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Black High School Friends Convince Me to Suck Them

first-time edlangston 2018-11-28

Darrell and Tyrone were talking trash the whole way there, mostly saying how much white girls liked fucking their big, black cocks. I didn’t know how long I had been sucking him, but it definitely seemed like a lot more than five minutes, when Darrell said, “Holy shit, Justin, I was mostly kidding around, and never thought you’d actually go through with it. Then Darrell said, “You know, Justin, we can’t afford to keep paying you to take care of our cocks, and I’m betting that you’ll want to suck us for free anyway. We reminisced about our high school football team for a few minutes, and then Tyrone dredged up my past cock sucking behavior, saying, “You know, Justin, we’ve all stayed pretty close over the years, and we wondered what happened to you.

My Standard of Beauty: Black Women

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-25

I want to work in the U.S. because there are more work opportunities for ambitious Black folks with University degrees over there than in the narrow-minded Confederation of Canada. The summer is here and I’m chasing the sexy Black ladies, folks. Folks, I wasn’t lying when I said I love Black ladies and their amazing natural beauty. After graduating high school, I didn’t feel like going to University right away. Right now, I’m spending some quality time with this super fine Haitian sister named Veronique D’Arcy. Yeah, taking Veronique from that lame-ass White dude turned out to be the coolest thing I’d done in a while. And Veronique is that rare sister who actually appreciates a good Black man.


Duped Myself Into Becoming a Cock Sucker for My Black Boss

first-time edlangston 2018-11-16

Then I wrote about the same situation that happened to us in real life, where Malcolm explained to Mike why he was reading stories about white men sucking black cocks. After seeing Malcolm at the urinals and watching him masturbate in bed while reading, Mike comes to a point where he thinks he would like to suck Malcolm’s cock. After what seemed like about the right amount of time to finish my story, Kevin looked back at me and asked, “I’m just curious about something, Ed. Have you been reading any of the stories on the web site I told you about?” Maybe I’ll look for a story on your site about white husbands being cuckolded by big-cocked, black men that will convince me to get Linda to try it.”

Wife's modeling job xxx

first-time woreout 2018-11-08

That evening I was excited to find out how the meeting went and as soon as walked in the door I called out my wife's name. I found her in the shower so I said on the toilet and asked how it went. Oh no reason I said, then I asked what kind of clothing are you going to be modeling. She said Friday, he wants me to come by to see the proofs we took today and I'm going to make him have sex with me. I ran over to her and without saying a word I dropped to my knees and grabbing her ass cheeks I pressed my face into her pussy.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

first-time Troian 2018-11-07

My heart began racing, emotions and feelings flooded my body, I would finally be making love to my sweet Mischa. She looked at my chiseled chest and fondled my body, I loved the way her smooth hands felt against my skin. This only encouraged me to give her more pleasure, I started sucking directly on her clit and felt her body tense and shudder, I didn't want her to cum yet so I began giving slow soft licks up and down her mound. I felt her pussy beginning to contract on my finger, her back arched high and she let out a long, and loud moan one of her hands tightly gripped my head and her hips bucked wildly.

Sucking My Way Out of Depression

first-time edlangston 2018-10-29

The guys were talking and laughing about me being a hungry cock sucker as I continued sucking until Wendell’s big cock started throbbing in my mouth, and I swallowed his load of semen and sperm.” Hector said, “I don’t need to have my cock sucked again, at least not today, but I sure would like to feel your tongue in my asshole again. I joined a health club that caters to men of color, and I have been able to enjoy a steady stream (no pun intended) of men who like using me to have their sweaty balls and asses sucked, in addition to shooting their cum and even some piss into my warm, sucking mouth.

Bareback party

first-time woreout 2018-10-29

She said no , I've been asked to not have sex for the next two weeks. So I said you are going to be gang banged by seven black guys and all of them will shoot their cum into your unprotected pussy. She said I'm going to soak in a hot tub, you can set in there and I'll tell you about what happened. So you got cum in your ass , pussy, and mouth I said. They each fucked her pussy and then her ass, and finally she was setting on the thickest cock and they took turns fucking her ass. She said I have tasted my own pussy on a guys cock before, but this is the first time she tasted her own ass .

My First Black Cock! Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-10-06

He was kissing my neck, I could feel his enormous black cock rubbing against my bubble ass as he dry humped me and felt my body. "Come here, let me fuck that pretty mouth." he said as he grabbed my head and jabbed his big black cock back in my mouth. I just kept swallowing his cum and he kept thrusting his cock into my mouth until his balls were on my chin and my nose buried into his jet black pubic hair. "You jack off about black men fucking your white ass?", he asked. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he began to pound me, he was grunting and groaning while holding my legs tight to his chest.

Emma Converts Leah to BBC

first-time jerk978 2018-10-02

You don’t want t be showing underwear lines!” Emma responded as she lifted her own skirt and flashed Leah with her naked ass. Leah could not look away as suddenly she saw her s****r drop to her knees and began blowing the black men. Emma reached back and took off Leah’s blindfold so she could see all the black men dominating her with the bare cocks. "Now, share the love" he said as he grabbed Emma's head and moved it towards Leah forcing her to kiss her own s****r with a mouth full of his cum. Instead Leah looked at her s****r and instead followed Emma to the dance floor to continue the adventure.

All the Way to Heaven

first-time AfroerotiK 2018-10-02

Taisha was informed; she possessed a unique ability to separate the myths and oppressive dogma of the church from the joy that can only come from having a personal relationship with the Creator of All. She was also smart enough and savvy enough to understand that sensuality, sexuality, and carnal pleasure were birthrights to all human beings and that our emotional and spiritual health depended upon our connection, our touch, our moments of ecstatic bliss when two bodies are joined together which was a meditation and a communion with God that can only be shared with another human being during the joining of two bodies. He wasn't sure he was up to the task of making someone's first time memorable and special but he made the decision in his heart and in his mind that he wanted to share this with Taisha and he was going to do what he needed to do.


first-time 425olds 2018-09-30

I gave him the condom and lube as we both watched him roll the condom down his big black cock, he poured some lube on her pussy and on his cock stroking it. She said I feel empty now you took that monster out please fill me back up again I need that big black cock! He said give us a few minutes alone man I want to talk to your wife. He again pumped her full and emptied another huge load of black cum into her stretched out pussy. He smiled as he pulled out and said sorry about your little white pussy. So I was a good boy and 2 weeks later he was wrecking her pussy again...and I was sucking out his black cum and loving it.

Wife Alone

first-time 2018-09-25

Jan continued, "Yes, Molly, he was black. Do you think you can find me a handsome young black guy wear to wrap this white wife in for a black man to good looking dark skinned black guy smiling and seeking to plant his black seed into a white man’s that of a black man in bed with a white married woman. continuously pounds his black manhood into my white seed started spewing from his black balls deep into my I knew that the symbolic white and black rose had just young black stud dog as he sought relief for his sex looked at my beautiful young black stud and realized After Andy left the next day, Jan come over and started

I'll Pull Out I Promise Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-09-24

"The reason I asked is I hear about a lot of women want to have their husbands watch them with a black man." She sees her white hand holding his black cock and a thrill runs through her body. I want my hard black cock in you." Your big cock hit my cervix and it made me cum so hard. Is cumming on a black cock good. I want more and more of your hot black cum." "Are you ok, Amy. You look like you've been fucked hard." Amy dreams of Donald's big black cock making her cum. She thinks of his big black cock in her pussy. She thinks of his hot black cum squirting in her cervix.

"The Black Experience."

first-time tintop 2018-09-11

The thought of this young black man being soexcited by my naked body really made me hot! With that, Richard removed the covers, exposing hisshiny, hard black weapon I had been staring at in secret onlymoments ago. richard got off the bed and grabbed me, sucking a nipple into hiseager mouth. I then begged Richard togive me all of his hard black cock in my hot white pussy. When his uncle called say he would pick him up in anhour, I wasted no time in giving my black lover a blow-job hewould not soon forget. How can I now go back to the gentle, yet boring sex I havewith my husband after "the black experience?" I have becomehooked on beautiful black cocks...Richard has used hisoutstanding welcome to our house many times!

The making of a black cock craving wife

first-time MystaE 2018-09-06

she was fucking a large black cock. wanted to be a black cock slut, and when I said that, She continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth to continue to fuck black men and she said she would Lola said, "Yes master, I will fuck or suck any black Lola just nodded with her mouth filled with black cock. and shoved my cock into her mouth and fucked her face hand and placed it on her cum filled pussy, and said, She looked at me and said, "I love fucking black men, It feels so good to have a black cock filling my pussy, said, "Your wife is a real black cock slut now, she is

Wife Begs for Black Cum!

first-time bbcwife69 2018-09-03

She has fucked other guys for me before but she has never done a black man and I am obsessed with seeing her shaved pussy stretched and creamed by a huge black cock. He now had her tits and pussy exposed and I could feel my dick get hard as I watched him suck her tits and finger her cunt. After a few minutes they got back on the bed and he made sure they were situated so I could see how good my wife was sucking his cock. I began stroking myself as I watched my beautiful wife lower her pussy onto his big hard cock. They lay like this making out for several minutes before he raised up and began stroking her with big tool.

Son's black friend?

first-time jameshung27 2018-08-27

He said alright but the way she was teasing him yesterday he knew she wanted him to fuck her and he had his hand down inside her top and pulled her breasts out and was squeezing them and telling her how he like her milk white titties and big nipples. He told her he had been thinking about fucking her all summer and after yesterday, he knew she wanted it and he pushed her back on the couch and pulled her shorts and panties off telling her not to scream or he would tell everyone how she had been teasing him and let him in the house. She said she couldn't help but look down and watch as he penetrated her and he saw her and told her he knew she liked seeing his black dick going in her white pussy.

Waiting for Mr. Right

first-time BlackSnake 2018-08-26

He didn't ask me out after I told him that I wasn't married, had kids, or was dating anyone at the time, and he didn't give me that, "I want to fuck your brains out" look. I don't recall a thing he said until I was staring at the bed in his hotel room. There was no way I was going to let this guy get away from me. He kicked my legs apart and then I felt the head of his dick. I wanted him to do it again, to keep fucking me like a bitch in heat, but his dick shrunk and fell out. It is worth the risk of getting pregnant to have a big black juicy dick pumping in and out of my pussy.

Black and White

first-time mrsrobinsonx 2018-08-24

Black underwear, he’ll like the contrast with my white bitch skin, I thought. In the lift, his strong arms wrapped around me and those big hands grabbed my bum cheeks. His hands outstretched he pushed them inside my bra and grabbed my tits, squeezing them tightly. I grabbed that firm bum as it went up and down, back and forth, pounding that fabulous cock up me. This time, he’d pushed me face down into the bedclothes, his hands around my waist, lifting me, pushing me back and forth, up and down his cock, like I was just a rag doll. Then, taking him just a little deeper, and with just a back and forth motion, I started to clench and unclench my bum cheeks.


first-time ChristieWett 2018-08-16

He asked me did I want to try a black cock & I replied, 'heavens no'. Months later at a swingers party a black guy approached us both and he asked if we were here for fun? Hubby & I got home & we talked for hours about black cock, black men, & the black culture in general. Hubby took me up to a room and we got it on with the usual couples. The next weekend hubby said we were going out to dinner so we got dressed & headed out. Hubby kept leaving out the room for smoke breaks & I guess that was the signal for Daniel to make his move.

she tried black first part 3

first-time musclecock 2018-08-16

Gonna make you walk 'round with all your white friends carryin' a black baby in your little white belly," He stroked her hot belly, and Ashley felt her body respond immediately - A twinge deep inside her, right above her womb which his African dick was ramming against. But now, feeling Derren's pulsing black cock spewing its hot load deep inside her bare white womb, sending millions of his strong African warriors to capture to her pure Caucasian egg, it not only felt good -- It felt right! "WHAT!?" The whole night came crashing back to Ashley in an instant -- the drinks, the dirty dancing, Sandy dropping her clothes, her own hands wrapping around Derren's black cock, the broken condom, the feeling of rightness -- and the dangerous black cum still sloshing around inside of her unprotected belly.


first-time hondo1906 2018-07-30

"God Damn that taste so good I want more black come in my mouth." The boy on the bottom was squeezing her tits hard and I could tell he was getting very excited by the way he shortened his strokes and began to shake, gasping "Here it comes lady, take it all." Grunting loudly, he raised and lowered his hips sending his black seed deep into my wife. Coach let her suck him until he was completely hard and then stood behind her taking his place where the youths had been with his cock pointing right into her open hole.

Black co-workers

first-time 2018-07-17

There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and attracted to Jeff and we k**ded all the time like that. decided to take Jeff's joke seriously and accepted his husband and I was attracted to Jeff. the two guys in the front seat would know what we were By that time Jeff's fingers were making me Jeff fucked me doggy style. likes of which I'd never experienced with my husband. my legs around his humping butt and started fucking him We both came at the same moment and Jeff quickly pulled Jeff and I fucking. In the end, they each fucked me and Jeff did it twice. But this time, all the while my husband

Kinky Virgins: Awakening

first-time SubtleDeviance 2018-07-14

He'd had a crush on his best friend Renee for so long and he had finally told her, and she said she felt the same way. Chris was always a very shy person so it took him a few days to build up the courage to tell her how he felt after she dropped him off at his dorm on Sunday night. Chris and Renee had been best friends since they were in 9th grade together. That night she wore a tight skirt that didn't make it past the middle of her thigh, an even tighter blouse that made her breasts look voluptuous and showed off her cute little navel piercing, her hair was down her back and curly, and she wore heels for the first time in a long time.