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Fantasies for Her

first-time Rembacher 2018-12-04

I broke our kiss, pulled my hand out, and climbed on top of you, positioning my cock at the entrance of your pussy, and staring into your eyes as I entered you. When I got to my room, you were both naked, lying on the bed, and running your hands all over each other’s body while locked in a passionate kiss. There were so many places I could have looked: your beautiful tits heaving with each deep breath as you felt the passion run through you; her head, as it moved about your sweet pussy, working to give you pleasure; her ass, as it pointed directly at me; but the thing that drew my attention, and kept it throughout, was your face.


first-time thanksbewell 2018-12-01

Sena moved now to the centre of the circle and lay herself down upon the cold wet grass that seemed never to grow, never grazed even by the village animals who shunned this place and kept clear at all times. The all enveloping warmth took her and carried her down and once more she lay but this time the covering beneath her was soft and enshrouding, gentle fur that stimulated a new the feeling between her legs. Wetness streamed from between her thighs as a soft mouth replaced the touch of the others hand and warm breath explored this most sacred of places and offered succour to a craving that consumed her entire self.

Tommy, Lief, and Cathy

first-time EllenBerryhill 2018-11-22

The head of his cock slipped barely past my inner lips and I said, “Oh Tommy, it feels so good! GUNNNG!” I could hear the noise my pussy was making too as his tongue darted in and out, “SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH.” We had a rhythm going which was almost like fucking. I know you think I’m making the moves on you too fast so I suggest our first date be in the daytime so you won’t be worried that I just want to get in your pants.” If you’re a girl and you remember giving head to teen age boys, you know they don’t last very long. Unlike Tommy, Lief apparently didn’t mind the taste of his own cum; he pulled off the road and kissed me.

Flirting 101

first-time unicorn92 2018-11-14

This amazing looking girl, walked in a few minutes late, and sat right next to me because that was the only empty seat left. I had Chloe sit on my face and buried my tongue in her wet pussy, as she licked my cunt. She started moaning a bit louder, so I stopped licking her sensitive clit, and I took the vibrator and turned it on low, putting it on her clit. She was starting to build towards another climax, so I pulled my fingers out, and shoved the vibrator in her pussy on high. We cuddled for a little while, and then she moved down and started licking me to another orgasm, her tongue fucking me, the vibrator on my clit.