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My First Lover

first-time PunkyPet 2018-11-19

Ever since school started, we had been walking home together. I looked at him, my heart pounding and thinking that he really did love me. Before we went inside though, he pulled me into a kiss. He pulled his finger out and started to take off his pants. He pulled me closer to him and started to rub my vagina with his cock. The he pulled out and pushed in again, thrusting his huge cock into me. My hands grasped the bed sheet as I gasped and moaned from his thrusting. Then I felt his cock shiver and he gave a loud groan, squirting himself into me. I felt it fill me up inside as I gave one last, loud gasp.

The Night Of My Firsts

first-time joejoejoe1 2018-09-06

I was quite happy to wait for her. We turned over so she was beneath me. She started to writhe beneath me. I bit down on her nipple and squeezed hard on the one in my hand as her body shook beneath me, she pulled my hair and squeezed the sofa cushions as a large climax washed over her body. She started kissing me all over, my forehead, my eye lids, my cheek and my neck before finally making it to my mouth. "Right..." I said with a grin, "your turn." I kissed her as I turned so she was lying on the sofa beneath me. Eventually she turned over and I spooned her. And unbelievably happy.


first-time drift69king 2018-05-07

Slowly, circling her dripping wet virgin pussy with my tongue, I moved my hands up her body to her tits, squeezing them hard. She moaned loudly, and just as she moaned, I moved my tongue between her hot, juicy, wet pussy lips. I moved my head in closer, tongue ready to assault her virgin pussy, ready to lick her wet juices flowing out; I pushed my lips on hers and moved my tongue inside her. I moved my hand to her face, ran my fingers thru her hair and leaned forward for a kiss. Kissing her neck, I started fucking her not so virgin pussy again. Stream of cum flowed out of my cock inside her recently virgin pussy, filling her up with my seed.