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Kaylie's lust

first-time Squirthero 2018-12-03

As she arched into the air, showing the smooth lines of her body, she sighed communicatively and tugged at the bars on the iron bedstead taking the last bit of satisfying stretch, breathed out slowly with a blissful murmur and ran her hands softly down her neck. Her legs tensed slightly as her knees rose outward, lifting her feet a few inches so that only her slim long arms and rounded buttocks supported her tightening arched body. Smooth muscular depressions formed in her buttocks as her pelvis arched to meet her hands, moving slowly, in rhythm with her long deep breath. She imagined him poised over her, his dark long hair stroking her delicate downy stomach, and how his powerful arms must have held his body over her, when he breathed into that place that now ached intensely for him to be.

My First Time

first-time Chuck0749 2018-11-28

She reached and grabbed my hand and put it between her legs and said, "I want you to see something." Being that I was still a virgin and never had touched a girl, I was very excited and my dick was hard as a rock. My dick got hard right away. Amanda climbed on top on me and for the first time I felt her hot, wet pussy start to stretch around my dick. I wanted to cum right away but she told me to take a deep breath and go slow. She got up and reached down and sucked the condom off of my dick with her mouth. I pounded on her pussy for about one and a half minutes before I told her I was going to cum.

Massage for a friend

first-time mashman 2018-11-28

Moving on down now to her back and shoulders the robe is lowered with no resistance, the sides of her small breast come into view, I add more oil and spread it all over the upper back making sure the oil is kept warm on the small candle heater. Working the oil in gentle circular movements followed then by a firmer massage with my hands moving from the top of her spine down to towards her bottom and out to the sides of her torso and to the edges of her breasts. I am now down to Davina’s pubic mound her light hair is covering her labia lips, which are neat and firm for a mature woman, I work gently down her vagina and she opens her legs apart giving me easy access.


CH 21. I teach another virgin

first-time LuvitAll 2018-11-27

I could sense he really wanted to feel it, so put my hand over his and guided it on, holding it and squeezing his fingers into my breast. I didn’t have anything to wipe up with, so I squatted on the grass and squeezed out as much cum as I could, then wiped the rest with my hand and rubbed it into the outside of my bum and thigh. I pulled his hand under my skirt, pushed two fingers into me and fucked onto them for a while. I didn’t think it would be a good look to be seen returning from the gardens with him, so I told him to wait there until I’d been inside for a while.

Summer Trucker

first-time Simonize 2018-11-25

"Ok Mike nice to meet you as well however since I am only 31 years old you better stop calling me ma'am and calling me Lila or I am gonna throw your ass out of my truck." She said grinning. She moved up my body stroking my cock with her hand kissing me deeply her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I took her nipple in my mouth and rolled my tongue over it, circling the hard nubbin of flesh as Lila started to really get moving on my cock. I watched in shock thinking I did something wrong as she got on her hands and knees and grabbed my cock again placing it at her pussy entrance again she screamed, "RAM ME NOW!!!"

Her first time

first-time Lovely_Leah 2018-11-24

"Wait right here, I've got to go tell my friend I'm leaving." While Matt stood waiting on Jane to return, his 'date' came up behind him and started flirting with him. Eriana stood up and walked over to Matt handing him something and whispering, "You look familiar, but take care of Jane. Matt walked up closer to Jane, smacked her juicy ass and replied, "Nothing." As they got in the elevator Matt gave Jane a very seductive look and as soon as the doors closed her he pushed her against the wall and pressed himself into her. "Well, you were curious as to what would happen if you got me horny, and my dick gets bigger just when I look at you." For some reason that flattered Jane in the sweetest way and she leaned over and kissed Matt. 

Their First Time

first-time ana_anderson 2018-11-24

“Yeah,” he said, “the truck's right out front.” He grabbed her bag, wrapped his arm around her waist, and headed for the door. “Oh baby,” he said, lifting up a little to pull her shirt off.  “God, baby, you better stop or I’m gonna cum,” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards him.  God, you feel so good,” she said as she started moving her hips. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” he said, trying to pull out. “No, cum inside me,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down to kiss her. Fill me with your hot cum.” She started milking his cock with her pussy. “Oh God, oh God, I’m gonna cum again,” she said turning her face.

First Time Fuck in a Field

first-time animeprincess_ 2018-11-24

You clumsily felt for it, holding it in front of your face and reading the message scribbled in my bad handwriting last night: "Meet me in the field, under the oak tree at 11, don't be late xx". I leaned into you, bringing my hand up to cup the side of your face, kissing you gently, teasing your lips with my own, allowing heat and passion to spark between us. I pulled back to search your face for where you wanted to go next...then looked to your crotch, I could see your shorts were slightly tighter than before. Gripping the blanket as you fucked me closer towards my orgasm, your thrusts became more ragged and lustful as you too came closer to cumming.

Cos we like it rough....

first-time suburbgirl_x 2018-11-24

I could feel his neck and his head moving forward, tracing down my hair and onto my neck, before his warm lips smashed against my neck, turning me slowly as he kissed along my jaw line and stopping as we faced each other. Thanks though" she said, smiling as she walked past me with my hand held out still holding the glass. His lips where soon back pressed against mine, this time he was ruffling his hand through my hair, holding my waist and breathing fast against my skin. His hip grinding against mine, lifting my leg again and wrapping it around his waist, pushing his cock against my stomach and moving himself downwards, teasing my pussy with his cock which by now had began throbbing again for more........

My First Gang Bang and Golden Shower Part 1

first-time NOLAHotGal 2018-11-21

Teach require me to shave my cunt totally smooth and I was not allowed to wear any panties. I found that after getting pleasured and fucked by Teach I was looking forward to our next erotic adventure before I got dressed. He had laid out my black garter belt with black lace stockings, the short black leather skirt, with one of my sheer black blouses, my belly chain and long ear rings, my black leather vest, and my high heeled black leather lace up boots. Teach asked me, "brandie would you like to kiss Horse?" I turned to kiss Horse and as my lips touched his, he pressed his tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced passionately.  While Teach was kissing me I felt Horse begin to fondle my tits.

Where do we start? The truth, as it was! Part 1

first-time Kiwiwiseman 2018-11-20

Sherri was a lovely lady, with a nice tight figure, a lovely face and my favourite, legs to die for. Sherri loved to dance and on the dance floor she would thrust and swing her hips to the music like one of those lovely Hawaiian ladies when they danced their traditional dances. Sherri was rocking her hips slowly and looking slightly flushed in the face while we sat at a function with people everywhere. Sherri was biting her bottom lip and I think she was starting to try and thrust her hips faster. Could this possibly be a dream come true and I was confined to just sitting there and acting like I was enjoying the company of my work mates while my friend sat on my lap?

Make It Up To Me

first-time sabrina1127 2018-11-18

He looked over at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his and put his hand on my waist and pulled me against his side, as if he was trying to protect me from all the drunken people around us. He then took his right hand and grasped my nape and pulled my face into his until our lips met. “Oh no, I’m just getting started,” he smiled and took my hand pulling me behind him as he did in the concert. We stepped inside the elevator and as the doors closed, he grabbed my hand and turned facing me. He chuckled, a tiny smile grew on his face and he clasped my chin and gave me a quick kiss on the lips then on the bandage where my injury was.

The Call Of The Wild

first-time naughnukk 2018-11-18

I scooped up a serving of stew and poured a cup of cider for myself and sat down near the fire opposite of Clara. I removed a narrow foam cushion from my back pack and placed the sleeping bag over it. Clara set herself down without saying a word. Clara started to giggle as she noticed the stiffness of my penis. Clara took my penis in her left hand and swallowed my entire shaft down her throat. Sex will happen, wonderful, natural, wild sex,” declared Clara as she positioned herself so she straddled my body. Her moist hot labia rested over my penis. This was the first time ever I felt the warmth of a woman’s body against mine. I became rigid and then exploded deep inside Clara's bucking body.

My First Time

first-time Etienne 2018-11-17

The blonde had a look of sheer pleasure on her face (artificially induced I am sure in hindsight). Over a period of time, I noticed the blonde and her boyfriend really weren’t acting like a couple. The group of us sat and played strip poker to the point where the guys were nude and the gals were topless and in just their panties. Although I was mentally shocked at what was going on with all these people in my room, the sensation of my virgin cock wanting to erupt quickly took charge. Right towards the end of my orgasm, my older brother by 9 years, who had stopped by unexpectedly flipped on the light switch and said, “What the hell is going on here….” Talk about a buzzkill.

A Very Special Birthday

first-time RebeccaSJ 2018-11-15

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to his house. He was kind, persistent, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. Afterwards, I felt a mix of emotions: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings. I felt like part of me had just died, but I also felt like I had just started an exciting new adventure, one I would enjoy many times afterwards.

My Aunt. Chapter 1

first-time Annamagique 2018-11-15

Gathering up my skirt I followed him as he pulled the trolley with my trunk aboard, through a gate and out into a big open hall where lorries and vans were being loaded with goods and parcels of all shapes and sizes. "If I may be so bold, Miss," Tommy Perkins said as he lifted my voluminous skirts a little so I could step up. Stopping briefly to open the varnished wooden carriage door for me, he assisted me up the step, then, touching his forehead as I thanked him, he said: "I think, Miss," he said slowly, looking first at me, then to the lorry, then back to me, 'that I should try and find someone to help lift that."

Losing my virginity at the lighthouse

first-time curlyq493 2018-11-15

I began to kiss his neck and moan as he pulled on my nipple and his other hand started up my thigh. He rubbed and squeezed and played with my nipple then a couple minutes later I took his hand and put it up under my skirt, he brushed his hand against my panties and I could tell that he felt the wet spot and quickly he slipped a finger under them and felt my wetness. I got about two-thirds into my mouth when Andy began to moan and pull on my nipple hard. As I climbed over the seat to get to the back Andy took his hand and put it up my skirt and began rubbing my through my panties.

My First Sexual Experience

first-time Cheekymonkey2516 2018-11-15

About forty people turned up, all bringing their own drinks to add to our ever growing collection, and some of the populars even came along to wished me a happy birthday before they joined in with the party. Holly was already getting off with a guy on top of my kitchen cabinets and Abbi looked like she was having a good time with a group of boys over in the living room. I couldn't help but laugh and feel proud of my best friend, but now it was my turn to lose my virginity so I just shut the door and took Zak into the spare room.  My blood started to spew over the pale blue sheets but I eventually got into the pattern of all the thrusting that Zak was doing.

Finally Alone

first-time Strawdust 2018-11-12

As they looked passionately into each other’s eyes, he took his hand and placed it behind her head. As they kissed he couldn’t help but imagine what his tongue would feel like massaging her clit and being pushed deep inside her pussy. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was and she knew more was to come as she reached to feel his aching cock. Instead he licked his index finger, suggesting how he wanted his cock to be licked, followed by pushing it slowly into her tight sopping wet pussy. She began to experience feelings and sensations which she had never had before and couldn’t believe just how powerful the motion of his finger inside her pussy was.

Dance with Me

first-time Lisa 2018-11-12

While his dad took the floor and entertained the crowd with stories from Sarah’s past, Owen reached for my hand and slid his fingers between mine, apparently unconcerned with the fact that his girlfriend stood right there beside him. He rested his hands on either side of me and leaned over to press his mouth to mine, kissing me so slowly, so deeply, that my body writhed beneath him. He finally moved to my mouth, where he kissed me slowly, softly, all the while rocking his hips, pulling back and pushing a little deeper inside me. I pulled back just enough so I could look into his eyes, watching the expression of satisfaction come over him as his body shook and he came inside me.

Going All the Way

first-time DevineCoral 2018-11-10

After the rose had been put in a lovely, glass vase, I went to Eric and wrapped my arms around his neck as we passionately kissed. I stopped one moment to take off my bra, and once this was done, Eric playfully pushed me back down against the bed, playing with my 36 C tits, tweaking my pink nipples, and cupping my soft breasts in his hands. I finally let out an extremely high pitched, loud moan as an orgasm came and caused my pussy to clamp down on Eric's fingers, sending me high into euphoria. After ten more minutes I was clutching the bed sheets, panting and moaning in the same high pitched voice as before, barely being able to let out an disoriented "Don't stop, babe". 

Charlene - part 2

first-time LoverBoy20 2018-11-08

Charlene and I got out of the car with a few things such as a blanket and we went underneath a jungle gym that had a slide. Although we were both technically still virgins, the night was warm and things kept coming off until we were both naked, lying on the blanket. Without a condom, I knew that cumming inside was not a good option, so I pulled out and unloaded all over her stomach. As I was pumping away and we were enjoying ourselves, my friend got out of the car and was calling out for us to return. We cleaned up as best we could, got dressed and went back to the car with a smile on our faces.

Afterschool Special

first-time skux475 2018-11-08

Her nipples began to harden as the thought of sex rushed through her head. Ty noticed and instantly grew a hard on.  "It's okay", Isabelle said as she sat right on top of his hard throbbing shaft covered by his trousers. Slowly, Isabelle clasped her hands on Ty's shaft and began to come closer with her mouth as she slowly took in that amazingly hard, long shaft. Slowly she began to feel his shaft tearing her apart, "Oohh" A loud moan came out of her. Soon they moved from the couch to the floor, where Ty lay Isabelle on her back and fucked her deep in the pussy. His throbbing cock began feeling that rush he felt before, so he quickly pulled out.

My first time in highschool part 1

first-time Me_ 2018-11-05

One day Alexis would make all the guys sandwiches, the next she would leave the cooking to her friend, Jasmine, and would play against one of the guys in COD. Apparently, Alexis was just waiting and hoping for me to ask her out and told Jasmine that she wanted me to. Exasperated, Alexis and I went over and sat on my bed, trying to think of a way out. I felt like we were getting close to a possible escape route involving a chair, rope and a library card when Alexis suddenly said " maybe being locked in here isn't such a bad thing." I looked over to her and saw her perfect face grinning up at me.