "Very warm," she noted and started rubbing her hand against Krista's pussy, "warm and wet." Lia trenched a finger between Krista's lips. Lia climbed into the bed at Krista's knees, and she looked into Krista's eyes while gently spreading her thighs apart, kissing her way to her pussy. Lia's tongue and lips worked up so many new sensations in Krista's pussy.

BestFriends Ex.

first-time 2018-07-19

So I took her hand in mine and we both left and went for a walk, I could tell she was upset still so I decided to head towards her home on the walk. We went in and we both decided that I would spend the night but that nothing more than just sharing the bed would happen...I knew this would be hard considering how much I wanted her. I felt her hand reach around and take a firm grip on my hard thick cock and pull and direct it towards her pussy. I felt myself slide in to her as every inch slowly entered her and stretched her tight little pussy.

Kinky Virgins: Awakening

first-time SubtleDeviance 2018-07-14

He'd had a crush on his best friend Renee for so long and he had finally told her, and she said she felt the same way. Chris was always a very shy person so it took him a few days to build up the courage to tell her how he felt after she dropped him off at his dorm on Sunday night. Chris and Renee had been best friends since they were in 9th grade together. That night she wore a tight skirt that didn't make it past the middle of her thigh, an even tighter blouse that made her breasts look voluptuous and showed off her cute little navel piercing, her hair was down her back and curly, and she wore heels for the first time in a long time.

My Friend Jessie

first-time Skipper_Malone 2018-06-20

"I'm back Adam," Jessie said, placing two brown bags of groceries onto the kitchen. I had first met Jessie Slayton in our freshman year of high school. That can't be too bad Adam." Jessie said with a smile of her own. A soft moan escapes Jessie's mouth as I continue to knead her breasts through her bra and tank top. "Oh Adam...please...I can't wait any more..." Jessie moaned as I ran my fingers around her lips. After Jessie's breathing had returned to normal I felt her hands start to explore inside my sweatpants. This time, not a scream but a moan escaped Jessie's lips. "Like we haven't been already all these years Adam." Jessie said, playfully slapping me on the arm.

Best Friends Ch. 02

first-time Serinitee 2018-06-04

She saw how his skin had gone red with passion, how his pulse jumped in his throat, how his blue eyes were a shade darker than normal, how large his cock was...she groaned, arching her back and rolling her hips, waiting for him to touch her again. "I'm going to slide in Jae, tap me if it hurts," she nodded her head and her heart jumped as he began urgently kissing her once again as he started sliding the head of his cock inside of her in long, slow increments. Bryan hadn't known if he was in heaven or hell as he'd begun slowly sliding the head his throbbing cock inside of her tight, wet pussy.