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College Nights

first-time Still_A_Virgin 2018-11-16

We had tenatively booked a room with one double bed, Chris telling me all the time that if I was or got uncomfortable with it, don't be afraid to let him know. Chris was pretty much on top of me, kissing my stomach, then pulling down and off my dress completely. When Chris finished cumming, he pulled me to my feet and laid me down on the end of the bed so that my ass was on the edge. Fuck yeah Chris, eat my pussy, oh my god!" I felt a shiver rack my entire body. This time with no hesitation, he shoved his hard dick deep inside my wet pussy. I went inside the shower and turned on the hot water, noticing there was a seat directly across from the clear glass door.

Uncircumcised Man Finds Love

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-15

Still, there are times when I thought my siblings, Jake and Maria got the better deal by going to Morehouse College and Georgia State University, respectively. I found that special outlet in Janice Stephens, a student-athlete at Russell University and one of the most popular students on campus. Janice was a native of Atlanta City who transferred to Russell University from Spelman College. Her cousin Mario Jenkins, a big and tall, dark-skinned guy with dreadlocks was an offensive lineman on the Russell University varsity football team and her sister Julianne Stephens was the captain of the school's all new women's varsity wrestling team. Janice gripped my face in her hands and, looking me right in the eyes, told me to fuck her.

To Clumsy Feet and Prada Knock-Off's

first-time ladyjessamine 2018-11-13

There I was, minding my own business - not half as drunk as I want to be, but having a grand ol’ time dancing a little dirty with a couple girls - when a blond vision starts hissing at me like a cat just because I accidentally step on her foot. Now she’s standing not two feet away from me, one hand wrapped around her waist, the other crossing over her chest in what would have been modest if not for the way her fingers lightly circle her covered nipple. Then I notice that she is pinching and twisting her nipples under the cover of black lace, and her head is thrown back and eyes are closed as she rides the pleasure she’s giving herself.

Meena My Landlord’s Daugther’s Friend

first-time bava12 2018-11-11

And both girls told me they would be coming often to meet me as both are going to write entrance exams for admission to engineering college, and would appreciate my help in the same. She said she got bored sitting at home and all her friends are gone to visit grand parents meaning Sudha and Jaya…Priya is in town as she has no winter holidays like her two s****rs. Usually I am not flirty with girls, but I became naughty that day, and said – well only if she is prepare for what may happen inside the movie when it gets dark. But the movie was quite unforgettable time for me, the blushing girl put up lots of resistance that it took me most part of half hour to reach her small boobs inside her kurta.

College Physiology 101

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-11

John cocked his head a little and asked, “Why?” I told John that there would be a product presentation at a local hotel conference room in about a week and that I’d text him information about it if he would provide me with his cell number. John gave me his cell number and I wrote it down. As he stood up, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement, knowing that I’d be able to experience this hulk of a young man. We flipped into a sixty-nine position on the bed and John began to kiss my inner thighs, working his way to my womanhood. “That was some muscle enhancer and body relaxer,” John whispered, mimicking what I had told him about a week prior.

The Four Freshmen. Part I: Donna

first-time Jason_NYC 2018-11-10

Instead, I folded Donna in my arms, nestled her cheek against my chest and stroked her hair as her body shuddered with a series of tremors that took nearly a minute to subside. Donna opened her eyes, looking first at my face, then at my shriveling cock, and finally down the front of her own naked body. I tried to pull my mouth away from Donna long enough to warm her of an impending orgasm, but she clamped her thighs against my ears, and pushed my lips back against her vulva. As I came, Donna thrust her hips firmly against my mouth and I felt a spasm building in her body which culminated in a hot liquid release that poured gently across my lips and down the inside of her thighs.

The Mistake

first-time realoldbill 2018-11-10

“There must be some mistake,” the pretty girl said as she stood in the middle of the dorm room looking at the thin boy wearing just his Jockey underpants. “Yes, I guess so.” He tried to slow his breathing, lay on his back and felt his cock filling and rising. Billy tried to sleep, pulled free and turned on his side as he usually did, but his cock demanded attention. “You don’t want to.” She wiggled off her pajama bottoms and turned her back to him. He turned to her, grasped her breasts with both hands and pulled her to him. “I’m scared,” she sighed, trembling, feeling his penis in her folds.

After Hours [Part One]

first-time trix81 2018-11-08

My breasts were almost touching him, he leaned close to my right ear and said quietly, “You need to live a little.” And with that he began to kiss my neck. I was so taken back but at the same time I looked into his eyes and felt him draw me right in; a hunger took over me, suddenly I wanted more! He straightened up, “I want you to suck me off.” I sat up and got onto my knees while he stood before me, I took his cock in my hands, not sure what on earth I was doing, and gently moved my hand up and down it. I suddenly felt the throbbing cock hit it’s limit and explode in my mouth, my first instinct was to stop and spit it out but I just swallowed and let him keep cumming.

Scarlett Roses - Part One

first-time writer242 2018-11-04

Scarlett didn’t believe her and felt like Ryan was starting to love her. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Scarlett as she walked over to her desk, placing the flowers down and then returning to Ryan, wrapping her arms around him again but this time accompanied with a kiss. Suddenly, she felt his dick pull out of her as Ryan grabbed her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Ryan shoved his dick back inside of Scarlett’s wet pussy from behind. Scarlett felt his dick continuing to pump inside of her. Ryan reached forward, grabbing Scarlett’s arm and pulling it out from underneath her. Scarlett felt Ryan’s dick slide from her pussy, her juices and his cum following.

College Loving

first-time YoungBabe 2018-11-03

Jemma did exactly as she was told and rammed my brand new pink vibrator straight up my tight little hole. Jemma through the vibrator on the bed and dug her head deep between my legs, moving her tongue around licking up all my cum. I wanted Jemma to remember this night forever so I moved my hands away from her shoulders and grabbed her pussy. Her breathing was insane and soon enough she came in all over my hand and it ran down her legs to her ass, down my arm which was still stuck in her cunt and my bed was covered in pussy juices.

Florence, A City Cat

first-time Tiepinkraider 2018-10-31

I just liked to be with her as she was so warm and bright and it felt good talking with her because she spoke softly, intelligently, and sincerely. I continued to unbutton it until it fell open all the way, and she still smiled. My knees dug into the rough wood top but I didn’t feel a thing, as I pulled my shorts off, my inflamed cock waving over her legs and the rise of her bushy blond pussy mound. She shuddered when I put my hand against her soft thigh, inside and up high near her folds. “I want you to open me and fill me to the brim with your beautiful penis, tearing me inside, and I want to feel the pain.

College Annual Day Fun With Angel Of Class

first-time bava12 2018-10-31

As it was mechanical department there were only few girls and sarayu is an angel in our class. One day he gave me a letter and said to ask her whether she love him or not. She declined the proposal and said to me to inform him that she is not such type of girl. Some of my friends came to me and said they were planning to drink and got some beers. They left and I went to a my class and sat in the place where sarayu used to sit. I said I love someone from day 1 in college and didnt have courage to express it to her as she is not interested in love.

Annie and the Exchange Student

first-time sunshinegal 2018-10-31

Looking down, Annie nods solemnly and only looks up once Kelly has walked away, heading down the corridor towards David and unceremoniously wraps her arms round his neck. The kiss starts as tentative and gentle, but as he coaxes her lips open and strokes his tongue inside her mouth, Annie quietly moans and her eyes roll closed. David moves his hand to Annie’s thigh and as he begins to slowly stroke it, she suddenly catches his fingers. Closing his eyes at the pure sensuality of her voice, David slowly pulls down the zip to unveil Annie’s alabaster white skin. Completely embarrassed, Annie moves to sit up but David pins her down, his hands moving to hold her wrists down with a wicked look on his face.

Me and the T.A.

first-time montana_slut 2018-10-28

However, that didn’t change the way I felt about him, or how often I longed for his hands to touch me places no one had ever touched before. After dinner he put his arm around my shoulder, in that big-brother protective way, and walked me to the bus stop back to my dorm. Purposely tousled hair that didn’t look like I had tried too hard to get it that way, a black tank top, and short red pajama bottoms. As soon as I stood up, I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a small kiss right under his earlobe. I have wanted you since the first day of class when you walked into the room.

Boy Plus Girl Equals Love

first-time Samuelx 2018-10-28

How does a chick who's fat, ugly in the face, has a huge plump ass and an aloof personality gets to become the most popular female on a college campus teeming with rich and sexy women? Thanks to political correctness, lots of men keep their emotions under lock and key around members of the opposite sex, especially in places like school and work. Zachary laughed, and told me that Sylvia was a spoiled brat who got really angry and loud when she didn't get her way. Zachary smiled and told me he only wanted to bring me pleasure. As Zachary began thrusting his cock into me, I felt a little bit of pleasure.

Oh, Yes Father John

first-time goodgirlgonebad001 2018-10-28

One afternoon, while sitting down next to Father John to review some school notes, Lolita noticed that Father John was rather close to her, and their legs were almost touching. You have so much to offer the other girls and the world around you,” said Father John, as he gently put his large manly hand on top of her left thigh. As Father John gently squeezed her leg, she felt the warmth growing and feelings going out of control. Lolita closed her eyes as she could feel the sensation building again, then he took his other hand and touched her cheek, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, morning, noon or night.

my first sexual experience

first-time submissivesharon 2018-10-26

Once I turned 16 I really wanted a boyfriend but it was tough because I attended an all girls high school. So, prom came and went and we kept dating. We continued to date until I decided that I needed to go to college. Living in the dorm was tough, but it happened to be a weekend that my roommate decided to go home. Unfortunately, because of the way I was brought up, I married him because I felt like "since I had sex with him, I better marry him." What a way to cheat myself out of a good wedding and make my parent pay for a wedding.


Amnesty Program Ch. 01

first-time ambidentrous 2018-10-26

"All right then, I think that's it," Professor Suarez stood up and handed Jason and Rebecca each a manila folder. Rebecca's fingers were flying under her skirt, her breath starting to come in gasps when she felt Jason's lips brush her own, lightly. "I mean, of course I'm going jerk you off until you squirt all over my dress," she said, mischievously, "but other things have to wait..." she leaned forward so her lips were against his ear, "...until after I get a prescription from my doctor." She thought it was amazing that his cock could get any harder in her hand, but that's what it was doing as what she whispered registered with Jason's clouded brain.


first-time TransitionalMan 2018-10-25

Jane closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh when I sucked her index finger into my mouth. Her taste was salty, perhaps a bit of Bobby's sperm but that really didn't matter because I was kissing Jane's mouth, and feeling Jane in my arms, and felt her full, beautiful breasts pressed up against my chest. She kissed my cock, rubbed it on her cheeks, licked it like a lollypop then swallowed me whole again, squeezing me with her soft lips, setting a steady rhythmic pace. I could see her breasts swaying in time with her hips, and then she tossed her head back and gave out a long, low groan as she pushed herself hard against me.

Erotic Notion #14: The Ice Cube

first-time hapax_legomenon 2018-10-23

"Eyes closed," I whisper, lifting the ice cube to the other side of her body, catching the drips with my hand to disguise my next move. The key to the ice cube was movement – staying too long in a single place would numb instead of excite; I had to keep it moving, making sure not to miss a square inch of skin. But instead of kissing me – and here's where Cynthia is different – she keeps the ice cube between her teeth and moves her mouth over my shoulders and chest. Unable to resist, unable to open my mouth, I feel Cynthia's lips move down my stomach and the ice cube underneath my tongue dissolving.

I Hope We Don't Get Caught

first-time Nyctophilia 2018-10-23

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and surprised, she moved his hand back up to her waist and said, "Don't give me that look, Preston." He spread her legs apart and moved his hand down again and started to rub her clitoris with his index finger, getting his saliva to be absorbed by it. He looked down and said, "Does your cute little pussy want more?" She looked down at his cock and felt the touch of his dick, tingling her pussy and her clitoris. Skye closed her eyes and started to rub her clitoris, still moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs. Preston soon pulled out and stood up and Skye sat up, opening her eyes.

Jill Goes to College

first-time DamonX 2018-10-22

As she watched the sexy couple work though an assortment of different positions, Jill felt herself growing wet and she placed her hand between her legs and pressed her thighs tightly together. Jill began sliding the vibrator in and out as she reached down with her other hand and pressed a finger against her little pink clit. But as she imagined what that porn star must have felt when that man was licking her there, she pushed the vibrator deep inside and gently massaged her asshole with soft circular motions of her little wet finger. With her shy little orifice growing moist and slippery under her finger, Jill pressed a little harder, feeling the tightly closed opening slowly give way.

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01

first-time Secretlit777 2018-10-22

After filling up my truck and grabbing a snack I looked over and saw Ashlyn on the phone with some serious distress on her face. After about ten minutes of talking about school, work, and college life I drove over a hill on the highway and traffic was completely stopped. Ashlyn said, "Jim, traffic is moving you can go now." This beautiful big boobed blonde college girl is about to be topless in my truck and wants me to watch.  Well, after struggling to realize the gravity of this situation I thought, I will probably never see her again, and if she was the kind of girl that would go off telling people what I said, then she wouldn't still be topless in my truck. 

New Roommate

first-time ozzietosser 2018-10-17

The problem Nathan had is that he’d assumed he was going to be sharing with his best mate Brendan. Nathan was one of the best looking guys on the team and Jay had always held a small hope that he’d get to see a little more of this particular team mate. “Well,” Jay said, breaking the awkwardness, “I’m going to have that shower now,” he grabbed his towel and headed into the bathroom. He relaxed and let his cock be enveloped by the soft, wet lips and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t hold off any longer. He felt his cum working its way up his long shaft and let out a deep, involuntary moan as the first shot fired from his cock.