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The Woman Across the Street

first-time techfoo39 2018-11-28

My parents went on a 2 week vacation to beautiful Cancun, and I am stuck walking home in record level rain in San Diego. It is late October of my senior year of high school. I finally make it home. "Yeah your mom told me she would be leaving." she replied, "Hurry come in and I'll throw your clothes into the dryer and draw you up a nice warm bath. I turned and politely shut the door and followed Allison into her nice home. I got a half-chub and I didn't care if Allison saw it. Allison wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, and pulled down, exposing more sensitive areas of my manhood.

The Creek - Part One

first-time Arcane 2018-11-27

Sophie and Maggie squealed as Logan resurfaced and shook his head like a dog. Logan looked up and saw Sophie and Maggie trying not to laugh, their hands over their mouths. Logan felt his cock get stiffer as he watched Sophie’s tits press up against Maggie’s. Logan saw out of the corner of his eye Maggie unbuttoning her shirt and Sophie taking off her shoes. Sophie slid a hand down Logan’s back and ran a single finger down his spine. Logan noticed that Maggie was more petite than Sophie and had smaller tits. Sophie pulled her legs toward her body so that they resembled a frog's and Logan copied Jeremy’s style, using Sophie’s hips for support.

Hot Teacher

first-time danielty 2018-11-15

She cocked her head and said, "do you understand?" I nodded, and she got up and started to walk away. I stuck one finger in her swollen wet pussy and she moaned, and gasped. I smiled and said, "If you like that, you’re gonna love this." I pulled my dick out and immediately shoved it inside her. I was about to come, so I pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach. My cock was still hard so I stuck it back in her pussy and began to fuck her again. I looked back and saw her lying there, cum coming out of her pussy, her stomach topped with come, her hair in a mess, and her pussy still wet.

Slow and Steady

first-time reddog44 2018-11-08

We always had a healthy sexual relationship after she started to looses up, my soft fingers on her warm cunt would just make her purr. I played with her soft cunt under her pants and teased her with my tongue running it softly between her folds. I kissed her hard and long and worked my hand faster with my index and middle finger at her opening and my thumb on her clit. She screamed "Ohhhhh my goddddddd" and I grunted as she backed up on me "she told me to fuck her hard", she wanted it rammed in her. she kissed me hard and moaned, telling me how much she loved me and wanted me so bad.

Skylar and Rose Ch. 01: The Beginning

first-time Zendady 2018-04-28

Both starting their second year at a large university in New Orleans, Skylar and Rose had met when they had been paired as dorm mates their first day on campus the previous year. They were, of course, hit on and propositioned by boys they knew from school, and even some men who frequented the loft, professional types who prided themselves on impressing the college girls with their stable lives and smooth, confident persona. Skylar and Terry had been dating about a month and already felt like they were in love. They left the bonfire and went to her grandfather's barn They began kissing and she could feel her panties becoming soaked as her pussy gushed from her arousal.