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Buddy's Mom Chapter 5 6

first-time Tomanon 2018-06-25

It was hooked up to some motion detectors around the house, and let his Dad keep an eye on the help to make sure they weren’t poking around where they shouldn’t, or picking up things to take home. I clicked on the Living Room icon and scrolled down to history, and sure enough, there was a video of Angela cleaning the room.  I wondered if  Dad had a voyeur streak, since the shots of her bending over to dust were mildly titillating. As she washed the plates, I moved behind her and cupped her breasts with both hand.  She must have felt my cock pressing on her ass.

An Exciting Time

first-time bluecore 2018-06-24

A wide grin spread across my face when I thought about being able to masturbate without having to worry about my parents bursting into my room without knocking, and the embarrassing frantic to close the porn tabs, hide my erection, and push aside the tissue paper. It must have been some good porn I was watching because I didn’t hear the door screech as it opened slightly. I walked into the living room that evening and caught Sarah sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand. Sarah reached down without breaking the kiss and pulled my forgotten hands around her. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me up to her lips and our tongues met again.

Awakenings: Chapter One

first-time middleagedguru 2018-06-20

It looked like Mrs. Guthrie noticed what was happening so she said, “We’re going to do something different for this assignment, I’m going to pair you up.” “You’re pretty creative,” Gail said as she put down the script and started looking around my room. After several seconds of awkward silence she looked me straight in my eyes and said, “Can I ask you something?” I didn’t want to admit that while the pictures of the girls masturbating, scissoring, sucking, and fucking turned me on I usually stroked it while fantasizing about various girls from school, including Gail. “Looks like he really wants to come out,” she said as she started rubbing faster. Gail looked at it and said, “Looks like he’s ready to play.”

Getting Liz's Knickers Down

first-time RobJohnson 2018-06-20

I wanted good access, so I gently pulled her knickers down, Liz moved to help me, I then pushed her legs back and looked at my prize. I gently kissed her pussy lips as she got herself together, and as she slowly came round, I realised in her eyes that she wanted much more. I was more than a little nervous still, which helped as it kept me from cumming, as I slowly fucked Liz. She moved a hand between her legs to play with her clitty, but I removed it and replaced it with mine, and she was cumming within seconds of pushing her little button.

Buddy's Mom Chapter 3 4

first-time Tomanon 2018-06-17

She let the hand shower play a little longer than necessary in her crotch, and turned it to pulse. "She let’s boys play with her tits on dates, and even lets them feel her up under her bra." When the girl reached down into the guy’s swimsuit and began caressing his cock, Buddy thought he would explode on the spot. The girl on the video, pulled down the guy’s swim trunks, and began to fondle his cock. Buddy’s stiff cock was now pressing against the back of her neck, and Leah turned half way around and gave it a squeeze. As her head bobbed up and down on his cock, Buddy knew he didn’t have long to last.

My first time in highschool part 1

first-time Me_ 2018-06-10

One day Alexis would make all the guys sandwiches, the next she would leave the cooking to her friend, Jasmine, and would play against one of the guys in COD. Apparently, Alexis was just waiting and hoping for me to ask her out and told Jasmine that she wanted me to. Exasperated, Alexis and I went over and sat on my bed, trying to think of a way out. I felt like we were getting close to a possible escape route involving a chair, rope and a library card when Alexis suddenly said " maybe being locked in here isn't such a bad thing." I looked over to her and saw her perfect face grinning up at me.

She was different

first-time College_Guy6288 2018-06-09

"Why are you reading literature in a science class?" Miranda asked, looking at the book in my hands. "What makes you think I don't want to be your partner?" I asked, looking directly into her eyes. "You are like, really smart," Miranda said, after the teacher came by and complimented her on a job well done. She whimpered, so I broke our kiss, looked her deep in her glazed, lustful eyes, and pushed my finger in her pussy. I leaned down to kiss her boobs, she moaned and wrapped an arm around my head, refusing to allow me to stop. I put my hand to her face, wiped away her tears with a finger, kissed her gently and said, "It's going to be okay, Miranda.

Payton and I

first-time puddingnomer 2018-06-01

Half way into the movie she layed her head on me and I wrapped my arm around her. She began stroking my bulge as I twirled my fingers round her panties. My mouth worked its way down her neck to her breasts where I began sucking as I played with her pussy through her skirt. I begin to lick and finger Payton's beautiful pussy. Knowing she had to return the favor she stripped me and got on her knees. Payton sucked hard and fast until I couldn't take it any more. Eventually I lost my cool and began thrusting into her as hard and fast as possible. I took a handful of her blonde hair while I thrusted into her from behind.

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 02

first-time Secretlit777 2018-05-28

I then sat straight up at which point Ashlyn wrapped her legs around me and after some fidgeting I laid her on her back without ever disconnecting my cock from her pussy. I wasn't going to wait to see the bottom of her, so I kept unzipping the dress and eventually got it off revealing her bare freshly shaved pussy glistening from the reflection of the moon on her soft pink folds. The sex, of course, was great and the thrill of doing it in the bed of my truck with the crisp night air rolling across our skin took me to a whole other level of ecstasy, and the risk of being caught as Ashlyn was yelling out obscenities into the night made me extra hard. 

Lesson Taught

first-time tonysnow 2018-05-06

Britany was the VP of Sales' 18 y/o daughter, who had been hired to work part time after class in our small firm. Instead, Britany walked ito my office, stood next to me and started talking to me about she appreciated the training she was getting. Britany licked by balls as she stroked my cock, causing me to let out a groan. Opening the packaging, Britany continued to stroke my cock. Then gently lifting her hips as I sucked and licked her pussy, I rubbed her asshole. I pulled Britany towards the edge of the desk and entered her with my cock. The sight of Britany's eyes rolling back with passion and biting down on her lips as she came caused me to explode.

Curvy Georgie's Experience

first-time writing_is_hard 2018-05-05

Georgie turned her head and cocked it to one side, I looked into her blue eyes and I sensed that she wanted to do more than watch a movie inside. She rubbed his rock hard penis and could instantly tell it was much larger than the only other one she had ever encountered, this filled Georgie with a sense of great arousal but also with a sense of fear, she wasn't sure she'd b able to match up to the pleasure he was making her feel. Georgie thought she was getting the hang of this, she could tell from the moans coming from above and how the engorged cock in mouth remained rock hard.

Studenthouse Master Ch. 02

first-time Spritty 2018-05-03

After I had taken a first deep puff and felt the relaxing feeling of the weed, named Snow White by the way, and handed it over to her we fell into silence for a couple of minutes. Soon my contemplation ended and I raised my hands to her breasts, playing with her pierced nipples between my fingers and feeling the curves with wide eyes. Just when my mind turned over to the events of that evening, I heard a deep breath and my attentive eyes followed a hand moving underneath the covers towards Bella's sensitive center and I knew, I was about to be entertained with another show.

Hooking Chassidy

first-time studrelease 2018-04-28

"I DID tell you I didn't want to fuck, though," Chassidy says, but as she says it, she glances away, her voice growing quieter until I can barely hear the word "though." I think her cheeks grow a little warmer. "OH, Scott!" Chassidy exclaims, and she cums hard, rhythmically releasing her fluids onto my hand, her legs, and the ground. Maybe ten seconds pass, then she cums yet again, just as I'm pulling out to turn her back around: I wanted to blow my load inside her while we looked into each other's eyes. We grab our clothes that we left in my truck bed along the way, I dress while Chassidy gets some wipes from somewhere in her car and cleans the long trail of nut creeping down her leg.

My Swiss Miss

first-time swollenbell 2018-04-27

Mila told me of the fun she was having with the children, how much she loved hanging around with the family and teaching them the ins and outs of the local culture, food and other things to do. Looking into my eyes with hers she spilled out her words, how she had heard about me from my sister, and conjured up a dashing foreigner, how she had met me and fallen hard, how she wanted to lose her virginity with me and had planned out the night in the Chalet since she knew the weather was going to turn nasty, and how she had taken me to the breeding rock because she wanted to get pregnant with my child.

The Casting

first-time NicoleHeat 2018-04-26

'Now he's doing you in missionary position.' Jack takes me by the waist with both hands and starts rocking me back and forth. Jack is totally fucking me with his fingers as if I'm some porn actress. Jack has put me down on all fours and started licking my pussy before I even understand what is happening. His enormous rock-hard cock squeezes into my little hole spreading my pussy lips and starts sliding inside me so smoothly. The camera guy is filming my pussy oozing what feels like pints of cum! You have to fuck me some more till I cum!' I crawl around Jack on all fours, swaying my wet pussy as if I'm a horny cat or something.

Turn Down Service

first-time litguy100 2018-04-23

I rose and stepped back to admire her small body moist with sweat, her pert tits, the narrow of her waist, the widening of her hips, and legs spread wide showing me her swollen pussy beaconing my cock. With a look of absolute lust she reached down between her legs, spread her pussy lips wide and said, "I want you to stick it in my pussy right now while it is still tingly. I looked down to watch the girth of my cock split her pussy lips wide. She grabbed my balls with one hand and pumped my wet dick with the other as she brought her face close to the head.

Taking Orders

first-time SouthernSugar 2018-04-21

In the tack room at the end of the barn, Jack Thomas was almost finished oiling one of Lana's many saddles. Jack's eyes had darkened as she screamed, and his face looked hard as stone. Lana's eyes widened as Jack used one hand to unzip his dirty jeans. Jack dropped his pants and boxers, stripped off his soiled shirt and laid in the center of Lana's bed. Lana couldn't manage a response, but she rested her left hand on her taut belly before sliding it inside the matching pink lace panties, down over her mound and in between the cleft of her sex. After a few more thrusts, Jack's cock was fully lodged in Lana's pussy.

Ripe Summer Fruit

first-time naughtyauthor7 2018-04-16

I closed my eyes and imagined sliding my cock up and down Samantha's Alpine breast-line, as she squeezed her creamy white breasts together and dared me to come in her face. I closed my eyes again, waiting for the noise to stop, and imagined the motions of her breasts, bouncing all over the bumpy fields, independent of each other as the quad ran over uneven ground. "That quad is worth thousands, and you've just filled it up with diesel and ran it to its death." I wasn't really angry, just going through the motions while thinking of a plan to be alone with Samantha. I rolled back my tight foreskin once again, unleashing my big red head and leaned one hand on her left cheek while guiding my cock into her gates with my right.

The Confessional Ch. 01

first-time fukensploogin 2018-04-13

He had a buddy out in a pew, who sent him a text message when Father Clooney entered his room, at which point Tommy flipped on the little light above the door to the confessional he was in. Which was why Tommy's buddy nearly flipped out when Andrea Cooper walked into church and went straight to his confessional. Andrea looked up at Josh as his hands moved down her body, his hardening cock pressing against her as he kissed her again, both of them grinding against one another's torso. "God, Andrea, I love you..." he said, whispered in her ear, as the head of his cock pushed inside her.

Phone Fun Ch. 01

first-time dramaqueen47 2018-04-12

He was the kindest, most caring person that I had met in a long time, and every time he called me on the phone, my pussy would tingle with pleasure, but I really wanted to wait. I had just let my hands wander to my panties and was running my fingers over my pussy lips when I answered Mark. "Yes Mark, I want to touch my breasts. I want to make my nipples hard and I would love to feel your mouth on them, making them hard. "Oh God Mark, last time I saw you, your dick looked so good in your pants. "Wow, you sure?" Mark seemed very surprised that I didn't want to come.

Another First Time Story

first-time zimabean 2018-03-17

The redhead got up, giving me a shot of her red haired pussy, and we helped the blonde out of the bathroom and into the empty office. The blonde let loose with a moan and started to buck around, her pussy clamping tight around my cock causing me to explode a huge load deep inside her. I just kept pounding away till I got to thinking about how I just fucked these two chicks and that was when I hit the point of no return and buried my as deep as I could get it and drained my balls filling that little redhead's womb full of my spunk.

A Summer To Remember

first-time Erotonaut 2018-03-16

By the time I'd cleared the dishes away, gathered my thoughts and walked across the garden to the canopy under which the hot tub was sited, my cousin was stretched out beneath the frothing water, her arms spread so that her hands rested upon the concrete surround. At first, I thought I was myself dreaming, but a split-second later I realised that Maria's right foot was now resting against the front of my shorts, pressing ever so gently upon my groin. "No worries." And as Maria turned to walk back towards the house, I swear I saw the faintest indication of a smirk, as though she knew there was no way I could get out of the water till I'd slipped my shorts down and given their contents a thorough sluice.

A Hitch-Hiker Gets Lucky

first-time ironfelix 2018-03-11

Pat was a shy, quiet farm girl, very stocky and muscular from helping with the chores - the classic "fat bottomed girl" that a lot of guys fantasize about, especially with her long, straight blonde hair and sky blue eyes. But on this summer day, she looked great behind the wheel of the Mustang, in a beautiful short yellow dress, showing off her ample thighs. The sight put Pat over the edge, cheeks turning red, her eyes closing. Jumping off the sofa, she yanked up her panties and pulled down the hem of the crumpled yellow dress, looking both completely embarrassed and a bit proud of herself at the same time.

Emma's First Time

first-time abroadsword 2018-03-07

I took a shower and wandered up to the manor, caterers were scuttling around, a boy band was doing a sound check and a group of very fit black guys were chatting around the back of the marquee. "I can hardly believe that eighteen years ago today my beautiful daughter Emma was born, When I first saw he I knew." he said, "My darling wife Kate, second wife that is, come up here Kate!" "Geoffrey, do you want to fuck me?" Emma asked. "Well Geoffrey is not like Daddy." Emma said very wisely. We were alone, "Geoffrey, did you like having sex with me?" Emma asked hopefully.