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Kaylie's lust

first-time Squirthero 2018-12-03

As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of satisfying stretch, breathed out slowly with a blissful murmur and ran her hands softly down her neck. Her legs tensed slightly as her knees rose outward, lifting her feet a few inches so that only her slim long arms and rounded buttocks supported her tightening arched body. Smooth muscular depressions formed in her buttocks as her pelvis arched to meet her hands, moving slowly, in rhythm with her long deep breath. She imagined him poised over her, his dark long hair stroking her delicate downy stomach, and how his powerful arms must have held his body over her, when he breathed into that place that now ached intensely for him to be.

The Writer and The Wretch

first-time vauntaray 2018-11-29

Ms. Rita started folding her pyjamas; Dobbin helped her pull those up till the knee. No wonder Dobbin spent an extra few minutes teasing that gentle arch of her feet, varying the pressure on the pen, as well as the speed of writing. She stood up suddenly, took a good look around the floor, and then turned to face Dobbin. “These guards, they don’t come inside, do they?” he asked as Ms. Rita turned on the table. “It’s difficult to place the hand and write, these are softer than I had imagined!” Despite that, Dobbin was now carving word after word on Ms. Rita’s roundish right boob. “The tower room,” said Dobbin quietly.

First Time Threesome

first-time TattedGoddess 2018-11-29

He moved down to my neck and I tilted my head to the side so he could proceed to nibble and suck along my neck, eliciting moans from my lips as I closed my eyes and got lost to the pleasure. I pulled back from the kiss just so I could suck on her nipple, her hands twisted in my hair held me in place as she moaned. I kept sucking on her clit as I slid one finger over her ass crack, down to the tight little puckered hole before slipping it into her hot and wet pussy. Finally I felt the orgasm hit and I let out a loud, long moan as I came again, this time squirting all over the shower walls and floor.

First Time Pain and Pleasures

first-time calum09 2018-11-15

Richard came back in with a large glass of red wine and sat on the long leather couch; he turned the sound up a little, and I could hear the whacks of the paddle on the blue silk underwear that the guy had on, and the yelp he let out each time. I felt his cock getting hard in his trunks, and reached round his balls - which felt huge and heavy like a bull's. Then it was back to what looked like my old schoolteacher's two-tongued leather strap softly clipping my now-bare backside; that did hurt, but I could see that he was getting harder and thrusting his cock more into my chest, as I was pulled over his knees by the rim of my pants.

Oh, Yes Father John

first-time goodgirlgonebad001 2018-11-13

One afternoon, while sitting down next to Father John to review some school notes, Lolita noticed that Father John was rather close to her, and their legs were almost touching. You have so much to offer the other girls and the world around you,” said Father John, as he gently put his large manly hand on top of her left thigh. As Father John gently squeezed her leg, she felt the warmth growing and feelings going out of control. Lolita closed her eyes as she could feel the sensation building again, then he took his other hand and touched her cheek, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, morning, noon or night.

For Science!

first-time AldenxScience5eva 2018-11-12

Once Science got faster, Alden moaned and yelled, "S--SCIENCE!" and finally reached his climax, coming into Science's mouth. Alden started to undress Science, while the being got his sweater off. Science positioned itself on Alden's cock, then started to take him in, moaning as it took more in. Alden started to get up, holding Science as he did so, then he swept off the books and papers off his desk and leaned Science against it. Science was moaning and screaming, tangled up in Alden. (I don't know how I got so tangled upppp) It wasn't long before they would both come, so his slowed down a bit, lovingly kissing Science.

With a man

first-time silkyblackpantyhose 2018-11-08

He said come here and sit by me on the couch.  I was scared but excited because I was starting to develop bisexual feelings when dressed as a female.  So I walked over to the couch and sat down by him.  He said could u convince me not to tell.  I said I don't if I could.  He said well why don't u try since u like to dress like a female.  Try and convince me like a female.  He leaned towards me and I leaned towards him and we started kissing.  I got such a rush of excitement and nervousness.  I felt myself get hard in my pantyhose.  As we were kissing he started to glide his hand up and down on my pantyhosed legs.  It felt so good as I was the only one who ever glided my hands up and down my legs.  As we started kissing a little harder and more passionate.  I started to undo us pants and he helped me pull them down and pull his cock out of his underwear. 

The Tales From The Tavern: I Lust After Your Scar (Part II)

first-time el_henke 2018-11-07

Looking him in the eyes, I let go of his dick, and coyly asked with my girliest voice, “Wanna fuck your little scar girl, Mr. Jordan?” I gyrated my hips on his cock to stimulate every spot at its time while his hands roamed my body, squeezed my tits, ran over my scalp and caressed my ugly scar. I got to my knees, turned my head to throw him my most seductive look and present him my scar while I spread my ass cheeks with my hands and shoved two fingers up little snatch, showing him where I craved his cock.

A True Story

first-time Grizzleebare 2018-11-02

Seaman was telling her how he would like to see me licking her pussy as my fingers worked her velvet tunnel, while she sucked on his ridged man bat, watching her lick the pre cum that formed on the tip his cock, looking like a little pearl nestled in the crease of his dick. Seaman and Laurel had been going back and forth for about a half hour by now and he was telling her how he was stroking his cock and wanted to shoot a thick load of cum for her, filling her baby maker. Now she was telling Seaman how close she was to cumming, imagining his cock was in her and ready to fill her with his jizz so I could fuck her after he came inside her, so I could feel his sperm in her and fill her with more!

Beebe and Petey Ch. 01

first-time Valendon 2018-10-06

Until we started grade school, maybe even for a while after, we included BeeBe, but as we grew he gravitated to boys in the neighborhood and didn't want to associate with pesty little girls. I asked my sister first, but she said it was probably just regular cum that leaked up before a guy had an orgasm. Looking down, I said: "I don't think you'll need the magazine this time." He was on his way to a pretty good erection already. I'm so sorry!" He said he thought it was the anticipation-it was the first time a girl had touched his dick-and he guided my hand back.

Learning to Crossdress Pt. 02

first-time crossdressme70 2018-09-23

Again, her "girl/boy" words didn't register anything with me, but I just looked up at her and said that I thought she was the most beautiful and amazing lady I had ever met, and, as I ran my hand up and down her nylon covered legs, and felt them squeezing my cock, said that I loved everything about wearing her silk panties, the touch and feel of her nylons, her lovely satin bra and slip, and especially kissing and tasting her heavy, creamy lipstick and gloss, and that I would do anything she asked.

Learning to Crossdress Pt. 03

first-time crossdressme70 2018-08-09

Standing beside this beautiful lady, who had the most perfect long legs, toned body and mouth watering breasts, was a very hot and sexy looking young girl, dressed in high heels, with the same black seamed stockings and garters, her large, and my small breasts standing proudly in my black satin and lace underwire bra, and both of us with blue shades of eye shadow, long eyelashes, and the heaviest, deepest red creamy lipstick.

First Time

first-time eroticbisexual 2018-07-23

I took a face cloth and cleaned his cock, it was the first time I had ever touched another man's penis and as my wife watched a million different thoughts flooded my brain. Once cleaned as per my wife's instructions I started to stoke his body and use my mouth to kiss and lick his nipples, gradually his cock hardened to its full size and then I took a spray can of desensitising spray and applied a liberal layer to his fully grown impressive manhood. I was ordered to cuff his hands behind his back, and the I slowly started wanking him, my wife came closer and his bare cock now touched her skin for the first time.

Alex Sucks Cock for the First Time

first-time speedodave 2018-06-01

Alex pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos which were a mess with the honey I've poured into them. He was a little all over the place and didn't get any real rhythm which is what I need when I'm getting sucked off but he was working on getting all the honey and he spent a lot of time licking my cock which probably wasn't going to make me cum but it looked amazing. I couldn't see it because the head of my cock was inside Alex's mouth, but it felt like I unloaded a huge amount of cum.

Office Escapade

first-time GermanJuice 2018-05-23

I opened his office door and walked in, giving him a flirty look, biting my lower lip with a sexy smile on my face. As I sucked on him, I rubbed my hand up and down his wet dick rapidly; making him grab my head and gently shove me down ...I slid it deeper and deeper in my mouth making him moan louder... He blurted out a quick, 'Sawa.' When the coworker walked into the loo, I got onto my feet, looked into his eyes and started to kiss him nice and slow. He slipped his hand in between my legs and rubs my clit as the thrusts grew harder and harder ...and I got completely weak from pleasure.

Alex's First Time (with a man)

first-time speedodave 2018-05-11

Confusingly, Alex said that he enjoys watching gay porn but only if it involves speedos and admits to reading my blog religiously and evening joining this site once a few years ago. As I said earlier, I was wearing a pair of black lycra Arena speedos under my jeans, which were now off and the only thing I was wearing as I stood at my kitchen bench. As if I wasn't hard enough as it was after sucking off a str8 guy in an AussieBum speedo but Alex returned to my living room/kitchen/dinning room wearing a pair of black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. Walking back in the living room was wonderful, I was wearing my AussieBum Portsea's, Alex was sitting on my couch wearing my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

A Mutually Pleasing Deal

first-time saphrina_00 2018-03-28

The deal is this: You get to fulfill your biggest fantasies with me until tomorrow at 9:00am, and I will do and wear whatever you want me, inside and out," I could feel myself tightening in my jeans, my dick already straining towards her untouched pussy, "All I ask in return is that you fuck me so hard that I can't walk tomorrow," She looked at me expectantly, almost challenging me to turn her down. Our hips slamming together, a squelching sound coming from the friction of my dick and her pussy, my balls slapping her ass every time I thrust into her, her hot, young body all drove me to the edge as I could feel my balls boiling, the biggest load of cum that I was about to shoot into my virgin slut.

I Fell In Love With A Foot Fetishist

first-time Samaliscious 2018-03-26

“Did you know that Freud said that foot fetishes derive from a little boy seeing his mom’s vagina –– or lack of penis -- for the first time and thinking she was castrated? When he was in high school, his ex-best friend told the whole school, but it backfired and all the pubescent girls with raging hormones started asking him to give them foot massages. People began shyly asking me questions about our sex life, if he made me do anything weird, if I was into feet too now, what foot-fetish sex consisted of. Our female friends began asking him his opinion on their feet, teasing him with them in the same way I used to, not quite realizing how sexual it really was for him, or realizing and not caring.

The Babysitter

first-time Lonedaddy 2018-03-25

When my wife got home and we sat down to eat dinner, I told her about Jenny. During those two weeks, Jenny and I would talk a little when I got home, about Joey and school. Jenny gave it a few licks, then slid her mouth over the head of his cock. After a few minutes, Mr. Smith pulled Jenny's head up from his cock, by her ponytail. Mr.Smith loved the site of this hot little Catholic Schoolgirl, as she lie back with her legs spread and her tits showing. Mr.Smith came, holding his cock all the way inside of her.Jenny knew something didn't feel right. Mr. Smith told Jenny to take the bottle up to him while he cleans the living room before his wife gets home.

Chasing Nadine

first-time hisigorness 2018-01-14

She was obviously reticent but ultimately I got around to unbuttoning her conservative cotton shirt and started to get in the habit every night of massaging her breasts and nipples to the point of her extreme frustration and pleasure. After about 30 minutes in the freezing cold of an upstate New York storm, we both said fuck it and went into my place which was a two and a half room apartment with free heat at $185. As we knew, they walked in while we were bliss ed out with Nadine half dressed with her hand down my pants obviously massaging my cock and balls. The end came when I started to be attracted by a new girl at work while Nadine was pressuring me to make a real decision.

Exploring Sex Ch. 1

first-time MisterE27 2017-12-31

Jamie noticed that she was getting wet between her thighs as Sarah put her hands under Jaime's shirt and expertly tweaked her nipples. Sarah's own crotch lay at Jaime's feet as she slowly kissed up her thighs to taste her virgin lips. Sarah carefully shaved her virgin, taking in Jaime's lovely body as they smiled at each other. They sat back in the living room as Sarah rubbed some moisturizer on Jaime's tender lips, kissing her newly shaved labia and taking in the mixed scent of a freshly shaven and satisfied woman. Jaime placed her hand on her clitoris, caressing it softly as she thought about her night with Sarah, the adventure to come, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Love, Mrs. Ayres

first-time DevisPixi 2017-12-20

To his horror, Teddy realized he was listening to Tom fucking Carol and he retreated to Jimmy's room, not understanding why he was short of breath, sobbing, and yet sprouting a hard-on. Unable to repress or delay the surge he felt welling within his loins, Ted rushed into the basement bathroom, dropped his pants, and squirted a load of jizz in the toilet, whispering the name of his true love, "Oh, Carol," until his penis went limp and shrank. Like so many other weekends, Timmy took off with loopy Lauren, sexing and drugging somewhere, and Teddy stayed at the Ayres's house alone—with Carol sleeping in the room across the hall.

Claire's Virginity

first-time FreshPrez76 2017-12-15

The smell of her wet hot juices made my cock go crazy inside of my boxers. Claire especially loved it when I sucked on her wet and swollen little clit. I kissed slowly down her leg until I got down to her pretty little feet, which were still inside of her black boots. Claire had on the cutest little baby-blue socks around her feet. Just the sight of Claire's socked feet made my cock ooze pre-cum in my boxers. I slowly kissed Claire's foot and licked her sole through her wet and sweaty sock. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT SPERM INSIDE OF MY WET PUSSY!!! My hot seed unloaded out my throbbing cock deep inside of Claire's pussy.

A Journey to Remember Ch. 02

first-time Sleigh 2017-11-27

He could already feel his dick hardening again and said " would you let me tie you up now?" She nodded silently and he said "every once in a while I want to dominate you, let you know that you are mine and only mine, that I love you." She gave him a kiss as he began to look around the room for something to tie her with and then he thought of the perfect idea, he got the tie off of her bathrobe and told he to lean over and touch her toes.