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first-time ToniC 2018-11-23

  Anyway, this particular incident started with “If you really liked me you’d…” “I’d what?” “Let me show you.” Paul turned over, opened the bedside cabinet, and withdrew some lengths of soft rope from the drawer. “You’re going to have to trust me now Susie,” he said, and without waiting for a response he took both pairs of loose ends and passed them under her arms, over the ropes there and back to her knees where he deftly tied them.   “Mmmmmm I’m liking that.” Paul took another very short piece of rope whose end was frayed somewhat, and trailed it down the back of her thigh.

I Was Wrong

first-time BabyClown09 2018-11-21

Dale was one of those guys in high school who would make friends with a girl and toy with their emotions. Out of nowhere Dale said ,"Natalie?" He said all breathy and almost in a moan. On the way Dale took me in between these two buildings that was like a block away from my house. Dale got off by my moans. We didn't even make it to my bedroom before Dale stuck two fingers up my wet pussy. My tongue ring felt good on his massive load. I wanna fuck you so bad." Dale moaned. It hurt like hell but I managed to put his 9' inch cock in my pussy. Dale rolled us over and started thrusting fast and hard into me.

A first touch of silk

first-time Ghost 2018-11-16

However, as the sounds emerged from those closed bedrooms continued, I was envious and wished it was me feeling the touch of a college girl's naked body. My penis had already been aroused by the on again, off again, sounds emerging from the bedrooms, however, as Erika slid under the blanket with me it hardened almost painfully in my jeans. I began to feel a pressure and warmth throughout my groin region that had nothing to do with needing to urinate. Of particular interest to my virgin hands was enjoying the soft-firm feel of them and the striking harness of her erect nipples. As she took off my jeans she took a second to slowly cup my balls through my briefs and slowly stroke upward, over my covered penis, to my chest.

A Happy Coincidence

first-time Zeebud 2018-11-10

He continued squeezing my nipples giving my shivers down my spine as he started kissing down my stomach to the waistband of my trousers, I tried to pull his head up I didn't feel ready to to be kissed down there right now but Tom came up to my head and whispered in my ear that I didn't need to worry, he'd be gentle, he kissed me again meaningfully on the lips as his hand reached down and pushed underneath my waistband, I whimpered slightly but he continued to rub my pussy through my panties, I was already wet, as his kissing got harder he pushed aside the fabric and ran his finger up my wet slit.

Her First Time

first-time suburbgirl_x 2018-11-08

Pulling away my robe he continued to kiss and caress me, gently moving his lips all over my neck and shoulders, unclasping my bra as I lay still. My head spinning as I reached up, holding the end of his chin I led him back up to lie on top of me, pressing my lips hard against his and roughly running my fingers through his hair. His hands running all over my body made my stomach fizz inside, pressing his hand against my breast and his lips harder against my lips he moved his hand down between my thighs, curling his finger over the side of panties and pulling at them to go down.

Her Best Friend's Dad

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-04

Almost exactly one year ago she'd heard her older sister talking to one of her friends about it; her friend used it kind of like a dating service but she'd said that the best money went to the virgins. Unable to meet Mr. Samuels' gaze in her naked and vulnerable state, Cyana lowered her eyes as gasped as she realized she was looking at a very sizable erection at the front of his pants. She gasped as he thrust his hand between her legs, his eyes on her face as he stroked his fingers between her plump, virginal pussy lips.

How to finger your girl the right way

first-time Erieman2006 2018-10-04

So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. Now it may look somewhat creepy if you put your finger in your mouth first or do whatever with your own body fluids, so just search for moisture on your woman. Maybe, she’s the kind of woman who gets really sensitive when she’s close to orgasm, so it could also be possible that you’ll have to slow things down.

Friend's Mom's Friend

first-time malibuman79 2018-10-04

One saturday, Joe told me he volunteered to babysit the lad while his mom's friend went to a office party. The friend's legs were spread wide apart and I saw for the first time a real, mature, pussy. This time, she moved her pussy upward against my hand. Each time she moved up on my hand and relaxed off it when I pulled it out. The excitment of seeing a mature pussy, the fresh smell of girl cream on my fingers, and the satiny panties wrapped around my pole caused me to squirt huge loads of slimy, sticky cum in the crotch of her panties. When I woke up, Joe told me licked her pussy last night and she came on his face.

The Scene Ch. 04: The Fourth Wall

first-time YoureWet 2018-10-04

"So you don't want this, then?" she said, smiling victoriously when she saw the look on my face. I felt so hot and I was kind of shaking and I felt like I really needed to pee but, like, out of the wrong hole, and I was just about to like drown in this feeling but then I heard you coming up the stairs and I nearly had a fucking heart attack! Chloe's eyes widened and she bit her lip, simultaneously pushing her finger deeper inside herself and moaning. "God, I'm fucking soaked, Harry," she said, then she started fingering herself at speed, and I increased my speed to match. "God, Chloe, watching you finger yourself is such a fucking turn-on." "No, Harry," she said, and she pulled her fingers out and sat on the bed, red-faced and breathing heavily.

The New Tenant

first-time asianpornaddict 2018-10-03

She said she wanted to look at the apartment again, she then slowly and purposefully walked past me and brushed by me, so that the back of her right hand brushed the front of my crotch ever so slightly, but definitely making contact. Turning and facing me now, she was a few inches shorter than me, she looked straight into my eyes, and asked in a sexy, almost begging voice, that she understood the red tape, but was there a way in which I could make an exception, so that we could come to an agreement sooner not later, maybe if the conditions were right, as sooner as today. Once she reached her goal the elastic band of my shorts with her finger, she looked up at my face which was just inches away, she slowly said “Would you like me to continue?

turning gay

first-time hothothot103 2018-10-03

When he wasn't home the zipper was to remain locked to the belt in both the front and the back and whenever we went out, I needed to have a buttplug in. I got dressed and went to the kitchen, he gave me some cash, car keys and told me to move my stuff in. I could see people looking at me, leather pants obviously aren't discreet, nor is the zipper running from my ass to my crotch with easily visible padlocks on it. I would almost never leave the house and when I did it would be after he left and i'd pull on some running pants over the leather pants to hide the anal zippers and bondage locks.

My first fisting

first-time 2018-10-03

I got so randy that I begged her to push all the way in and after a bit of a struggle her hand finally popped in - what a rush! She gave me a moment to adjust to the feeling and then - to prove the point - started twisting her hand inside me, rubbing my prostate in the process of what felt like finger exercises in my bowels. I begged her to fuck me with her fist and to spank my ass and thighs at the same time - HARD!! As she pulled the strap=on out of my ass, I used my fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth which earned me her smile.

The Hotel Room

first-time Penny4ivor 2018-10-02

Oh how huge and surprising he was the gentle sliding out and forcing her to stretch was going to make her explode; she wasn't bothered and came hugely forcing him back and gripping around his knob again and again Phew what orgasms and he then rammed slowly right back up her stretched and contracting walls she moaned with the intensity and gripped again four more times feeling her wetness now running down her leg. She wanted him inside but was so out of control he was slipping further back each time she came and she was coming again as he lunged his black shaft back into her-it was uncoordinated wild and she was so excited she was almost on the ceiling!!

Turned into a cock slut

first-time jamesandrews 2018-10-02

And she asked me what else I liked, and I told her that feeling her hands on my ass was sensational. I lifted my ass up off the bed slightly, because my cock was getting hard again. Her hands were not on my ass this time, she used them to hold her knees and keep her legs wide apart and in the air while I rammed my hard cock up her wet cunt over and over. I didn't want to waste time getting to the point we'd stopped at the night before, so I reached behind myself and spread my ass cheeks. When it's a strap-on the woman doesn't always know when it's enough, but when you're being fucked by a man, you both know: when his cum shoots out and fills your ass.

Visiting a colleague and his wife

first-time Vertel 2018-10-01

A smile came to her full red lips as she looked at my little longer, now semi-hard cock,. Katya wrapped her long legs around Gert and he had his hands on her ass, then I saw their movement. When Katya took my cock in her hand she looked at me with wide eyes, "Paul .... I'm glad you're not hiding this tasty cock from us." I could feel the hand of Gert moving to my ass and his finger was going to my tight asshole. I felt that Katya put a hand to her clit and began fingering her clit while I fucked his beautiful wife. Paul wow… so hot" she slipped away from me, turned to her husband and began to suck his almost hard cock.

Anatomy lesson

first-time 2018-10-01

She takes both hands to her large outer pussy lips, gently pulling and rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers, explaining to me these are the labia majora, the puffy outer lips that protect the precious petals that lie within. She then spreads those wondrous puffs of flesh to reveal the pink glistening inner lips, soft and delicate as a fresh-bloomed lily, and gently works them, stretching, rolling and pulling them apart to reveal the hot core in the middle. She pulls up on that flesh from the top, dreamily explaining this is the clitoral hood that protects the precious gem inside - the clitoris - and her little tiny penis pops out, sweet ripened fruit burst free from the flesh surrounding it, the center of gravity, the origination of all pleasure.

Learning to Love Cum

first-time drtang 2018-09-29

A couple days later I asked her, “C’mon, you can really taste the difference in my cum?” She said absolutely. I’d suck and lick and even give her asshole a brushing and push in with my finger. When I came up to kiss her, she held my head and licked her juices from my face. This time she worked the head of my cock with her lips, tongue, and even her teeth. She hovered over my face, opened her mouth and slid her cum covered tongue onto my lips. I went right back to her licking her face, making sure to get every drop of cum. She said she wasn’t quite sure but she really liked licking her own juices from my face.

Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 2 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC

first-time TheScarletPimpernel 2018-09-26

I kissed her neck just under her and gently ran my fingers from the top of her thighs up the sides of her body, cupping and rubbing her nice round tits. I told the guy to slowly start feeling his way up my wife's body to get a sensory image of how sexy she was. By then the stranger was cupping my wife's big round double D and stroking his thumbs over her hard pierced nipples causing them to spring back and forth and go harder than I've ever seen them before. When I took my hand away, my wife reached behind her and grabbed on to my throbbing cock through my trousers and gave I a good hard rub.

getting some in the movie theater

first-time dr-d 2018-09-25

As I fucked her pussy with my fingers a little bit harder I whispered in her ear “Do you like that…do you like when I play with your sweet spot babe?” she moaned and quickly answered “oh…yea…ohh yeah!” before I knew it I could feel her getting wetter and I knew she was about to climax so I took my left hand and pulled out my rock hard dick and began to stroke it. But before I could say anything she got up and stopped sucking me… a little disappointed I couldn’t cum in her mouth we went back to kissing oh so passionately as I stroked my dick faster and faster then she took her hand and stroked me faster until I shot my hot load all over the seats in front of us.

Oh how I miss it...

first-time Bareass13 2018-09-25

I started trying more often to feel her little sexy body that she flaunted around the house in her tight shorts that looked like you painted them on and her shirts that always showed the perfect amount of cleavage. Usually it was the same routine we would come home grab a snack, watch some tv, and do or chores before mom got home. So the day went on we got to the house as I walked in the door closed behind me and before I could set my backpack down she pushed me against the wall and kissed me shoving her dancing tongue into my mouth. I walked her backwards to the couch as our hands couldn't stay still rubbing and petting each other like we only had ten more seconds.

Lisa's Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys

first-time 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-09-23

I began to open my mouth to express my fear and concern, but she smiled and said, “Just let it happen, trust me.” She masturbated me and made me explode on her slender fingers. My arched back held me off the bed until Gwen ran her fingers, first down to my butt-hole and then back upward and over my stomach to my erect little nipples where they made circles similar to what she had just been doing to the “outty” portion of my privates. Gwen swung her head to the right as she apparently rubbed herself just like she’d rubbed me and then pulled her hand form herself.

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 1, Paul

first-time jackelaine 2018-09-22

He moved his hand to my leg,and moved up under my skirt.He found my wet pussy and slippd his hand inside my knickers.His finger slid inside me.I groaned with ectasy.He finger fucked me for a few minutes while he sucked my tit.Then he was kissing me again.Then he put his hands on my hips and slid my knickers off.He pulled his trousers down and a large cock sprung out.It was about the same length as Jacks,6 inches,but thicker.'Do you have any.....',I started to say,but he slid inside me,filling me.I gasped,and he told me no.He moved in and out slowly.It was heavenly.'We shouldn't',I said.

First Time Ch. 03

first-time redtoad 2018-09-21

“Put it inside her blouse from below, Robert, and squeeze it like an apple.” Jake gave his expert advice as he was also feeling the effects of the oral administration, which Annie was administering to his randy cock. Ying was however touched by my innocent showing and she took me to the back room and offered me a close-up view of her hairy pussy when Jake told her that I had never seen the cunt of a woman. Use your hand and feel it if you want, but don’t be too rough with your fingers because it’s quite sensitive.” She cautioned as I squatted down to have a better view.

After Laura

first-time flimbim 2018-09-20

The couch was fairly low and she wasn't sitting too close to me, but even so, I could see that her skirt had slid up another inch or so and I'd have been happy to stare at those sexy legs all night if it had been any woman except Miss O'Brien! I could see the outline of what looked like a lacy bra as her breasts pushed against her dress, and every time she closed her eyes I stared at her legs. It's hard to describe what my first time inside a pussy was like, but it was fantastic And, oddly enough, what I remember most is the feel of her stocking-clad legs, wrapped arouind me and holding me in her embrace.