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College Annual Day Fun With Angel Of Class

first-time bava12 2018-12-04

As it was mechanical department there were only few girls and sarayu is an angel in our class. One day he gave me a letter and said to ask her whether she love him or not. She declined the proposal and said to me to inform him that she is not such type of girl. Some of my friends came to me and said they were planning to drink and got some beers. They left and I went to a my class and sat in the place where sarayu used to sit. I said I love someone from day 1 in college and didnt have courage to express it to her as she is not interested in love.

Caught By The Teacher

first-time hot_horny_babee 2018-09-07

To her horror, Elizabeth liked the way the cock felt in her mouth, it was the same size as Ryan's, but Mr. Burlin's was at least 2 inches thick. Mr. Burlin's hand moved towards her moist pussy, and he began to rub it through her panties (he had already removed her skirt.) "Such a tight pussy," Mr. Burlin thought out loud, "Can't wait to fuck it!" He slipped in another finger, and began to plinge them in deeper and deeper. Yell, make me know it feels good!" Mr. Burlin said, sitting down on the carpet, Elizabeth seated on his huge dick. "OHHHH, OHHH, OHH, OHHHH!" Elizabeth yelled, "yeahh, yeahh, fuck me Mr. Burlin!

Class is in session

first-time pornfan1976 2018-08-18

Jenna needed to pass Miss Neilson's class to graduate. "And who wouldn't want to fuck Miss Neilson," Nikki said, leaning in, "Think about it, all the boys would be jealous." "Let's do this, and maybe, get Miss Neilson to join." She kissed Jenna again, who by this time was giving in to her own urges. It wasn't long before both 18 year old stunners were naked, and Nikki was giving Jenna the best pussy eating she ever had. And all of this time, Miss Neilson, the 40 year old stunner, was watching the girls, enjoying herself, her pussy causing her panties to be soaked. As Jenna's face was in Nikki's ample bush, Miss Neilson licked her from the rear.


first-time KrisSpee 2018-08-02

I know I've only known you for about a year, but I think we're good friends, right?" Those girls don't care that you don't just want to bang them, or that you genuinely love how they laugh, or that you blush every time you make eye contact with them. "You know, I've always thought you were a sweet guy," Ellie said as our food came out. "You're the type of guy who wants to take me out a bunch of times, and tell me how great I am, and ask me meekly to be your girlfriend, before you even think of fucking me. "ELLIE!" I plunged into her one final time before holding her, forcing her, against me as cum rushed out of me like a geyser.

Read if you want I guess. :]

first-time 2018-07-17

Every since I was about 16 years old, a junior in highschool and getting put in this really cute teachers class. Next day in class all he did was watch me even winked at me a couple of times made me blush and I guess he liked that. Nerves kick in he walks over to me and said "good job on the test but there's something else I would like to ask you.." "Okay..?" "What was on your mind that day that made you run out of here so fast." "Nothing important just kinda spacing out I guess." I said, "that's a lie and we both know it" He replies.

Not What it Seemed

first-time bbare 2018-07-08

Beth's older brother, Junior, had gone to junior college for two years then entered the work force as an insurance adjuster. What made it even harder on me (pun intended) was while I was helping Beth unpack her goods, I saw her bending over to pick up something and the sides of her sleeveless blouse would provide a gap large enough to peek inside of her blouse. Seeing those small yet beautiful breasts on Beth had created that same feeling of discomfort inside of my underwear. I peeked inside and saw a blurry vision of Beth allowing the water from the nozzle run down her hair. Beth finally came out 5 minutes later and went back to the bathroom to brush out her hair.

Sister Mary

first-time StoryTeller07 2018-07-04

"Reverend mother, do you think Sister Mary is the right one to teach the boys in that class?" Sister Teresa asked. She made a note to ask Sister Mary to provide a summary of class progress, and conveniently forgot about it. The guys looked spooked, when Sister Mary asked James to give out the pictures, cut from a magazine. "Are you sure, James?" Sister Mary asked. Surely it has been correctly designed to take the male parts," Sister Mary asked. James couldn't look at Sister Mary. In answer to Sister Mary's quizzical look he tried to explain. Before he could think of anything to stop it, Billy eagerly skipped to the front of the class, right in front of Sister Mary's desk.

Good Mark

first-time sweetblissmash 2018-05-21

"And don't you ever, talk to me again." Favorly-nn pulled his hair hard in her hand, so his head stayed on the desk. When he walked in and stopped to stare at Favorly-nn, her hand tangled in a young boy's hair as she smacked his head on the table. When he walked in and stopped to stare at Favorly-nn, her hand tangled in a young boy's hair as she smacked his head on the table. Favorly-nn looked into his eyes as he took of his glasses to clean them, when he spoke. Favorly-nn smiled against his neck and moved her hand away, replacing it with her crotch and pushed her breasts in his face.

First School Experience

first-time goldcloak 2018-04-17

As usual this was a video lesson so as we took our new seats which was not on the seating plan I noticed a girl sat next to me. She looked at me saying "not so high, that was my tit" I told her I didn't notice cause they we so small anyway. We went back to our silly game but she didn't squeeze as hard, instead she moved her hand a little higher. Lucky for me it was last lesson which meant after a quick 20 minute walk home if I avoided my friends I could clean myself up. I could again feel her nipples harden under my fingers through her school shirt.

Class demonstration of sexx

first-time savita009 2018-03-24

Then teacher told Ajay to touch my boobs and lift them and show to the class the different parts including nipples. She told the class that when the nipples grow stiff that meant the girl has become excited and when she gets excited--her pussy becomes wet. the teacher told the class that when the boy plays with the body of a girl--he becomes all excited and his cock becomes all stiff and hard. I immediately opened Ajay's pant zip and the cock sprang out like a snake--all stiff and hard--with lot of precum at it's mouth. The teacher held Ajay's cock and gave it a few strokes with her hand and showed it to the whole class to watch how the sperms were shooting out of it.

Stephons first run in with Sora

first-time cooler34 2018-03-15

Fuck, its time to calm down because if i want to sl**p with this female anytime this century I'm going to have to show that I'm a catch, and not the giant jokester that everyone else thinks I am. So mask my excitement and just smugly say, oh really, thanks, and i just want to say that you look like something out of a dream. she sent a wink emoticon and sent me a picture of tits,and she said that she liked my cock, especially the dark band near the middle. She smiled and in that instant something changed, she went from sexy timid girl, to a like fucking predator.

Will and Rene's First Time

first-time Will and Rene 2018-02-27

To this day, I have no recollection of anything you tried to teach me in that room, but I sure remember your eyes, that radiant, self-confident smile, and the caring tone of your voice. I wasn’t sure you really had a headache, but I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by, after spending so many weeks wondering if your skin felt as smooth as it looked. Once in a while I'd move nearly all the way out, escaping your pussy's magnificent grasp, the soft heated head of my cock wet with our mingled juices briefly flirting with the folds and ribbons of your lovely lower lips.

Summer time fun

first-time ilikestories 2018-02-12

One day we had an argument in class and just let out some F bombs. While packing our sl**ping bags I overheard the girls say they are going to the lake and go for a swim. I hid in the bushes and just watched the girls bathe and actually saw a couple of them go topless. I made an excuse that I had to piss because I would have creamed myself if I let her keep going. The teacher planned a movie day for our class and I could not even tell you what movie we watched. At first it was just a little make out session then things just kept going from there.

New Teacher Bad Boy

first-time braindump 2018-02-03

The teachers had grown tired of trying to make him see that if he knuckled down and got pass grades in Maths and English then he could go to art school and make a future for himself. "That's enough," said Sally deciding it was time to try to take some control of the class. For the rest of the day the class was very quiet, the Headmaster walked by twice expecting chaos and found each time Miss Williamson working away at the blackboard and the class appearing attentive. For the first time Sally saw David as a man instead of a student and a little ache started in the bottom of her stomach.

A Tryst with Physics

first-time the_lost_one 2018-01-18

Everyone was visibly nervous and the teachers were doing their best to keep calm in their classes as numerous students went beyond their usual levels of failure, setting records and breaking them within weeks. Shalini couldn't help but laugh and gave back his box of chocolates and asked, "How old are you?" He was visibly surprised at the candid question but replied, "19". When the period got over a few minutes later, she asked for the answer paper to be returned to her desk before evening and left. When she walked out, Shalini noticed that Michael seemed rather uncomfortable and decided that the evening was going to be a lot more enjoyable than she expected.

Quel age as-tu?

first-time Dinsmore 2017-12-28

He was staying over for the summer term; students at all-girl schools around the state often came to the big university to take a course or two during the summer which was the only time they were allowed to enroll. There were mixers occasionally scheduled on campus during the regular term with some of the girls' colleges around the state, so he'd had a few---very few---opportunities to meet and at least make out with a few girls during the school year. There were unlikely to be any girls in the lab; they only came to the big campus to take specialized courses that weren't available at their own schools, not undergraduate requirements.

For the Very First Time Ch. 02

first-time PrincessErin 2017-12-15

Hello?" Jane had stopped talking and finally noticed Amber staring at Quinn, her face red. Amber was about to open her mouth and tell her best friend, but just then their English teacher, Mr. Johnston, entered the room. Amber and Jane survived old Johnston's English class and then went their separate ways to their second period class. Just as Quinn went down the hallway enough not to hear them, Jane whispered to Amber "meet me in the second floor bathroom in twenty minutes. Amber wouldn't dare ask to leave class from him, but Ms. Gardin was a younger teacher and was more easy-going. Amber nodded and watched her best friend rush out to get back to French class in time.

Mentor to Her Eager Younger Student

first-time Xesevoli 2017-11-27

He told me he thought he wanted to write about sex between mammals and it took a moment to register what he'd said before I asked further what he intended his topic's focus. I hadn't done anything like this with either of the two guys that had taken me before but as I'd learned the need of it in conversations with a girlfriend years before it had been nurtured and finally this was my chance. "Is this okay?" he said in the middle of it all but he didn't release my head or pull back and I continued to feel his body working me as I placed my hands on his ass and dug my nails into it, pulled him even closer and tighter.

satish sex school

first-time pandu004 2017-11-18

Suddenly a bad thought covered my mind I asked her where she got injured she said in leg I softly touched her knees she said it was paining I continue massaging her and slowly started to move upwards up to her thighs, Oh god it’s so soft as silk she was dumbfounded what am doing and try to pull her legs She gone mad come in no time I removed her panty She try to cover her pubic area but i removed her hands and started fingering her pussy with my middle finger she got excited and moaning in pleasure… After about 2 min she cum.

Kenny's College Humiliation

first-time Mister_Magnus 2017-11-17

His orgasm had actually liberated so much cum that when he landed, it made a little splash, and much to Miss Jones' continuing horror, a small amount of Kenny's ball juice splattered right across her exposed legs. Everyone knows you're supposed to cum on the girl's face, not your own!" This of course caused a fresh wave of laughter to course through the classroom as Kenny finally got his legs moving and made his way into the hallway and to the nearest bathroom... She was scrubbing her legs so fiercely they were starting to turn red, and when the door opened and she saw a cum-covered Kenny walk in her face quickly took on the same shade of scarlet.