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Excerpts From My Inexperience: I Blew My Chance

first-time Shylass 2018-11-23

Having realised that Sprawlish Rabbiton was less than fifteen minutes away by train, I had lurched myself into the scariest act of spontaneity in my entire life, and I looked like crap. No time for messing around worrying, I bent down, my big boobs squashing against his thighs, and I ran my tongue over his sac, sucking a little, flickering up the underside of his cock, and then... I'd told him I wanted to swallow his load, and I was prepared to do it, but how could I answer such a question (or any question) with a mouth full of cock and whatever slimy mixture of snot, spit and pre-cum was lubing everything?

kissing my girlfriend for the first time.

first-time sopayne 2018-09-17

It was New year eve and my girlfriend and I didn't have our men around so we decided that we were going to go downtown and see some fire works. all the things girls do before going somewhere special. Then It was time for us to head out of the door around 10pm. when the fireworks were going off my girlfriend turns to me and kisses me on the mouth in front of hundreds of people! Wow not just a peck on the lips but tongue kissing. OMG it was unexpected and wrong, but right at the same time. Now I want to go further then just a kiss and I'm working on that. That was me very first girl kiss.

Fireworks Fantasy

first-time billwhit08 2017-12-28

People are gathering in an open area of the park to watch the fireworks. I get up, discretely grab my towel, and walk back towards the picnic area. My hand slides into your bikini top and I feel your hard nipples. You slide your hand up my leg and over my shorts until you feel my hard cock. I reach over with my left hand and play with your tits while I kiss you neck. You scream out as you cum, your left hand gripping my ass. We lay in a nude embrace as the last of the fireworks explode in the sky. We kiss again then make our way back towards the picnic area.