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Her first time

first-time Lovely_Leah 2018-11-24

"Wait right here, I've got to go tell my friend I'm leaving." While Matt stood waiting on Jane to return, his 'date' came up behind him and started flirting with him. Eriana stood up and walked over to Matt handing him something and whispering, "You look familiar, but take care of Jane. Matt walked up closer to Jane, smacked her juicy ass and replied, "Nothing." As they got in the elevator Matt gave Jane a very seductive look and as soon as the doors closed her he pushed her against the wall and pressed himself into her. "Well, you were curious as to what would happen if you got me horny, and my dick gets bigger just when I look at you." For some reason that flattered Jane in the sweetest way and she leaned over and kissed Matt. 

Finally Alone

first-time Strawdust 2018-11-12

As they looked passionately into each other’s eyes, he took his hand and placed it behind her head. As they kissed he couldn’t help but imagine what his tongue would feel like massaging her clit and being pushed deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was and she knew more was to come as she reached to feel his aching cock. Instead he licked his index finger, suggesting how he wanted his cock to be licked, followed by pushing it slowly into her tight sopping wet pussy. She began to experience feelings and sensations which she had never had before and couldn’t believe just how powerful the motion of his finger inside her pussy was.

Dance with Me

first-time Lisa 2018-11-12

While his dad took the floor and entertained the crowd with stories from Sarah’s past, Owen reached for my hand and slid his fingers between mine, apparently unconcerned with the fact that his girlfriend stood right there beside him. He rested his hands on either side of me and leaned over to press his mouth to mine, kissing me so slowly, so deeply, that my body writhed beneath him. He finally moved to my mouth, where he kissed me slowly, softly, all the while rocking his hips, pulling back and pushing a little deeper inside me. I pulled back just enough so I could look into his eyes, watching the expression of satisfaction come over him as his body shook and he came inside me.